Awesome Disneyland rides!

As I mentioned in my post, where I show how to save 20€ on the ticket to Disneyland, I recommend to take tickets for 1 day 2 parks. Disneyland itself and the smaller one called Walt Disney Studios. The latter is newer, thus, it has some new very cool rides that you would miss if you would go just to one park, plus they have exceptional shows there. Moreover, the price difference is like 10 euros – so, really worth the money. And do not worry, you are not going to see everything in 1 day in either way!:) Disneyland is made this way that you never get enough with it.

But in order to save your time I will tell you about the rides/attractions that you should definitely experience. For your convenience, I have divided them into 2 groups: fast thrill rides and something for the family that is nevertheless very very exiting. Here we go:

Awesome Disneyland attractions not to miss:

Fast rides:

  • Indiana Jones – a trolley ride with a dead loop, obviously;
  • Big Thunder Mountain – a gold mine adventure;
  • Star Tours – love Star Wars movie? This great thrill is for you!
  • Space mountain Mission 2 OR Aerosmith – they are similar, but Aerosmith is much better in my taste -fast turns with music in the same time- enjoyable!
  • The Twilight zone Tower of Terror – absolutely awesome! The second time I’ve been to the park I was actually scared to go again, but it was fine!:)
  • Crush’s Coaster – swim in a Australian current on a turtle from the Finding Nemo cartoon.

crush's coaster

indiana jones                                 Tower of terror

All family great attractions:

  • Phantom Manor – I loved the decoration of the dead bride house;
  • Peter Pan’s flight – fly to Neverland and see London from a bird’s eye view;
  • Pirates of the Caribbean – very nice one, again awesome decorations! you can get splashed, but just a bit;
  • Ratatouille – I’ve heard it is good, but haven’t been there myself;
  • The closing show – it is FANTASTIC! Believe me, you will love it! N.B. If you have a transfer, check if they leave before the closing, many do. If yes – DO NOT take this transfer, stay for the show, seriously.

        Phantom Manor disneyland paris                      ratatouile

Here you can find the plan of the 2 parks.

The show times for both parks you can find here

P.S. So, as I said you probably will not have enough time to check out every single ride in Disneyland, but you certainly will get the best of your day there if you will go directly to the rides I recommend.

And then the next time you come back (sure, because it was awesome, dah!) you might take Disneyland Railroad, calm River cruise and so on. Believe me, there is still many things to do and to see. I have been there twice and still want to come again! 🙂

Have a great stay in this fairy tale kingdom for all the ages! 🙂

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  1. Vishal 06.07.2015 at 08:26 - Reply

    Hi Yulia,

    Your blogs are fantastic. I love it. Remember me I hosted you in Melbourne. I am waiting for your Australian write up.

    Best of luck dear

    • Yulia 06.07.2015 at 14:06 - Reply

      Hi, Vishal!
      Of course I remember you! Hopefully, one day will find time to write about one of my favorite countries! Or maybe i should just visit again! 🙂

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