3 things I love about Rome

Rome. An outstanding city which spoils me with new discoveries each time I visit it. I have lived for two years in the capital of Italy after earning a scholarship which allowed me to pursue my Master’s studies there. I am so thankful for this opportunity! And maybe I understand why the [...]

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How to celebrate New Years in Rome

Capodanno, that is what they call it here. I had lived in Rome for 2 years, along with all the holidays this amazing country has to offer, New Years were some of the most exiting and enjoyable experiences. New Year's Eve in Rome is a magical time, an exciting, romantic blur of lights, music [...]

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The land of people with shining eyes

Ciao everybody! Uuuh, it has been so long! sorry, I’ll try to keep my blog alive again! :) Recently, I was participating in an interesting project about little Italian villages, where after visiting I just had to write a report afterwards. So, I am posting it here:) It might be useful for somebody looking for [...]

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Fun things to do in Rome, Italy. Part 1

Hi there! Rome is wonderful, but here in this post I am not going to describe you how stunning Fontana di Trevi is, or what did I see in Colosseo. You can find this information in seconds in other blogs with no doubts. In this blogpost I would like to show you something, that I [...]

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My Italian University

Here are my impressions about my studies in Rome. My university is called La Sapienza  – Università di Roma (Wisdom in translation). They say it’s the biggest university in Europe – it was found in 1303 and has campuses all over the city and around 150 000 students. Huge ! Coming here and getting used to the how things [...]

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True facts about Italy

Ciao a tutti! It’s rainy and gloomy again, so I have the mood and some time to write. 2 days ago it was exactly 1 year since I began living here in Rome, Italy. Here in this post, I would like to share with you my true facts about Italy. To begin with, I can [...]

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