Koh Phangan Hotels – Where to Stay on the Island

Through the years, Thailand has reaped the reputation of being the “hub of backpackers” in Southeast Asia. It has a reasonable cost of living, diverse activities, and historical and natural tourist destinations like the island of Koh Phangan. Koh Phangan is an island found on the southeastern part of Thailand where the hips, millennials and [...]

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Market Traipsing Through Chiang Mai

After moving to Thailand, markets are something that I personally enjoy exploring. Each country has its own type and feel to the markets they offer. Setting aside a full day in order to explore a market fully is a must for me when living and travelling through foreign lands. Markets tell the true story about [...]

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Why did I move to Thailand?

I wake up in my new apartment, stretch luxuriously in the heat, step onto the cool tiled floor and walk over to the window. Outside, the sun shines down, casting a warm green glow through the leaves of the jungle trees in the courtyard. Distantly, I can hear the noises as the city awakes: chimes, [...]

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