Cheap Tickets to Disneyland in Paris – How to Save on Your Tickets

A girl posing as a ghost between two ghost statues in Disneyland Paris

UPDATED: May 2024

Hi there, traveler, and welcome! This post will help you save some money on Disneyland Paris tickets!

Below you will find a comparison table showing an overview of all the different prices by the official site and re-sellers companies (a short answer is in the “Quick answer” and all the actual calculations are below in the post).

Please note that while you might not specifically get to save any money (it depends on the promotions the sites are running), the are other different perks too that might work great for you.

NOTE: For simplicity, I am only comparing the prices for 1 day/2 parks adult dated tickets (there are many variations, I will talk about it later). Generally, if one type of ticket is cheaper, then it is safe to say that all the other types of tickets will also be cheaper on the same website!

Quick answer

As I mentioned, Disney made it pretty complicated with all the pricing options for different ticket types and dates, but I try to make sure this post is updated with the current cheapest price (I search all over the internet including French sites! 🙂 ).

UPDATE: Currently all the ticket prices are pretty much the same, and they all have a cancellation policy of 3 days in advance.

However, if you buy your ticket from Disneyland’s official site you must first cancel your original ticket, wait for the refund, and then purchase a new one for the other dates if available.

But, if you purchase your ticket via Tiqets you’ll have the opportunity to reschedule it until 72 hours before the date of your visit and their support is actually quick and helpful.

Another way to save is to combine the entry ticket with a transportation option if you are staying somewhere in Paris and you need an easy and affordable way to get to Disneyland.

Check your price

Here is a color-coded calendar with all the dates up until March 2025. This should help you easily visualize the prices for your preferred dates. You can also see the color-coded prices below the calendar.

Please choose the day you are going to visit and see the price according to the corresponding color in the table below (I know this is a little confusing with all the colors, but this is the way Disney chose to do it):

a color coded calendar

Now match the color from the calendar with the color in one of the columns to see what is the best offer for your preferred date:

a table with prices for Disneyland tickets from different providers

So, long story short – if you want flexibility with your cancellation policy, then book your ticket via the Tiqets site (you can cancel and reschedule your tickets 3 days before your visit).

If you are going during off-season working days, then Access-ce provides the cheapest option, but it is fully in French and there is no cancellation available. Plus, you can buy only undated tickets, and then you have to register them on the official site and choose your preferred date, subject to availability.

Here are the best ways to find those cheap Disney deals one by one in detail:

1. On the Disney website

A screenshot of the Disneyland Paris website. The background shows a stylized clock tower against a purple sky.

Except for their really complicated pricing according to the dates system, buying tickets on the official website is very straightforward and can also be the cheapest sometimes. The site is fully in English and the interface is quite intuitive.

Here is how to buy it –

  • Go to the Official website -> Click “Book Now” – “Buy Disneyland Park Tickets” (we are going to assume you are buying tickets only, if you are looking for a package, click Book hotel+Tickets Package)
  • Choose “Dated” or “Undated” -> (NOTE: Dated is cheaper, Undated can be used on any date including holidays, but you still need to reserve your spot in advance and you can only get an Undated ticket for 1 day)
types of tickets available on a website
  • Choose how many parks (there is a toggle) – 1 Day/1 Park only allows you to go to one park (the 2 parks are actually together: the big one is called Disneyland Park and the small one is Walt Disney Studios Park (you only need half a day in the latter in my opinion). If you decide to go for 1 park only then definitely choose the big one. Still, I HIGHLY recommend getting a ticket for 2 parks, even if you only have a day – the small one has some cool rides that I would not want you to miss (Ratatouille and the Tower of Terror are just wow!)
A website section asking users to choose the number of days for their visit, offering options for 1, 2, 3, or 4-day tickets for either one or two parks.
  • Choose how many days (the more the cheaper, but it is always up to your availability)
  • Choose your date (assuming you chose the “Dated” ticket)
date selection to buy tickets on a website
Example date
  • Choose how many adults and kids (3-11 y.o.) are going. Kids under 3 go for free and do not need a ticket or a reservation
selection of types of tickets
  • Press “Add to cart”, it will look something like this ->
final selection of tickets
  • It will offer you some add-ons, choose them if you like, otherwise click the blue button “Continue” (not “Continue shopping”)
Disneyland Paris booking page showing options for Disney Premier Access Ultimate and Disneyland Paris Express shuttle
  • Register with your email address, or sign in if you already have a Disneyland account ->
Disneyland Paris account log-in page encouraging users to create an account or sign in.
  • Fill in the information for all the guests (they say the tickets are not transferrable, but I honestly never saw them checking anyone’s IDs)
Disneyland Paris guest information form asking for contact details including email, telephone, first name, surname, address, postcode, city, and country/region
  • Pay with your credit card, and you will receive your ticket with a special QR code by email, hooray!

That is it, just go directly to the gates with these tickets, no need to queue at the cash register!

NOTE: At the moment when this article is last updated (May 2024), the price is €89 for 1 adult and €84 for 1 child (3-11) for a 1 day/2 parks BLUE ticket for 11 December 2024.

PRO TIP: Check Disneyland Offers and Packages – sometimes Disneyland in Paris throws crazy promos that are cheaper than the regular prices!

PRO TIP 2: If you are flexible with the dates and are planning to stay within the resort, then you should check out the Disneyland Paris price estimate calendar to see when it would be the best time to visit EuroDisney at a low cost compared to other times!

NOTE: If you buy your tickets through the official website, you can get your money back if you cancel at least 3 days in advance.

2. On Tiqets website

Homepage of the Tiqets website

Tiqets is a great website I used many times to avoid the lines to many attractions in Paris. The great thing about buying your Disneyland tickets through this website is that they have much better policies and support compared to Disneyland.

I like Tiqets because you can:

  • cancel your ticket at any time 3 days before your visit, no questions asked
  • reschedule your ticket for any other available date 3 days before your visit
  • talk to Customer service whenever you have a question, or need help canceling or rescheduling
  • choose from several different payment options
  • combine your entry ticket with other options

Here is how to get your ticket:

  • Go to Tiqets ->
  • Type “Disneyland Paris” in the search field or just follow this link for 1 Day/2 Parks tickets – it should take you directly to the offer ->
A promotional image for Disneyland Paris 1-day ticket. Three colorful images depict park attractions. Text details ticket prices, availability, and visitor ratings.
  • Choose your dates (let’s say we are going on the 11th of December, the Blue dates, where the official site price is €89 per person for 1 Day/2 Parks) ->
date selection to buy tickets on a website
  • Choose the type of ticket (1 Day/2 Parks for our example as usual) and how many people are going ->
selection of types of tickets
  • The rest is pretty simple: click “Go to the next step” and fill in your details – >
Booking form for Disneyland Paris tickets showing fields for first name, last name, and email address. Total price is €89, with an option to confirm the booking.
  • All set, you will receive your ticket by email! (no need to print it, just show it from your phone when at the gate)

Your tickets are fully refundable if you cancel them at least 72 hours in advance.

3. On the Attraction Tickets website (free Disney+ subscription)

If you cannot buy tickets on Tiqets or you really want that Disney+ subscription, you are in luck! I found another website that offers some decent additions to the Disneyland entry ticket.

If you buy a ticket from the Attraction Tickets website, you get a Disney+ subscription for free, nicccce! (Please note that the offer is only available in the following countries: Netherlands, United Kingdom, Ireland, Italy, Germany, Austria, Spain, Switzerland, Belgium, Portugal, and Denmark.)

So, let’s say we are buying our tickets for the 11th of December 2024, here is how to do it:

Homepage of the Attractiontickets website
  • Switch to your preferred currency, choose your preferred ticket type (as usual, we are going to choose 1 Day/2 Parks for the sake of the correct comparison) ->
selection of types of tickets
  • Choose your dates ->
date selection to buy tickets on a website
  • Choose the amount of adults and kids and click “Add to basket” ->
  • It will add the Disney+ Subscription add-on to your cart automatically (if you are eligible for one), then click “Checkout”
Green banner with text offering 3 months of Disney+ subscription free on Disneyland Paris ticket orders over £63/€70. Offer is for residents of select European countries.
  • Fill in your details ->
filling in details to buy tickets
  • Voila, you are all done! (as usual, dated tickets do not require any prior reservations, so just have your QR code/email ready when you are at the entrance to the park)

P.S. You can cancel 3 days in advance just like the other sites to get a full refund.

4. Other ways to save

A girl standing next to a statue of a lady of hearts and a tree with roses in Disneyland Paris

Except for the reseller sites, here are a couple of more ways to save on your Disney ticket that you might not have thought about:

  1. Think about getting an Annual Pass – if you are planning to visit the park 3 or more times in a year, consider getting an Annual Pass. Not only does it give you cool perks like free parking, discounts for hotels, discounts in shops and restaurants, extra magic hours etc., but it also allows you to buy verrry discounted tickets for your loved ones (only for holders of the old annual passes, the Magic Plus and Infinity Annual Passes). With the new annual passes, the Bronze, Silver, and Gold, you can get discounts in restaurants for up to 6 people. The price of the pass varies and starts from €289 and you can purchase it At the Disneyland Pass ticket offices or call Disneyland Paris to inquire.
  2. Check out current Hotel + Ticket packages – we almost don’t talk about the hotel option in this post as this would add another level of complexity to the comparison, but if you are going for a couple of days and you are looking for accommodation around the park, definitely check the packages! It might be cheaper or even a little more expensive than if you buy a hotel+tickets separate, but staying in a partner hotel is an experience by itself! By the way, I have a great post on Where to stay around Disneyland for your reference too!
  3. If you hold a disability document, you are eligible for a 25% discount (+ 25% off for an accompanying guest)
  4. There are military discounts too! If you are active and retired military personnel from the US, UK or France you can get a 2 Day/2 Parks ticket at a lower rate. Follow this link to see the prices, but make sure that you have chosen US$ as currency to be able to find them,
  5. Pay Disneyland Paris tickets with a monthly fee. If you are going with a Hotel + Tickets package you can pay in monthly installments in up to 6 parts. This might not save you money per se, but it is a great way to be able to visit Disneyland if you aren’t able to afford the whole cost all at once.

PRO TIP: Want to save time and skip the lines to the most popular rides? (it can take hours for you to reach the actual ride, trust me!). It comes with the price, but if you can afford it, I can definitely recommend Disney Premier Access – an add-on that lets you skip the lines to specific rides inside the park.

NOTE: So far Disneyland in Paris doesn’t offer student discounts on tickets.

5. Same date tickets

Disneyland Pparis Halloween parade with Mickey and Minnie mouse

ATTENTION: you CANNOT buy tickets at the gate anymore BUT you can buy same-day tickets online on the Tiqets website!

According to my research, Tiqets is one of the places where you can get same-day tickets for €105.

I know of people who went all the way to Disney Gate just to turn around because they did not buy tickets online in advance. Now you just need a smartphone and an internet connection, yay! So, if they are not letting you buy the tickets at the gate, just buy your ticket online and show it to them. If you don’t have roaming on your phone, ask the security/front desk for the Wi-Fi, I am sure they will be able to help!

PRO TIP: If it is sold out there, try Viator. However, be advised that many of the reviews say that their tickets couldn’t be scanned at the entrance and their customer service was not very helpful regarding this issue!

So, which ticket website is cheaper in the end?

So, as I said, if you are going to Disneyland in Paris for 1 day only, you should definitely get your ticket on Tiqets website – which allows you to cancel your tickets 3 days before you visit, but also lets you reschedule your ticket for another time – no questions asked!

If you need to get tickets for the same day, then head on to Viator which offers the cheapest same-day tickets available!

NOTE 2: In case you want to buy the Premier Access as well, you do not need to queue at the entrance of the park – you can buy it once you get inside!

BONUS 1: Disney Premier Access explained

A woman in a red jacket standing in front of a boat sculpture in Disneyland Paris

Fast pass was recently renamed to Premier Access and it is now 2 different types of passes. Let’s briefly talk about each of them and if it is worth it:

Disney Premier Access One gives you access to a single attraction at a time slot allocated to you – you can choose 1 ride you want to skip the line to and pay for it individually. It can be bought on the day in the Disney Parks or via the app, and costs between €5 and €20 per ride​​. You can currently do so for maximum 3 rides per person per day.

Disney Premier Access Ultimate (also known as FastPass previously) gives you access to all eligible attractions in Disneyland Paris without specific time slots. It can be bought in advance or on the day and prices range from €90 to €190 per person depending on the season. PRO TIP: I do not recommend buying this one in advance because you cannot cancel this one, only change the dates.

Is the pass worth it? in short, if you have the budget for it – yess! You are going to save literally hours of your time in the magic kingdom not staying in those lines. If you can’t afford the Ultimate one, you can buy a pass for an individual ride right in the app (it will give you an allocated time for when you should come to the ride and skip those lines).


A collage of two photos: a Halloween parade with Mickey and Minnie mouse and a child standing next to a woman dressed as Snow White

Some of the readers who were going to visit Disney for 2 days asked me if it is better to buy 1 Day/1 Park tickets twice because it usually ends up being cheaper if bought separate. While it might be indeed cheaper to get individual tickets for each day instead of the 2 Days/ 2 Parks ticket, you will not actually trick the system.

Here is why: the main Disneyland Park is huge (you can count it as 1.5 parks), so you will definitely need more than one day to visit it properly, while Walt Disney Studios is smaller and can be easily done in half a day (so we can count it as 0.5 parks) aaaand it closes way earlier than its big brother – at 9 pm.

In my opinion, it is way better to buy the 2 Days/2 Parks ticket and continue to the main Disney Park after you finish with the Disney Studios park on the same day. Buying individual tickets makes sense if you don’t have 2 full days anyway (only 1 and a half maybe) or if you have small kids, as Walt Disney Studios has simpler rides fit for infants so you might want to spend a full day there.

BONUS 3: Dated or undated ticket?

A woman is posing with two people dressed up as pumpkins in Disneyland Paris

I know some of you will have that question, so here is my short explanation on the difference and which one to buy:

Dated tickets are tickets with a specific date on them. That means you can only use that ticket to enter the park on that particular date. These tickets are usually cheaper because you’re committing to visiting the park on a specific day. This helps Disneyland Paris plan for how many people will be in the park on any given day.

Undated tickets, on the other hand, do not have a specific date on them. You can use them to enter the park on any day within a validity period of a year from the date of purchase. These tickets offer more flexibility because you can decide when to visit the park. They’re usually a bit more expensive than dated tickets because of this flexibility.

Please note that undated tickets are non-refundable (though they have 1-year expiration date.

PRICE: We already spoke about different prices for the dated tickets above, as for the Undated one, it is €130 for 1 day/2 parks.

IMPORTANT: If you have the Undated ticket, you NEED to book your visit in the app for your specific day before you arrive, if you do not have the confirmation, they will not let you in! You can book your visit up to 1 day in advance, but it has to also be available on the site here.

All in all, I would go for a Dated ticket because the Undated one is more expensive (130€) than the most expensive dated ticket (€155 for Halloween and New Year’s) and there is a chance you will not be able to go on the date you planned, you always need to check the availability in the Calendar.

🎢 1 day 2 parks price:from €81
🎠 Ticket at the gate:not available
🤫 72 hour cancellation policy:Tiqets
🚄 How to get from Paris:Train
🕐 Time from Paris:~40 min

Where to stay in Disneyland, Paris

An aerial view of a large building with a gazebo by the water

Now as you bought a good ticket for your Disneyland adventure, why don’t you get a hotel in the area overnight?

Luxury hotel
hotels across the street from disneyland

This hotel, located right at the entrance, is the most representative for Disneyland and, needless to say, it is also amongst the most luxurious and expensive ones out there – but there is no doubt you will feel like royalty!

Exterior view of a large, modern hotel building with multiple stories, arched windows, a dome roof, and "Hotel" signage on the facade.

Amazing accommodation with a free shuttle to the park

A charming two-story house with green shutters, dormer windows, and a front garden with potted plants on a sunny day. Outdoor furniture is visible in the background.

Nice and cozy B&B with a gorgeous terrace, clean rooms, and friendly staff

A bedroom with a double bed, two black pillows, a patterned bedspread, a window with blinds, and framed pictures on the wall.

A great Airbnb just 15 mins walking or 5 mins by bus!

In case you want to see more options of accommodations located close to EuroDisney, I have just the article for you, click on the link below to see it:

FAQs about Disneyland in Paris

view of the castle in Disneyland Paris in the evening

📆 How long do you need in Disneyland Paris?

Two days. One park can be visited in one day, but in order to enjoy most of the attractions, you would need one day and a half in Disneyland Park and half a day in Walt Disney Studios Park.

🎄 Is Disneyland Paris busy at Christmas?

Yes, Disneyland Paris is very busy during holidays, especially Christmas, so it’s recommended that you buy your tickets in advance.

🎫 Can you buy a 1-day ticket to Disney?

Yes. There is a one-day ticket for Disneyland Paris that can be used in either of the parks, Disneyland Park or Walt Disney Studios.

🚍 How to get to Disneyland Paris from Paris?

To get to Disneyland Paris from Paris, you can take the train, the express bus, the magic shuttle Disneyland bus, or the taxi. The cheapest and fastest are the magic shuttle or the train.

🎟️ How much is the entry to Disneyland Paris?

The entrance fee to Disneyland Paris varies depending on factors such as age, time of year, and ticket type, generally ranging from around €81 to €155 per adult, whereas the child ticket price ranges from €77 to €145.

💰 Can you resell your Disneyland Paris ticket?

No, Disneyland Paris tickets are non-transferable and cannot be resold according to their terms and conditions.

💲 What is the average cost of visiting Disneyland Paris?

The average cost of a trip to Disneyland Paris, including tickets and basic expenses, typically ranges from €150 to €200 per person per day.

💵 How can I travel to Disneyland Paris cheaply?

To visit Disneyland Paris cheaply, consider booking in advance, utilizing discounted packages, staying off-site, and opting for budget-friendly dining and transportation options.

Final thoughts

6 disneyland paris ticket prices

I know that the guys from the happiest place on Earth made the ticketing system is très compliqué and I hope the information shared was useful to you!

I make sure to go above and beyond to find all the info on everything shared on the internet in multiple languages on the topic, so I hope you are going to benefit from it!

As usual, if you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask me in the comment section below!

Bonnes vacances,


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