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Where to Stay in Denver – Best Neighborhoods and Hotels (from Luxury to Budget)

Denver is the capital of Colorado in the United States and it’s located 1.6 km (exactly a mile!) above sea level, which is why it’s well-known as the Mile High City. The city is relatively large (around 620.000 people live there) and it is a perfect destination for history, culture, art, festivals and more [...]

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Where to stay in San Francisco – Best Areas and the Best Hotels

Although it’s not that big, San Francisco (also known as SF, preferably not San Fran or Frisco!) is the largest and most important city in Northern California and a very popular vacation spot in the United States of America! This city truly has something for everyone - interesting architecture, world-famous landmarks (the Golden Gate [...]

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Where to stay in Chicago – Best Accommodation (with Prices!)

Chicago is the biggest and most populated city in Illinois and the third most populated city in the entire United States! Other than that, it’s also known as being one of the coolest places to visit around the USA. It’s a great destination if you’re looking for live music venues, amazing shopping opportunities, delicious [...]

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