Where To Stay In Stockholm By Neighborhood and Interest

Stockholm is the capital of Sweden and a really beautiful city that’s worth visiting at least once in a lifetime. With more than 960.000 people living there, it’s basically the city with the biggest population of all Nordic countries! It’s the ideal destination for architecture lovers, for culture aficionados and for people who want [...]

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Where to Stay in Salzburg – Best Neighborhoods for Your Trip

Salzburg is a charming city in Austria that is definitely worth visiting! It’s actually a UNESCO World Heritage Site and it’s indeed incredibly beautiful, mostly known for being Mozart’s birthplace. In case you are planning a trip there, congrats, you’re going to have so much fun! The next issue you might be thinking about [...]

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Where to Stay in Budapest – Best Hotels (Sorted by Area and Price!)

Budapest, the capital city of Hungary is a vibrant city and the ideal destination for anyone interested in history, beautiful architecture, thermal baths, gastronomy and nightlife as well. In case you’re planning a visit to this city, congrats! Wonderful choice! Now the next question you might be thinking about is where to stay in [...]

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Where to Stay in Dublin, Ireland – A Complete Guide By Areas of Interest

Dublin, the capital of Ireland, is the perfect destination to go for cute streets, delicious gastronomy, Guinness beer and parties, of course! Dublin is a place that successfully combines old architecture and new, modern buildings, culture and clubbing, history and fun. If you’re planning to travel to this beautiful Irish city, congrats, that’s a [...]

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Best Places to Stay in the Swiss Alps for Your Skiing Holidays (St. Moritz and Zermatt)

Switzerland is simply one of the most picturesque places in the world! It’s a country filled with beautiful lakeside towns, snow-capped mountains, stunning train routes and, of course, some of the world’s best skiing. The thought of going skiing in Switzerland can, of course, be daunting because Switzerland can be an expensive place to [...]

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Zermatt and St. Moritz – Everything You Need to Know About Ski Resorts in Switzerland

Skiing in Switzerland is a dream holiday for those interested in winter sports! Switzerland is such a picturesque country, full of snow-capped mountains and lakeside towns, and it’s also probably one of the best skiing places in the world! During my time in Switzerland I just couldn’t believe the landscapes; there is no doubt [...]

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