4 Reasons to Visit Lulea, Sweden

Lulea is a city in the North of Sweden, very close to the Arctic Circle. Although far, it is a destination worth visiting, and I am going to explain why! Yes, I’ve been to Lulea! Yes, I had a great time. And by this time you probably googled Lulea and saw that it’s really [...]

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6 reasons why you should go to Swedish Lapland

What do you know about Lapland except for the fact that Santa Claus lives there? Let me show you why you should consider Swedish Lapland for your next vacation! Lapland is huge. It stretches around the Arctic Circle in the northern part of four countries: Russia, Finland, Sweden and Norway. I have had a [...]

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Your perfect Stockholm 3 day itinerary

The best things to do in Stockholm packed for you in a perfect 3 day itinerary: Stockholm is a fascinating city with a history of over 750 (!!) years. It is spread across 14 islands connected by 57 bridges, and each neighborhood has its own unique character. Did you know that Sweden managed to stay [...]

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Reykjavik on the budget

We all know that Iceland is not the cheapest country in the world. Ok, actually it is between some of the most expensive in the world. Here, I said it! Yes, it is not that easy to experience it on the budget, but nevertheless, possible. After all, it is a challenge, isn’t it? "Ok, [...]

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Iceland road trip (Part 4): North of Reykjavik

This article concludes my Iceland 14 days road trip itinerary. We already spoke about the South (the Golden circle etc.), the East and the North, the Western Fjords and Reykjavik itself. Let’s talk about something more off-the beaten track, shall we? If you rent a car in Iceland, there are a ton of cool things you [...]

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