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5 Best Neighborhoods Where to Stay in Vancouver (+ Best Hotels!)

Vancouver is a gorgeous coastal city on the West of British Columbia province in Canada and an amazing destination for all travelers interested in pristine beaches, history, culture, nature activities (skiing, hiking etc), gastronomy, shopping and everything else in-between. It’s located right in between the Coast Mountains and the Pacific Ocean, more specifically the [...]

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Where to stay in Toronto – The Best Hotels by Neighborhoods or Your Interest

Toronto is the biggest and one of the most beautiful cities in Canada, perfect for anyone interested in culture, arts, gastronomy, business and entertainment as well. If you are planning a visit to the city, congrats, you’re in for a real adventure! During my two weeks road trip Canada itinerary I visited this awesome [...]

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Where to Stay During Your Quebec and Ontario Road Trip

Is Canada your next destination? Start your itinerary by viewing this detailed article on the best hotels in Canada where I know you will find the best fit for your stay! Accommodations can be a stressful search when traveling because of our different travel budgets available and our selection between hotels, B&B’s, or holiday [...]

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