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Yulia is originally Russian but truly is a world citizen in heart. She was traveling around the world for over 4 years now. Her blog MissTourist.com is created with the purpose to inspire people to travel more and to share her advice of how to travel "smart".

Where To Stay In Stockholm By Neighborhood and Interest

Stockholm is the capital of Sweden and a really beautiful city that’s worth visiting at least once in a lifetime. With more than 960.000 people living there, it’s basically the city with the biggest population of all Nordic countries! It’s the ideal destination for architecture lovers, for culture aficionados and for people who want [...]

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Where to stay in Toronto – The Best Hotels by Neighborhoods or Your Interest

Toronto is the biggest and one of the most beautiful cities in Canada, perfect for anyone interested in culture, arts, gastronomy, business and entertainment as well. If you are planning a visit to the city, congrats, you’re in for a real adventure! During my two weeks road trip Canada itinerary I visited this awesome [...]

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Best Hotels in Langkawi, Malaysia – From Luxurious Resorts to Cheap Accommodation

Are you thinking of going to Langkawi? That’s amazing! Langkawi Island is a mixture of clear waters, sandy shores, and also culture definitely worth visiting. Best part is, It is a year-round destination due to their warm weather. If you like shopping you will love the fact that Langkawi is a duty-free island so [...]

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The Smart Way to Buy Tickets to Burj Khalifa (and Which One to Choose!)

The Burj Al Khalifa is (drum roll please) the tallest building in the world! And, honestly, it really is as impressive as they say! At an astonishing 828 meters tall and with 163 floors and 57 elevators, there’s no wonder it has become such a major attraction in Dubai! There are normal skyscrapers, and [...]

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