Best Hotels in Bangkok, Thailand – From Luxury to Budget (With Prices!)

Bangkok is an amazing city in Thailand with many things to offer, from vibrant nightlife, delicious street food to incredible temples, shrines and historical areas that will help you understand this unique city better! Bangkok is a very vast and diverse city with many different areas. Each neighborhood in Bangkok has its own unique [...]

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7 Excursions You Have to Take in the Maldives

Maldives is famous for its incredible blue sea, coral reefs that are every diver’s dream come true, white sand beaches and its luxury private island-resorts! This place might also be well-known as the world-best honeymoon destination, but there is so much more to that then just lying on the beach on a private island [...]

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Koh Phangan Hotels – Where to Stay on the Island

Through the years, Thailand has reaped the reputation of being the “hub of backpackers” in Southeast Asia. It has a reasonable cost of living, diverse activities, and historical and natural tourist destinations like the island of Koh Phangan. Koh Phangan is an island found on the southeastern part of Thailand where the hips, millennials and [...]

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9 Unusual And Unique Things To Do In Bali

Ahhh, Bali, Indonesia. The very mention of this island conjures the image of a paradise quite different from what you might have seen before.   After exploring Bali’s amazing temples and sunbaking at its many beaches, why not try some unusual things to do? Fall in love with some exceptional travel experiences that will take [...]

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