Where to Stay in Verona – 6 Beautiful Areas and the Top Accommodation Options

0 Where to Stay in Verona 6 Beautiful Areas and the Top Accommodation Options

Can you already smell all the delicious food in Verona, Italy? Because I can hear it calling my name! This ancient city is more than 2000 years old so it’s no surprise that its history and culture are so rich! Don’t be surprised if you experience any foggy days during your trip. This place is known for that! 

A UNESCO World Heritage site, the historic centre of Verona will make you fall in love with its small streets filled with local restaurants, and let’s not forget that city in Italy is where the romantic tragic story of Romeo and Juliet was born. If you love the old architecture, then you should definitely see the Arena, an iconic Roman amphitheater built in 30 A.D right in the middle of town!

Ugh! I’ve already given so many spoilers but didn’t tell you about one thing: where to stay in Verona! That is the question! There are some amazing places to stay here and some cool neighborhoods which have the best attractions. All I can say is that you should book them in advance to get the best deals. Trust me, they go so fast! 

I’ve looked through hundreds of hotels in Verona to find you the absolute best one for each price range, and I only recommend the best-rated hotels that I would choose for myself! 

Andiamo! The best pizza in the world is waiting for us!

If you are in a hurry

Here is a quick list of the most amazing hotels in Verona located in the historic center:

luxury hotel
0 1 Palazzo Monga Boutique

Palazzo Monga Boutique

Best luxury hotel

0 2 Eufemia27 airbnb


An Airbnb with amazing reviews

mid-range hotel
0 3 Verona Suites affordable

Verona Suites

Best value for money

budget hotel
0 4 Truly Verona Cheap

Truly Verona

Best affordable accommodation in the center

Here’s a map that will help you visualize all the areas to stay in Verona that I will be talking about in this post:

Verona MAP 01
historic centre
for first-timers
Porta Nuova
for nightlife
Borgo Trento
for families
for budget

1. Historic Center – where to stay in Verona for the first time

1. Historic Centre where to stay in Verona for the first time

Colorful buildings with small balconies, Renaissance architecture, and the smell of fresh-baked pizza will make you fall in love with the romantic Historic Centre located in the heart of Verona! The unique old buildings made from stone hundreds of years ago are covered in green leaves and beautiful flowers that you’ll only see in this city! 

Verona’s historic centre is the perfect area for you if you’re traveling here for the first time. It has all the big tourist sights, and most of them are located within walking distance so you can get around easily.

Ohh… the tragic story of Romeo and Juliet has circled the globe since Shakespeare first wrote it and who doesn’t love a bit of medieval tragedy? In this area, you can find Juliet’s house and the famous balcony! The city of Verona bought the 14th-century house and turned it into a tourist sight. I’m sure couples will love to leave small love notes in the courtyard just like everyone else who comes here does.

Similar to other places in Italy, Verona is filled with history from Roman times. Piazza Delle Erbe, the oldest square in Verona, is located in the center of this area, where the Roman forum used to be. Here you can walk around the beautiful symbol of the city, the Madonna Verona statue which is placed above the fountain with the same name. 

If you want to see Verona’s best views, then climb up the Torre dei Lamberti and remain in awe of the amazing sight of the piazza and the whole historic centre! Forget about the colosseum in Rome, the Arena di Verona is the city’s symbol, and you can go inside to admire the beautiful architecture or catch a music event!

Luxury hotel
1 1 Palazzo Monga Boutique

You will feel like a spoiled Italian royalty in this beautiful place to stay in Verona! I just love the traditional wallpaper in the spacious rooms and the large windows! You can relax in the spa center of this elegant luxury hotel and serve a delicious breakfast in your room before you go and explore the heart of Verona!

Other accommodation options in historic center

1 2 Verona Suites for big groups

I love the modern design of this place located in the heart of Verona that has beautiful spacious rooms and a hot tub

1 3 Truly Verona Where to stay without a car

One of the best hotels in Verona with a modern room, city views, air conditioning, and self-catering breakfast

1 4 Eufemia27 Without a car

A friendly private apartment in Verona convenient for travelers in Italy that has free wifi and a cozy room

Things to do in historic centre

I know it’s so annoying to plan a trip at the last minute and discover that all the great hotels are taken, especially when it’s such a popular area. All the best hotels sell out super fast so here are some other great alternatives hotels if you missed the ones above! 

2. Porta Nuova – best place to stay in Verona for nightlife

2. Porta Nuova best place to stay in Verona for nightlife

One of the best places to stay in Verona, Porta Nuova, is located south of the historic centre and is perfect for any traveler who wants to combine sightseeing with a bit of fun at Verona’s more local bars. 

In Porta Nuova you’ll also find the main train station in the city, which is great if you want to visit Venice. Did you know that this city that has stolen many people’s hearts is less than 2 hours by train from here? 

Combining the traditional 16th century Renaissance architecture with the urban buildings and restaurants, Porta Nuova is great if you want to have fun at night in the bars after a day of sightseeing! If you want to discover another magical area in Italy, check this post with the best hotels to stay in Tuscany!

A nice place to stay for any Romeo and Juliet fans who want to learn more about this iconic love story and visit Juliet’s tomb. The path leading up to the tomb is so special! It shows the story of one of the most popular couples in the world with the help of 11 bronze statues. Once you get to Juliet’s tomb, you’ll also find a museum. Italian people say that they got married in this place in Porta Nuova! 

Make sure you book quickly for the budget and luxury hotels in Verona, Porta Nuova so you can get the best deals! It’s a popular area filled with tourists so you better get started!

Once you’re done with all the amazing sights of the area, I’m sure you’ll want something to drink and maybe mingle with some friendly Italian people. You can head to Ostinati and order a glass of wine and enjoy the atmosphere! If you’re in the mood to dance the night away, you can go to Berfis’s club to have a fabulous time!

Luxury hotel
2 1 Boutique Hotel Trieste

Hotel Trieste has a colorful modern design and is one of the best places to stay in Verona, Porta Nuova. You can have your coffee on the balcony of your room and then head downstairs for a delicious Italian breakfast. This boutique hotel has a friendly shared lounge area where you can relax before going out and enjoy the historic sights in Italy!

Other accommodation options in Porta Nuova

2 2 Guelphs Ghibellines Cool places

This hotel has an elegant vintage design, perfect rooms, a terrace and they offer free wifi and parking near the centre of Verona

2 3 Marconi Apartments honeymoon

Stay in Verona in the best apartment rooms that are convenient for budget guests with a great terrace and free wifi 

2 4 Torcoletto For couples

A great apartment located in Porta Nuova with perfect sights of the city, two rooms, a balcony, and air conditioning

Things to do in Porta Nuova

  • Learn new things about Romeo & Juliet story at Juliet’s tomb in Verona
  • Admire the Italian architecture of the Porta Nuova city gate 
  • Dance the night away at Berfis’s
  • Visit the Chiesa della Santissima Trinità Porta Nuova
  • Check out the cool Lucla Cafe in Porta Nuova
  • Spend some time in nature in the Giardini Raggio di Sole
  • Grab a drink at Ostinati in Verona, Porta Nuova

3. Borgo Trento – where to stay in Verona for families 

3. Borgo Trento where to stay in Verona for families

This area is a great place to stay in the city if you’re traveling with the whole family! Located just north of Verona’s historic centre across the Adige river, Borgo Trento is a quiet neighborhood which makes it so great for families, especially those traveling with little children. 

This is a beautiful green residential area where you can visit an open-air museum which is a former arsenal, or take a long relaxing walk in the public park with the family. The streets are filled with great bakeries, stores, and Italian restaurants located within walking distance of one another. 

If you’re wondering where to stay in Verona so that the kids can have some fun as well as grown-ups, then this neighborhood is for you. They can play the whole day at the Campo Giochi Per Bambini! There is a paddling pool during the summer, as well as some swings and a carousel. Get a blanket, sit on the grass and make a cute little picnic!

Also, if you’re in the mood for some hiking, you can climb the hill up to the Shrine of Our Lady of Lourdes and see the most amazing view of Verona Italy and maybe visit the church that’s right at the top! 

Luxury hotel
3 1 Hotel Relais 900

One of the best luxury hotels in Verona, Italy, with an Art-Nouveau design. This is a great place to stay as it has a lovely terrace with views of the huge garden where you can drink your coffee and spend a relaxing morning. This location has big elegant rooms with air conditioning and free wifi which is always good for families. 

Other accommodation options in Borgo Trento

3 2 Relais Fra Lorenzo Luxury hotels

With wonderful vintage Italian decor, this hotel in Verona is great for families and has a swimming pool, nice rooms and they offer breakfast

3 3 Nuova Opera Rooms vacation rentals

A popular budget hotel with a great location in Verona that has rooms for families, free wifi, and a delicious breakfast

3 4 Residenza Caprera Kids friendly

Stay in Verona’s best apartment located in a nice area with good free wifi, nice rooms, and air conditioning

Things to do in Borgo Trento

  • Have a fun day with the families at the Campo Giochi Per Bambini
  • Climb the hill up to the Santuario della Nostra Signora di Lourdes
  • Catch the sunset at the Castelvecchio Bridge in the centre of Verona
  • Visit the Franz Josef I Arsenal Museum
  • Take a relaxing walk with the kids in the Cesare Lombroso Park
  • Walk around the Ponte Garibaldi
  • Eat some delicious food in Verona Italy

4. Veronetta – best place to stay in Verona on a budget 

4. Veronetta best place to stay in Verona on a budget

Veronetta is located east of the historic centre of Verona Italy, and connected by several bridges, but the Ponte Pietra is probably the best one! The Romans built the original version of the bridge, but it was destroyed during WW2, luckily it was rebuilt afterward and is still quite beautiful. 

This area is a nice place to stay for travelers coming to the city on a budget. There are many students in Veronetta as the University is located here, and you will find plenty of affordable accommodation options and a lively atmosphere.

The small narrow streets are home to a couple of colorful villas, bars, restaurants, and shops, all located within walking distance of one another and good budget choices for all types of travelers. Ensure you explore the area and climb up the hill to the 19th century San Pietro Castel, built by the Austrians. Although there isn’t much left of this historical landmark, you’ll love the epic view from the top of Verona, Italy.

If you need a break from the city atmosphere, head to the Giusti Garden and take a relaxing walk in this beautiful place, dating back to the 1400s. It perfectly represents the Italian style, and you can visit the apartment located in the villa here, which has the best interior design!

Luxury hotel
4 1 Giardino Giusti

One of the best luxury hotels in Verona to stay on a budget! All the rooms come with a private bathroom, and they are super modern. There is free wifi and parking on the premises. Located near most attractions, you can start your day by having a delicious Italian breakfast and then go and explore Verona, Italy!

Other accommodation options in Veronetta

4 2 Romeo Giulietta Rooms

I love the spa center in this Verona hotel which is located in a  beautiful 16th-century building, it has a lovely patio and air conditioning

4 3 Residenza Roccamaggiore

One of the best budget hotels in Verona that has lovely rooms with air conditioning, free wifi, and a private bathroom

4 4 Unicumhouse Liberty

Drink your morning coffee on the balcony of this lovely room located in a Veronetta building that has free wifi, and air conditioning

Things to do in Veronetta

5. San Zeno – where to stay for an authentic experience

5. San Zeno

Located west of the historic center of Verona, the San Zeno area will offer you that cool authentic vibe of the city with its many markets and souvenir shops. The area is organized around the Basilica of San Zeno, and you’ll spot a lot of 16th century Renaissance architecture around the neighborhood. 

If you stay in Verona in this neighborhood, you can visit The Basilica of San Zeno! It dates back to the 5th century but other parts were done by the end of the 11th century. If you choose to go inside (which I highly recommend), you can see the San Zeno Altarpiece made by the Renaissance painter Andrea Mantegna, the style of this art piece is beautiful! 

There’s a piazza outside the Basilica and here is where you’ll find tons of antique shopping spots in the market during the weekend. I love going to a new place and getting a unique piece of jewelry or a cool book; they make such cool souvenirs!

If you want to take a break from all the city activities (I always need one even if I travel to a lovely town), this area is one of the best places to stay as you can head down to the park and have a good relaxing afternoon in San Zeno! I recommend booking all the places to stay in San Zeno in advance, they sell out super quickly as the location is so good and you’re close to the historic centre of Verona.

Luxury hotel
5 1 C dell Orto Rooms Apartments

One of the best hotels in Verona that has the most amazing outdoor swimming pool! I just love the huge garden filled with beautiful flowers! You can serve breakfast here in the morning and enjoy the sun rays and the view of the river. The rooms are a traditional Italian design, and the hotel offers free wifi and free parking.

Other accommodation options in San Zeno

5 2 Hotel San Marco Pet friendly

You’ll get the most amazing view of the city in this San Zeno hotel which has a pool, and elegant private rooms

5 3 Miglioranzi Antonio Where to stay with the family

One of the best places to stay in Verona, San Zeno has family rooms, a lovely terrace, and free wifi

5 4 Petite Maison With free parking

A cozy private room in a San Zeno apartment located in front of the Basilica that has a kitchen and wifi

Things to do in San Zeno

  • Visit the Basilica of San Zeno
  • Shop for cool souvenirs in the Italy antique market 
  • Go for a walk in the best park of San Zeno
  • Walk around the San Procolo Fortress
  • Admire the architecture of the Porta of San Zeno
  • Visit the San Bernardino Monastery 

6. Verona Fiere – where to stay for exhibitions and events

6. Verona Fiere

This area is located in the southern part of the city and Verona Fiere is actually the name of the event venue located here. If you are coming to the city to attend an exhibition or a wine producer’s event, you probably want to stay at one of the best hotels in Verona located nearby! 

The neighborhood looks very modern and urban, with tons of newly constructed buildings. The hotels in Verona here are numerous and range from luxury to budget as they are designed for people who are coming for conventions and other things.

If you’ve visited Verona before and you don’t want to stay in the heart of the city, then this area is good for you as it’s located a bit further away from the historic centre of Verona. I also recommend staying in this neighborhood if you’re traveling for business and don’t want to lose a lot of time by entering the busy parts of the city.

Luxury hotel
6 1 Corte Ongaro

The best hotel in Verona Fiere! I just love the rooftop terrace, which has a hot tub. I mean, talk about relaxing at a high level! The rooms are very modern, and the private bathrooms are super cool. You can order room service in the morning and, at night, head down to the bar for a drink.

Other accommodation options in Verona Fiere

6 2 Best Western CTC Family friendly

Enjoy the delicious breakfast in this elegant hotel in Verona that has private rooms and a lovely lounge area

6 3 DaniEli Camere With the pool

One of the best places to stay located near the exhibition center, this hotel has family rooms and free wifi

6 4 Residenza Verona Free cancellation

A friendly Italian style place with more than one room that has a kitchen and amazing views from the balcony

Things to do in Verona Fiere

👑 Luxury price:€250
💵 Mid-range hotel:€100
🛏️ Budget:€80
🏠 Airbnb:€120
💰 Accommodation prices:Medium
📍 Best Area:Historic Centre
🛎️ Best luxury hotel:Palazzo Monga Boutique
👛 Best budget hotel:Truly Verona

Frequently asked questions about Verona

7 Frequently asked questions about Unique places Verona

🏨 What is the best hotel in Verona?

A top choice out of all the hotels in Verona is the Palazzo Monga Boutique located in the historic center! You will feel like royalty in this place in the city, every room is special, and the hotel offers spa services!

🧐 How many days do you need in Verona?

You should stay in Verona between 3-5 days, that way you can visit all the important landmarks, have some time to wander around and do some shopping in the best city!

🌇 What is the best area to stay in Verona?

The historic center of Verona is one of the best places to stay in the city with the biggest landmarks like Juliet’s house and the Arena Opera. The heart of the city has some good restaurants and hotels.

❓ Does Venice or Verona have the best hotels?

I think that the hotels in Verona are the best as they’re not as overpriced as the ones in Venice and they offer the same things. Verona is not as crowded as Venice so you’ll experience that authentic vibe of Italy!

👩‍❤️‍👨 Where to stay in Verona to see Juliet’s balcony?

To see Juliet’s balcony during your stay in Verona, you should book your place at La Corte Di Giulietta hotel, which is located in the same courtyard as the balcony! It’s right opposite it, so you get to see it all day long even after the viewing hours are over.


8 Conclusion Where to stay for cheap Italy

Well, that was fun! I hoped this article helped you decide where to stay in Verona and which are the best hotels in this city in northern Italy. Relieve the romantic story of Romeo and Juliet and go see all the Verona best historical landmarks!

There are so many hotels in Verona Italy that you could stay at. I love giving you many options as I’m sure you’re probably as picky as I am! Here are my top two favorites, both located in the historic centre of the city. Make sure you book these hotels in advance as they are a top choice for most travelers.

Make sure you explore the beautiful historic centre of Verona Italy and shop in the market of San Zeno until you drop! Enjoy the unique atmosphere of this ancient town! It’s the best!

Do leave a comment for our traveling community if you have any suggestions about Verona!

Viaggi Sicuri, 


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