Top 11 Things to Do in Trento, Italy

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There are SO many activities to do in Trento city, a small charming town nestled in the Dolomites in the North of Italy! But how can you choose the best activities for your itinerary? In this article, I’ll tell you all about my list of the most interesting and awesome things to do in Trento, Italy!

The Trentino region in Italy will impress you with its diverse territory, rich in natural beauty while also full of cultural and gastronomic attractions. It’s a great place to visit for art, history, and culture because of its castles, old churches, and museums!

Did you know that part of the town’s influence and history go back to Roman times? Ancient Tridentum remains can still be found as part of the archaeological site in downtown Trento. As a visitor, you can also see the Renaissance presence on many façades of the local palaces.

But their main influences date back from when the region was part of Austria back in 1814 until 1918. It was only with the peace treaty signed after WWI that Trento and the entire Sudtirol region became part of Italy.

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That is why you will notice the German influence in their food, their beer consumption (read: they have one with every meal!), and some cultural activities as well.

Trento is currently a great place to find incredible artists, go for amazing hikes or slide down ski slopes, but also to try a diversity of the best wines in the country!

If you are already planning on visiting the city soon but you’re not sure of what to do in Trento, I will cut to the chase and suggest the best activities for your Trentino holidays:

1. Walk around the Old City center

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This is probably one of the first activities I will recommend you do in this city so you get to see all the historic attractions! 

If you don’t like the idea of following a map, I recommend joining a free 2-hour walking tour, during which you will get to see Duomo Square, Church of Santa Maria Maggiore, Buonconsiglio Castle, and more! You will get to hear historical facts as well as anecdotes and fun experiences the guide can tell you from their personal perspective.

I like these tours because you find out myths and stories that are not usually shared with tourists! The tour ends with a stop at the Green Tower and takes about 2 hours to walk the entire route.

DURATION: 2 hours

WORKING HOURS: There are 2 tours every day, starting at 10 AM and 2 PM

2. Visit Buonconsiglio Castle and Aquila Tower

things to do in trento

The Buonconsiglio Castle has great importance to the city because it overlooked the road towards Germany and then became the residence of the Prince-Bishops of Trento between the 13th and 18th centuries.

Where is its appeal? It is an urban fortress rich in fine architecture that mixes a Romanesque and Gothic style on its towers while being decorated with Renaissance frescoes. The castle currently holds the Museo del Risorgimento and the Museo Provinciale d’Arte as well! They have sculptures, period furniture, archaeological and ethnological collections, perfect for any visitor wanting to see some history and local art collections.

On the south end is the Aquila Tower, decorated with the 15th-century Cycle of the Months, the best secular art style from the late Middle Ages. It illustrates and documents, in a rare and valuable form, the court life and outdoor activities of the times month by month.

HOW TO GET THERE: This attraction can be reached within a 15-minute walk from the town square.

WORKING HOURS: Tuesday to Sunday 9:30 AM – 5 PM. On Mondays, it is closed. You can check out the up-to-date working hours here.

PRICE: €10 / Free with the Trentino Guest Card (Read more about it in the Bonus section below)

3. Use your creativity at MUSE (Museum of Sciences of Trento)

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The MUSE was created back in 2013 by starchitect Renzo Piano to show and share the relationship between man and nature with visitors. The building has soaring glass walls that imitate the surrounding mountain peaks and slopes. The exhibitions include the evolution from geological formations and fossils to the natural environment of flora, fauna, glaciers, and avalanches.

You can find hands-on, multimedia, and sensory experiences that give life to the artifacts. It is a museum and dynamic introduction to the Alpine landscapes. As part of their hands-on sense of education, let’s say that it is forbidden “NOT” to touch. There are two specified journeys of “Maxi Ooh” made for children, while “Tinker Fun” is the space for adults to explore their creativity.

Because the museum is only partly translated, I recommend you choose a tour in English, especially if you are going with kids.

When you are done with the museum, head up to the highest floor to get a picture-perfect view. To finish your visit, there is a lovely tropical greenhouse on the minus 1 floor which I enjoyed and know you will too!

HOW TO GET THERE: This attraction is a 19-minute walk from the Dante Piazza.

WORKING HOURS: Tuesday to Sunday 10 AM – 6 PM. You can check out the up-to-date working hours here.

PRICE: €10 / Free with Trentino Guest Card (See more in the Bonus section below)

4. Get in touch with nature at the Giardino botanico Alpino Viote

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Although Viote Alpine Botanical Garden is about 7 km away from Trento, which takes a 40 to 50 minute drive along curved mountain roads, it is a destination worth the trip!

This is one of the oldest and largest gardens in the Alps with a protected collection of more than 2,000 species of plants! 

It’s a great place for people interested in geology and those interested in exploring the landscapes of the Adige valley. The Geological Garden found there shows many rare rocks from the Trentino Province valleys.

HOW TO GET THERE: The Garden is a 40-50 minute car ride from Trento.

WORKING HOURS: Everyday from 9 AM – 5 PM. View the updated schedule here.

PRICE: €3.50 per person. You can check the updated prices here.

5. Take a cable car to see the lookout


A great activity to do once in Trento is taking a cable car to the village up on the mountain.

Sardegna is a small village above the city that has a beautiful view of the Adige River, perfect for taking unforgettable pictures!

You can go there at any time throughout the day to enjoy one of the best Trento views. If you like sunsets, you might want to end your day there – go to a local bar or take your own drinks!

The cable car is no more than a five-minute ride but with a great view of the city while moving. Once you arrive, head over to the viewing platform for a look at the landscape.

HOW TO GET THERE: The cable cars depart from Piazza Dante towards the village every 15 – 30 minutes.

WORKING HOURS: Everyday from 7 AM to 10.30 PM. The schedule is limited on holidays, details here.

PRICE: €5 round-trip / Free if you are using the Trentino Guest Card (See more in the Bonus section below)

6. Discover the wonders at the Diocesan Museum

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Diocesan Museum is a Trento museum hidden inside Palazzo Pretorio that holds some collections that document the development of the local artistic styles and techniques between the 11th and 19th centuries, mostly on wood carvings and sculptures. Among these rare treasures you can also find fine silver and gold work embroidered onto vestments, illuminated manuscripts, and 16th-century Flemish tapestries.

There is an entire world to discover at the museum! It is all backed-up by a multimedia section that shows the successive stages of building the cathedral. Enter hidden doors, find secret passages and climb private stairs while going through the palace towards the Diocesan Museum.

PRO TIP: Admission is free every first Sunday of the month.

HOW TO GET THERE: This attraction is a 7-minute walk from the Dante Piazza.

WORKING HOURS: Wednesday to Friday from 2 PM to 6 PM. Saturdays, Sundays and holidays from 10 AM to 6 PM. (View the updated schedule here)

PRICE: €7 / Free if you are using the Trentino Guest Card (See more in the Bonus section below)

7. Travel in time while entering the Duomo

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The Trento Cathedral is also known as Cathedral of San Vigilio or Duomo di Trento. It was built around the 11th century and remodeled on the inside during the beginning of the 13th century, using a combination of Lombard Romanesque style and high vaulted ceilings reflecting the Gothic architecture. On the inside, you will also discover frescoes covering the whole range of styles of Venetian, Lombardian, and late Gothic forms.

To make your time-traveling even more interesting, I’ll tell you that the cathedral is above the remains of a 6th-century Christian basilica with a mosaic floor!

HOW TO GET THERE: This attraction is a 7-minute walk from the Dante Piazza.

OPENING HOURS: Everyday from 6:30AM to 12 PM, and from 2:40PM to 8 PM. (You can check the updated times here)

PRICE: FREE (€1.50 to enter the Christian Basilica below the Cathedral)

8. Relax and admire the wonders of Piazza del Duomo and Neptune Fountain

things to do in trento italy

The Piazza is in the heart of the city and it represents the city’s political, religious, and social center! 

It is a great starting point for any tourist because the main attractions are within walking distance from the center. The most relevant attractions here are Palazzo Pretorio and Torre Civica that overlook the square from one end of the palace.

In the middle of the piazza, you will find the big Neptune Fountain, sculpted back in 1768. The highlight is the continuous water flowing system that the sculptor managed to include while decorating the final piece of art.

Its main purpose was to bring water to the city and for that reason citizens were forbidden from polluting the water streams.

NOTE: Due to damage over time, the fountain currently found in the Piazza is not the original, but a copy.

Alternatively, you can get your whole gang together and go for a small group private guided tour – this way you can ask as many questions as you like of the guide while walking past the piazzas filled with palaces and cathedrals! By the way, the tour price remains the same regardless of the number of people you have, so the bigger the group, the smaller the price per person!

9. Uncover the history of the Roman Tridentum

Trento lies above the buried Roman city of Tridentum. There have been excavations done that have revealed part of the city wall, stone-paved streets, parts of houses with their mosaics and even workshops.

The area is not very big but it is enough to determine how Roman Trento used to be. The entire remains of the Roman city show history from different eras from the Middle Ages up to the Renaissance! You can get to see and visit the ancient Roman city remains at the SASS (Spazio Archeologico Sotterraneo SASS).

HOW TO GET THERE: This attraction is a 5-minute walk from the Dante Piazza.

OPENING HOURS: Everyday from 9 AM to 1 PM, and from 2 PM to 5.30PM. You can check the updated schedule here.

PRICE: €2.50. You can check the updated prices here.

10. See the Orrido di Ponte Alto Waterfall

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If you are looking for unusual places to see in Trento, go over to the Ravine area where you will find the Gorge of Ponte Alto and its waterfall, a magical experience found in a canyon that was carved over time by the Fersina River. You will see how two waterfalls dive into the canyon!

It was back in the 1500s that ancient hydraulic work was done to create these waterfalls that fall through the red rock cliffs leaving us speechless with light and sound effects. The modification was actually done to prevent flooding of the city, but the results are wonderful to see!

The trails have been maintained and refurbished for visitors to approach the canyon walls again, but you must visit be accompanied by a guide.

HOW TO GET THERE: The waterfall is a 10-minute car ride from Trento city or 30 minutes by bus.

NOTE: The Gorge of Ponte Alto must be visited with a local guide.

TOUR TIMES: Only on Saturdays and Sundays, starting every hour from 10 AM to 6 PM. You don’t need to book your spot for the tour ahead of time but check the updated tour times here.

PRICE: €5 / Free if you are using the Trentino Guest Card (See more in the Bonus section below)

11. Be part of Trentino Film Festival

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Trentino Film Festival was founded in 1952 and is dedicated to the mountains, adventure, and exploration. It is now a real test ground for visions and ideas about the highest lands on Earth, having a diversity of topics that include environmental and cultural issues, as well as current affairs. Every year the festival is much more varied and stimulating.

The Festival starts during the last days of April and runs for about 10 days. If you have never been to a film festival, it is a great event to meet small independent directors and producers who will share their personal experiences on how they made their movies. Just think of it as meeting the next Oscar winner! 🙂

Optional things to do in Trento

Here are 2 more interesting things to do in the capital of Trentino if you have more time (yes, food related, we are in Italy after all!):

Traditional Cooking Class Demonstrations

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A very different type of activity to be done in Trento is this 2.5-hour authentic Italian cooking class. You’ll be watching the local cook prepare traditional Italian dishes such as pasta, goulash, polenta, or tiramisu right at a local home in Trento.

Afterward, you’ll have the change to relax over a four-course lunch or dinner and taste amazing wines from Trentino and Italian espresso.

Wine Tasting Tour at San Leonardo Estate in Trento

trento italy

This tour is a chance to explore the winemaking heritage from northern Italy at the Tenuta San Leonardo winery in Trento. The 18th-century villa gardens and vineyards are now part of the estate but the property used to be a monastery. You will get a quality explanation of the traditional wine production methods and the country life around the cellars.

You can treat your taste buds for 2 hours to a variety of four estate wines: Vette, Terre di San Leonardo, Villa Gresti, and San Leonardo.

🤩 Range of activities:Large
🏰 Must see attraction:Buonconsiglio Castle
🚶🏽‍♂️ Best hiking trek:Dolomiti Panorama
🏛️ Best museum:MUSE
🥘 Must try food:Canederli (ñoquis)
🍷 Must-try wine:Trentodoc

BONUS 1: 6 Awesome Day trips from Trento

A small but curious city like Trento can be discovered by wandering along the streets, finding its great attractions, and stepping into historical buildings while also making use of your creativity. But there is so much more fun and adventure to be explored with the rest of Northern Italy attractions!

Here are a few things I recommend checking out around Trento if you have more time:

1. The Dolomites

dolomites hiking

The most famous and well-known day tours to be done around the city are those heading to the Dolomites.

The Dolomites are natural formations of geological and geomorphological importance that mesmerize with their scenic beauty and contrasting colors. They have been designated as part of the UNESCO World Natural Heritage Sites. The best time to go visit them is during sunset because the calcium and magnesium carbonate composition in the rocks goes through a phenomenon called Alpenglow where they turn pink.

This 7 hours private tour takes you along the Great Dolomites Road going by stunning mountain bends and impressive panoramas. You can customize your stops to include a lakeside stroll, a peek at a 19th-century luxury hotel, taking a high-altitude cable car ride, or even going for a traditional lunch in the Gardena Valley.

Among the itinerary stops you will get to see is the Lago di Carezza, the most beautiful of the Dolomites. You will also get to see the Marmolada Glacier (3,343 m) and the Sassolungo (3,181 m) and stop for some pictures. The Gardena Valley is a brilliant destination for tourists because of its beautiful surroundings and the lovely town of Ortisei, where the tour ends before heading back to Trento.

2. Lake Garda

lake garda holidays

Lake Garda is on the edge of the Dolomites and was created by glaciers from the last Ice Age.

The Lake is surrounded by many small towns where you can find theme parks, wellness spas, local culture and history, beautiful architecture, great beaches, amazing wines, and an impressive variety of activities!

FUN FACT: Lake Garda’s name comes from the Germanic word meaning “place of observation”.

You can go for some sailing, golfing, paragliding, and riding, or you might be in search of some more adrenaline and prefer taking some trekking routes. Go for some trekking routes on Monte Baldo, or follow the Emperor’s Forts that were the routes during WWI. Here are all the trekking options around Lake Garda.

HOW TO GET THERE: It takes an hour and a half by car from Trento.


3. MART (Modern and Contemporary Art Museum)

things to do in trento italy
© Azienda per il Turismo Rovereto e Vallagarina

The museum is currently located in Rovereto, but it was created back in 1987 in Trento. It was later, with the addition of works by the futurist Fortunato Depero and others from the Provincial Art Museum of Trento, that the MART had to expand and move to Revoreto where it officially opened in 2002.

The MART collection has about 30,000 paintings, drawings, sculptures, and selected masterpieces by Luigi Bonazza, Umberto Maggioli, Paolo Vallorz, and more that range from the late 19th century to contemporary art. The modern building now housing the museum was designed to mix technical solutions with classic models like the dome that was inspired by the Pantheon in Rome.

HOW TO GET THERE: The Museum is a 23-minute car ride from Trento or 30 minutes by train. I definitely recommend renting a car because it gives you all the flexibility you need, plus the scenery is beautiful and you can stop for some pictures whenever you want!

WORKING HOURS: Tuesday to Sunday – 10 AM to 9 PM

PRICE: The entrance fee is €13

4. Horseback riding along Valle dei Laghi

trento tourism

This horseback tour is a great destination for nature lovers that want to have an active holiday while enjoying the landscapes. The riding experience is located in Cavedine. To get there you can rent a car in Trento and the ride will take you about 30 minutes, or go for a bus ride that will be 40 minutes.

This amazing 2-hour horse riding experience is done at the Cavalcailvento Center in Cavedine. You will start by learning the basic techniques of riding and then experience the thrill of riding among the woods, which is a great way to relax after a stressful day! It is also a great way to enjoy the tranquility of the woods.

5. Eco Museo Argentario

trentino holidays
Orrido di Ponte Alto © Matteo De Stefano

The Eco Museum Argentario is an institution that takes care of the protection, recovery, and enhancement of all historical, cultural and natural heritage in various locations. The museum incorporates the dedication and commitment of the local communities to protect the ancient silver mines and archaeology and to recover the mining work.

Their interest is in preserving nature including protecting Monte Barco and Le Grave which have some rare species of both flora and fauna. Therefore, this is a place of learning and discovery from the past to the present!

While you’re there, you can go on a programmed tour by experts and nature guides that will take you through archaeology and history, while also seeing the biodiversity around Calisio Plateau. If you do not want to take one of the museum’s tours, you can request a specific excursion for a higher price. You can choose between visiting the old medieval silver mines, visiting the Austro-Hungarian fortifications on Monte Calisio, or finding the ruins of an ancient quarrying site.

HOW TO GET THERE: The Museum is a 16-minute car ride from Trento or one hour by bus.

WORKING HOURS: Monday to Friday from 10 AM to 6 PM. You can check the recent hours’ update here.

PRICE: €10 for programmed excursions. You can see the prices for requested excursions and updated rates here.

6. Rovereto

what to do in trento

The town of Rovereto located south of Trento is mostly known for the Adige Valley and its rising mountains. This small town holds so much charm that among its streets you can feel the stories of working families that have held onto their crafts through generations or of the young musical prodigy Mozart who gave his first Italian concert here!

On your way to Rovereto, you can stop by Saverio di Castel Dante which has many remains from the First World War and above it a bell from 1965 which is rung every evening in remembrance of the dead of all nations; for this reason it is also known as the City of Peace.

While you are in the city, here are some places that you can visit:

HOW TO GET THERE: It takes you 23 minutes by car from Trento.

Alternatively, if you are near Lake Garda and want to join some organized tours (which are always great because you will be accompanied by a local guide that knows the history of each attraction!), you can take this tour of the Dolomites from Lake Garda, this Lake Garda hiking tour, or this day trip to Venice from Lake Garda.

BONUS 2: 6 Breathtaking treks around Trento

dolomiti panorama trek

If you like hiking, the Trentino region is perfect for you during the summer. All hikes include going through thick woods or green meadows, and finding many colorful Alpine flowers. Based on the level of difficulty of the hikers, you can either select a short, easy trekking route or a more challenging one.

Don’t forget to take some comfortable clothes, hiking footwear, and equipment needed for the length and level of difficulty of the trail selected. Make sure to also have a first-aid kit at all times for a possible emergency; you can never be too cautious!

PRO TIP: Don’t hike alone! I mean, you can, it’s just that if you do, you should let someone know your itinerary and then let them know you are back! This is simply a precaution for any level of route difficulty. Having a back-up plan is always good in case you get lost!

1. Dolomiti Di Brenta Trek


Dolomiti Di Brenta Trek (DBT) is recommended as a loop trail for experienced hikers that have no problem with heights, snowfields, and via Ferrata, which means you can handle mountaineering equipment. Still, the DBT has variants that make the trek shorter, if desired with fewer difficult passages along the route.

Taking the long route, you can find accommodation where you can rest for the night before heading out to continue the hike. You can choose from huts, bivouac shelters, and malghe throughout your journey, making the trip even more of an adventure!

The 11-stage expert tour is for trained hikes with some sections of via Ferrata, and the longer, less technical country tour is for people who like trekking.

DURATION: 6 days (5 nights)

PRICE: € 330. You can book your hiking trip here.

2. Dolomiti Panorama Trek in Val Di Fassa

trekking dolomiti

This trek is a 200 km circular hiking route divided into 20 stages along the Dolomites. All the stages link Val Di Fassa with Val Di Fiemme and Primiero.

This wonderful walking experience is like a fairy tale walkthrough along the wide range of mountains, going by King Laurin’s rose garden, and admiring the rocks of the Marmolada Glacier!

The entire 200 km can be done in about 60 hours, but you can also choose among the 6 stages (Trek King) that are in Val Di Fassa, each of them being 5-6 hours long.

You can find information about the trek stages here.

DURATION: 8 days (7 nights)

PRICE: The “Soft Immersion” trek costs from €579 to €697. You can book your trek here.

3. Dolomites Trek King (Part of Dolomiti Panorama)

The Trek King is a six-day walk along the Val Di Fassa, going from Marmolada Glacier over to the Catinaccio-Rosengarten Massif. You get to see the shattered rocks and towering cliffs on your walks while in the evening you will enjoy the enrosadira, the moment the sunset colors the rocks a lovely shade of pink.

The Dolomites hiking tour includes night stays at a hotel in the beginning and end of the trek and you can also stay in a hut for the middle days to recover your strength.

DURATION: 7 nights

PRICE: From €459 to €489, depending on your chosen trek. You can book your hiking tour here.

4. Pala Ronda trek

dolomites italy

This trek is also known as the tour of the Pale di San Martino and goes around the most dramatic Dolomite massifs. You can choose between a four-stage “soft” trail or a five-stage “hard” trek.

The Pala Ronda Soft trek includes overnight accommodation in different huts and you will get to see what the Dolomites in Italy have to offer. It is the right experience for a medium-level hiker; the trip is divided into daily sections so it’s not too exhausting, but is just enough to get through the day!

The journey starts at San Martino di Castrozza, and the hike takes place along the enjoyable valley panorama while walking along the trails and going by small towns. Each day has a different route, but you will for sure get to admire the Fradusta Glacier, and then reach the peak of Cima Fradusta in the heart of Pale di San Martino.

It is an adventure worth doing if you like treks and finding beauty in nature!

DURATION: 3 days

PRICE: €165 per person. You can book your hiking trip here.

5. Lago di Santa Colomba

This is a different kind of nature adventure at Santa Colomba, a scenic lake only 1,000 meters above sea level that has many lovely pine forests around it and is open for people to take a swim during the summer.  You can get there by car, or by walking as part of your trek.

The trail towards the lake starts at Le Gorghe, which is near Vigo Meano, on the Trento Hills. The entire route has some crossroads, but everything is well signed so there is no chance of getting lost. You can view the route details here.

DURATION: 3 hours (9km)


6. Lago di Caldonazzo

trentino holidays

Caldonazzo Lake is located in Valsugana which is about 20 km from Trento, and its origins come from the Brenta River making it the largest lake in the region!

Lake Caldonazzo is your ideal summer destination if you like water activities! 

Here you can waterski, sail, canoe, dive, swim, fish, and even windsurf! Along the lake shores there are also beaches for you to relax on, or take a mountain bike ride through the trails.

If you need more adventure, let me suggest you go for a hike around the Lake! You can choose between a short hour and a half trek or go for the 15km route that can be about 4 hours long. You can see all the trekking routes and the duration details here.

If you want to see a local competition, go during August and see the Palio dei Draghi, which is a dragon boat competition. Also, you can add a stop by the little town of Caldonazzo to see an 11th-century noble residence or enjoy the Trentino Book Festival every June.

You can get there by car, by train (40 minutes, the price is €5, get down at Calcernica) or by bus line 401 (40 minutes as well, the price is €2, get off at “Valcanover”).

Things to do in Trento during the winter

what to do in trento

The basic tourist activities in Trentino during the warm season include visiting museums, stopping by the Buonconsiglio Castle, and more. But what other activities can be done during the winter that might not be found the rest of the year?

No worries, there are tons of winter activities to be done here! They are all meant for visitors with different levels of experience but all very fun and adventurous!

Here are some options:

But if you like skiing, Trentino is definitely one of the best places to go in winter!

Here are some of the best ranked Trentino ski resorts:

dolomiti panorama trek
  • Madonna di Madonna di Campiglio/​Pinzolo/​Folgàrida/​Marilleva – This is considered the best resort with the longest slopes! You can go there for some skiing or snowboarding and ride down 150 km of slopes. Most of the slopes are accessed by gondolas or lifts. They also have facilities for cross-country skiing, winter hiking, ice skating, and more.
    PRICE: €56 / person per day
  • Ponte di Legno/​Tonale/​Presena Glacier/​Temù (Pontedilegno-Tonale) – Their winter sports area is between the elevations of 1,121m and 3,000m, making it one of the highest resorts! There is a combination of forest runs and glacier slopes that you can choose from. Snowshoe hikes and dog-sledding trips are also very common at this resort.
    PRICE: €44 / person per day
  • Ski Resort Paganella – Andalo – It is a modern ski area with many interconnecting ski lifts and a capacity of 27,000 people per hour. There is diversity in the slopes going from easy ones to black diamond slopes for the advanced and experts. There are also ski school runs for beginners if you are just starting out.
    PRICE: €43 / person per day

You can check out more ski resorts here.

Where to stay in Trento

what to do in trento

In Trento, Italy you will feel a different sense of culture compared to other Italian cities because of its German history and the diversity of its attractions, going from traditional castles to fun museums. The minute you arrive, you will want to stay for many days just because of the relaxed atmosphere!

You will find all kinds of accommodations – from budget hotels and middle-priced apartments to luxury hotels overlooking the Alps. The decision is in your hands and your budget as to which one to choose.

Below I are my handpicked recommendations for the best hotels in Trento:

UPDATE: I have also written an extensive Where to stay in Trento article, where the best accommodations are broken down not only by price, but also for types of travelers so please don’t forget to read it as well!

Luxury (€130 and up)

  • Grand Hotel Trento – The interior is classy, comfortable, and luxurious. The rooms have wide windows and a great panoramic view. Their wellness center also has a sauna, and there are massages available for the guests.
  • NH Trento – This is a 4-star amazing and luxurious hotel located in the Albere pedestrian area downtown. You can get a glimpse of the Alps from the balcony or terrace. They also have a great fitness center and free Wi-Fi!

Middle-priced (from €90 to €130)

  • Piano B Aparment – This is a one-bedroom apartment that has a kitchen, fridge, and dishwasher. The balcony is perfect to enjoy the city view. The apartment is located no more than 3 km from all the most well-known attractions downtown.
  • Locanda Le Due Travi – This is a guesthouse found less than a 4-minute walk away from the Buonconsiglio Castle. It offers a lovely garden where you can have breakfast. They also have free Wi-Fi; plus, pets are allowed if requested!

Budget (up to €90)

  • Hotel Vela – This family-run hotel is in a quiet location but with great public transport stops nearby that go into the city center. The rooms are cozy and spacious while having a modern décor. There are panoramic mountain views from the property, and during the winter you can make use of the ski storage.
  • Da Chris e Lisa – This is a lovely guest house with three rooms available which can give you a garden view or a city view. The location is less than 3 km from Piazza Duomo or 1 km to Buonconsiglio Castle. There is a big kitchen and terrace to share with other guests!

Practical information about visiting Trento

You will find everything that concerns transportation to and inside the city, tourist card info and tips on things to try and wine to drink:

How to get to Trento

day trips from Trento

Are you in a nearby city and want to visit Trento for their great hiking or skiing routes? Great idea! Let me share with you some of the best options on how to get there if you are coming from Venice, Milano, or Bergamo:

By flight

The nearest and most popular airports are in Verona, Milano, and Bergamo so I suggest you fly into any of these and then take a train towards Trento. You can check the best flight deals for your dates here.

From Venice to Trento

By train

One of the best options for the train from Venice to Trento is a Trenitalia ride departing from Venezia S.Lucia towards Bassano del Grappa which takes 70 minutes.

Then, change trains and the next ride will go straight to Trento in 2 hours. The whole trip is a bit more than 3 hours and costs around €20.

By bus

The best way of getting there with a bus is taking a FlixBus from Tronchetto Station in Venice. The journey takes an average of 3.5 hours and costs about €14.

UPDATE: We have a new post on the blog ont best places to stay in Venice, make sure you check it out!

From Milano to Trento  

things to do in trento italy

By train

Getting from Milano to Trento by train requires you to change 2 trains. First, take a Trenitalia ride from Milano Centrale towards Verona Porta Nuova, which takes 70 minutes. Then take a train from Verona to Trento, which takes 60 minutes. The journey is 2.5 hours in total and it costs around €35.

By bus

Your cheapest option is to take a FlixBus from San Donato M3 station in Milano. The direct journey takes an average time of 3.5 hours and the prices start at €10.

From Bergamo to Trento

is trento worth visiting

By train

Although the journey requires making two train changes, your fastest trip is taking the Trenord towards Treviglio which takes 30 minutes. From Treviglio, take another Trenord train towards Verona Porta Nuova for a total of 80 minutes. The last part of the trip is taking an Italo train to Trento. The entire trip is 3 hours for a price of around €30.

By bus

The cheapest option is to take a FlixBus from Bergamo Bus Station. The trip takes no more than 4 hours and it costs about €13, but departure times vary. Flexbus is the most convenient option to get to Trento from Bergamo airport so far, but please note that they only have a couple of departure times available through the day, they don’t run very often – check the schedule before you leave!

Transportation inside Trento

one day in Trento

The city is quite small, so you won’t really need to use transportation in the center, but there are a couple of sights where you’d need to get by transport to.

There are different ways to get around Trento – by car, by bus or train, or even by taxi. Let me share with you the options on how to move through the city in no time – and with very little money.

By car
If you get to Trento by car it is easy to drive around, their streets and bridges are as modern as many European places! There are two downsides, though – you’ll have to pay quite some expensive highway fees and finding free parking places in Trento is kind of hard.

By bus
Trentino Trasporti is an urban and extra-urban public transport system. The buses take you around the Trentino districts and nearby hamlets from 5:30 AM to 11:30 PM. The price for a one-day ticket is €3 (Day Ticket) or free if you are using the Trentino Guest Card (more about it below).

By cable car
The cable car takes you from Trento to Sardegna. It is open from 7 AM to 10:30PM and the price is €5 round-trip or free with the Trentino Guest Card.

By Taxi
You can take a Taxi Trento. For a ride less than 10 km, the taxi fee starts at €3.60 and keeps adding €0.10 for every around ~100m. After 10 km, the fee scales to €0.10 for each ~50 m. To reserve a taxi, you can call +39 0461 930002 or download it Taxi app.

Trentino Guest Card

trento provincia

What is this Trentino Guest Card that many hotels offer as part of their booking package? It is a convenient card created by the Trentino Tourism Board to give the tourists an easier way to visit all the attractions and facilitate their movement around the city.

What are the benefits of this card?

Let’s just say that you will enjoy tons of attractions that are worth about €350 if paid in a week, for free!

Here are the benefits of this card:

  • Free public transport (trains, ferries, and cableways)
  • Free entry to more than 60 museums, including Buonconsiglio Castle and Muse, 20 castles and 40 attractions

How can you get one? 

Pretty easy! All you have to do is book a minimum two-night stay in one of their partner hotels. The card has no additional cost and it is delivered to the recipient digitally or by paper once you get to the accommodation.

If you want to stay only one night at a partner hotel, you can still get the Guest Card for a good price, just ask your hotel front desk about it.

What if I’m not staying in any of the partner hotels? 

No problem! You can still purchase it online or at the tourist office. The price is €40 per adult for 7 days.

You can discover the hotels and attractions that are included in this tourist card here.

PRO TIP: Don’t forget to download the Trentino Guest Card App to have your digital card available at all times and get updated tips on places where you can get discounts on purchases.

NOTE: I had a chance to use the Trento card and I can say it is a great initiative, but it still needs a lot of work to make it more user-friendly. At the moment, you need to be REALLY tech-savvy to figure out how to use it to get your free cable car ticket, the museums as I remember were a little bit easier. So, I would definitely recommend to take advantage of the card if you get it for free (don’t forget to claim it at the front desk of your hotel), but I would NOT buy it especially just yet.

Must-try food and drinks in Trento

Wine and beer

vino santo

As you may already know, there is a big influence of Austrian and German heritage in Trentino because of their historical belongings to the Germanic Empire. Although it is now an Italian territory, their Austrian/German roots still remain alive – and this can be seen in their food and beverages!

Wine has been produced in the Trentino region for more than 3,000 years, and most of the grapes are grown for wine-making. There is such a diversity of wines that the locals will recommend a specific kind of wine for whichever dish you want to eat! There is even a famous Trentino Wine and Flavors Route you can take if you are a foodie that loves to try new varieties of wine!

Beer is another beverage made in the region and served with meals as in other countries, mostly relating to the Austrian and German custom of doing so.

Here are some of my favorite Italian aperitifs and some of the most recognized wines:

  • Trentodoc – It has been made for over 400 years and it’s one of the most famous “spumante” in the area! The method of production is based on the second fermentation of the wine in the bottle; it goes great with savory pastries or slightly mature cheese. By the way, Scrigno del Duomo is a great place to have a nice glass of Trentodoc while sitting at a front-row table across from the Cathedral, Neptuno Fountain, and Pretorio Palace!
  • Trentino DOC Nosiola – It is an excellent aperitif, but also goes perfectly with fish.
  • Teroldego rotaliano – It has been known as the “Prince” of Trentino wines since the times of Trento Councils. If the wine is a year old or younger, combine it with local cured-meats or soups. If it has already aged, you can have a glass with some mountain cheese.
  • Marzemino – It is the best wine of Vallagarina! It arrived in Trentino because of the Venetian Republic soldiers who brought back some plants from the Carinthian village of Marzimin. You can pair this wine with dishes that are not too spicy, some local mature cheese or some pork roasts.
  • Vino Santo – It tastes sweet and has an intense fragrance of raisins. It is very popular because of its therapeutic and invigorating properties. It goes very well with almond-based desserts and zelten, a local cake. If you don’t like desserts, try this wine with some blue cheese!


trento provincia

A must-try dish is canederli which is also known as “ñoquis”. These are a type of dumplings with whole wheat bread, onion and “speck”, which is a local kind of ham. This combination makes it obvious that there is some Austrian heritage in the kitchen!

Where to eat in Trento

what to do in trento

In-between castles, museums, and hiking activities, it’s always a great idea to stop for a bite and enjoy the city views with a nice glass of local wine at some of the best Trento restaurants!

I will share with you some places worth visiting that have a range of different beverages and dishes that are perfect to match different budgets:

  • Osteria a Le Due Spade – a small and comfortable restaurant with a Michelin-star rating, worth a visit. I suggest you make a reservation because of the few tables they have. The food mixture of Italian, Mediterranean and European will delight you!
  • Osteria II Cappello – a classic Italian  – Mediterranean-styled restaurant, a bit expensive but entirely worth the investment if you like tasty food with elegant service.
  • Bistrot Trento Alta – a lovely and cozy restaurant located up in Sardegna, recommended by locals as the best spot for a glass of wine. You will enjoy the glass even more because of the splendid panorama of the city in front of you.
  • Plan – a great restaurant-bar down in Trento with affordable prices. It is a great establishment for a midday snack of great Trento pizza, olives, and more, together with some local craft beer, local wine, or cocktails.
  • Panificio Cirilli – among the best budget bakeries where you will find a mix of bread, focaccia, pastries, and more. You can order to go or stay there and enjoy the food.
  • Fior di Gusto –  It is a greatly reviewed gelateria with a diversity of ice cream options that go from the classic chocolate and vanilla to a yummy tiramisu and sacher torte flavor.
  • Pingu – another great gelateria; it offers an excellent variety of ice cream flavors combined with fresh fruit and delicious coffee.

Going out in Trento 

trento tourism

Trento has about 120,000 residents, but even though it is reasonably small, it promotes local education and has a big university that attracts many young people to the city. Therefore, there are many great places to choose from if you want to go out!

I selected some of the best bars and restaurants in Trento for you. All these places are great to meet tourists and locals, sharing some craft beers, local wines, and even some sparkling Trentodoc (plus, most of these places serve snacks for free with the purchase of aperitif beverages!):

  • Il Posto di Ste – a lovely little bar with great wine and complimentary snacks. After opening, this panineria has become part of Gamero Rosso’s 22 Italian street food champions, a wonder for the taste buds. It has quite a selection of wines; Nosiola is one of the most recommended here!
  • Palazzo Roccabruna – this mansion was built in the 16th century and is located near the Piazza Duomo. The best times to visit are Thursday and Saturday evenings for some tasting of their best wines paired with traditional foods.
  • Antica Birreria Pedavena – a restaurant and bar with a variety of Italian, German, and Austrian cuisines. The establishment is a brewery so you will get to try some local brew beers. The environment and decor are very local, traditional, and Trentino-styled with wood and copper!
  • Bar Fontanari – is a modern and cozy location where you can have a small bite of sandwiches or pasta with a great glass of local wine or beer before heading out to a club.


things to do in trento

So, in the end, is Trento worth visiting? Definitely yes! First of all, the area makes up 17% of the district that is under environmental protection, which means you will get to see nature at its best! You can also get around the city by foot or bike, enjoy the mouthwatering aperitifs while viewing the Alps, or go hiking in the woods.

Castles, museums, palazzos, and Roman ruins are some of the historical and cultural highlights of the city. I enjoyed each of them because they are so different among themselves but at the same time, they all create the city’s spirit.

This was my list of the best things to do in Trento! In this article, I talked about the 11 best things to do in the city and I have given you the best hotel and restaurant recommendations, ideas for day trips, trekking and skiing activities and more!

I hope you can go there soon and experience this great city on your own Italian adventure!

If you have any further questions about going to Trento or if you discover something amazing to do in Trento that I should try, do let me know in the comments below!


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what to do in trento

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what to do in trento

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