Where to Stay in Venice – Best Areas and Hotels

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Venice is one of the most special destinations around Italy, but also the rest of Europe as well! It’s a charming, extremely romantic city (maybe the most romantic in the entire world!) on a lagoon, surrounded by water. It’s the perfect destination for all types of tourists, regardless if you’re a solo traveler, a couple or a group of friends looking to have some fun.

Now that you have decided to visit this unique place, you might be wondering where to stay in Venice during your trip there, am I right? Well, let me be honest: choosing your Venice accommodation is a very important aspect that can make or break your vacation, but also a very hard challenge, especially if you’re visiting for the first time.

Venice is not a big city, but it’s a maze of streets, stairs, canals and “vaporetti” (canal boats) and it is divided into different neighborhoods and areas, each of them with its own charm and advantages. But how can you choose? No worry, this ultimate guide about where to stay in Venice is here to help you solve this exact problem!

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NOTE: Because Venice is so extremely popular as a vacation destination, visited by no less than 20 million people each year, hotels WILL sell out extremely FAST. If you’re visiting during the Carnival (which takes place 40 days before Easter), finding a good hotel that has free rooms will be even harder. Plus, the hotel prices here tend to be a bit “spicier” compared to other destinations in Europe. Which can only add up to one piece of advice: do your best to book your accommodation as far in advance as you can (at least 3-4 months in advance), so you won’t risk losing the perfect hotel that you just found or paying double the price for the same thing!

That being said, let’s get right into it. Are you ready? Let’s go!

If you’re in a hurry…

The best area to stay in Venice for first-timers is San Marco. This is the main tourist area of the city and the spot where Piazza San Marco is located as well, so it just doesn’t get more central than this!

As mentioned above, this city is divided into different neighborhoods, also known as “sestieri” in Italian. Each of them is different from the other and it comes with unique perks and disadvantages. Plus, the entire city is made of more than 120 tiny islands connected by bridges, so I wasn’t kidding when I said that Venice is a complex city!

Officially, Venice has six main sestieri (neighbourhoods on the “mainland” of Venice) –

  1. San Marco
  2. Cannaregio
  3. Dorsoduro
  4. San Polo
  5. Santa Croce
  6. Castello

In this text we will be talking about each of them below, as well as some other surrounding areas that are just as good for tourists visiting the city!

venice neighborhoods

Check out my list of personalized recommendations for all types of travelers out there. Now you just need to pick the most important aspect to you (and your budget, of course):

  • Where to stay in Venice for luxury: San Marco
  • Best area to stay for budget travelers: Cannaregio or Santa Croce
  • Where to stay in Venice for a traditional atmosphere: Cannaregio
  • Best area for Venice nightlife: Dorsoduro
  • Best area for families: San Polo

Now that you definitely understand more about this gorgeous city and how it is organized, let’s find out more details about 7 best areas to stay in Venice:

1. San Marco – Where to stay in Venice for the first time

best places to stay in venice italy

If you want to stay right in the heart of Venice, on the Grand Canal, where all the main tourist attractions are located, then San Marco is your answer!

This is definitely the place to stay during your first visit to the city or if you only have one or two nights in the city. San Marco (which is the Italian form of “St. Mark”) is the most visited part of Venice and the place where Piazza San Marco (St. Mark’s Square) is located as well – yes, it’s the iconic, postcard-worthy square in Venice that everybody knows about!

One of the main advantages of staying here is that you’ll be near all the unmissable landmarks, so you won’t have to walk around much or rely on boats to get to places. By the way, some other iconic sights around this area are Rialto Bridge and Doge’s Palace (Palazzo Ducale), so make sure you add those to your itinerary as well! Plus, if you’re visiting during the end of the winter, maybe you’ll be lucky enough to attend the Venice Carnival (Carnevale di Venezia) as well, which takes place 40 days before Easter!

Sounds just perfect, right? If you agree, here are the best Venice hotels close to St. Mark’s Square, that I can recommend for your trip:

Luxury (US$200 and up)

best place to stay in venice

  • The Gritti Palace, A Luxury Collection Hotel – If case you’re dreaming of staying on the Grand Canal, right near St. Mark’s Square, this hotel is for you! This is actually one of the best hotels in the city! When it comes to Venice, San Marco Square and Rialto Bridge are definitely two unmissable attractions and this luxury place is close to both of them.
  • Hotel A La Commedia – If you want a 4-star property for stay in Venice instead, look no further than this accommodation! It’s only 500m away from Doge’s Palace and I definitely recommend checking out the terrace – it offers great views over the city!

Middle-priced (US$110 – US$200)

  • Hotel Mercurio Venice – If you’re a traveler looking for a great mid-range hotel in Venice San Marco, 400 m away from Rialto Bridge, this one’s for you! This is a charming, beautifully decorated family-run accommodation and it has classical Venetian furnishings.
  • Lanterna Di Marco Polo – Still didn’t find the perfect accommodation for you on the Grand Canal? No worries, I have another choice for you! Although it’s located in the busy neighborhood of San Marco, this bed and breakfast offers all the warmth and coziness you’ll need!

Budget (up to US$120)

When I was doing my research for this post, I read many articles online that were recommending “budget” hotels that were around US$200 or US$300 per night. Well, Venice might not be the cheapest place on Earth, but that’s still expensive and definitely not for people on a tight budget! Let me tell you that staying in the heart of Venice with less than US$100 is actually possible! Below I have found two great options for you:

  • Hotel Lisbona – Are you on the search for an excellent budget stay, right in the city centre, near the Grand Canal? Look no further than this hotel! It’s extremely close to St. Mark’s Square and all the important attractions in the city center, all for an unbeatable price.
  • Hotel San Salvador – Here’s another amazing choice for anyone that’s traveling on a tight budget. This accommodation is right near Rialto Bridge (2 minutes away!) and it will offer an incredible experience for some great prices.

2. Cannaregio – Where to stay in Venice on a budget

canal rio di san falice

Don’t want to stay in the most touristic area of Venice? Do you want to live like locals and enjoy a more authentic atmosphere, while also saving some money on accommodation? Then I only have one answer: Cannaregio!

Cannaregio is along the banks of the Grand Canal as well and it’s a charming, traditional part of the city, where 1/3 of the total number of residents live as well. So I wasn’t kidding when I said that you can actually enjoy Venice like a local here!

Cannaregio also hosts Venice’s Jewish ghetto and it’s a place that’s definitely worth visiting, regardless if you choose to also book your hotel here or not. During the night, this “sestiere” comes alive and you’ll be able to enjoy your evening in one of the numerous bars, pubs or restaurants scattered all around the neighborhood.

Some of the most important sights here are the Jewish Museum, Ca d’Oro (a beautiful, true Venetian palace) and a couple of fabulous churches – Santa Maria dei Miracoli Church and Madonna dell’Orto Church, where Tintoretto is buried. Ah, and by the way, if you choose to stay here, you will only be 15 minutes away by foot to all the attractions in San Marco!

If you feel like Cannaregio is the place for you, check out my hand-picked hotels below:

Luxury (US$160 and up)

best venice hotels

  • Ca’ Bonfadini Historic Experience – If you’re dreaming of the ultimate spoiled vacation in Venice Cannaregio, this hotel will offer the best experience you can think of! Except for the luxury facilities, one of the best things about this 5-star property is that it’s near all the important tourist attractions!
  • Hotel Bellini Venice – If you’re interested in exploring the Jewish ghetto during your stay but also receive a royal-like treatment at your hotel, then this hotel is the right choice for you! You will surely love the 19th century building, the buffet breakfast and the Murano glass chandelier!

Middle-priced (US$110 – US$160)

  • CàPatron – One of the best things about this awesome mid-range hotel in Cannaregio is that it’s only a short walk away from the city center and it offers amazing views over the Grand Canal! By the way, Rialto Bridge is only 500m away from this place – how awesome is that?
  • Scalon del Doge – If you want to save some money on accommodation that you can later spend on taking the water taxi to all the interesting sights in the city, please know that this hotel will offer a super pleasant stay and I’m sure you’ll enjoy your time here!

Budget (up to US$110)

  • Vals in Venice – In case you’re on a tight budget but still want to stay in Cannaregio, near the Grand Canal and only a short walk away from all the main sights of Venice, this guest house is the right answer! By the way, it’s pet-friendly and it has free Wi-Fi.
  • Combo Venezia – Here’s another superb hostel located not far away from all the interesting tourist attractions in the city! This property’s features include an on-site bar, a restaurant and 24-hour front desk, among others.

3. Dorsoduro – Where to stay in Venice for nightlife

district dorsoduro

In case you want to be close to central Venice but not be right in the heart of San Marco, or if you’re a party animal that wants to get a true taste of this city’s nightlife, I’m pretty sure you’ll fall in love with Dorsoduro!

While you’re around, you can visit the famous art gallery called Galleria dell’Accademia di Venezia, the contemporary Peggy Guggenheim Foundation and Zattere as well, which is a long street where you can take a walk. Oh, and don’t forget to go on Pont dell’Accademia and admire Venice from there, it offers a charming view!

Dorsoduro is definitely a bohemian place that offers beautiful art and art galleries for everybody, regardless of your favorite style or period!

If you feel like you belong in Dorsoduro, I invite you to check out my selection of hotels below:

Luxury (US$180 and up)

best western venice italy

  • Palazzo Veneziano – Are you looking for the most luxurious place in the entire Dorsoduro? Well, make sure to take a look at this 4-star hotel, I’m sure you’ll fall in love! The rooms are just wonderful, everything is very nicely decorated and the staff is super helpful – what more could you wish for?!
  • Hotel Nani Mocenigo Palace – Here’s another 4-star place in Venice! Staying here means that you’ll only receive the best of treatments and that you’ll benefit from free Wi-Fi, air-conditioned rooms, free toiletries and more!

Middle-priced (US$110 – US$180)

  • Hotel Ca’ Nobile Corner – If you’re looking for a budget-friendly hotel in Dorsoduro, I have a great option for you! By the way, this property is actually a wonderful 14th-century palace transformed into a hotel. From here, you can take the vaporetto or water taxi and visit the entire Venice.
  • B&B Venetian Experience – Still didn’t find the perfect place for your stay in Venice? Here’s another option! This bed & breakfast has free Wi-Fi, daily housekeeping, an Italian breakfast at a nearby cafe and more!

Budget (up to US$110)

  • Casa Accademia – Traveling to Dorsoduro on a budget? No worries, there are plenty of good options for you out there! For example, this hostel awaits with a terrace, a cozy lounge where you can relax and simple but clean rooms, perfect for a good night’s sleep!
  • Ca’ Centopietre – Here’s another cute place in Dorsoduro, Venice that will surely help you save a lot of money on accommodation! This clean and nice guest house is only 10 minutes away from San Marco, which I think it’s a great advantage. I’m sure you’ll enjoy your time there!

4. San Polo – Where to stay in Venice with a family

best western venice italy

San Polo is one of the oldest and most charming districts in Venice and a very good choice for all types of tourists, but especially for families thanks to the great, central location!

San Polo is right next to San Marco, kind of like an extension to it, connected by the well-known Rialto Bridge. This means that San Polo has an excellent, central location that’s just perfect for people who want to avoid living in the chaotic San Marco, but still want to be a short walk away from all the main attractions in the city. A great choice for people with families and kids as well, as it’s a bit more laid-back, but still conveniently located.

While you’re here, make sure to pay a visit to Campo San Polo, the heart of this neighborhood and the Rialto Market as well, where you’ll find fresh fruits, vegetables and fish and a nice authentic atmosphere. Santa Maria dei Frari is another landmark here, a Gothic cathedral dating from the 13th century. You will also be able to choose from countless great restaurants, cafes and bars where you can serve some Italian food and sip your espresso while admiring the Grand Canal.

If you think there’s no better place for you than San Polo, take a look at my hotel recommendations below:

Luxury (US$180 and up)

cheap places to stay venice

  • Palazzo Morosini Degli Spezieri – Do you want to be a quick walk away from Rialto Bridge? Then this place is for you! This is actually a superb, luxurious apartment located right in the heart of the city. Just browse the photos on their page and I’m sure you’ll fall in love!
  • H10 Palazzo Canova – If you want to feel like royalty during your stay in Venice, San Polo is the place to be! This accommodation awaits with modern and luxurious rooms, an on-site bar, a terrace and a seating area in each room!

Middle-priced (US$110 – US$180)

  • Residenza Ca’ Dorin – In case you’re looking for a mid-range accommodation in Venice San Polo, you should consider this one! It’s a gorgeous bed & breakfast only 500 m away from Rialto Bridge and it’s right near a water bus and water taxi stop as well!
  • Hotel Moresco – Here’s another great choice if you plan of being right near Rialto Bridge and Piazzale Roma. This 4-star property awaits with a continental breakfast buffet, free Wi-Fi and a super, classical decor.

Budget (up to US$110)

  • B&B Exclusive – In case you have a very limited amount of money for your trip but still want to stay in this beautiful district, this place is for you! It’s surrounded by tons of restaurants and bars, so you will surely not get bored here!
  • San Polo Star – Here’s another very good, cheap hotel, less than 1 km away from Rialto Bridge. The rooms are pretty simple but very clean, and the property has some very good reviews!

5. Santa Croce

santa croce district

In case you’re looking for a non-touristy spot or if you want to stay in the most well-connected, transportation-friendly neighborhood in Venice, Santa Croce is your answer!

Santa Croce is a great transportation hub and the place where the bus station is located (Piazzale Roma), as well as many water taxi, ferry and vaporetto terminals.

PRO TIP: In case you decide to rent a car during your stay in Venice or for your trip to Italy, Santa Croce has big parking spots where you can leave your car, so this is definitely the place to go for this!

A small downside is that you won’t find many important landmarks or things to visit in Santa Croce except for the Museum of National History and a couple of nice churches, but the neighborhood is extremely charming and it has a very authentic feel.

But hey, the good thing about the lack of sights is that it will surely be cheaper to stay in Santa Croce than in San Marco, for example! To get to Piazza San Marco, you’ll have to walk for 20 minutes (which I don’t think is that long, especially considering the superb buildings and streets you’ll be seeing!) or you can just take a vaporetto or one of the water taxis.

If you want to make Santa Croce your base during your stay in Venice, here are the best hotels that you can choose from:

Luxury (US$180 and up)

hotel canal venice

  • AC Hotel Venezia by Marriott Hotel Venice – This is probably the most modern and stylish Venice hotel in this area! I definitely recommend it to anyone that wants to avoid the crowds and enjoy some luxury. By the way, they speak German, English, Spanish and French at the front desk!
  • Carlton On The Grand Canal Hotel Venice – This superb 4-star hotel in Santa Croce is just perfect for those that want to enjoy a traditional atmosphere and some luxurious facilities and amenities. If you want to travel to the center, you can either walk, take the water bus or vaporetto!

Middle-priced (US$110 – US$180)

  • Hotel Olimpia Venezia – Do you want to be only 100 m away from Piazzale Roma? Then you cannot make a better choice than this property! They have beautiful rooms, luggage storage, high-speed free Wi-Fi and more. Plus, it’s not far from the water bus stops!
  • Hotel Al Duca di Venezia – Here’s another excellent choice for those looking for an accommodation that offers a great value for the money in the city of Venice. The rooms are simply incredible, with a luxurious decor that will make you feel just like a queen/king!

Budget (up to US$110)

  • Hotel dalla Mora – If you still didn’t find the best budget-friendly Venice hotel for your stay, I have some other proposals as well! For example, this cozy place offers canal views, a delicious breakfast served each morning and a terrace!
  • B&B Venice – Here’s another great, cheap bed and breakfast in the city of Venice. Some of the best things about this place are the building (a 19th century Venetian house), the self-service breakfast, the calm location and more!

6. Castello

castello venice

Besides being the biggest neighborhood in Venice, Castello is another beautiful place if you want to be surrounded by locals rather than tourists!

Castello is right next to San Marco neighborhood and Saint Mark’s Square, but it is definitely less touristy than the latter! I actually recommend taking at least a short walk here, especially if you’re the type of person that wants to get on the off-the-beaten track!

Although you won’t have lots of notable things to visit here, the entire neighborhood is scattered with small, local churches and tiny squares, all of them offering a nice, authentic atmosphere. But you can rest assured that you cannot get bored here, as you will be surrounded by many great restaurants, pubs, cafes and bars!

NOTE: By the way, Castello is also the area where the Venice Biennale (La Biennale di Venezia) is taking place, so you might want to book your hotel here if you want to be walking distance to all the art exhibitions that are taking place during the event. But, as you might expect, I’ll recommend booking your accommodation as far in advance as you can, especially if you’re planning on going for the opening/beginning of the exhibitions.

Castello is also a great starting point if you want to visit the surrounding islands in the North of the city such as Burano or Murano.

That being said, here are the best hotels in Castello that I could find for you:

Luxury (US$180 and up)

cheap hotels in venice italy

  • Hotel Danieli Venice, a Luxury Collection Hotel – Do you want an extra luxurious hotel in Venice that’s only a quick walk away from all the main attractions you might want to visit? Search no more, you just found it! This property is actually one of the most well-known accommodations in the city and it offers a flawless service!
  • Hotel Colombina Venice – Here’s another superb option for all those looking for an upscale accommodation in Venice Castello. This one has authentic Venetian furnishings and it’s just 100m away from San Marco Square!

Middle-priced (US$110 – US$180)

  • Hotel Rio – In case you want the best service ever for a very decent price in Castello, this place is for you! They have an on-site mini-market, shops, a shared lounge, luggage storage and more; plus, you’ll be surrounded by tons of restaurant and bar options!
  • Hotel Sant’Antonin – If you’re looking for the nicest place for your Venetian escape that won’t make you break the bank, then take a look at this hotel! It’s hosted in a 16th century building and it offers a delicious breakfast as well.

Budget (up to US$110)

  • San Lio Tourist House – This beautiful and incredibly clean guest house is right in San Lio Square, in the heart of this district. The location is just great, as you’ll be surrounded by an endless number of restaurants, bars and pubs – what more can you wish for?!
  • Sweet Venice – If you’re looking for a cheap guest house that will help you save some money during your trip, take a look at this one, it might be the perfect one for you! They have all the facilities you need for a pleasant stay and a super friendly staff.

7. Giudecca

best place to stay in venice

All the 6 neighborhoods that I talked about above are connected by bridges to form the “main island” that is considered to be Venice city, but there are also some nice islands that surround this! Some of the most well-known ones are Murano, Burano and Giudecca, the latter being a great choice for accommodation as well.

I recommend staying in Giudecca if you want to TRULY experience how locals live in Venice, or if it’s not the first time you’re visiting Venice. Why? Well, because Giudecca is not connected to the other parts of Venice by any bridges, so you will have to use the water taxis, water buses or ferries to get to the center, for example. No worries, if you take the ferry, you will reach San Marco Square in no more than 10 minutes!

There are also many advantages for staying here as well: there are just a few tourists here, the prices are way lower than in central Venice, the atmosphere is local and authentic, and you’ll have gorgeous views of the Venice lagoon.

If you decided that Giudecca is the right place for you, let me show you my hand-picked, fabulous hotels in this area:

Luxury (US$180 and up)

cheap hotels in venice

  • Belmond Hotel Cipriani – Do you want to receive the ultimate luxury treatment during your Venetian escapade? Well, I’m pretty sure this is one of the most famous 5-star hotels in Venice and that it’s the right choice for you! They offer an excellent daily breakfast, an outdoor swimming pool, tennis court and even wellness facilities.
  • Charmsuite Palladio – Here’s another superb option if you want to be spoiled during your stay in Italy, on the beautiful island of Giudecca. This is actually a super charming apartment located 1 water bus stop away from St. Mark’s Square!

Middle-priced (US$130 – US$180)

  • Ca’ Delle Erbe – In case you want a pleasant, mid-range accommodation that’s near many restaurants and cafes where you can spend some relaxed moments, this one’s for you! This cute and clean apartment has a balcony and some very beautiful views over the city!
  • Hotel Giudecca Venezia – If you want to enjoy a true Venetian place, look no further than this 3-star hotel! It’s only 10 minutes away from the city center and it awaits with free Wi-Fi, room service, a very good breakfast and more!

Budget (up to US$130)

  • Generator Venice – Are you looking for a budget-style accommodation that won’t make you spend a lot of money? Well, I truly think this one’s for you! It’s located right near many public transport options such as vaporetto and water taxi, so getting to the city center will be a breeze!
  • B&B Giudecca Bella – In case you’re still looking for the best, cheap hotels in Venice, more exactly in Giudecca, South of the city center, make sure to book your room at this bed and breakfast! It offers a great value for the money and it also has a nice garden where you can relax.

Best apartments in Venice center

best time of year to visit italy

It’s true, Venice has countless amazing hotels that you can choose from, but the prices are not that affordable, especially if you want to be in the middle of the action. Sometimes, booking an apartment instead of a hotel might be an excellent solution to save some money! But this is not the only reason for which I’m recommending this: apartments offer a local, cozier atmosphere than most hotels and some of them are spacious enough to fit a bigger group (such as a family) in the same spot. Perfect, right?

Luckily for us, there are many excellent Airbnb choices in Venice. Below I have selected the best ones I could for you, all of them located in central Venice:

Luxury (US$150 and up)

best hotels in venice

  • Luxury San Marco Apartment – Do you want to feel right at home in the heart of the city, in a true Venetian home? Then this one’s for you! You’ll be minutes away by foot from all the major attractions in San Marco, which I think is a great advantage!
  • Tower Suite San Marco Apartment – Here’s another great, cozy apartment for your Italy trip. It looks simply great and you’ll be walking just for a bit to reach the main attractions such as St. Mark’s Square and Doge’s Palace.

Middle-priced (US$110 – US$150)

  • Venetian style room 5 mins from Piazza San Marco – If you want to stay in a mid-range apartment during your visit to Italy, then check this one out! It’s actually a private room located minutes away from the center and it’s decorated in a true, authentic Venetian style.
  • Big bright room in the heart of Venice. Super view – Here’s another private room that you can book if you’re short on money! The location is just perfect, central and near lots of authentic places where you can eat or drink an espresso!

Budget (up to US$110)

  • Cozy Studio Accademia bridge, 10min San Marco – This cozy studio is perfect for up to two people and it has one of the best locations ever! It’s great if you want a personal atmosphere that will help you feel at home, right in the hustle and bustle of the city!
  • “Rose Apartment” Room2, in San Marco with lift – This bright, clean room has the most perfect location if you want to stay in San Marco neighborhood! Rest assured that you’ll only be minutes away from all the important tourist places in the city!

BONUS 1: Where to stay near Venice Beach

lido venice

What is Venice Lido (or “Lido di Venezia”)? It’s a long island at the East of the city, considered to be the best beach spot for Venice.

The island has a 10-kilometer long strip of beach where you can stay and enjoy some sun on the sun loungers, or you can just sip a coffee on the waterfront in one of the many cafes in the area.

Another nice thing about Lido is that you’ll find plenty of traditional workshops that you can visit and learn more about glass blowing, one of the local crafts in Venice! Also, the well-known Venice Film Festival takes place each year in Lido, which is another nice bonus!

In terms of accommodation, you’ll find anything your heart desires here, from luxurious beachfront resorts to budget-friendly hostels. When you get hungry, you can indulge in amazing seafood dishes at the seafood restaurants located all around Lido!

NOTE: Even if Venice is a great destination year-round, I wouldn’t say the same about Lido, as the resorts and food places here are rather seasonal. During winter, there won’t be plenty of things to do around!

If you want to relax and indulge on a beach in Venice, here are the best accommodation options in Lido I could find:

Luxury (US$160 and up)

lido venice

  • Ausonia Hungaria Wellness & Lifestyle – Here’s a superb choice if you want to spend your time in Italy just relaxing and laying on the beach! This 5-star hotel has fabulous reviews and it awaits with a wellness center, sauna, Turkish bath, clean rooms and more!
  • Hotel Villa Laguna – This 4-star property is the ideal choice if you want to enjoy some authentic Venetian décor during your stay! The rooms are bright and very nicely decorated and the closest vaporetto station is only 50m from the hotel.

Middle-priced (US$110 – US$160)

  • Perla B&B – This nice bed and breakfast is so nicely decorated! The rooms are classic but very comfy, just perfect for a good night’s sleep after a full day of exploring the city and its sights!
  • Hotel New Reiter – Book a room here if you want to be minutes away from Lido beach (450 m away, to be more precise)! This place also has an on-site bar and even a children’s playground – so great if you’re traveling with family and kids!

Budget (up to US$110)

  • Villa Casanova – This cute and cozy bed and breakfast is the ideal choice for anyone that wants to stay in Lido without spending a fortune on accommodation! The beautiful building is from the 1930s and some of the best advantages of staying here include a delicious breakfast, a nice garden, free Wi-Fi and free parking.
  • Hotel Villa Orio e Beatrice – This 3-star hotel is another excellent choice if you want to save some pennies! This place is set in a truly charming neighborhood, half an hour away from the city center by public transportation.

2. Mestre – Mainland Venice

where to stay in venice

In case you’re traveling on a veeery budget and cannot afford an accommodation on the Grand Canal, a good idea would be to stay in Mestre, which is basically the part of Venice located on the Italian mainland!

I definitely recommend staying here if you are on a very tight budget and if you don’t mind spending some time on public transportation to central Venice. If you stay here, you can still get to the main attractions in the city center by taking the bus up to Piazzale Roma and then reach Saint Mark’s Square by foot. Plus, you won’t be far away from the airport either, which is another nice advantage!

Another reason why you might prefer spending the night in Mestre is if you have a rented car during your Venice trip, as you’ll find plenty of parking lots there, a rare thing on the islands.

If you decided to stay in Mestre overnight, below you can find my hand-picked hotel recommendations:

Luxury (US$110 and up)

best hotels in venice italy

  • Leonardo Royal Hotel Venice Mestre – Do you want a true, authentic Venetian experience during which you’ll still receive a luxurious treatment? This is the place for you! This 4-star accommodation has an on-site restaurant, free Wi-Fi, room service and more.
  • Laguna Boutique Apartments – here’s another superb option for a luxury experience during your Italy vacation! You can choose from different types of apartments here, depending on your preference and the number of people in your group!

Middle-priced (US$60 – US$110)

  • Residenza Giacomuzzi – This cute bed & breakfast is just perfect if you want a pleasant, valuable Venetian escape! They offer free Wi-Fi, free on-site parking, a continental-style breakfast and many other great facilities and amenities!
  • Double A Guest House – This cute, nicely decorated guest house is my recommendation if you want to have an on-site kitchen that you can use. You will surely enjoy your time here, regardless if you have one week or 3 days in Venice!

Budget (up to US$60)

  • Venice So Rooms – Looking for a budget-friendly stay in Venice Mestre? Look no further, as you just found the one for you! This guest house has some incredible reviews and it awaits with free Wi-Fi, a friendly staff, shared bathrooms and family rooms as well!
  • Venice Lion Residence – Vespucci – In case you didn’t find the ideal place in Mestre for you, I present to you another choice: this cute, classic bed and breakfast! Some of the best advantages of staying here include free Wi-Fi, free parking and a very good Italian breakfast.


vencie by night

Phew! You have reached the end of this super detailed, in-depth article that explains everything you need to know about Venice accommodation! I hope this post already made you an expert in Venice hotels and that you already found the perfect stay for your trip!

In this post I have talked about the best areas in Venice where you can stay as a tourist, as well as some other options such as Lido beach or Mestre, which is mainland Venice. I have also chosen some superb hotels close to the airport and the train station, as well as apartments in the city center! In short, you’ll find absolutely everything you need here!

By the way, if you need more tips about this wonderful country, you can find all our posts about Italy here.

Are you traveling to Venice soon? Do you have any other questions or concerns? Let me know in the comments below, I’m happy to help!

Have a great time in Italy, Venice,


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venice accommodation

Pin it for later!

venice accommodation

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