Where to Stay in Tuscany: 6 Incredible Towns (+Hotel Guide)

Rolling hills of Tuscany with lush green fields, a winding road leading to a secluded farmhouse flanked by cypress trees, capturing the serene beauty of the Italian countryside at sunrise

Beautiful art, delicious food, nature and history! This Italian region is packed with iconic sites and today I’ll help you find some of the best ones (and help you decide where to stay in Tuscany!

I visited Tuscany not too long ago and like everyone else who’s been here, I fell in love! So read this post if you want to learn which are the most amazing 6 towns for tourists and the top hotels which I listed from most to least expensive so you can easily find the right one for you!

Don’t worry, I carefully handpicked all the accommodations in this post and only included the ones with the best reviews! 

In short, Florence is the best town to stay in Tuscany, especially if this is your first time here! Don’t worry though, if you’ve already been there or you want to visit more towns, you’ll find 5 more options below. 

Just remember that Tuscany is Italy’s jewel and it gets packed with tourists, especially during the summertime (June, July, August and even early September). That’s why I highly recommend booking your hotels here in advance and securing your spot.

Quick Picks for Your Stay

If you don’t have the time to read the whole post, check out this list which features the best hotels in Florence:

luxury hotel
A classic Italian living room with decorative ceiling frescoes, elegant furniture, and daylight
mid-range hotel
Quaint rooftop patio with outdoor furniture, potted plants, and historic stone wall backdrop

B&B San Remigio

Best value for money

budget hotel
Cozy nook with red chairs, a wooden table, and a warm lamp, exuding a welcoming atmosphere


Best affordable accommodation in the center


Watch my video, it will give you a visual explanation of all the areas:

This map will help you visualize all the areas in Tuscany that I will be talking about in this post. 

A colorful map highlighting the best areas to stay in Tuscany with numbered locations and labels for easy navigation
  1. Florence: for first-timers
  2. Siena: for history
  3. Lucca: for families 
  4. Pisa: for budget
  5. San Gimignano: for countryside 
  6. Arezzo: for local vibes

1. Florence – where to stay in Tuscany for the first time

Panoramic view of Florence, Italy, showcasing the iconic Duomo with its red-tiled dome, the Giotto's Campanile, and the historic urban architecture spread beneath a clear blue sky

To know Florence is to love Florence!

A UNESCO World Heritage site, Firenze is the birthplace of Renaissance and the home of iconic artists like Da Vinci, Michelangelo and many others. So naturally there is a plethora of museums, iconic cathedrals and historic sites to see here that all art lovers will enjoy!

Florence is a great place for those of you who don’t have a car! You can explore most of the city on foot and there’s a train station which has connections with the other cities in Tuscany.

When I visited the capital city of Toscana, I didn’t even know where to start! But from experience, I can say now that Piazza del Duomo (map) is the best place to begin your adventures.

There you’ll find attractions like Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore with its iconic Brunelleschi’s dome that you can visit too (I did and it was incredible but be warned, you’ll have to climb up so many stairs) and Opera del Duomo Museum!

From here, you can explore the whole city center! Its cobbled stone streets are packed with restaurants, gelaterias and more places to visit! Some of my favorite places here are Accademia Gallery (where you can see Michelangelo’s famous David statue) and Uffizi Gallery which is home to famous artworks like the Birth of Venus by Botticelli and some of Da Vinci’s pieces as well! 

About 60% of globally significant artwork is held in Florence, according to UNESCO! And trust me, most of it you’ll find at Uffizi! 

I also enjoyed exploring all the little piazzas like Piazza della Signoria (map) where you can visit Palazzo Vecchio and Piazzale Michelangelo (map) which is set across the River Arno. This a great spot to catch the breathtaking sunset! 

Honestly you can’t ever get bored here! You’ll breathe art and have it for breakfast, lunch and dinner, alongside some yummy Italian dishes! If you’re looking for a restaurant, definitely head to Il Ricettario (map), it’s by far one of my favorite dining spots in the city!

NOTE: In Italy most, if not all, restaurants close at around 2 PM for their beloved siesta, until around 5 PM or 7 PM so make sure you consider that when planning your day! Before the sun sets you can head to Ponte Vecchio (map), which connects the Northern part of Florence to the Southern one, and shop until you drop, as the bridge is packed with souvenir shops.

Luxury hotel
 A collage of three images of the hotel to stay in a balcony Florence: breakfast with a scenic view, a tidy bedroom with warm decor, an ornate room with classic furnishings, and an inviting entrance with lush greenery and a vintage chandelier.

With a prime location in the Santa Croce area of Florence, this historic hotel is housed in an 18th-century building! It boasts tastefully decorated guest rooms with modern amenities like a sauna or Turkish bath, antique furniture and frescoed ceilings.

Other accommodation options in Florence

Sunlit patio with modern wicker furniture and terracotta pots, nestled by historical walls

A stunning hotel with the most romantic terrace, beautiful rooms, and picturesque views

Classic living space with red armchairs, a patterned rug, and herringbone wood flooring, lit by a floor lamp

Perfectly located near Ponte Vecchio, this beautiful hotel offers family rooms and a great view

Minimalist bedroom with neutral tones, wood flooring, and soft lighting, creating a tranquil ambiance

A chic friendly apartment, in Florence with a spacious room and many attractions nearby

Frame Hotel: Since Florence is so popular I thought I’d add one more hotel, which is super popular as being the place where the Mona Lisa was recovered in 1913 after having been stolen from the Louvre! The accommodation has individually-decorated rooms with original exposed stone and brick features

Things to do in Florence

  • Admire the beautiful Italian art at Uffizi Gallery
  • Catch a sunset at Piazzale Michelangelo (map)
  • Visit the architectural wonder of the Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore
  • Shop for souvenirs on Ponte Vecchio
  • See Michelangelo’s David at Accademia Gallery
  • Visit Basilica di Santa Maria Novella and Basilica of San Lorenzo
  • Go on a day trip to Terme Tettuccio (map)
  • Check out Pitti Palace & the Boboli Gardens at Uffizi Gallery

2. Siena – place to stay in Tuscany for history lovers

The Piazza del Campo in Siena, Italy, basked in sunlight, featuring the Torre del Mangia and the Palazzo Pubblico with tourists scattered across the shell-shaped town square

Set a 1h drive away from Florence, in Tuscany’s central part, near the Chianti hills, Siena is one of those charming Italian towns that you’ll want to explore all day long!

If you’re wondering where to base yourself in Tuscany, Siena is ideal if you have a car and want to do the whole road trip thing around the region!

An absolute paradise for history lovers, Siena is a UNESCO World Heritage Site known for its famous central square, Piazza del Campo (map) and its 14th-century tower, Torre del Mangia, which is the third tallest one in Italy! You can climb it and enjoy the stunning views!

The atmosphere here is much more tranquil than Florence and so romantic. I don’t know if it’s because it’s more secluded or because of the well-preserved buildings that take you back in time, but there’s definitely something special about this town.

Most important sites are located within walking distance so it should be easy to get around town. Some iconic attractions that you should check out while here are Loggia del Papa (map), Duomo di Siena, and Santa Maria della Scala where you can admire some beautiful Sienese art pieces. 

If you’re coming in July, you’ll should definitely attend the Palio di Siena horse race! This is one of the oldest horse races in the world and apparently it can get pretty competitive! It’s a unique race because there are practically no rules and the riders don’t use a saddle. 

The contestants even try to sabotage one another by pulling each other off, however even if the rider falls and the horse continues and wins, he still gets to be called a winner! 

Sounds intense! If you’re coming during that time, I recommend booking your hotels in advance as the town can get pretty busy!

Luxury hotel
A collage of three images of a hotel to stay in Siena:  an outdoor dining setup amidst nature, an elegant bedroom with red accents, a serene covered portico with dining tables overlooking a garden, and a tranquil pool bordered by greenery and classical architecture.

Located in the Tuscan countryside this luxury hotel is housed in a former monastery surrounded by olive groves and vineyards! You can eat a delicious Italian dinner in their lush gardens under a tree with the most stunning view of the Tuscan hills! When you’re not out exploring Siena you can chill by the outdoor pool or at the wellness center!

Other accommodation options in Siena

Charming bedroom with exposed wooden beams, white linens, and subtle bedside lighting

A great hotel in the central square with comfortable rooms, antique furnishings, and a restaurant on-site

Inviting swimming pool with clear blue water, terracotta tiles, and surrounding greenery

This amazing hotel has a contemporary style, swimming pool, free parking, and an outdoor seating area

Cozy living room with a white sofa, eclectic art, and a mix of modern and vintage décor

A traditional Italian apartment with a picturesque view of Siena, spacious rooms and a kitchen

Things to do in Siena

  • Visit the Siena Duomo and walk around the Piazza del Campo
  • Admire the views from Torre del Mangia 
  • Check out the unique architecture at Basilica Cateriniana San Domenico (map)
  • See some renaissance art at Pinacoteca Nazionale di Siena
  • Take a day trip to Val d’Orcia (map)
  • Enjoy a Tuscan sunset from the Medicea Fort Sienna (map)
  • Cool down near the Fontebranda fountain (map)
  • Explore Tuscany’s nature in the Botanical Garden (map)

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3. Lucca – where to stay in Tuscany for families

Overlooking view of the ancient town of Lucca, Italy, with its prominent medieval tower rising above the terracotta roofs against the backdrop of lush green hills and blue sky

Lucca is situated between Pisa (30 min drive) and Florence (1h drive) and it’s one of the most charming historic cities in the region!

As you walk down its streets, you’ll immediately be transported to another era! The town is pretty famous for its city walls which stood the test of time and still look incredible!

The first part of the wall was actually built by the Romans in the 3rd century, and later in the 16th century, it became this huge landmark that we still see nowadays. 

There aren’t as many tourists in this historic city as in the other towns so you will find a lot of calm, family-friendly spots, all located within walking distance! That’s why I’d recommend this town for families traveling to Tuscany. 

NOTE: In most cities in Italy, the hotels require tourists to pay a city tax, besides the amount you pay for your hotel booking. The price of the city tax varies, it usually costs between €4 to €10 per night, and you have to pay in cash most of the time. 

Start your adventures in the historic center, as that’s where you’ll find most of the attractions like Piazza dell’Anfiteatro (map), one of the most important squares in town. This spot has lots of cafes, Piazza Napoleone (map) where you’ll find the Palazzo Ducale di Lucca (map), Guinigi Tower, the Clock Tower (map), and Basilica of San Frediano (map) plus many others!

You’ll also find so many churches here and the town has a nickname the “city of the 99 churches”, there’s pretty much one at every corner!

So get ready to stop every five minutes and remain in awe of the renaissance architecture!

And let’s not forget about all the gelato and yummy food! Ristorante Trattoria L’ Angolo Tondo (map) is a great place for a nice family dinner!

Luxury hotel
A collage of three images of a hotel to stay in Lucca: a chic living area with exposed beams and soft lighting, an elegant glass-enclosed lounge with plush sofas, a cozy bedroom with a vibrant blue throw, and a stylish loft area, marrying comfort with contemporary design.

Set in a beautiful Tuscan palazzo this hotel in Lucca has a modern touch. I just love the views of Lucca’s historic center and the incredible architecture that you will get from your room! Each morning you can enjoy a buffet style breakfast and some drinks at the bar on-site after a day out!

Other accommodation options in Lucca

Warmly lit nook with classic wooden furniture and a view into a bedroom with a plush bed

Set a short walk away from the city center this hotel features a breakfast room and frescoes on the walls

Elegant bedroom with floral headboard, chandelier, and adjacent open bathroom

A hotel set in the historic center designed in the traditional Tuscan style that has family rooms

Inviting dining area with white chairs, a set table, and decorative green wall accents

A perfect place to stay in Lucca, this minimalistic modern apartment has free parking and charming rooms

Things to do in Lucca

  • Climb the Guingi tower for a panoramic view of Lucca
  • Take the kids to the playground in Parc Giochi
  • Visit the St Martin Cathedral and the San Frediano Basilica
  • Enjoy a walk with the family in the garden of Palazzo Pfanner
  • Relax on a bench in Piazza Napoleone eating gelato with the family
  • Learn new things about Italian culture at the Museum of Villa Mansi
  • Admire some beautiful art at the Palazzo Ducale Lucca
  • Try not to get too scared at the Museum of Torture

4. Pisa – best place to stay in Tuscany for budget

The Pisa Cathedral and the Leaning Tower of Pisa on a bright day, showcasing the architectural beauty of the Romanesque buildings against a vivid blue sky with green lawns in the foreground

I’m sure you only read the headline and got a visual picture of this historic town!

Yep, it’s the home of the famous Pisa Tower and it’s located 80 km (50 miles) west of Florence! 

By the way, did you know that this city became so famous because of a mistake? Yep, the Leaning Tower of Pisa (which was completed in 1372) wasn’t supposed to look like that! It started leaning in time because of the soft ground underneath.

You can actually climb the 297 stairs of the Tower and see the bells (which don’t function for fear that if they do, something horrible could happen to this huge landmark).

Pisa is a great place to start your Tuscan trip! This is where you’ll find the region’s international airport, and it’s probably where you’ll land so you can spend a few nights in town before exploring the other ones.

Since it’s a university city, Pisa is a much cheaper destination than other Tuscan cities like Florence so if you are traveling on a tight budget, this could be a great base! 

Besides the iconic Tower, there are many other attractions that you can visit here like Piazza del Duomo (map) with its Pisa Cathedral and Battistero di San Giovanni, Museo dell’Opera del Duomo, Camposanto, the city’s famous cemetery which has lots of frescoes from the 1300s and Piazza dei Cavalieri (map). For information about tickets and prices, check out the website.

Phew, so many things to see here! Make sure you also stop at one of the cafes or restaurants for a short break in between your visits and of course to eat something yummy! Porci Comodi (map) is a fab sandwich shop that you should definitely try out!

Then you can continue your adventures, in the gorgeous Botanical Gardens of Pisa or go shopping on Corso Italia (map), which is packed with shops! 

Luxury hotel
A collage of three images of a hotel to stay in Pisa: a bedroom with a freestanding tub and open balcony doors, a plush lounge area, bright tulips in a well-kept garden, and a cozy sleeping space with exposed wooden beams, all combining modern amenities with classic charm.

This hotel set in an old palazzo is very modern and has a beautiful view of the town! Relax in the evening after a day of exploring the towns and cities of Tuscany, in your tub, while enjoying a glass of wine. This great place has a secluded private garden perfect for a late summer night dinner.

Other accommodation options in Pisa

Luxurious bedroom with an ornate painted ceiling, sheer-draped canopy bed, and classical furnishings

The perfect hotel for couples, just a short walk away from center, that has frescoes on the ceilings

Modern, minimalist dining room with white furniture and chic patterned lampshades

An affordable hotel set near the most visited sites in town that offers a garden and breakfast

Elegant blue bedroom with views of the Arno River, featuring stylish decor and natural light

This lovely friendly apartment in Pisa has a private balcony and a kitchen

Things to do in Pisa

  • Take a cool picture at the Leaning Tower of Pisa
  • Walk around the Piazza del Duomo and Pisa Baptistery 
  • Admire the beautiful architecture of the Pisa Cathedral
  • Spend a few hours exploring the Camposanto Cemetery 
  • Visit Livorno (map) or Monte Argentario (map) on a day trip 
  • Explore the beautiful Iglesia de Santa Maria della Spina (map)
  • Enjoy Pisa’s nightlife in the bars
  • See an exhibition at the Blu Palazzo

5. San Gimignano – where to stay in the Tuscan countryside 

Historic skyline of San Gimignano, Italy, with its famous medieval towers set amidst rolling Tuscan hills, under a dynamic sky with scattered clouds

Another beautiful hilltop town in Southern Tuscany situated just 50 km (30 miles) away from Florence, San Gimignano is the place to go if you want to get a taste of the Tuscan countryside. 

The big towers spread out across the medieval town (which were built by the families back in the day as a token of their power), the ancient villas, and the green gardens surrounding San Gimignano make this place look like the ultimate movie location. 

After all, lots of movies were shot in this region, including the famous Under the Tuscan Sun, which you should definitely see before your trip, it’s such a good one!

You will need to have your own car if you want to stay here and move around the region. There is no train station here. The closest one is in Poggibonsi (map) and from there you will have to take a bus to reach this medieval village which takes around 30 min to get here. Not impossible but it’ll require a bit more time and effort. 

NOTE: If you use the train, make sure you validate your tickets in the station before hopping on it, this is usually done all around Italy. They usually check your tickets and you can get a fine if it’s not validated. 

If you are thinking of renting a car, definitely visit the village of Volterra, another town in Southern Tuscany which is a 40 min drive away from San Gimignano and a bit off the beaten path but so worth it. 

While here, you can walk around the gorgeous medieval walls, explore Piazza della Cisterna (map) and Piazza del Duomo (map) with all its cool attractions like Palazzo Comunale and Duomo di San Gimignano. If you want to visit most of the attractions here, you can get the San Gimignano Pass at the entrance of one of the attractions, which costs €13 (US$14).

There are also lots of cafes and restaurants in this area! Divinorum Wine Bar (map) is a great spot to stop and enjoy some Tuscan wine and some aperitivo in between visits!

Make sure you also climb up Torre Grossa (map), the tallest tower in town, and admire the beautiful views of this great Tuscan city. 

Luxury hotel
A collage of three images of a hotel to stay in San Gimignano:  a bedroom with a deep blue daybed by a large window, another cozy bedroom with an ornamental fireplace, and a dining room with tables set for a meal under exposed wooden beams, all conveying a sense of classic comfort and timeless elegance.

Set in the city center of this hilltop town, this hotel is housed in a 15th-century building and it offers a dining room, quadruple rooms with stylish furnishings and large windows that overlook the town. The accommodation also has a bar and a terrace. 

Other accommodation options in San Gimignano

Spacious bedroom with exposed wooden beams, blue walls, and a balcony overlooking rolling hills

A beautiful hotel set in a 13th-century house, that has the best views of San Gimignano from your bedroom window

Rustic workspace with traditional wooden furniture, a warm lamp, and a window for natural light

Feel at home in this affordable hotel that has rooms with beamed ceilings and a restaurant

Bright kitchen diner with red accents, wooden beams, and a fruit basket on the table, offering a homely feel

Spend your days in Tuscany in this apartment that offers great value, a spacious room and a kitchen

Things to do in San Gimignano

  • Enjoy the Italian atmosphere in the Piazza del Duomo
  • See some modern art at the Galleria Continua
  • Climb the Torre Grossa Tower
  • Explore the green hills of Tuscany
  • Admire the medieval architecture 
  • Sit on the steps of the Piazza della Cisterna and relax
  • Go wine tasting at Tenuta Torciano
  • Take some pictures at the Porta São Geovani

6. Arezzo – great for the local vibe of Tuscany

Medieval towers decorated with colorful flags over the stone buildings of Arezzo, Italy, against a backdrop of blue skies and distant mountains

One of the most beautiful hilltop towns in Italy, this city is located in the east part of Tuscany and it’s just a one-hour train ride away from Florence.

Rich in culture and history as all the other towns, Arezzo is actually an Etruscan city. 

The Etruscans were an old civilization who lived before the ancient Romans. So this city goes way back!

Because Arezzo became popular just a few years ago, not a lot of tourists make this their top destination. Which means you won’t find as many tourists as you would in places like central Florence plus its authenticity remained more or less intact over time!

Before they made any profits from tourism, the local people used to make their living from agriculture and handcraft. So you must visit Arezzo if you love local hand-made stuff.

There are also some amazing attractions that you should visit like the Basilica di San Francesco (map) and see the famous frescos by Piero della Francesca, the Arezzo Cathedral and Piazza Grande (map) where you can walk around and check out all the souvenir shops, restaurants and cafes!

Luxury hotel
A collage of three images of a hotel to stay in Arezzo:  a view from a window featuring an ornate historical building, a modern studio apartment with an open kitchen and comfortable bedding, and a rustic sitting area under a brick arch, blending old-world architecture with contemporary comforts

Set in an ancient building that still has some of its original Etruscan and Medieval walls, this hotel has rooms with exposed-brick walls and painted or beamed ceilings! They also offer an airport shuttle and great city views. 

Other accommodation options in Arezzo

Sophisticated bedroom opening to a lush garden patio, with elegant neutral tones and natural light

This great resort, great for couples, offers a spa center, a bar, swimming pool, and beautiful elegant rooms

Contemporary kitchen with bold art on white walls, red accents, and a light blue dining setup

An affordable hotel that comes with family rooms that have a coffee machine and also free parking

Attic bedroom with warm lighting, exposed wooden beams, and a round window, offering a cozy retreat

One of the best places to stay, this Italian villa is set in a former traditional barn and a perfect backyard

Things to do in Arezzo

  • Check out the Arezzo Cathedral 
  • Take day trip to Montepulciano (map)
  • Visit the National Museum of Medieval and Modern Art
  • Shop for souvenirs in Piazza Grande (map)
  • Admire the medieval architecture
  • See some interesting works of art at the Diocesan Museum 
  • Relax on a bench near the Monument of Francesco Petrarca (map)
  • Explore the rolling hills in Tuscany 
👑 Luxury price:€350
💵 Mid-range hotel:€140
🛏️ Budget:€70
📍 Best area:Florence
🛎️ Best luxury hotel:Baglioni Relais Santa Croce
🧳 Best mid-range hotel:B&B San Remigio
👛 Best budget hotel:Hotel Cestelli

FAQs about where to stay in Tuscany

Gentle curves of a vineyard road amidst the rolling Tuscan hills, with neat rows of grapevines leading towards a secluded estate at sunset, encapsulating the essence of Italy's wine country

🌆 What is the best city to stay in Tuscany?

Florence is the best town to stay in Tuscany, as it has connections to the surrounding countryside, amazing area and great hotels.

🏛️ What is the prettiest town in Tuscany?

The prettiest town in Tuscany is San Gimignano, which has incredible architecture, views that will transport you back to medieval times and gorgeous surrounding Tuscan countryside.

🚗 Where to stay in Tuscany without a car?

Florence is the best town to stay in Tuscany if you don’t have a car as it has a big train station and you can take the train to make a day trip to other cities like Lucca, Pisa, or San Gimignano.

🏨 What is the best hotel to stay in Tuscany wine country?

Il Borro Relais & Châteaux is one of the best hotels in Tuscany! Located off the beaten path, in the breathtaking countryside, the luxurious hotel is greatly appreciated by tourists and it boasts 3 pools, a spa center and many other great amenities!

🌄 What are the most unique places to stay in Tuscany?

The most unique places to stay in Tuscany are Florence, in the Baglioni Relais Santa Croce which will feel like living in a museum, and Siena in the Hotel Certosa Di Maggiano which is actually a former monastery! 

👪 Where to stay in Tuscany for families?

Luca is a great place to stay with your family as it has a tranquil atmosphere, fun things to do for the whole family and great hotels like Palazzo Dipinto.

📅 What are the best months to visit Tuscany?

If you want to avoid the crowds I’d recommend visiting in April-May, September-October or winter. But if you want to also hit the beach and enjoy hot weather, then visit in June, July or August. 

🤔 Should I stay in Tuscany for a week or longer?

A week is enough in Tuscany, if you want to visit just the main towns, but if you want to explore the whole region then I’d consider staying longer.

🍷 Where to stay in Tuscany for wine tasting?

The Chianti region is where most winery tours take place, but you don’t have to stay there, as there are lots of tours from cities like Florence, Luca, Siena and others to the countryside.

🌳 Should I stay in the countryside or a town in Tuscany?

It depends on your preferences! I think the best option is to stay in a town and then take day trips to the countryside.


Florence's cityscape glows in the warm light of dusk with the historic Duomo standing tall, as viewed through the silhouette of trees, illustrating the romantic allure of Italian sunsets

What a gorgeous place! By far one of my favorite places to visit in Italy and I’m sure it will soon become yours too!

I hope this guide on where to stay in Tuscany, helped you decide how to best plan your trip! I included the main top tops and hotels to make sure you can make an informed decision!

But I know how hard it is to just pick one place, so if you need a bit of help, here are my top 2 favorite hotels both set in Florence

  • Baglioni Relais Santa Croce – set in an 18th-century building, this hotel offers rooms with a balcony overlooking the town
  • B&B San Remigio – set near Piazza della Signoria, this hotel has a rooftop terrace and rooms with exposed-beam ceilings

Whatever you do, I recommend booking your hotels in advance! Tuscany is one of the most popular holiday destinations in Italy, and the hotels will definitely sell out super fast!

Enjoy your Italian adventures and don’t shy away to ask questions in the comment section below! Since I’ve already been here, I’ll be more than happy to help you out!



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