Where to Stay in Lake Como in 2024 – 5 STUNNING Towns +Map

The writer of the post in a straw hat and floral dress stands on a balcony overlooking Lake Como, framed by lush green hills and a clear blue sky.

Are you looking for where to stay in Lake Como? Fantastic!

I’ve recently visited Lake Como (absolutely loved it and will be back!), so let me give you my honest opinion about why each town is worth staying in and provide you with hotel options so you can choose your ideal lodging easily.

I’ve also included a section about understanding the Lake Como area, which should help you make a more informed decision.

In short, I can tell you that Como is the best area for first-timers. It’s beautiful, offers easy connections to other towns, and has many landmarks! But there are 5 more areas in Lake Como for all tastes and budgets!

Read this post because you are going to learn about the best town to stay in as a tourist (and why) + also my hand-picked recommendations for the best accommodation in each area ( we are also talking all prices – from budget to luxury, sorted for your convenience).  

This way you will be able to find something that suits exactly your needs and book it in literally a couple of clicks!

Lake Como is SO popular all year round, especially in the summer. So if you want to stay in a great hotel at a reasonable price, you need to book in advance to secure the room of your dreams!

Quick Picks for Your Stay

Here are the top 3 hotels for all budgets in Como Town, the best area to stay for first-timers!

luxury hotel
Modern minimalist living room with dark grey sofas against rustic stone walls, under a vaulted ceiling with a spherical chandelier.
mid-range hotel
Cozy hotel bedroom with a large bed with a dark upholstered headboard, light wooden floors, and neutral toned bedding and curtains

Albergo Firenze

Best value for money

budget hotel
Bohemian-style common room with colorful wall art, a piano, mismatched furniture, and a blue sofa, exuding a casual, creative atmosphere.

Ostello Bello

Best affordable accommodation in the center

Watch my video, it will give you a visual explanation of all the areas:

Understanding the Lake Como area

Idyllic view of Lake Como's waterside homes and terraced gardens against a backdrop of green mountains under a clear blue sky

Lake Como has a nice “Y” shape, and most of the towns I am recommending are close together, but not Como Town. Como Town is quite far from all the action. Still, a great place to stay if you are traveling from Milan by train and want to make it the starting point of your trip.  

If you are short on time and your plan is to explore as much as possible, I recommend staying on the West side of the lake – the most important towns are located there, and if you stay here it would mean you won’t spend all your time and money taking ferries, (also waiting times can take an hour!).

The East side is better if you are looking to mainly stay in one place and maybe go to the other side occasionally, not every day.

NOTE 1: If you are traveling without a car, it is important to stay near ferry stations so you can make your trip an easy breeze. You can check the ferry schedule and prices on the official public ferry site.

There are also public buses available. You can check your options on Lake Como’s website.

NOTE 2: Apart from the 5 towns I am recommending, there are many little ones around. The only downside would be that there will probably not be much infrastructure around, and you will need to rent a car since there will be no or very limited transportation options from there.

PRO TIP: If you are renting a car or traveling by car, make sure your accommodation has parking, otherwise parking in the most popular towns will be mission impossible!

PRO TIP 2: It gets hella hot in the summer around Lake Como, so make sure your room has AC, or you will melt into the ground LITERALLY.

A colorful map highlighting the best areas to stay around Lake Como, Italy, with numbered locations and labels for easy navigation
  • Where to stay for luxuryBellagio
  • Where to stay for budgetComo Town, Lecco
  • Where to stay for a romantic getawayVarenna, Cernobbio, Cadenabbia
  • Where to stay for familiesTremezzo, Lenno, Bellano
  • Where to stay for nature loversMenaggio, Moltrasio and Bellano

1. Bellagio – where to stay in Lake Como for luxury

Busy, narrow cobblestone street in Bellagio, Lake Como, lined with bright buildings, shops, and a crowd of tourists enjoying the local scene

Bellagio is located on the north shore of Lake Como and has a classy, luxurious vibe. This area is filled with restaurants, boutique shops, and a relatively good nightlife scene. 

Another huge plus about Bellagio is its strategic location. You can easily access other Lake Como towns by ferry. You can even see Tremezzo, Menaggio, and Varenna from Bellagio! Making it a great town for first-timers!

Salita Serbelloni and its iconic steps are THE place to be after an afternoon of shopping. Relax and have an Aperol spritz with a sunset view of the lake!

This town is often frequented by a-list celebrities such as Jon Bon Jovi, so you never know who you might bump into!

If you dream of swimming in Lake Como, you can visit Spiaggia Pubblica di Bellagio (map) in the San Giovanni neighborhood in town.

During your stay, don’t forget to check out the stunning Villa Melzi D’Eril. It’s a stunning villa with a garden built in the early 1800s for the Duke Francesco Melzi d’Eril.

Visit the Basilica of St. Giacomo, a stunning basilica built in the 12th century and end the day by catching a sunset at La Punta Spartivento (map) .To make your trip memorable, I personally recommend these 11 amazing hop-on boat tours in Lake Como!

Luxury hotel
A collage of three hotel photos to stay in Lake Como: a couple enjoying a romantic dinner with a lake view, a grand hotel lobby with opulent decor and a spacious dance floor, and a majestic staircase leading to a luxurious entrance

Grand Hotel Serbelloni is located at the heart of Bellagio and right on the Lake Como so you can imagine how beautiful the view is. The luxurious hotel offers a large swimming pool, a private beach, a hot tub, and rooms with elegant decorations. You can have a mouthwatering dinner in their Michelin-starred restaurant. This hotel dates back to the 19th century – you won’t want to leave this hotel!

Other accommodation options in Bellagio

Simplistic hotel room with a double bed covered in green patterned bedding, light wooden floors, and basic amenities against a soft cream wall.

Hotel Fioroni is centrally located in Bellagio and offers spacious rooms, a restaurant with a lake view, and free parking

A serene farmhouse surrounded by a lush garden with a mountain backdrop, showcasing rural Italian architecture and tranquil scenery.

Located in Bellagio, this hotel features nicely decorated clean rooms, a very good breakfast, free parking, and easy access to the town center

Cozy living space with a checkered sofa bed, a small kitchenette with bar stools, and warm lighting

This Airbnb in Bellagio is a great place to explore Lake Como and offers fully furnished spacious rooms. The town center is just a 3-minute walk

If you are looking for another top-notch 5-star hotel in Bellagio Hotel Belvedere will charm you! They took luxury to the next level! The views from the rooms and the swimming pool are superlative. And the hotel is right in front of the ferry terminal, it is super convenient to stay near ferry stations in Lake Como!

Things to do in Bellagio

  • See stunning gardens at Giardini di Villa Melzi
  • Have dinner and late night drinks at La Grotta
  • Stop by Grandi Carlo di Alberto Gaviglio for royalty-themed antique souvenirs
  • Enjoy the views at Puerto Pescallo
  • Go for a scenic walk around Piazza Giuseppe Mazzini

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2. Como Town – where to stay in Lake Como for budget hotels

Scenic view of Como town with its historic architecture and cathedral dome, nestled between the lake and hills during sunset hours

Como Town is great, but I personally would not put it as a number 1 area to stay! It has nightlife, historical landmarks, beautiful natural scenery, and budget accommodation. But think about this – it is quite far from the rest of the towns and all the action (about 50 min by car to Belaggio, Menaggio etc.), so it is not so ideal.  

Still, this town has enough attractions to keep you busy during your stay! One of the main attractions is Como Cathedral, featuring unique gothic architecture. Wander around for a bit and visit Tempio Voltiano right after, a museum dedicated to Alessando Volta!

During your stay, don’t forget to go through the Porta Torre, the historical entrance to Como! Another must-visit in the area is Villa Olmo, which feels like a palace and has free entry!

A lot of Hollywood movies were filmed in the historic villas of Lake Como!

From the town, you can easily take the Brunate Funicular and reach the small town of Brunate, hike around the area, and admire the sweeping views from Faro Voltiano.

PRO TIP: Como is a great option where to stay in November and the winter months since it is usually the most animated town in the area!

Luxury hotel
A collage of three hotel photos to stay in Lake Como: the interior showcases a mix of classic and modern design with exposed stone walls and contemporary furniture in a living space, a cozy bedroom with artistic decor and a circular bed, and a lush sitting area with greenery enhancing the rustic charm.

This property looks like a palace hotel! One of the top luxury hotels in Como! It is located just outside the historic center of Como. Some guest rooms have private balconies with stunning lake views! I highly recommend you opt for the hotel breakfast option.

Other accommodation options in Como

A neat and modern hotel room with a large bed featuring a tufted headboard, wood flooring, gray walls, and white drapery, offering a warm and inviting atmosphere

Classy hotel offering rooms for solo travelers and big groups. Located in the middle of Como. Comes with optional breakfast 

A cozy hostel common room with eclectic decor, featuring a blue sofa, a red piano, colorful framed art on the walls, and a bookshelf filled with books

The best Lake Como hostel! It’s modern and stylish! You can stay in private rooms or book a bed in a shared room

A spacious and elegantly furnished apartment living room with a dark brown leather sofa, a wooden dining table set, black and white framed photographs, and a large window providing ample natural light

This Airbnb has a great location and offers fully furnished spacious rooms. Restaurants and bars are within walking distance

In case you are looking for more options, I got you! Here are some extra options in Como, including cute Lake Como boutique hotels:

Things to do in Como

  • Visit the beautiful Cathedral of Como
  • Take Brunate funicular to go up and see the panoramic views
  • Wander around the stunning Villa Olmo
  • Visit the Basilica di Sant’Abbondio
  • Go to the Tempio Voltiano

3. Menaggio – where to stay in Lake Como for nature lovers

A picturesque lakeside promenade in Lake Como, with a moored ferry boat, vibrant flower beds, and a backdrop of mountains and Italian villas

Menaggio is the best area for those looking for a relaxing vacation with an authentic feel. You will be surrounded by nature and hiking trails in this beautiful, tranquil little town!

Piazza Giuseppe Garibaldi is the central square, and it is surrounded by nice restaurants, and nearby you can find St. Stephen’s Church! By the way, one of the best-rated restaurants in the area is Osteria il Pozzo. Ahh! I am already daydreaming about some Ravioli and wine!!

Lake Como is quite a deluxe summer destination. Many celebrities have a house in the area. George Clooney’s house in Lake Como is not far from Menaggio!

Something you cannot miss during your stay in Menaggio is going for a scenic walk by Lungolago di Menaggio! With cute, colorful houses on one hand and mountains and a deep emerald lake on the other hand! 

I highly suggest you check out Villa Mylius-Vigoni, it consists of two 19th century villas and beautiful gardens. Keep in mind you can only visit it on Tuesdays with their guides, you can check out more info here.

You can reach the most beautiful hiking trails in town within a 30-minute walk. I recommend you check out Orrido del Senagra, a scenic hike featuring gorges and stunning 19th-century stone bridges! CHALLENGE: try to reach Val Sanagra Park!

Definitely check out our things to do in Lake Como for a comprehensive list of fun attractions!

Luxury hotel
A collage of three hotel photos to stay in Lake Como: a serene living area with elegant furnishings and artwork, a bedroom offering a balcony with breathtaking lake views, and an inviting outdoor dining area overlooking a tranquil pool

Stay at the Grand Victoria Hotel for a unique five-star hotel vacation! This hotel comes with a charming design and stunning views! It comes with a wellness center, 2 outdoor swimming pools, and excellent service. Rooms are a mirage, and some of them come with their own balcony.

Other accommodation options in Menaggio

Inviting hotel room with a plush bed and bench, a green accent wall, and balcony doors opening to a view of Lake Como and mountain scenery.

This charming hotel has a great location in Como and offers spacious rooms with a terrace and great lakeside breakfasts

Casual sitting area with a dark grey couch adorned with colorful cushions, terracotta tiles, and a simple wooden dining set

A gorgeous place right on the lake with mountain views, you can enjoy the seating area and private kitchen

Stone terrace by a pool with white lounge chairs, umbrellas, and blooming flowers, offering a relaxing space with a view of Lake Como hills.

This Airbnb has an epic lake view, an infinity pool, a sun terrace, and beautifully decorated rooms

Things to do in Menaggio

4. Varenna – where to stay in Lake Como for a honeymoon

Classic church with a tall stone bell tower in Lake Como, surrounded by lush trees with a vibrant gathering of locals and tourists in the square

Varenna is definitely unique! It feels so unspoiled and heavenly! That is why it is the perfect setting for a romantic couple’s trip or honeymoon in Lake Como! 

This lovely town is the perfect mix of cute restaurants and cafés in medieval cobblestone streets, historical landmarks, and greenery. This is where I stayed and I loved my time in Varenna!

One of the must-see in the area is Castello di Vezio. This fortification is surrounded by vigorous nature and panoramic views at every corner. You will feel like you’re in a fairy tale!

The origins of Castello di Vezio are still quite a mystery! From past documentation, historians believe it dates back to 1169.

The lush and peaceful ambiance of the town is so inviting for charming walks along the coast with heavenly views of other Lake Como Towns! I highly suggest you stop by Al Prato, one of the best restaurants in town and perfect for a romantic moment!

Don’t forget to stop by Villa Monastero, which features a botanic garden by the lake. The monastery villa was built in the 18th century and is a gem! PRO TIP: Book a combo ticket and check out Villa Cipressi Botanical Garden as well!

Varenna would be a great place where to stay in Lake Como in October, since there will be fewer travelers and no rush to enjoy the scenery!

Luxury hotel
A collage of three hotel photos to stay in Lake Como: depicting a minimalist bedroom with neatly arranged bedding, a charming exterior of a traditional hotel with Italian flags, and a comfortable living space with a plush couch and warm lighting.

An incredible hotel with epic views of the lake and beyond! You’ll have an amazing breakfast here, the reviewers rave about it! It’s only a 12 min walk from Lake Como train station, and the staff will help you out with amazing restaurant recommendations in the local area!

Other accommodation options in Varenna

Panoramic view from a balcony over terracotta roofs towards the calm waters of Lake Como and a mountainous horizon under a clear sky.

Centrally located in Varenna, this hotel features spacious rooms with a Lake Como view and the lake waterfront is just a 3-minute walk 

Charming stone house with green shutters, nestled in a picturesque alley with lush greenery in a traditional Italian village

Such a cozy place from the outside it looks like a castle, and the interior is like a dreamy 19th-century house

Modern minimalist bedroom with a white theme, a double bed with patterned bedding, and a small seating area with a stylish chair

This beautiful condo is modern and chic. It can host up to 6 guests and offers charming Lake Como views

Things to do in Varenna

5. Tremezzo – where to stay in Lake Como for families

Elegant lakeside garden with symmetrical hedges, a wrought-iron gate opening to Lake Como, and a serene walkway leading to a shaded area

Tremezzo is located in the commune of Tremezzina. Tremezzina is Lake Como’s western shore and consists of a few towns, Tremezzo, Lenno, Mezzegra, and more!

This commune, especially Tremezzo Town, has a special charm. Probably because you can find a villa that looks taken out of a fairy tale at every corner!

One of the most acclaimed attractions is Villa Carlotta. You can simply visit it and wander around its botanical garden and beautiful museum, or book one of its family activities!

FUN FACT: Star Wars Episode 2 and James Bond Casino Royale were shot in Villa del Balbianello!

If you wish, you can even take a guided tour at Villa del Balbianello (it’s technically in Lenno, but it is super close) that will show you exactly where the scenes were shot! It’s definitely something adults and kids will love!

Tremezzina is located only a 15-minute ferry ride to Bellagio and Varenna – and let me tell you, kids will love those ferry rides to nearby towns in search of gelato! Another day trip worth a ferry or boat taxi ride is to Isola Comacina (map), a beautiful archaeological site!

Don’t miss out on the experience of having a cute picnic with your family at Parco Civico Teresio Olivelli, which has unbeatable views! 

If you’re worried about where to stay in Lake Como in March, I have good news! March is the month when most of the attractions open for the new season!

Luxury hotel
A collage of three hotel photos to stay in Lake Como: a vibrant and colorful outdoor restaurant setting, the classic architecture of a grand hotel facade, and a stylish lounge with a mix of modern and traditional furniture under ornate ceilings

Grand Hotel Tremezzo offers 5-star accommodation right on Lake Como. The luxury hotel offers a large swimming pool overlooking the lake, a nice sun terrace, beautifully decorated rooms, a hot tub, a spa, and a great restaurant and bar.

Other accommodation options in Tremezzina

Spacious living room with floral patterned sofas, a white coffee table, and a serene view of the garden through large windows

This 3-star hotel offers a great atmosphere with its charming rooms overlooking Lake Como. Ideal for small families!

Curved infinity pool overlooking Lake Como with mountains in the distance, sun loungers on the side, and a statue as a focal point

A gorgeous place with an outdoor pool and incredible views. The owner will even pick you up from the ferry terminal!

Simple bedroom with a metal frame bed, quilt cover, patterned wallpaper, and natural light streaming in from a window

Dreamy apartment in Tremezzo, it can host 4 guests and offers balconies with sweeping views of Lake Como

P.S. The Grand Tremezzo Hotel above recently opened Passalacqua by Tremezzo Grand Hotel. It’s a wonderful boutique hotel with the same attention to detail and unique style (and more secluded!).

Things to do in Tremezzina

  • Visit the botanical garden at the Villa Carlotta
  • Take a private taxi to enjoy a fun boat ride with kids
  • Go for a stroll at beautiful Parco Civico Teresio Olivelli
  • Discover all the different scenes shot at Villa del Balbianello 
  • Check out the beautiful Church of San Lorenzo (Chiesa San Lorenzo)
👑 Luxury price:€250
💵 Mid-range hotel:€150
🛏️ Budget:€100
📍 Best area:Como
🛎️ Best luxury hotel:Suites & Atelier Lake Como
🧳 Best mid-range hotel:Albergo Firenze
👛 Best budget hotel:Ostello Bello

BONUS 1: Where to stay in Lake Como outside of the classic towns

The spacious Piazza Cavour in Como with the neoclassical facade of the cathedral, lakeside views, and surrounding mountains under a blue sky

I get it! Some of the towns are getting way too popular, so it is nice to spend some time in a quieter place!

That is why I gathered for you the best towns outside the classic Lake Como vacation. Keep in mind, less popular also means LESS infrastructure, so you will definitely need to travel with a car (or rent a car). 

  • Bellano – Bellano is beautiful and versatile, it is home to the grote Orrido di Bellano, and beautiful beaches. Great for kids and adults!
  • Cadenabbia – Located super close to Tremezzo but quieter, it nestles a few restaurants, and nature is imposing and is filled with historic villas where you can stay, for example, Villa La Colina.
  • Lenno – Super family friendly! It is part of Tremezzina and home to the iconic Villa del Balbianello. The town has loads of parks and swimming areas!
  • Lecco – It is super rustic and picturesque, but has a completely different vibe from the rest of Lake Como. Here you can find more locals, amazing views, and a serene atmosphere.
  • Cernobbio – This area is quite a hidden gem near Como Town! It has a nice amount of bars and restaurants but at the same time it is very quiet and calm. Cernobbio is home to many beautiful villas (Villa d’Este, for example)! Couples will love staying here!
  • Moltrasio – This one is also super close to Como Town, and it is quite ideal for those looking to stay in one place. The town dates back to 1058, and nestles a lot of villas and churches, as well as restaurants!
  • Lezzeno –  Lezzeno is a 25 minute car drive to Bellagio, and even though they share the same beauty, Lezzeno is far more tranquil than the latest. It doesn’t have a lot of luxurious shopping around, and it is easier to find cheaper accommodation.

BONUS 2: Best Lake Como hotels on the water

Inflatable water park floating on Lake Como with surrounding mountains, providing a fun and active leisure activity on the pebble beach

 If you’re looking for the best Lake Como hotels on the waterfront, I am here to tell you you will not be short on options!

I have for you 3 top options all around the lake so you can wake up to the most dreamy images of Lombardy!

  • MUSA di Lago di Como – wow! This hotel looks idyllic! The perfect place for a luxurious and relaxing time in Lake Como. The property is located in Sala Comacina, 10 minutes away from Tremezzina. The property is located by the beachfront and features unparalleled views! Relax in the spa center with a massage or a sauna session! 
  • Hotel Villa Aurora – located in Lezzeno, just a 10-minute drive to Bellagio. Sunbathe on the private beachfront with the best views of Lake Como while enjoying an Aperol spritz. The hotel comes with an onsite restaurant and room service to keep the deluxe times going! Some rooms come with a balcony and a view!
  • Riflessi di Lago – if you want something more private, this stunning 2 bedroom apartment is the perfect place for a local feel! It is located by the lakefront, and the beach is a 3-minute walk away. It comes with a spacious balcony with mountain and lake views where you can have breakfast or a drink! It is located in Dorio, and Varenna is a 20-minute drive away.

FAQs about where to stay in Lake Como

Ornate lakeside garden with manicured trees and a hedge-lined pathway, overlooking the serene blue waters of Lake Como

🗺️ Which is the best town to stay in Lake Como?

If you are visiting Lake Como, Italy, for the first time, Como town is the best place to stay around the lake, thanks to its convenient location and closeness to the train station. Some of the best hotels here are Suites & Atelier Lake Como, and Ostello Bello.

🤔 Is it better to stay in Como or Bellagio?

Como offers an easy connection to Milan and other towns thanks to the train station and harbor, and has hotels for all kinds of travelers. Some of the best hotels here are Grand Hotel Serbelloni and Suites & Atelier Lake Como.

📸 Where do celebrities stay in Lake Como?

Some of the celebrity houses in Lake Como are Villa Oleandra, owned by George Clooney, located in Lugia, and Villa La Cassinella, owned by Sir Richard Branson in Tremezzo. Also, Grand Hotel Tremezzo is one of the famous hotels preferred by celebrities.

⏱️ How many days do you need to see Lake Como?

In order to enjoy the beautiful atmosphere of Lake Como, I suggest you stay a minimum of 2 days. 3-4 days are better so that you can relax and enjoy the place with no rush. 

🛏️ What are the best Lake Como hotels?

Grand Hotel Serbelloni and Suites & Atelier Lake Como are the best hotels in Lake Como, offering great facilities. 

✨ Which part of Lake Como is the most beautiful?

The best towns to stay at Lake Como if you’re looking for the classic picturesque views are Bellagio and Varenna.

🚗 Do I need to rent a car in Lake Como?

It is recommended, It will give you a lot of flexibility, but be prepared for cliff roads! BTW, I usually rent cars from Rentalcars. Still, keep in mind you can get to Lake Como by train, just stay in towns near ferry shuttles!

📅 When is the best time to visit Lake Como?

The best time to visit Lake Como is during the spring and early summer months, from April to June when the weather is pleasant and the crowds are relatively smaller.

🚘 Where is the best place to stay in Lake Como without a car?

You don’t really need a car in Lake Como, but one of the best areas to stay without a car is Bellagio. It is located in a strategic area, and you can easily reach other towns by ferry. It will take you around 15 minutes only!


The writer of the post in casual summer attire posing in front of an elegant yellow villa with topiary gardens and Lake Como in the background, showcasing a luxurious Italian retreat

Grazie for your attention! Those were the best areas where to stay in Lake Como and top-notch accommodation options! Plus, some amazing tips for transport in the area and Lake Como hotels on the water.

All the hotels in this article are a mirage, and I would love to stay in any of them! But if I had to choose my favorite 2, I would go with: 

  • Grand Hotel Serbelloni – the best hotel in my opinion! I want to sunbathe by the pool and relax at the onsite sauna!
  • Hotel Garni Corona – such an idyllic hotel! It has a super romantic ambiance, and the breakfast they offer looks amazing!

Lake Como is one of the top destinations in Europe, so if you want to stay in a good hotel, you need to book in advance!

Which of these areas was your favorite? Let me know in the comments!

Sweet travels, 


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