Where to Stay in El Nido ✔️ 5 Unique Areas (with Hotels)


If you are planning your holiday to the dreamy island of El Nido in the Philippines, you already know what is coming… stunning white beaches, transparent waters, coral reefs, chilled vibes.

What you probably don’t know is that each part of the island is quite different, so choosing where to stay in El Nido can really make a difference on your vacation.

That’s why I decided to write this guide with all the best areas on the island and divide them by interest. The best place to stay in El Nido is Caalan Beach, however, Nacpan Beach is great for couples, Barangay Buena Suerte to stay on a budget, Corong Beach for families and Marimegmeg Beach for outdoors.

For each area, I also included accommodation options for any kind of budget, so literally, any traveler will be satisfied!

Just make sure you reserve your favorite hotel at least some months in advance as El Nido is one of the most popular tourist places in the Philippines, and rooms get booked quite fast here.

Now, are you ready to explore any corner of the island with me? Let’s jump right in!

Quick Picks for Your Stay

Do you just want to quickly book your hotel? Then check out this list with the best places to stay in Napcan Beach, the best area in El Nido:

luxury hotel
0 1%20Angkla%20Beach%20Club%20with%20Free%20cancellation
mid-range hotel
0 3%20Eco%20Sanctuaries%20Nacpan
budget hotel
0 4%20Mad%20Monkey%20Hostel

Mad Monkey Hostel

Best affordable accommodation in the center

0 2%20Eden's%20Rustic%20House

Eden’s Rustic House

An Airbnb with amazing reviews

If you want to have a visual representation of all the top areas where to stay in El Nido, check out this map:

Map%20of%20best%20places%20to%20stay%20El Nido
  1. Caalan Beach: for first-timers
  2. Nacpan Beach: for couples
  3. Barangay Buena Suerte: on a budget
  4. Corong Beach: for families
  5. Marimegmeg Beach: for outdoors

1. Caalan Beach – where to stay in El Nido for the first time


The stunning Caalan Beach located on the eastern edge of El Nido island, offers access to incredible nature and sceneries without the typical tourist crowds and is the perfect place if you want to have a tranquil getaway with your special one.

This pristine, white sand beach is suuper long, so it is perfect to have romantic seaside walks (do that during sunset time if you want that to be even more special), but also to just relax and soak up some sun or splash in the calm waters.

Apart from the beach, here you’ll find many other places where you can enjoy the best sunrises or sunsets like the panoramic El Nido Shore, also a great spot to take some souvenir pictures.

And after a lazy beach day, what is better than enjoying a delicious meal in one of the many beachfront restaurants and a refreshing cocktail right after in a bar with sea views? If you agree with me, you’ll be happy to know that you’ll find plenty of them in the area… you’ll just need to choose your favorite!

Another plus of Caalan Beach is its position close to other touristic parts of the island, like Corong Beach, and to the airport (located only 4 miles away), so you’ll have everything at your fingertips.

Are you already sold? Then check out the following hotel options right below!

Luxury hotel
2 1%20Lihim%20best%20el%20nido%20resort%20for%20families

If you are looking for a place with the right balance between luxury and comfort, this exclusive 5-star resort is for you! Here guests can enjoy delicious meals at the onsite restaurant, get the free bikes and go exploring El Nido, relax at the outdoor swimming pool, or train at the fitness center. The private rooms are also great, with pool views, their own private patio, and access to a room service… What else could you ask for?

Other accommodation options in Caalan Beach

2 2%20El%20Nido%20Garden%20Resort

This beachfront resort has the best facilities: an on-site restaurant and bar, a garden, room service and free WiFi through the property

2 3%20Hutch%20Lodging%20House

Save some money at this affordable accommodation offering family rooms with a seating area, a private bathroom, and room service

2 4%20Sampaguita%20Villa

Spend some time nestled in nature in this cozy house furnished with natural materials, located a short ride to the beach and restaurants

Things to do in Caalan Beach

  • Spend a day on Caalan Beach splashing, sunbathing and relaxing
  • Start your day with a delicious breakfast at Cadlao Resort & Restaurant
  • Explore the turquoise waters of Caalan Beach on a kayak
  • Enjoy delicious food and a relaxed atmosphere at GK Caalan Restaurant 
  • Explore the best islands, beaches, and seascapes of El Nido on this tour
  • Go for a long beach walk along the Caalan Beach Walking Path

2. Nacpan Beach – the best area in El Nido for couples


If it’s your first time on the island, what better place to stay in El Nido is there than one of the most beautiful beaches in the whole world?

I am talking about the stunning Nacpan Beach. Located in the northwest, this is one of the most loved destinations by tourists visiting the island, and once there, you won’t wonder why! This paradisiac white sand beach stretches for 4-kilometers and faces crystal clear waters hosting a rich marine life.

The good thing about this beach is that even if it’s one of the most sought-after places in El Nido, it is still not overcrowded with tourists. So get ready to spend some tranquil time nestled in nature and disconnect from everything!

Here you’ll have countless options to just relax, simply lie on the beach and sunbathe, sleep in hammocks or rest from the sun under a shady palm tree… How great does that sound?

But if you’re more of an active person, no worries, in Nacpan Beach you can swim, surf, go kayaking, or stand-up paddling, and you’ll find many rental shops for the equipment.

And after an intense day trying as many watersports as possible, you can have a big delicious meal in one of the many beachfront restaurants, a great way to recharge your energies and your day.

Luxury hotel
1 1%20ANGKLA%20Beach%20Club%20&%20Boutique%20Resort

Located only a few steps from Nacpan Beach, this Boutique Resort is perfect if you want to have a luxury stay in El Nido. Here guests have access to a delicious restaurant, an outdoor swimming pool and wellness center where you can relax, and a bar serving the best cocktails. And wait until you see the beautiful private rooms, they all come with air conditioning, a seating area, a flat-screen TV, and a private bathroom… check out the pictures!

Other accommodation options in Nacpan Beach

1 2%20Eco%20Sanctuaries%20Nacpan%20for%20romantic%20honeymoon

Check out this amazing Bed and Breakfast offering panoramic sea views, an on-site bar, a tranquil garden, and a sun terrace.

1 3%20Mad%20Monkey%20Hostel

If you are traveling on a budget, this beachfront hostel is for you, featuring a lively restaurant and bar, and even a tour service!

1 4%20Eden's%20Rustic%20House%20kid%20friendly

Have a romantic getaway in this dreamy house nestled in nature, with a large open terrace, lounge, kitchen, and en suite bathroom

Things to do in Nacpan Beach

  • Lay down, soak up some sun, and relax on Nacpan Beach
  • Try the most delicious Pad Thai at Phoenix Bar & Restaurant
  • Head to Duli Beach to surf some great waves
  • Immerse in Napcan Beach’s crystal waters and snorkel with colorful fish
  • Admire some great panoramic views from Twin Beach Peak
  • Go on a private island-hopping tour around El Nido

3. Barangay Buena Suerte – where to stay on a budget


If you want to have access to stunning white beaches but you don’t want to spend a fortune, I have the right option for you: Barangay Buena Suerte, located between Caalan Beach and Corong Beach.

Apart from very affordable prices, this area offers easy access to El Nido beach with its emerald waters, panoramic spots like the Via Ferrata Canopy Walk or the Taraw Cliff, from where you can gaze at the best views, and a cool local market to try the traditional food.

Here you’ll also find the island’s main ferry terminal, so you’ll be able to join many excursions to explore hidden beaches, lagoons, and caves or to go on snorkeling and diving tours.

Talking about beaches, if you decide to stay here, make sure you check out all the slices of paradise in the area’s surroundings like Seven Commandos Beach or Ipil Ipil Beach.

But Barangay Buena Suerte itself has a lot to offer, hosting countless waterfront restaurants serving delicious seafood and local dishes, laid-back beach bars, and cute souvenir shops… not bad for a “cheap area,” right? If you agree with me (and with all the backpackers staying here) check out the following hotel options, all offering great value for the price:

Luxury hotel
3 1%20SANSE%20Boutique%20Hotel%20for%20luxury%20stay

Located a few steps from El Nido Beach, this Boutique Hotel offers guests everything they need for a holiday full of comforts. Here you will start your day with a delicious continental breakfast, the perfect way to get the energy to join all the great activities in the area, and sleep in air-conditioned rooms with a private balcony. The property also offers many amenities like a tranquil garden, concierge service, and a big sun terrace… What else do you need?

Other accommodation in Barangay Buena Suerte

3 2%20Sea%20Cocoon%20pet%20friendly%20hotel

Guests love this hotel for its beautiful swimming pool with panoramic sea views, a cool on-site bar, and delicious restaurant; check it out!

3 3%20Frendz%20Hostel%20El%20Nido

Are you traveling on a budget? Then check out this cheap hostel, offering a restaurant, outdoor swimming pool, bar, and free WiFi

3 4%20Charming%20Duplex%20Garden

Feel at home in this luxury apartment with a great location in the middle of the best beaches, restaurants, bars, and all activities.

Things to do in Barangay Buena Suerte

  • Spend a lazy day at the paradisiac El Nido Beach
  • Try traditional food in a very local atmosphere at El Nido Public Market
  • Explore the underwater world on a scuba diving experience 
  • Enjoy the best panoramic views from the Taraw Via Ferrata
  • Go snorkeling in the magical Seven Commandos Beach
  • Relax and cool off at Ipil Ipil Beach
  • Have a delicious meal and fresh coconut at Havana Beach Bar & Restaurant

4. Corong Beach – the best area in El Nido for families


Looking for a place where you can spend a tranquil holiday with the family? Then you will love Corong Beach, located on the west side of the island and just south of Barangay Buena Suerte.

In fact, this former fishing area offers something for any member of the family, starting from beautiful beaches where you can spend the day splashing, soaking up some sun, and having picnics with sea views. Some examples?

Here you’ll find Lapus Lapus, a stunning white sand beach with no crowds, Honda Beach, perfect for rock climbing, swimming, snorkeling, and caving, and Papaya Beach for the best shallow waters.

This is also the perfect starting point to explore some natural wonders in El Nido waters, like Bacuit Bay or the glistening Small and Big Lagoons with its emerald green waters, limestone cliffs, and karst formations.

Last but not least, in Corong beach, there are also some great restaurants and bars where you can try the local food and drinks while enjoying incredible views of Bacuit Bay… What else could you ask for?

Luxury hotel
4 1%20Last%20Frontier%20Beach%20Resort Adults%20Only

Do you want to have an exclusive and tranquil holiday far from the noise of kids? Then this luxury adults-only resort is for you, located right on the beach within 8 km from Big Lagoon! Here you will have something to do from the moment you wake up to when you’ll go to sleep. start your day with a delicious free breakfast, enjoy stunning sea views from the outdoor pool, and join many activities in the area like snorkeling, cycling, and island tours.

Other accommodation options in Corong Beach

4 2%20Focus%20Rooms

This lovely hotel offers big rooms with air conditioning, private balconies, and free wifi, as well as access to a garden and private parking.

4 3%20Kame%20House%20Hostel

Staying on a budget has never been so good. This beachfront hostel offers dorms and rooms with access to a pool, a bar, and kitchen

4 4%20El%20Nido%20Pool

Have a unique stay in this pool villa located literally a stone’s throw away from the beach, offering some of the best sunset views in El Nido!

Things to do in Corong Beach

  • Explore the Big Lagoon emerald waters and limestone cliffs on a private tour
  • Enjoy a nice swim in the tranquil waters of Corong Corong Beach
  • Have the best pizza on the island at Bella Vita El Nido
  • Enjoy some quietness without crowds at Lapus Lapus white sand beach
  • Dine on delicious Filipino fare at Happy Home Restaurant
  • Climb, swim, snorkel and cave at Honda Beach
  • Just sunbathe and unwind at Papaya Beach

5. Marimegmeg Beach – where to stay in El Nido for nature

5%20Marimegmeg%20Beach%20top%20eco friendly%20hotels

Located south of Corong Beach on the island’s west side, Marimegmeg Beach is one of the most beautiful places in El Nido… why?

Marimegmeg Beach, most commonly known as Las Cabanas, offers access to stunning white sand beaches and some of the most incredible sunsets you will see in your life. In fact, basically from any corner, beach bar, and restaurant of Marimegmeg Beach, you can gaze at the sun going down the horizon and filling up the sky with the most vivid colors.

And if you are an outdoors lover, here you will find many thrilling activities to join, like El Nido Zipline where you can fly through the air right to the beach, or the Mangrove Ecopark, where you can walk around and spot the wildlife.

This is definitely the best spot on the island to enjoy the beauty of nature!

Luxury hotel
5 1%20Mua%20Tala%20Hotel%20El%20Nido%205%20star%20hotels

Wake up with incredible views of the ocean from your luxury room at Mua Tala Hotel El Nido! This property is located right on the beach and offers a delicious restaurant, a big outdoor swimming pool, and a bar where you can end your day with a refreshing cocktail while you enjoy the best sunsets. Guests here particularly love the staff who are super friendly and always ready to help and give you suggestions.

Other accommodation options in Marimegmeg Beach

5 2%20Dolarog%20Beach%20Resort%20with%20the%20view%C2%A0

This beach resort is just great, featuring an outdoor pool, table tennis, billiards, and darts, everything to have fun during your holiday!

5 3%20Beach%20Huts%20El%20Nido%20Panoramic%20Sea%20views

Save some money at this affordable bed and breakfast offering spacious rooms and even a water park on-site… How cool is that?

5 4%20Sunset%20Beach%20Treehouse

Have a unique stay in this treehouse located right on the white sand beach, hosting up to 2 people. Perfect for a getaway with your couple

Things to do in Marimegmeg Beach

  • Have some American-style snacks at The Beach Shack
  • Fly through the air right to the beach at El Nido Zipline
  • Relax, stroll or swim at Las Cabanas Beach
  • Walk around the Mangrove Ecopark and spot the wildlife
  • Watch the sunset with a cocktail in your hand at Marimegmeg Beach Bar
  • Start your day in the best way at Lazy Hammock Cafe
👑 Luxury price:$250
💵 Mid Range:$130
🛏️ Budget:$50
📍 Best area:Napcap Beach
🛎️ Best luxury hotel:Angkla Beach Club
💵 Best mid-range hotel:Eco Sanctuaries Nacpan
👛 Best budget hotel:Mad Monkey Hostel

FAQs about hotels where to stay in El Nido

6 best area where to stay in El Nido on a budget

📍 Which is the best area where to stay in El Nido?

The best area to stay in El Nido is Napcan Beach, one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Stay at Angkla Beach Club for luxury or Mad Monkey Hostel if you want to stay on a budget.

💵 Which is the best area where to stay in El Nido on a budget?

The best area to stay in El Nido on a budget is Barangay Buena Suerte, offering access to beautiful beaches, many cool activities/tours, and affordable hotels, like Sea Cocoon Hotel or Frendz Hostel El Nido.

📅 How many days should I stay in El Nido?

The perfect time to stay in El Nido is about 4-5 days, so you’ll have all the time to explore the beautiful beaches, stunning nature, and panoramic viewpoints and go on an island-hopping adventure.

⚖️ What’s better: Coron or El Nido?

Both Coron and El Nido give you access to amazing islands and beaches, but El Nido is more developed and touristy, so it offers more organized tours, while Coron is quieter and has better snorkeling and diving.



So, have you decided where to stay in El Nido? We just saw all the best areas on the island, each one offering attractions for any taste and accommodation options for different budgets.

But if you are still undecided on which hotel is best for you, I cannot blame you, we went through soo many good places, so let me give you extra help with my 2 favorite options on the whole island:

  • Angkla Beach Club – This luxury Boutique Resort will give you access to a delicious restaurant, an outdoor swimming pool, and wellness center
  • Eco Sanctuaries Nacpan – Check out this amazing Bed and Breakfast featuring panoramic sea views, an on-site bar, a tranquil garden and sun terrace.

See something you like? Then book it immediately so you can secure yourself a spot, El Nido is one of the most popular places in the Philippines, and rooms get booked quite fast here.

I hope you found my guide useful, and if you have any doubts or questions for me, please don’t be afraid to share them in the comments below, I will answer you as soon as I can!

Have a great holiday!


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