6 Unique Areas to Stay in Bohol ✔️(+Hotels for all Budgets!)

aerial view over Alona Beach in Bohol

Chocolate hills, mysterious jungles, and lots of mesmerizing waterfalls! Yep, Bohol is definitely a tropical paradise, and if you’re headed there, stick around, and you’ll learn how to plan the best trip, from where to stay in Bohol, to things to do and the best hotels!

Panglao Island is the best area to stay in Bohol! There you’ll find fabulous beaches, great resorts, and many fun activities. But don’t worry, if this area doesn’t suit you, then scroll down and you’ll find 5 more places in this blog post, great for relaxing, families, nature lovers, relaxation and adrenaline junkies: Anda, Tagbilaran, Loboc, Jagna and Carmen. 

Since Bohol is pretty big, I also included a bonus section with some great beachfront hotels on the island.

If I were you, I’d book my hotels in Bohol, Philippines, in advance since this is a super popular destination, and the good places always go fast!

Let’s start this adventure already!

Quick Picks for Your Stay

I’ve made this short list for anyone who is in a hurry to book their hotel rooms in Panglao (the best area) right this minute:

Here’s a map that will help you visualize all the areas that I will talk about in this post:

1. Panglao Island – where to stay in Bohol for the first time

a beach with boats and palm trees on it

Are you ready to sunbathe on some of the most beautiful beaches in the Philippines? I’m sure you are! And what better place to start your trip than to stay in Panglao?

Panglao Island is one of the best places to stay in Bohol! This little corner of paradise is absolutely stunning and packed with the dreamiest white sand beaches (Alona Beach is one of the most popular ones in Panglao Island, so make sure to check it out)!

It’s not only the beauty that makes Panglao Island such a great area to stay in Bohol, but it’s also super convenient to find a hotel here as the island is home to an International Airport!

Panglao Island is also the place from where you can take different island hopping trips, which I highly recommend if you are looking for a well-rounded experience during this holiday. And if you need a bit of help planning your holiday here, make sure to check out our 3-day itinerary for Bohol Island! You’ll find lots of golden nuggets there.

If you choose to stay on Panglao Island, you’ll have the best time ever! Oh yes, there are many restaurants, clubs, and outdoor activities here!

Swimming in cave pools, cliff jumping, you name it! You’ll find it all here! Plus some incredible hotels that I’ll tell you all about in a minute.

Luxury hotel
collage with bedroom, swimming pool and lounge

Chill by the swimming pool of this fabulous resort in Panglao that offers a garden, a shared lounge, and many other great facilities, such as a free airport shuttle and a restaurant. The rooms are super comfortable, and they come with a seating area, a flat-screen TV, and free Wi-Fi.

Other accommodation options on Panglao Island

swimming pool

This is a great hotel that offers a swimming pool, a lush garden, and a yummy free breakfast


One of the best budget hotels on the island that has family rooms with a kitchen, a bar, and a shared lounge


Wake up to a stunning view of the ocean at this place that comes with a great balcony, a kitchen, and free Wi-Fi

Things to do on Panglao Island

  • Catch a sunset on Alona Beach
  • Snorkel all day long at Napaling Reef
  • Explore the beautiful Hinagdanan Cave
  • Go on a tour of the island
  • Sunbathe all day on Momo Beach

2. Anda – where to stay in Bohol for outdoor activities

couple sitting on a beach under a wooden umbrella

Set on the east side of the island, just 3h away from Panglao Island, this area is basically the paradise of people who love water sports!

Once the hidden gem of Boho, this is slowly becoming a hot spot for tourists who love hiking, snorkeling, diving, and finding incredible viewpoints!

Anda is a great area for people who love going on adventures and trying a new sport or activity every day! It is surely the best place for snorkeling and other water sports, as there are tons of incredible secluded beaches!

You’ll find most hotels, restaurants, and bars along the coastal line. That’s where I’d also look for the cave pools, as there are some really incredible ones here, such as the Cabagnow Cave Pool.

Now let’s check out the hotels! But before that, I want to remind you how important it is to book your hotels in Bohol in advance. These resorts are some of the best places to stay on the island, and they will sell out fast!

Luxury hotel
collage with bedroom, swimming pool and lounge

The view of the ocean on one side, the wild jungle on the other! Gotta love this resort which offers the best of both worlds! Set on a stunning beach, the accommodation offers a garden and an outdoor swimming pool. The rooms are spacious and have facilities such as a terrace and a private bathroom.

Other accommodation options in Anda


This is an authentic bungalow that offers a private bathroom, a swimming pool, and a restaurant


Set right on the beach, this resort comes with hammocks, air-conditioned bungalows, and free Wi-Fi


Perfect for a romantic getaway, this stunning house has a balcony overlooking the ocean and a kitchen 

Things to do in Anda

  • Try cliff-jumping at Cabagnow Cave Pool
  • Go swimming in the beautiful Anda Falls
  • Admire the view of the island from this spot
  • Sunbathe on the beautiful Norbert’s Beach

3. Tagbilaran – where to stay in Bohol for families

a bird's eye view of a small town by the ocean

If you are looking for the perfect area to spend your holiday with your family in Bohol, the Philippines, then check out this section!

Tagbilaran is the capital city of the island, and although it has a more urban atmosphere, you’ll still find lush greenery and hillside views wherever you go!

I’d recommend this area for families as it offers a much wider range of activities, plus you’ll have everything you need such as stores, restaurants and malls at your disposal.

Plus, if you want to explore the rest of the island, you can always join some fun tours that will take you around some of the most beautiful sites.

Now let’s check out the hotels in Tagbilaran.

Luxury hotel
collage with bedroom, hotel garden and lounge

Wake up to a stunning view of the ocean at this resort that is just perfect for your family holiday in Bohol! The resort has spacious rooms and other great facilities, such as a restaurant, a swimming pool, and a garden. If you want to book different tours to see the island you can talk to the staff here and they can help you!

Other accommodation options in Tagbilaran


A great place to stay in Tagbilaran that offers family rooms, a free breakfast, and an outdoor pool

hallway lounge

This is a great affordable accommodation that has rooms with a flat-screen TV and free Wi-Fi

swimming pool

One of the best houses for big families that comes with a kitchen, 4 rooms, and an outdoor pool 

Things to do in Tagbilaran

4. Loboc – where to stay in Bohol for nature lovers

a house on the side of a river

If you love exploring the craziest jungles and spending as much time in the forests, then you’ll fall in love with this area!

Loboc is one of the best places to stay in Loboc for nature lovers. Although it doesn’t have any beaches, this place is filled with the most incredible green areas on the island!

There are parks, man-made forests, waterfalls, and the list could continue, but I don’t want to bore you with all the details!

One of the most popular activities here is the river cruise on the Loboc River which gives you a chance to see as much as you can of the area.

They’ve also got many cool attractions like zoos, adventure parks where you can try zip-lining, and, of course, some great hotels that we’ll check out right now!

Luxury hotel
collage with bedroom, terrace view and swimming pool

Set right near Loboc River, this stunning resort is a keeper! Surrounded by lush greenery, the hotel is beautifully decorated, and it has a restaurant and an outdoor pool that overlooks the river. All the rooms have a flat-screen TV and a private balcony where you can enjoy your morning coffee!

Other accommodation options in Loboc


The best place to stay for nature lovers has a swimming pool, spacious rooms, and a restaurant


A dream treehouse made out of wood that has a balcony where you can relax, a restaurant, and a bar


Another beautiful bamboo cottage with a comfy bed, free Wi-Fi, and a backyard where you can chill

Things to do in Loboc

5. Jagna – the best place to stay for relaxation

a large church on the side of a street

Set on the southern coast of Bohol, this amazing area offers visitors a fabulous experience!

Jagna is perfect for those who just want to relax and enjoy a few days of doing nothing! This area is known for its protected off-shore coral reef, all the incredible waterfalls, and also as the home of a few farms.

Offering easy access to the beach but also to all the mesmerizing jungles that are so typical to Bohol, Jagna is a place in the Philippines that you shouldn’t miss out on.

Just like the capital city, Jagna also has some other things to see and do besides exploring the beaches and jungles. There are a couple of historical sites and churches in the town that you should definitely check out, such as the church of St. Michael the Archangel.

As you can see, there are plenty of cool things in Jagna for tourists, as well as a lot of spots where you can enjoy a few slow days and just sunbathe, drink cocktails, and relax on the beach.

Luxury hotel
collage with bedroom, terrace view and lounge

Set in a stunning location by the ocean, this cool house is perfect for a group of friends or a family! The rooms are super comfy, and you’ll find everything you need here, from a kitchen, free Wi-Fi, and a lovely patio where you can relax after a day of exploring.

Other accommodation options in Jagna


This resort is modern, and it offers rooms with a balcony, a free airport shuttle, and a daily breakfast


A budget-friendly hotel that has an authentic design, family rooms, and a great location by the beach


Perfect for a relaxing trip, this place comes with beach access, a terrace, and a kitchen 

Things to do in Jagna

  • Check out the Ilawod Rice Terraces
  • Sunbathe all day on Asinan Beach
  • Visit St. Michael the Archangel church
  • Spend time in nature at Hacienda Gervasio Forest Park

6. Carmen – where to stay in Bohol for adrenaline junkies

a group of mounds in the middle of a forest

If you’re that person who loves climbing rocks, exploring the most hidden corners of a jungle, and hiking in the highest mountains, then Carmen is the place to be during your Bohol holiday!

This area is located right in the middle of the island, which means you’ll be surrounded by the famous Chocolate Hills!

You’re probably wondering why they’re called that, and no, they’re not made of chocolate, although I wouldn’t mind that! During certain times of the year, these green hills turn into a brownish color, hence the name Chocolate Hills.

The vistas in Carmen are incredible, that’s why you’ll probably see many photographers around here.

Carmen is also known for its rice fields and for the Chocolate Hills Adventure Park, which is filled with crazy things to do that all adrenaline junkies will find pretty amazing.

Now let’s check out the hotels in this area:

Luxury hotel
collage with bedroom, terrace view and lounge

You’ll fall in love with this house! It’s so modern, and it’s decorated with wooden furnishings! All the rooms come with comfy beds and free Wi-Fi. The house has lots of large windows that overlook the palm trees and a super large terrace.

Other accommodation options in Carmen


A great mid-range hotel with mountain views, a restaurant, and rooms with a private bathroom and air-conditioning


This hostel comes with little cabanas, a lovely location in a garden, room service, and bicycle rental


Perfect place to stay in Carmen that offers privacy, breathtaking mountain views, and a balcony 

Things to do in Carmen

  • Admire the Chocolate Hills from this point 
  • Visit the Pangas Falls Nature Preserve
  • Snap a pic of the Kawasan Falls
  • Spend an unforgettable day at Chocolate Hills Adventure Park
👑 Luxury price:US$80
💵 Mid Range:US$50
🛏️ Budget:US$20
📍 Best area:Panglao Island
🛎️ Best luxury hotel:Blue Planet Panglao
💵 Best mid-range hotel:Higala Resort
👛 Best budget hotel:Unk’s House

BONUS: Best beachfront hotels in Bohol

I know we’ve just seen so many incredible places where to stay in Bohol! But since the island is pretty big and packed with lots of cool hotels, I decided to make a bonus section with some unmissable beachfront accommodations.

I’ve listed the hotels below from most to least expensive, and the prices start from US$500 to US$120. Let’s check them out:

collage with bedroom, bungalow and SPA
  • Eskaya Beach Resort and Spa – Offering an incredible location on Panglao Island, this hotel is the ultimate place to stay for anyone who loves waking up to a great view! The accommodation has an infinity pool overlooking the ocean, a spa, and spacious villas with a private pool.
  • Amun Ini Beach Resort Spa – Set on a private beach in the Anda area, this great hotel offers a spa center where you can relax, rooms with ocean views, a restaurant, and some water sports.
  • Henann Resort Alona Beach – If you want to stay on the famous Alona beach, then check out this fabulous hotel that is set right on its sandy shores. The accommodation is a keeper with a super modern design, a spa center, and several outdoor pools.
  • Bohol Beach Club – Want to practice yoga, take long walks on the beach, and eat yummy food? Then this resort is for you! Perfect for the tourists who want to relax, the accommodation has 2 swimming pools, spa facilities and lots of activities! 

FAQs about where to stay in Bohol, the Philippines

a house boat floating down a river next to a forest

🏝️ What is the best area where to stay in Bohol?

Panglao Island is the best area where to stay in Bohol! This is where you’ll find many cool attractions, tours, and amazing hotels like Blue Planet Panglao.

📅 How many days do you need in Bohol?

I would recommend spending 5 to 7 days in Bohol. That way, you can explore the entire island and visit all those amazing waterfalls and parks and explore the jungles.

🤔 Is Bohol worth visiting?

Yes! Bohol, Philippines, is an incredible place that you should visit, especially if you love spending time in nature and sunbathing on white sand beaches!

🏖️ Which are the best beaches in Bohol?

Alona Beach on Panglao Island and Norbert’s Beach in the Anda area are some of the most amazing beaches in Bohol, Philippines!


boats floating in the ocean near the coast on a sunset

What an island! I hope that after reading this post on where to stay in Bohol, you’ll find it much easier to start planning this trip!

As always, I recommend booking your hotel or hotels in advance. Bohol is popular with travelers who come to the Philippines, and I won’t be surprised if these accommodations sell out fast since they are pretty amazing.

Since we’re talking about hotels, I thought I’d leave you 2 of my favorite accommodations in Bohol (maybe some of you still need a bit of help picking a favorite):

  • Blue Planet Panglao – This great hotel on Panglao Island offers an outdoor pool, a restaurant, and a hot tub.
  • Higala Resort – Sunbathe by the pool of this amazing hotel that comes with a restaurant and a fitness center.

I’ve had such a blast telling you all about this tropical destination! If I’ve left any questions unanswered, make sure you drop me a comment below. I’ll be happy to help you as soon as I can!

Safe travels,


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