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The Best Spots to Eat Drink Work and Party Canggu

Are you ready for an epic food scene? Canggu is the best place in Bali to have all kinds of food in one place and you will go crazy with the selection of restaurants and cafes. I’ve been living here for quite some time and I am looking forward to sharing the best restaurants in Canggu with you!

Canggu is known for its Instagrammable cafes, all kinds of international restaurants, and cool coffee shops. Whether you wanna have a family feast, looking for a cafe to work, have a fancy dinner, or a vegan cafe, I’ve got you covered!

In this blog post on Canggu restaurant, I will share all my dining experiences with you, give you tips about where to eat and what to eat as well as where to go out for the vibrant nightlife. Even though it is hard to keep up with the food scene in Canggu as every day you can come across a new cafe, I’ve been to all of the places that I will talk about so I can guarantee that you won’t be disappointed by any of it!

If you are ready, let’s have a feast!

Best cheap restaurants in Canggu, Bali 

The most budget-friendly places are local restaurants called “warung” but I’ve also picked some cool cafes offering tasty food for a good price in Canggu. 

  • Warung Local – If you wanna try some delicious local food, this warung is one of the best ones. You choose freshly cooked vegetables and meat options from the stall that you see and they prepare your plate for you right there!
  • Manas Cafe – This cafe has affordable breakfast and lunch menus plus fresh fruit juices and coffee for a very good deal. 
  • Sate Babi Street Food – Fan of street food? You will realize this place on the Batu Bolong main street from its tempting smell. It is the best place to try Indonesian “satay”, which is grilled pork skewers. 
  • Berawa’s Kitchen – It is a very cool place with a large garden sitting area where you can have a great selection of food for a good price. 
  • Secret Spot Canggu – Do you wanna have Instagrammable and affordable food in a friendly atmosphere? This is one of the best restaurants in Canggu on a budget that has so much delicious food and drinks. 

Best fine dining in Canggu, Bali

Want to dress up and have a fancy evening? Here are your top options for the best restaurants in Canggu for fine dining. And if you are looking for a luxury hotel to complete your experience, check out the best places to stay in Canggu!

  • Sa’mesa Bali – If you like fine dining experiences this place offers dinner at one long table for just 20 people, and even though you don’t know the other people you get the feeling of having a big family dinner together. The food is mainly Italian cuisine and you can enjoy the freeflow limoncello!
  • Moana Fish Eatery – Located in Batu Bolong, Canggu this is one of the best restaurants in Canggu to have fish meals. Their poke bowls and cocktails are amazing. 
  • Ji Restaurant Bali – How does sound to have a fancy Japanese dinner by the ocean? This chic restaurant has next-level food and cocktail that even will satisfy picky eaters. 
  • Mason – This restaurant has a very cool dining area with trees and offers extremely delicious Mediterranean gourmet food. They also have a great selection of wines so why not have a glass!
  • Kudeta – If you wanna have a fancy dinner by the ocean you can’t go wrong with this restaurant. It is located in the Seminyak area and a 20-minute drive from Canggu but their sophisticated food and drinks are definitely worth a try. 
  • TYGR Berawa Sushi – looking for a place to eat sushi? This place is one of the best Japanese restaurants in Canggu to have good sushi and ramen plus fresh green tea. 

Top vegan places to eat in Canggu, Bali

3 vegan places to eat in Canggu

Canggu is a place where you won’t have any difficulty finding vegan food. Even the non-vegans will love the food in these cafes because they are so delicious!

  • I am Vegan Babe – This is one of the best vegan cafes in Canggu that offers very creative vegan food. The presentation of the food is so beautiful and so yummy!
  • The Sloth – You won’t believe the cheeseburger in this place is really vegan! If you wanna eat some healthy and delicious vegan food you should definitely pay a visit to this cafe. 
  • Living Food Lab – Are you a fan of huge salad bowls? Here you have tons of options to create your own salad and you will love their special tasty sauces. You should also try the colorful fruit juices. 
  • The Shady Shack Bali – Searching for Instaggamble and delicious smoothie bowls? You are in the right place. The Shady Shack is one of the best restaurants in Canggu that have delicious vegan and vegetarian food options plus a nice garden dining area. 
  • Healthy Ubud – For those who wanna have delicious and affordable vegan food you should definitely try this place. They have great salad and smoothie bowls plus healthy breakfast selections. 

Best restaurants to watch the sunset in Canggu

4 Best restaurants to watch the sunset in Canggu scaled

Bali has one of the best sunsets and watching the sun dip behind the horizon is one of the best things to do in Canggu. Let me talk about my top picks of places for you.

  • Times Beach Warung – If you are a fan of bean bags like me and want to watch the sunset in a cozy environment on the powdery sand, this is your place. Have a cold beer or try their signature cocktails. Plus it has the best location in Batu Bolong Beach to watch surfers.
  • St Tropez Bali – Looking for a fancy place to watch the sunset and have good food? This beach club has delicious food from Mediterranean cuisine and offers an epic view during the sunset with its beachfront infinity pool.
  • Woobar at W Bali – Located in the W Hotel this is one of the chicest places to watch the sunset. They have an amazing selection of cocktails and very delicious food plus nice music. 
  • La Brisa – This beach club is one of the most famous beach clubs in Canggu that has a very Instagrammable pool and comfortable bean bags overlooking the ocean. Whether you go for a sunset drink or dinner you won’t be disappointed. 

Best restaurants in Canggu, Bali for pizza

For sure Canggu has great Italian restaurants famous for their good pizza. Here are some of the best ones.

  • Bottega Italiana – this is one of the best restaurants in Canggu for pizza and pasta lovers. They have freshly prepared homemade food and great wine. 
  • Luigi’s Hot Pizza – For pizza lovers, this place has amazing pizzas prepared in a stone oven. You should also definitely try their special cocktails. 
  • DA Maria – a chic Italian restaurant famous for its delicious Italian food and Negroni. Don’t leave the restaurant after you finish your food because the place will turn into a nightclub later!
  • La Baracca – one of the best restaurants in Canggu for pizzas and pasta. You will love the free appetizers served with focaccia and mozzarella and they also have a good selection of wines.

Best breakfast places in Canggu, Bali

6 Best breakfast places in Canggu Bali

Breakfast is a big thing in Canggu. Whichever cafe you go to you will find a great breakfast menu but here are my top picks for you that you should definitely try their breakfast!

  • Monsieur Spoon Canggu – a french bakery famous for its delicious croissants and bakery products. They also have nice baguettes, french butter, and great coffee.
  • Copenhagen Canggu – a Scandinavian cafe that offers all-day breakfast with a great selection of food. The presentation of the breakfast is so Instagrammable and they also have a cool atmosphere. 
  • Baked Bali – is one of the best bakeries in Canggu that have many types of bread, croissants, and breakfast options. 
  • Doppio Cafe – A very cool cafe in Batu Bolong where you can find all kinds of breakfast from vegetarian to European style breakfast. Plus, they have very good coffees, smoothie bowls, and juices.
  • The Machinery – Located in Batu Bolong, this cozy cafe has so many breakfast options, smoothies, coffees, and a good atmosphere.
  • Brunch Club Bali – It is 9km (6 miles) away from Canggu but their famous pancakes, smoothie bowls, and brunch menus are definitely worth a try.
  • The Flow Canggu – This place has a great selection of breakfast and the portions are huge enough to fulfill even the hungriest person. Thanks to its comfortable tables it is also good for working. 
  • Butterman – Once you step into this place you will be hypnotized by the butter smell. It has one of the best croissants in Canggu and their desserts and healthy juices are so delicious!

Best coffee shops in Canggu, Bali

Best coffee shops in Canggu Bali

It is not possible to be disappointed with coffee in Canggu. You can easily find good coffee in every cafe but there are the best of the best ones that I want to share with you. Here you go:

  • BGS Canggu –  One of the best places in Canggu for having a coffee. They have a spectacular iced coffee selection as well as signature coffees and they also sell surf products. 
  • Deus Cafe –  a well-known clothing shop in Canggu is also the place to be for having a good coffee and breakfast. They also have a large area that is perfect for working. 
  • Cinta Cafea very cool cafe famous for its great coffee and food. It also has an amazing rice fields view and a kid’s playground. 
  • The HulaThis Scandinavian coffee shop has a great selection of coffees and you can also buy many types of specialty coffees in their place. Their breakfast is also worth a try! 
  • Revolver Espresso – On the main Batu Bolong road, this is a very nice coffee shop for people watching and having a good quality of coffee. 
  • Crate Cafe – Crate Cafe will impress with its industrial style large sitting set up overlooking the rice fields. It is also a great place to work and friend gatherings. Creta Cafe also has one of the best tasty and presentable coffees in Canggu. 

Most Instagrammable cafes in Canggu, Bali

Canggu is famous for its Instagrammable cafes and restaurants. You will see so many cool places that have creative and unique designs. Here are the most Instagrammable places in Canggu not only have amazing decorations but also have amazing food presentations. 

  • Cafe Cartel – This cafe has one of the most photogenic smoothie bowls in Bali. You will also want to take a photo in every corner of the place as it has very beautiful walls and tables. 
  • Kynd Community – You will love the colorful flowered wall of this cafe! Pick of one the many healthy foods on the menu and have the best Instagram photos!
  • Rise and Shine Canggu – In this cafe it will be difficult to start eating your food because they all have very cool presentations. Plus it has nice plants and colorfully painted walls which are perfect for your Instagram content.
  • Motel Mexicola – Once you step into this restaurant you will feel like you are teleported to the colorful streets of Mexico. Have a cocktail at the fancy bar and take a lot of photos in the beautifully decorated yard! 

Best cafes to work from in Canggu

There is a reason that Canggu is the favorite place of many digital nomads. You will find more than enough cafes to work comfortably.

  • Mimpi Goroccery Canggu – Do you want your office to be overlooking the lush green rice fields? This cafe has a nice coworking area with comfortable tables and a cool pool to have a break. 
  • Human Bean – This cafe has a very good coffee and chilled working environment. It has a very good internet connection and you can choose your working spots from comfortable coaches to large tables.
  • La Boheme – This is one of the best places to work in Canggu for digital nomads. There is an airconditioned coworking area or you can sit on the comfortable tables by the pool. 
  • Ruko Cafe – This cafe not only has very good breakfast but also has comfortable seats, an air conditioner, and a strong wifi connection where you can easily work for hours.  

Best pubs in Canggu, Bali

Canggu has a very vibrant nightlife and I cannot skip the best pubs. If you are a beer fan you should definitely take a pint in these pubs. 

  • Black Sands Brewery – Looking for a place to have craft beers? This place is one of the rare places in Canggu offering many kinds of draft Belgian and German beers. You will also love the vibrant atmosphere and amazing rice fields view
  • Forge – If you like sports bars you are in the right place. This place not only offers many types of beers but also has very delicious snacks and meals. Plus you will be able to catch up with your favorite team’s football match!
  • The Shady Pig –  If you are curious like me about the speakeasy bars send a message on their Instagram account, get the password and enjoy the signature cocktails and good music. 
  • Milano – As you can guess from the name, this is one of the best restaurants in Canggu to have negroni and share a homemade pizza. 

Best beach clubs in Canggu, Bali

Best beach clubs in Canggu Bali

Of course, a trip to Canggu without visiting a beach club would not be acceptable. You will find the coolest and most fun beach clubs here where you can sunbathe by the ocean and have delicious food. 

  • Finn’s Beach Club – One of the most famous beach clubs in Canggu that is famous for its happy hour, parties, and DJ events. There is a cool infinity pool overlooking the ocean, comfortable sun loungers, and cabanas for groups. You can find all kinds of cuisines from Japanese to Mexican and Italian. 
  • Vue Beach Club – A fancy beach club that has delicious cocktails and mouth-watering food. You will love sipping your cocktail by the oceanfront pool and they also organize some DJ events at night.
  • Como Beach Club – This beach club not only has a chic swimming pool and sun terrace but also has a great restaurant with a large variety of gourmet food. It is also a nice place to have a sunset drink by the pool. 
  • Potato Head Beach Club – This beach club is located in Seminyak and is 15 minutes drive from Canggu but definitely should be on your list. There is a fancy beach area with a good restaurant and the rooftop bar offers amazing cocktails.

Best nightclubs in Canggu, Bali

Best nightclubs in Canggu Bali
  • The Lawn – The Lawn is a beachfront restaurant and bar where you can have sunset cocktails then start dancing with the DJ music. Enjoy the ocean view and vibrant atmosphere.
  • The Vault – If you like underground clubs you will have a great time in this club. The Vault is literally under a parking lot and hosts fun DJ events. 
  • Morabito Art Villa –  For those who want to party in the open air by the ocean this beachfront bar has a huge beautiful garden area and good music. 
  • Shishi – This is one of the famous and biggest nightclubs in the Seminyak area and is 15 minutes drive from Canggu. They have 3 different floors with different kinds of music so get ready to dance till the early hours of the morning. Plus there is a nice Japanese restaurant inside the club. 

What to eat in Canggu, Bali

What to eat in Canggu Bali

I am sure you’ll be familiar with food names in many restaurants offering international cuisines but for those who want to taste some local food in Canggu, give these things a try!

  • Nasi goreng – most famous Indonesian food that is fried rice served with vegetables or choice meat and fried egg
  • Mie Goreng – fried noodle served with vegetables or choice meat and fried egg
  • Gado gado – Indonesian salad made with steamed vegetables and egg
  • Bakso – Indonesian meatball that you can buy from the street sellers
  • Satay – Indonesian grilled pork or lamb skewers
  • Ayam Goreng – deep-fried crispy chicken
  • Smoothie bowl – while it isn’t a local food, Bali is famous for its smoothies topped with fruits, granola, and nuts

Some useful information about restaurants in Canggu, Bali

Best fine dining in Canggu

Here is some information that might be helpful while discovering the food scene in Canggu.


Tipping is not mandatory nor expected most of the time in Canggu, Bali, but would always be appreciated as local workers are often paid a very low wage. 

Food Delivery Apps in Canggu

There are two delivery apps you can use in Canggu which are Grab and GoJack. They both have English versions and deliver all around the Canggu area within 40 minutes. Many of the restaurants I talked about before also have delivery services within these apps. 


I would say that food prices are quite cheap in Canggu but still more expensive than in other areas of Indonesia. Only the alcohol prices like wine and cocktails in nightclubs might be a bit relatively expensive. 

Let me give you an average price of a meal and a drink would cost in Canggu for you to have an idea: 

  • Local Restaurant: 20k IDR (US$2) – 40 IDR (US$3)
  • International cafes and restaurants: 100k IDR (US$7) – 150 IDR (US$10)
  • Fine Dining Restaurant: 300k IDR (US$20) – 500 IDR (US$35)
  • Coffee & Croissant: 50k IDR (US$4) – 80 IDR (US$7)
💰 Restaurant prices:Average
🍽️ Dinner for 2 with wine:$30
☕ Coffee and cake:$8
💵 Tipping:Not expected
🏛️ Traditional food: Warung Local
🍳 Best brunch:Brunch Club Bali
🍾 Fine dining: Mason
🍺 Coolest bar:Black Sands Brewery
🌱 Vegan/Vegetarian food:I am Vegan Babe
🍴 Must-try food:Smoothie Bowl 

Frequently Asked Questions About Eating Out in Canggu, Bali

7 Best coffee shops in Canggu Bali

☕ What is the best coffee shop in Canggu, Bali?

Crate Cafe, BGS Canggu, Cinta Cafe, and The Hula are some of the best coffee shops in Canggu that have a great selection of good coffee. 

🍸 What is the best nightclub in Canggu, Bali? 

The Lawn, The Vault, Warehouse, and Morabito are some of the best nightclubs in Bali offering DJ events. 

💰 What should I eat on a budget in Canggu, Bali?

Nasi Goreng and Mia Goreng are delicious and affordable Indonesian food that you can eat for 20k IDR (US$2). 

👧🏻 What is the best kids-friendly cafe in the Canggu area?

La Baracca, Times Beach Warung, and Moana Fish Eatery are the best family-friendly restaurants in Canggu that have spacious areas for families and kid-friendly menus. 

🌱 What are the best vegan cafes in Canggu, Bali?

The Shady Shack, I am Vegan Babe, The Sloth, and Living Food Lab are the best vegan Cafes in the Canggu area with a great selection of tasty vegan food that I highly recommend. 

🤔 How Can I order food in Canggu, Bali?

You can order food at your place by using the Grab and Go Jek apps. Many of restaurants are available on these apps and they almost deliver everywhere in the Canggu area.


Some useful information about restaurants in Canggu Bali

Now I am hungry. I have no doubt that you will have so much fun while discovering the best restaurants in Canggu. Try to make the most of it by taking a lot of Instagram photos, having sunset drinks, and enjoying the delicious food!

I hope this blog post about the best restaurants in Canggu helped you to make a list of things to try during your visit to Canggu and you already know where to have a coffee, breakfast, and party!

Enjoy your time in Canggu, Bali, and let me know if you have any more questions or suggestions about the best restaurants in Canggu by leaving a comment below. I will be more than happy to give a reply! 

Bon Appetit, 


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