Where Stay in Philippines → 7 Best Areas and Hotels in 2024

Turquoise waters with traditional Filipino boats anchored near a sandy beach under a clear blue sky, overlooked by a majestic limestone mountain.

Hello, adventurer, and welcome to my blog post on where to stay in Philippines! This beautiful country with thousands of islands has so much natural beauty to offer it can be easily explored for weeks!

I’ve compared all the popular islands, checked the best travel guides, and got feedback from my dear friend who recently visited the Philippines, and have compiled a list of 7 best places to stay! 

Palawan is the best island for first-timers, as it’s easily accessible, has tons of attractions, and is great as a base for island hopping tours. 

I’ve also included 6 other places and sorted them nicely according to interest, PLUS I’ve included top-rated hotels to stay in each! Hopefully, it’ll all help your trip planning to the Philippines a bit easier! 

A super important note here: Book your hotel as soon as possible! Good accommodation is limited in the Philippines, and you want to make sure you get the best spot!

Quick Picks for Your Stay

These are the best hotels in Palawan, the center of tourism in the Philippines:

Check out this map, it shows all the best places to stay in the Philippines that I’ll discuss in this post:

A colorful map highlighting the best areas to stay in Philippines with numbered locations and labels for easy navigations
  1. PALAWAN: for the first time
  2. BOHOL ISLAND: for families
  3. BORACAY ISLAND: for nightlife
  4. Cebu Island: for nightlife
  5. Siargao Island: for surfing
  6. CAMIGUIN ISLAND: for volcanic landscapes
  7. Banaue: for rice terraces

6 essential things to know when visiting the Philippines

A bustling seaside village with colorful buildings along the shoreline, set against a backdrop of dramatic limestone cliffs and lush greenery.
  1. The best way to travel around different islands is by plane. Ferries are available for nearby islands, but they don’t operate during storms. For moving inside the island, it’s best to rent a scooter.
  2. Accommodation in the Philippines offers lower value for money compared to neighboring countries, as the country isn’t up to date with the latest hospitality industry practices. You can still find decent hotels, but they need to be booked far in advance
  3. Wi-Fi can get bad on the islands, so if you’re a digital nomad, I recommend getting an eSIM or making sure your hotel has Wi-Fi.
  4. The best months for traveling with the driest weather in the Philippines are December, January, and February. Still, when planning your trip, check the forecast for every island separately because the climate can differ from one island to the other, even if they’re nearby.
  5. Have a mix of cards and cash with you. Credit card coverage is sporadic in the country, especially in smaller places and shops.
  6. For a 10-day vacation in the Philippines (to actually recharge your batteries and not be on the road all the time) I recommend a combination of 2 islands, with up to 5 days in one island (including nearby daily island hopping tours).

1. Palawan – best place to stay in the Philippines for the first time

The writer of the post wearing sunglasses gazes out from a balcony at a scenic harbor filled with boats, framed by large limestone formations in the background.

The province of Palawan is an archipelagic province located on the Western side of the Philippines. Its capital city is called Puerto Princesa, and as you probably guessed, it’s a port, which makes it perfect for island hopping! This is one of the many reasons why I recommend Palawan as one of the best places in the Philippines for first-timers!

A dear friend of mine recently stayed in El Nido on the Northern tip of the Philippines, and they chose this spot because it offered plenty of island hopping tours they wanted to take. She said this is one of the most popular things to do on the island! This small village is also filled with beautiful lagoons, white-sand beaches, and limestone cliffs! Plus, since it’s small, you can also walk everywhere! For more info, here’s my guide on where to stay in El Nido!

Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage site, is one of the biggest attractions on Palawan Island. It contains one of the most impressive cave systems in the world, and it is certainly something not to miss! Boat tours are available through the world’s longest navigable underground river, so you can explore the cave formations and be in awe of the wildlife!

The Palawan Sea hides many sea treasures! A local Filipino diver accidentally discovered the largest pearl in the world there. Be curious, and you may find something cool as well!

A great place nearby is Coron (map), just a short ferry ride (they have fast ferries) away from Puerto Princesa. Here, you’ll see amazing shipwrecks from WWII. And if you’re an advanced diver, I recommend spending a few nights here as it is one of the most well-known spots for shipwreck diving in Asia! Check out this post with the best places to stay in Coron!

PRO TIP: Plan ahead for any flights or ferries from one island to another. For example, they don’t have daily flights from El Nido to Bohol, and you don’t want to lose precious time in the Philippines being stuck in one place due to poor planning. 

NOTE: Palawan has multiple airports. Make sure to pick the one closest to where you plan to stay! Otherwise, a trip from Puerto Princesa Airport to El Nido Airport will take 5 hours of your trip!

Luxury hotel
A collage of three hotel photos to stay in the Philippines: A modern and vibrant hotel room featuring orange bedding and sleek wooden accents, a serene poolside dining area with a view of a curved infinity pool overlooking the ocean, and a colorful children's water play area with artistic sculptures and sprayers.

All I want to do is sip cocktails by the infinity pool of this awesome resort, which offers guests access to a private beach! And let’s not forget about the spa center, because you’ll definitely need some relaxing time after all that exploring around the island. The resort has family rooms and a restaurant on site.

Other accommodation options in Palawan

Aerial view of a luxurious outdoor swimming pool surrounded by lush greenery with blue loungers and a shaded seating area.

A scenic villa complex in El Nido with stunning sea views from terraces and a hot tub on-site

Cozy indoor bamboo bar surrounded by lush green plants, featuring wooden stools and decorative lanterns.

A top-rated villa and guest house with an on-site minimarket and options for sightseeing tours

A cozy, rustic reading nook with rattan furniture and sheer curtains, surrounded by lush plants and soft lighting.

A tropical hut in a forest with curtains instead of walls, definitely among the most unique places to stay in the Philippines

Things to do in Palawan

  • Visit Coron and try shipwreck diving
  • Go kayaking in the Cadlao Lagoon (map)
  • Try ziplining over the sea with Sabang X Zipline
  • Take a liveaboard boat to the spectacular Tubbataha Reef (map) diving spot
  • Spend a day at one of the island’s most beautiful beaches, Nacpan Beach (map)
  • See one of the best cave systems in the world at Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park

2. Bohol Island – best place to stay in the Philippines with family

Wide-angle view of the famous Chocolate Hills in Bohol, Philippines, showcasing numerous symmetrical, grass-covered mounds under a partly cloudy sky.

This island is definitely my kind of place! Bohol Island is located in the Central Visayas region, a paradise where the jungle and mountains meet the beach. The Bohol-Panglao International Airport is an hour and a half away from Manilla on a plane. 

This green piece of heaven is known for its 2,000 Chocolate Hills (map) and lush landscapes. The Chocolate Hills earned this nickname because the countless large mounds of limestone get that cocoa-brown color during the dry season!

Bohol also has some of the most beautiful waterfalls in the country! I remember being in awe watching videos my friend posted during her visit to the Pahangog Falls (map)! A visit here is a warm recommendation from her!

I highly recommend booking your stay in Bohol if you’re traveling with the family. The Philippines hotels on this island are perfect for the kids, and they have good prices. Plus, you will find a wide range of local attractions to visit and some nice beaches.

Make sure not to miss the Bilar Man-Made Forest (map) on the island, which is a wonderful spot for a family stroll! 

You’ll also love the Philippine Tarsier Sanctuary where you can meet the cutest inhabitants of the Philippines! These tarsiers are so small they can fit in the palm of your hand, and they have the cutest eyes! These endangered species animals are actually afraid of noise and can get really anxious if they sense it, so you’re best to observe them in silence.

A personal recommendation is the Loboc river cruise (map), where you can enjoy nature, see locals performing folk dances, eat authentic food, and soak in the stunning Philippino nature and culture!

Bohol Island is located just across Cebu, one of the top tourist spots! A lot of travelers, my friend included, combined trips to Palawan, Coron, Cebu, and Bohol since they’re all nearby! It makes for such a nice itinerary that’s not too tiring!

The Philippines are made up of 7 641 islands, and only 2,000 are inhabited!

You should plan your trip here beforehand as the island is quite big and there are many things to see and do! I even have a special article where I discuss where to stay in Bohol, Philippines, to be close to different attractions!

Luxury hotel
A collage of three hotel photos to stay in the Philippines: An aerial view of a beach resort with lush palm trees and white sandy beaches, an elegant guest room with a wooden ceiling and a large bed, and a serene garden pathway lined with tall palm trees.

Unwind with a yoga class while the kids are in the children’s playground at this luxury Bohol beach resort! Sunbathe by the pool all day and head to the restaurant for a delicious meal at night. The resort hotel has spacious family rooms and free Wi-Fi.

Other accommodation options in Bohol Island

Elegant hotel room with a king-sized bed featuring a heart-shaped towel arrangement, warm lighting, tan curtains, and a wicker chair near a window.

A lovely 3-star resort near the iconic Dumaluan Beach, with an outdoor pool, daily breakfast, and free parking

Aerial view of a tropical resort with two brown-roofed buildings surrounded by lush greenery and a blue kidney-shaped swimming pool.

A budget accommodation perfect for people who are backpacking, featuring 2 swimming pools and private bathrooms

Cozy porch with two wicker chairs and a table, overlooking lush greenery. colorful round rug on wooden floor.

Live your island life in this cool villa that has room for families, a balcony, and a backyard

Things to do in Bohol Island

  • Admire the views of the Chocolate Hills
  • Go for a family stroll around the Bilar Man-Made Forest 
  • Meet the cutest animals in the country at the Philippine Tarsier Sanctuary
  • Go sunbathing and scuba diving on Alona Beach (map)
  • Visit the bats in the Hinagdanan Cave (map) during your stay in Bohol
  • Go sightseeing with the family around Bohol Island with the Loboc River Cruise
  • Enjoy the thrills at the Danao Adventure Park

3. Boracay Island – best place for nightlife

A breathtaking sunset at a beach, displaying orange and pink hues in the sky with traditional Filipino boats floating near the shore.

Located in the Western Visayas region of the Philippines and 200 miles (315 km) away from Manilla, this island is known for its beaches, a wide range of water sports like surfing, and, most importantly, its very exciting nightlife

Boracay Island is a paradise for anyone who wants to experience the Philippines Islands both during the day and after the sun goes down! It’s not packed with attractions, but it has bars and a friendly vibe, so it’s a good place to stop, even if just for 1 or 2 days! 

By the way, this is a good place to mention that getting around the Philippines usually involves changing multiple transportation means. This may sound like too much at first, but it’s how things work in this island country! 

For example, how do you get to Boracay? If you fly into Manila, you’ll get on another flight to Caticlan (also known as Boracay Airport). Then, after you get to Caticlan, you need to get to the Caticlan Jetty Port (just a 6-minute walk away from the airport), and finally, get a boat or ferry to Boracay Island! Voila! You have arrived! This is how, more or less, getting to any place in the Philippines works.

The soft White Beach (map) will be waiting for you in Boracay to start your adventure! The beach is super famous among those who love water sports, but it’s also perfect for sunsets! Travelers also highly recommend Puka Shell Beach (map) and Bulabog Beach (map), where you can try kitesurfing or windsurfing. All beaches in Boracay have spectacular sand, something the island is also known for!

As I said, this place is known as the party island, with tons of cool local clubs with DJs like Epic Boracay (map) and Paraw Beach Club (map)!

Luxury hotel
A collage of three hotel photos to stay in the Philippines: Hillside villas with thatched roofs nestled among lush greenery, a kidney-shaped swimming pool surrounded by tropical plants, and a luxurious interior with expansive ocean views through large windows.

Can I just move here? Drink your morning coffee on the balcony of your spacious room overlooking the sea! Tucked away between the hills, the resort offers guests access to a private beach. Head for a relaxing time at the spa or by the outdoor pool and have some seafood at the restaurant.

Other accommodation options in Boracay Island

A neatly arranged hotel room with a large bed and two side tables with lamps

Have coffee with a view of the sea and relax in the spa of this beachfront villa that has a restaurant and bar

A serene beachfront relaxation area with hammocks tied between palm trees

Sleep like a baby after a night out in the air-conditioned rooms of this budget resort that has a restaurant

A spacious living room with high ceilings, featuring vibrant blue and pink cushions on large sofas

Such a stylish apartment that offers a spacious balcony, a lounge area with a kitchenette, and a nice room

Things to do on Boracay Island

  • Sunbathe on the White Beach
  • Enjoy the nightlife on Boracay Island at Epic Boracay
  • Try something new and learn kitesurfing or windsurfing
  • Attend a beach party at PubCrawl (map)
  • Get familiar with the farming culture in Asia at the Motag Living Museum (map)
  • Eat some seafood at The Pig Out Bistro (map), one of the best local restaurants
  • Take a diving course with Freedive Boracay

4. Cebu Island – where to stay for a city + island vibe

High aerial shot of a vibrant coastal area with boats in crystal clear blue waters, numerous tourists enjoying water activities around a small pier and huts.

Cebu Island is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the Philippines! It’s perfect if you want a combination of city + island vibes. Cebu Town, with a population of almost 1 million people, is the largest city on the island, with a vibe similar to (but less hectic than) Manilla. 

Plenty of tourist attractions await in Cebu! The top one, of course, is the magnificent Sirao Garden with the Instagrammable hand (map), tropical flowers, fabulous sights, and beautiful walking paths. 

See Ferdinand Magellan’s Cross (map), which the explorer brought in 1521 as he claimed the Philippines for Spain. This was also the start of Christianity in the country (super fun to be here during Christmas, btw!). You can also visit the place where the famous explorer died on the island of Mactan (map) during a skirmish. 

The Philippines were under Spanish rule for more than 330 years! This legacy can today be seen in local culture, religion, and everyday sights for tourists, like street and landmark names.

The majestic Leah’s Temple (map) is also here. The temple just about shows what people can do for love. It may look like an old Roman structure, but it was built in 2012 by a Filipino person to commemorate his late wife! Locals call this the “Taj Mahal of Cebu”. 

One of the best things to do here is whale shark watching in Oslob (map)! This is one of the most popular activities in the area, so it’s best to come really early on a weekday. And by early, I mean 3 AM! Trust me, it’ll be worth it! Just, please, don’t swim with the sharks there!

Cebu is great for an immersive and active holiday, and I wholeheartedly recommend it to all types of travelers – from backpackers and couples to families with kids! You can also find accommodation for all budgets here.

Luxury hotel
A collage of three hotel photos to stay in the Philippines: A luxurious beachfront resort with a large blue infinity pool lined with palm trees and loungers, a bright and spacious bedroom with direct access to a sandy beach, and a sophisticated wooden deck by the ocean.

Hello, paradise! This luxurious beachfront resort offers guests access to a private beach. Soak up under the sun and enjoy a stunning sunset by the infinity swimming pool. If you want, you can spend some relaxing time at the spa or take a yoga class to unwind after all that walking around the island! This is where to stay in Cebu, Philippines, for everyone who wants to be spoiled on their trip!

Other accommodation options in Cebu Island

A bright and airy hotel room with two single beds, wooden furniture, and doors

Have a romantic dinner on the private beach of this resort which has a spa and spacious rooms

An open dining area overlooking the sea, featuring colorful tables and chairs

A beachfront hotel perfect for budget travelers that has family rooms and offers guests bicycle rental services

A secluded swimming pool surrounded by dense tropical plants and white outdoor furniture

Chill in the tropical garden of this villa, which has free Wi-Fi, or sunbathe near the swimming pool all day

Things to do in Cebu Island

  • Stroll in the beautiful Sirao Garden 
  • See Ferdinand Magellan’s Cross
  • Visit Moalboal (map) and go diving with the sardines
  • Cool off after the long walks in the Cambais Falls (map) or Kawasan Falls (map)
  • Try snorkeling at Dalaguete Beach Park (map)
  • Learn more things about the local culture at the historic Monastery of the Holy Eucharist (map)
  • Sunbathing on the white beaches of Bantayan Island in the Philippines (map)

5. Siargao Island – where to stay in the Philippines for surfing

A man carrying a surfing board on a wooden pier overlooking crystal-clear waters with vibrant coral visible beneath, and traditional huts along the shore.

Located Southeast of the capital city, Manila, Siargao Island is the perfect place to stay in the Philippines if you’re backpacking around the country or looking for a stunning place for surfing! 

You can get to Siargao from Manila by plane in just 1 hour, but if you’re looking for a cheaper option, you can take the ferry. Bear in mind that it will take you more than a day because you’ll have to change the ferries a few times!

This tear-drop-shaped island might not be the biggest out of the islands in the Philippines, but it is for sure a large paradise for surfers. It was nicknamed the “capital of surfing” in the Philippines, but that’s not its only perk. Siargao is a corner of paradise filled with stunning lagoons, mountains, reefs, and incredible wildlife!

Plus, if you’re backpacking around the islands on your own, this is the best place to make some new friends! The General Luna (map) area is perfect for mingling with all the other surfers because who doesn’t need a drink after a long day? But my favorite spot is, for sure, the Tayangban Cave Pool (map), one of the most scenic places on the whole island.

Pass the Tayangban Cave Pool, and you’ll find the picturesque Magpupungko Rock Pools (just a 45-minute scooter drive from General Luna, map), a beautiful rock formation by the sea!

Luxury hotel
A collage of three hotel photos to stay in the Philippines: An intimate bedroom with a wooden platform bed and ambient lighting, an outdoor pool surrounded by dense tropical foliage, and a cozy outdoor lounge area with a rattan roof and comfortable seating.

Stargaze in the hammock at night in the jungle-like garden and catch the best sunset views near the infinity pool of this luxury hotel with a private beach area! You will find your own rain shower in the bathroom of your spacious room, which has stunning decor. The resort hotel has a restaurant and a bar on site.

Other accommodation options in Siargao

A chic outdoor lounge area adjacent to a swimming pool

Reconnect with nature in this unique Siargao place that offers a private beach area and a restaurant

A modern bedroom featuring a large bed with a white and purple comforter

Chill all day in the hammock of this budget Philippines hotel that has family rooms, a bar, and a private beach area

Two traditional thatched-roof huts surrounded by lush palm trees on a sandy path, typical of a tropical island setting.

Live your jungle dream in this cool beach house that’s surrounded by palm trees and has a cozy room

Things to do in Siargao

  • Swim all day long in the Magpupungko Rock Pools and Flats
  • Catch some amazing waves at Cloud 9 Surfing Area (map)
  • Visit the Tayangban Cave Pool, one of the most scenic spots on the island
  • Take a cool pic at the Coconut Trees View Deck (map)
  • Go kayaking in the Sugba Lagoon (map)
  • Have some family fun at the Siargao Wakepark
  • Learn kitesurfing with the local Seabreeze Kite Club in Siargao

6. Camiguin Island – where to stay for volcanic landscapes

Aerial view of a coastal landscape with lush green mountains, a large cross monument in the sea, and a dense forest on the shore.

Camiguin Island is easily reachable by air or ferry from Cebu City, but there are also ferries to here from Bohol. The locals call Camiguin Island “the island born of fire” for its 7 active volcanoes! 

An absolute gem for natural sights, Camiguin Island hosts the famous Mantigue Island and Sanctuary (map), plenty of hot and cold springs, waterfalls, and the fabulous White Island sandbar (map). 

The number one attraction, however, must be the Sunken Cemetery (map), a surreal sight just off the Northwestern tip of the island. This cemetery sank as the result of the 1871 disaster following a volcano eruption on the island. 

Snorkeling tours are available to the cemetery, where local guides will take you on an exploration of the corals growing on sunken tombstones, and a giant cross in the water—a pretty unique sight, I must say! 

This island also hosts the sweet lanzones fruit, similar in taste to grapefruit. They even organize a festival every third week of October of every year celebrating lanzones! So make sure to try some while you’re here!

Luxury hotel
Collage of a Nouveau-Resort: top left shows a modern bathroom, top right a stylish bedroom, and bottom features an aerial view of the resort with a pool and lush greenery.

One of the few luxury resorts on Camiguin Island offers an outdoor pool, a beachfront location, complimentary breakfast, and spacious, modern rooms and suites. 

Other accommodation options in Camiguin Island

A neatly made bed with a red and white bedspread in a room with wooden floors, a floral painting above the bed, and sunlight filtering through vertical blinds.

A top-rated resort with a free shuttle service across the island, an outdoor pool, and a bike and car hire on-site

Two-story yellow house with a red roof, surrounded by greenery, facing a body of water under a clear blue sky.

This lovely hotel is near the ferry terminal and has AC in rooms, ideal for short stays

A cozy bedroom featuring a bed draped with a white mosquito net, bamboo walls and furniture, and warm lighting.

Stunning hut with eco-consciousness in mind, ideal for couples and solo travelers

Things to do in Camiguin Island

  • Enjoy the beauty of the White Island
  • Take a snorkeling tour of the Sunken Cemetery
  • Visit the Giant Clams Sanctuary (map)
  • Go to the Tuasan Falls (map)

7. Banaue – for rice terraces + a rural experience

Lush green terraced rice fields with small village buildings nestled in a valley surrounded by forested hills.

And for a completely different Philippines experience, let’s head to the mountains! Banaue is a mountainous region in the North of the country ideal for cultural exploration of the raw, rural Philippines.

Banaue province is some 300 km (186 miles) North of Manilla, and the best way to get here is via an overnight bus from Manilla. The buses depart from the Cubao and Sampaloc districts. Visitors usually combine the visit here with Vigan (map), a well-preserved Spanish colonial city a bit further North from the rice terraces. 

The Banaue province is where you’ll find the UNESCO site of Banaue Rice Terraces (map). People call it the 8th wonder of the world, and I can totally see why! These spectacular terraces have been around for more than 2,000 years and were carved into the mountains by the Ifugao people, an ethnic group still living in the Philippines known as rice-growing people!

Visitors can hike through different parts of the terraces, with the Batad Rice Terraces being the most popular ones! I also recommend the Bangaan Rice Terraces and Hapao Rice Terraces nearby. 

NOTE: The best time to visit the rice terraces is from April to July, which are the greenest months. August is the golden harvest season!

Here, you can also explore ethnic villages (like this one) where you can see how the Ifugao people live! Lodges are available in and near these villages.

Since Banaue is a very provincial area with no luxury hotels, you’ll be staying in a homestay like a true local!

Of course, since this is rural Philippines and there are limited attractions, I only recommend a short stop here (1 night, 2 days should be more than enough) before you head on to other Philippines islands.

Other accommodation options in Banaue

View from a balcony with wooden countertop overlooking lush green rice terraces in a mountainous area, under a clear sky.

The best hotel around offering sightseeing tours, free airport transfer, and rooms with lovely views away from the busy center

A cozy bedroom with a single bed, red patterned bedding, pink walls, and a wooden desk by a window showing a lush green landscape.

A top-rated hostel in Banaue with a restaurant that serves breakfast, free parking, and airport shuttle

Wooden bench and chair in front of a green wall with "batad countryside inn" sign, decorated with hanging white flowers.

What a captivating place in nature with spacious rooms, ideal for couples looking to explore the area

Things to do in Banaue

  • Visit the UNESCO-listed rice terraces and go hiking there
  • Try local dishes like pinikpikan (chicken dish)
  • Explore the Banaue Ethnic Village 
  • Take a day trip to the romantic Baguio city (map) with colorful homes
  • Check out the Bay-Yo viewpoint (map)
👑 Luxury price:$150
🏨 Mid-range:$70
🛏️ Budget:$30
📍Best area:Palawan
🛎️ Best luxury hotel:Astoria Palawan
🧳 Best mid-range hotel:Karuna El Nido
👛 Best budget hotel:Villa Skanderbeg

BONUS 1: The 4 best overwater hotels to stay in the Philippines

Aerial view of a tropical resort with overwater bungalows and lush greenery, surrounded by clear blue waters.

Are you getting ready to plan your trip to the Philippines, and you’re looking for a super unique place to stay? Well, I’m here to help you find the most stunning overwater Philippines hotels that will make your holiday in this country unforgettable!

1. Pearl Farm Beach Resort
This stunning place to stay on Samal Island is a tropical, overwater paradise that is tucked away between palm trees and gardens. The beach resort was also built and decorated with local materials making it all the more special! Drink your morning coffee on the little balcony of your room and enjoy the sea views before heading to the bar for a little afternoon delight!

2. El Nido Resorts Apulit Island
Located in the northeastern part of Palawan Island, within Taytay Bay, this unique place to stay in the Philippines is perfect for your romantic break! The cottages have nice Filipino decor and have a mini-bar and telephone! Enjoy some privacy and the stunning views of the bay as the sun sets over the island. End the day with a delicious dinner at the outdoor clubhouse and a drink at the bar.

4. Lagen Island Resort
Enjoy the best sea views from the comfort of your room which has a small balcony! Located in El Nido in Palawan, this stunning resort hotel offers guests activities like hiking, snorkeling, and cave tours. Take a whole day to relax at the spa center or swim in the pool. The resort has even a library, in case you want to catch up on your reading!

5. El Nido Resorts Miniloc Island
Here’s one of my favorite resorts in the Philippines! Catching a sunrise or sunset here is so amazing! Have a drink at the bar and enjoy the views after a full day of snorkeling and swimming in the Philippines waters. The rooms are super spacious. They have unique decor and a small balcony from where you can drink your morning coffee or enjoy some alone time!

BONUS 2: Best hotels near the Manila Airport 

Aerial view from an airplane window showing a wing over a landscape with green fields, water bodies, and clustered housing.

Many people often only spend a night in Manila as a layover before heading to one of the other incredible islands, so I didn’t want to end the article without offering you top-rated hotels if you’re wondering where to stay in Manilla, Philippines!

  • Luxury ($230 and up)
    Relax after that long flight at the Sheraton Manila Hotel that’s located less than 1 mile (0.8 km) away from the airport. Swim in the outdoor pool all day long, chill on the loungers there and get into the Philippines mood. The rooms are super spacious and the hotel offers a free airport shuttle.
  • Mid-range ($150 – $230)
    Get lots of cocktails from the pool bar at Hilton Manila but not before you eat something from the on-site restaurant that offers international dishes. The hotel is located less than a mile (1 km) away from the airport and it offers an airport shuttle. Some rooms even have a pool view and they are super spacious. 
  • Budget ($40 – $150)
    Feel at home at Backpackers Homestay that offers a common lounge area and a shared kitchen and bathroom. The inn is located 1.2 miles (2 km) away from the airport and is ideal for solo travelers. 
  • Airbnb ($75 and up)
    This Cozy Condo is perfect for your short stay in Manila! Guests will have access to an outdoor swimming pool and to a backyard. The apartment is located just a 5-minute walk away from the airport. 

FAQs about where to stay in the Philippines

A vibrant traditional dance performance by indigenous people in elaborate tribal costumes, including feathered headdresses, during a cultural festival on a beach.

🏝️ What is the most beautiful resort in the Philippines?

Astoria Palawan is one of the best places to stay in the Philippines, as it offers amazing services, a stunning view from your room, and a lush garden.

💚 What is the best part of the Philippines?

El Nido on Palawan Island and Cebu are 2 stunning parts of the Philippines that you can’t miss. Plus they have amazing hotels like the Crimson Resort & Spa and Astoria Palawan.

💯 What is the best place to stay in Boracay?

Shangri-La Boracay is one of the best places to stay in Boracay! The views from your room are amazing, and they offer a wide range of services and have a private beach area.

🌊 What are some cool places to stay in the Philippines?

Crimson Resort & Spa and Astoria Palawan are two of the best places to stay in the Philippines. Both offer top services, spacious rooms, and a wide range of activities.

🤿 Where should I stay in the Philippines for diving?

Cebu Island is one of the best places to stay in the Philippines for diving. Over there, you can swim with the sardines and turtles and take diving trips in different places every day!

🇵🇭 What is the best city to stay in the Philippines?

Cebu City is the best city in the country for tourists, as it’s near tropical beaches, has impressive cultural diversity, and it’s less hectic than Manilla. 

💲 Is the Philippines cheap to stay in?

Yes, the Philippines is relatively cheap to stay in. Plane tickets from one island to another are usually cheap, and so is the accommodation. Budget travelers can get around with US$50 per day, all costs included.

⛱️ Where should I go for the first time in the Philippines?

Palawan and Bohol islands, with trips to Boracay and Cebu City are a must for first-time visitors to the Philippines!

✅ What are the safest places in the Philippines?

Bohol, Cebu, and Davao are considered the safest places in the Philippines for tourists. However, most of the country (with the exception of some Manilla districts and Southern regions of Mindanao) is safe to visit!

📸 What city is the most visited in the Philippines?

Manilla is technically the most visited city in the Philippines since it’s the capital city, and most foreign visitors land here before reaching the islands. Boracay, Cebu, and Palawan are the most visited destinations overall.

Final thoughts on where to stay in the Philippines

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I hope my post helped you decide about the best places to stay in the Philippines for you! I’ve covered the top hotels and resorts for anyone looking for luxury or those backpacking around the islands and even mountains!

Now, I know I gave you a wide range of options, but here are my top favorite resort hotels! Both are located on Cebu Island:

A last piece of advice from me is to, of course, book your stay in the Philippines as soon as possible! 

Enjoy this unique holiday, go scuba diving with the sardines, admire the beautiful coral reefs, and chill all day on a white beach! I want to hear all about it so don’t forget to leave me a comment below!

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