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Home to some of the oldest and largest trees in the world, which can live up to 3000 years, Sequoia National Park is a magical place located in the Sierra Nevada, east-central California, that has stolen the hearts of many tourists who have crossed its paths.

If you’re planning on visiting this place, you’re super lucky because right next to Sequoia, you’ll also find the Kings Canyon National Park! So take a few days off from work because you’ll have lots to see here!

The park has 2 entrances, Ash Mountain Entrance, where you’ll find the Foothills Visitor Center, and Big Stump Entrance which is also used as an entrance for the Kings Canyon National Park.

Finding accommodations inside national parks can be tricky, as most of the lodges and campgrounds are always sold out and don’t exactly offer the same comfort and facilities that’s why I always recommend looking for places in the towns nearby. So stick around because in this post you will find all the information you need on where to stay in Sequoia National Park.

Once you’ve found your dream accommodation, make sure to book it in advance, as the hotels around the national parks in the US sell out faster than any other!

Let’s go. The Giant Forest is waiting for us!

Quick Picks for Your Stay

If you want to book right now, there’s no reason to waste any time, quickly browse this post with the best accommodations, all located in Three Rivers

luxury hotel
mid-range hotel
0 3%20Shady%20Knoll%20Cheap

Shady Knoll

Best value for money

budget hotel
0 4%20The%20Sequoia%20Hut

The Sequoia Hut

Best affordable accommodation in the center

0 2%20Mineral%20King%20Airbnb

Mineral King

An Airbnb with amazing reviews

Here’s a map to help you visualize better all the areas that I will be talking about in this post:

Map%20of%20best%20places%20to%20stay%20in%20Sequoia National Park
  1. Three Rivers: the gateway
  2. Visalia: for families
  3. Kernville : for nature lovers
  4. Fresno: the coolest city

1. Three Rivers – the gateway to Sequoia National Park


Three Rivers is the closest town to the General Sherman Tree which is the most famous tree in Sequoia National Park and the world’s largest tree, measured by volume!

The town of Three Rivers is the gateway to Sequoia National Park, and it’s located just 7 miles (11 km) north of the Foothills Visitor Center, near the Ash Mountain Entrance. I recommend finding accommodations here for those who want to spend as much time inside the park as possible.

Kings Canyon National Park, located near Sequoia, is also easily accessible from Three Rivers. That’s why you’ll find the town super packed at all times. More reason to book your accommodations in advance!

I love the atmosphere of these small towns and I highly recommend exploring Three Rivers before running off to Sequoia-Kings Canyon. There are plenty of natural spots around the town such as the Cobble Knoll Recreation Area and the Salt Creek, which are perfect for those days when you’re too tired to head all the way to Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks.

Luxury hotel
1 1%20Sequoia%20South%20Fork%20Retreat%20with%20jacuzzi

How stunning is this family-friendly accommodation? Lots of space, large windows, a fireplace, and a balcony will be the perfect place for your morning coffee!  The accommodation has 4 rooms, a garden, free wifi, and a fully equipped kitchen.

Other accommodation options in Three Rivers

1 2%20Shady%20Knoll

Enjoy the mountain views at this accommodation that has private baths, a patio, and free wifi  

1 3%20The%20Sequoia%20Hut

A small yet comfortable budget house that offers a garden, a kitchen, and free parking

1 4%20Mineral%20King%20with%20Free%20cancellation

With a look over the valley, this accommodation has many facilities including a swimming pool and a kitchen

Things to do in Three Rivers

  • Explore the Cobble Knoll Recreation Area
  • Spend a day out with the kids at Our Place Playground
  • Have a picnic at Salt Creek
  • Learn new things at the Three Rivers Historical Museum
  • Head to Quesadilla Gorilla for a delicious lunch
  • Visit the Giant Forest Museum

2. Visalia – where to stay in Sequoia National Park for families


Visalia is the birth town of the famous actor Kevin Coster who played in movies like The Bodyguard and Robin Hood

Located 35 miles (55 km) from the Sequoia National Park and the Foothills Visitor Center,  this rural town offers a wide range of accommodations and tons of activities for all ages, making Visalia an excellent place for families.

What’s great about this small city is that you’ll find something to do at any time, so you won’t have to worry about the kids getting bored before you make your way to Sequoia National Forest.

The ImagineU Children’s Museum is one of the biggest attractions in town, but the one that all kids will love is the Adventure Park, which features mini-golf courses and go-carts!

Luxury hotel
2 1%20Holiday%20Inn%20Express%20Visalia

Enjoy the sun and some swimming in the pool at this modern hotel with a fitness center. The accommodation also offers a complimentary breakfast, a parking lot, and family rooms equipped with air conditioning and a tv.  

Other accommodation options in Visalia

2 2%20Hampton%20Inn%20Visalia%20with%20free%20parking%C2%A0

An excellent hotel for families that has a swimming pool, spacious rooms, a hot tub, and free wifi

2 3%20Comfort%20Suites%20Visalia

Your home away from home! This budget hotel has comfortable rooms with a tv and coffee makers

2 4%20Spanish%20Bungalow

With plenty of space where the kids can play and a cool design, this house offers a kitchen and a fireplace

Things to do in Visalia

  • Take the kids to the ImagineU Children’s Museum
  • Spend a fun day at the Adventure Park
  • Learn about the local history at Tulare County Museum
  • Check out the lagoon in Mooney Grove Park
  • Go for a stroll in Cutler Park
  • Enjoy a family dinner at Big Bang Grill

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3. Kernville – best place to stay in Sequoia N.P for nature


Craving some adventure and exploring the rural side of California before you head to Sequoia National Park or Kings Canyon National Park? Then you’re going to love this small town, which is located 100 miles (160 km) away from the Ash Mountain Entrance and the Foothills Visitor Center.

Technically, Kernville sits within the Sequoia National Forest, which by the way, is different from the park, so you can get off the beaten track and spend as much time outdoors as you want.

It’s not only the forest that offers a stunning landscape and hiking trails. The town is nestled along the Kern River, which streams into Isabella Lake, a great spot that you should check out.

NOTE: If you’re traveling during winter time to Sequoia, remember that snow chains are mandatory!

As you might’ve guessed by now, the town’s attractions mainly include rivers and hiking trails but don’t worry, museum lovers. I’ve got something for you as well! Kern Valley Museum is open for visitors, and it’s a great stop along the way to Sequoia or Kings Canyon National Park, where you can learn some cool facts about the town.

Luxury hotel
3 1%20Kernville%20Ranch

Nature, tranquility, and relaxation! This great cabin is the perfect place to relax, disconnect and enjoy this holiday to one of America’s nicest natural parks! Equipped with a kitchen, free wifi, and a tv, the accommodation has all the facilities you need!

Other accommodation options in Kernville

3 2%20Sequoia%20Lodge%20for%20big%20groups

Drink your cup of tea on the patio of this rustic lodge that offers free parking and coffee makers in the room

3 3%20Corral%20Creek%20Lodge

Tucked away between the hills, this pet-friendly lodge has family rooms and an outdoor fireplace

3 4%20Town%20Cabin

Spend your days relaxing in the hammock at this cozy cabin that has a kitchen and air conditioning

Things to do in Kernville

  • Explore the Whiskey Flat Trail
  • Visit the Kern Valley Museum
  • Go on a hike to reach the Powers Peak
  • Spend a whole day in Riverside Park
  • Admire the mountain views from Baker Point

4. Fresno – where to stay near Sequoia for a modern city vibe


Compared to the other 3 towns, Fresno is bigger, newer, and has a broader range of attractions suited for all types of travelers, so if you’re looking to get all the comfort during your trip to Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks, you can get it, then I recommend finding accommodations here.

Fresno is located just 1 hour away from the Big Stump Entrance of Sequoia National Park, so if you’re headed that way, then this city might be a good choice for you!

I think you’ll need more than a few days here before you head to explore the Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks, as there are so many cool things to do and try. If you’re with your family, then the Fresno Chaffee Zoo may be the first stop on your schedule! Or perhaps dive into the history of the city at the Meux Home Museum with its impressive architecture.

Luxury hotel
4 1%20Fresno%20best%20Kids friendly%C2%A0hotel

Care for some swimming and relaxing before visiting the Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks? Then this modern hotel will be perfect for you! It’s equipped with many amenities, including free parking and BBQ facilities.

Other accommodation options in Fresno

4 2%20DoubleTree%20by%20Hilton%20with%20the%20pool%C2%A0

Grab some breakfast and head to the pool for some swimming at this hotel that offers a free airport shuttle

4 3%20Holiday%20Inn%20Express

If you’re looking for budget & comfort, then you’ll love this place that has family rooms and a hot tub  

4 4%20Industrial%20Loft

The most Instagrammable spot in the city! The loft has stunning decor, a kitchen, and it overlooks the city

Things to do in Fresno

  • Spot some cute animals at the Fresno Chaffee Zoo
  • Visit the Meux Home Museum
  • Have a picnic in Roeding Park
  • Check out the architecture of the Saint John’s Cathedral
  • Admire the paintings at Arte Américas Gallery
  • Explore Kings Canyon National Park
👑 Luxury price:$250
💵 Mid Range:$150
🛏️ Budget:$100
🏠 Airbnb:$200
💰 Accommodation prices:Medium
📍 Best area:Three Rivers
👪 Best area for families:Visalia
🛎️ Best luxury hotel:Sequoia South Fork Retreat
💵 Best mid-range hotel:Shady Knoll
👛 Best budget hotel:The Sequoia Hut

BONUS: Best lodges & cabins inside Sequoia National Park

5 best lodges and cabins inside Sequoia National Park

I always recommend finding places to stay in the towns near these national parks, as you’ll have a broader range of accommodations, more facilities, and all the comfort you need. But I know many tourists will want to stay inside the park and be as close as possible to all the action, so I thought I would make another section with the best lodges inside the park which you can book.

However, if you have your mindset on staying inside the park, I recommend booking these accommodations as early as possible because they sell out even a year in advance!

1. Wuksachi Lodge (US$190 – US$220)
A beautiful lodge built in 1999, located not too far from the General Sherman Tree and just 20 miles (30 km) north from the Ash Mountain Entrance. Wuksachi Lodge has 102 rooms, a restaurant, free wifi, and is open all year round.

2. Grant Grove Cabins (US$130 – US$290)
I recommend these cabins for anyone who wants to stay just a short walk away from the famous General Grant Tree. Located in Grant Grove Village,  4 miles (6 km) north of the Big Stump Entrance, the Grant Grove Cabins are open seasonally from April 15 to October 30. One of the accommodations here, the Honeymoon Cabin, is the oldest structure in Grant Grove Village.

3. John Muir Lodge (US$130 – US$260)
This accommodation is open seasonally from March 25 to October 30, and it’s located in Grant Grove Village, only 4 miles (6 km) north of the Big Stump Entrance of the park. At John Muir Lodge, guests have access to games, puzzles, and books, which they can check out when they’re not out and about exploring the Giant Forest Museum or the Sequoia and Kings Canyon.

4. Cedar Grove Lodge (US$160 – US$180)
Explore the beautiful Giant Forest in Sequoia National Park and the hiking trails in Kings Canyon National while staying at the Cedar Grove Lodge, located 30 miles northeast of the Big Stump Entrance. The lodge is open seasonally from May 20 to October 23.

Frequently asked questions about Sequoia National Park

6 Top Hotels to Stay near Sequoia NP

🏞️ Where should I stay if I visit Sequoia National Park?

Three Rivers is the closest town to the Ash Mountain Entrance and the Foothills Visitor Center. If you’re looking to be as close as possible to the park and find great hotels like the Sequoia South Fork Retreat, this is the perfect place.

🥾 Can you stay inside Sequoia National Park?

Yes, you can stay inside the Sequoia National Park at some of the lodges but make sure to book them super early. Wuksachi Lodge and Grant Grove Cabins are 2 of the best accommodations inside the park.  

🏙️ What is the closest major city to Sequoia National Park?

Fresno is probably the biggest city that’s close to Sequoia National Park. It’s located only 1 hour away from the Big Stump Entrance, and it has excellent hotels like Home2 Suites By Hilton.

👪 Which hotels in Sequoia National Park are good for families?

If you want to stay inside the park, John Muir Lodge is great for families. But if you want to stay at a proper hotel in one of the towns close to the park, I recommend the Holiday Inn Express in Visalia. 

🏕️ Are there camping facilities in Sequoia National Park?

Yes, there are camping facilities in Sequoia National Park and 14 campgrounds that you can book.  

🐕 What is the best dog-friendly lodging in Sequoia National Park?

John Muir Lodge and  Wuksachi Lodge are 2 great lodges in Sequoia National Park that welcome dogs. 



This is for sure one of my favorite places in the USA! I hope this post helped you decide where to stay in Sequoia National Park and gave you enough details to help you plan your road trip.

I know there are so many accommodations options in this post, so to give you some extra help, here are my top 2 favorite ones, both located in Three Rivers:

Just remember that the accommodations around the national parks are super busy, so I highly recommend booking yours in advance so that you won’t miss the spot.

This is where I leave you, but your adventure in the Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks in the Sierra Nevada mountains is just about to start! Take lots of pics of the General Sherman Tree and the General Grant Tree for memories! Trust me. You’ll want to remember every moment spent there.

Don’t forget to leave a comment below if you have any questions, I’ll answer as quickly as possible!

Have a great trip,


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