Where to Stay in Bari: 5 Epic Areas + TOP Hotels for 2024

Elegant historical building by a harbor with blue boats and clear blue sky in Bari, Italy.

Ciao, are you looking for where to stay in Bari? Keep reading!

I visited Puglia’s capital not long ago, so from experience, I can vouch that Bari Vecchia is the best area to stay in town for tourists! 

It has iconic attractions, authentic restaurants, and epic hotels! However, if you’d prefer something else, I cover 4 areas in total, each with a special vibe! 

The hotel you choose is so important, so I compared ALL the options out there and picked only the most amazing ones for each area and every budget. Hence, you can easily pick and book in a couple of minutes.

As the capital of the Puglia region, Bari gets super crowded. That’s why I recommend booking your hotels in advance and securing your favorite spot in this port city. 

Quick Picks for Your Stay

Here are the best accommodation options in Bari’s central area sorted by price:

luxury hotel
Cozy loft-style apartment interior with modern furnishings and warm lighting
mid-range hotel
The sun casts shadows across a polished marble floor in a room with chic decor and a large floral centerpiece
budget hotel
Bright bedroom with a large bed, white and black pillows, and unique green hanging lamps

Atipico B&B

Best affordable accommodation

Watch my video, it will give you a visual explanation of all the areas:

Check out this map that has all the areas where you can stay in Bari! It’ll help you get a better idea of the city:

Color-coded map highlighting the best areas to stay in Bari, Italy, with labels for each district
  1. BARI VECCHIA: for first-timers
  2. MURAT: for culture lovers
  3. MADONELLA: for families
  4. QUARTIERE UMBERTINO: coolest place
  5. JAPIGIA: for budget

1. Bari Vecchia (Old Town) – where to stay for the first time

Majestic exterior of the Basilica di San Nicola in Bari, Italy, showcasing the historical architecture and religious heritage of the city

I love Bari Vecchia! Its authenticity and atmosphere will make you feel as if time stands still here.

Bari Vecchia, which in Italian stands for “Old Bari,” is the medieval city center located within ancient walls, and it is one of Bari’s most charming areas, perfect for history, culture, and food lovers! 

Through the labyrinth of its narrow streets, the warm local people, and the delicious aromas that come out from the houses, I could feel the soul of the city and its ancient traditions. 

Bari used to be an independent kingdom of its own! Now part of Italy since 1860, it’s one of the most popular tourist destinations in Italy!

 close-up scene of traditional pasta making, where hands are crafting and cutting dough on a wooden board

Make sure you see Strada delle Orecchiette, a street where the local women gather around tables to make fresh pasta called “orecchiette”!  

The food I tried there is truly delicious: the typical focaccia, the homemade street food “sgagliozze” and seafood pasta… you’d better not come here on a diet!

Its streets are packed with unique sites like the Cathedral of San Sabino and Castello Svevo di Bari (a medieval castle), but the most important of them all is Basilica di San Nicola

Read all about them in this post, along with the best things to do in Bari.

Luxury hotel
A collage of three pictures of Palazzo Calò: a modern bedroom with a plush blue bed and contrasting white walls, a cozy living area with a white sofa and red accents, and the vibrant exterior of a classic corner building with ornate balconies

Perfectly located near attractions like San Nicola Basilica, this luxurious hotel is a short walk from the main historical monuments and offers private parking. Start your day with a typical Italian breakfast and finish it with a drink on the rooftop terrace from where you can enjoy stunning views of the city center of Bari!

Other accommodation options in Bari Vecchia

A stylish dining room in Bari, Italy, featuring a sleek table set against a backdrop of modern decor and natural light

Enjoy the view of Palazzo Mincuzzi from these beautiful rooms, perfect for couples

A cozy and minimalist bed and breakfast corner with a small wooden folding table, a black director's chair, and a white electric kettle on top

Have a traditional experience in this cozy B&B with free Wi-Fi and Italian breakfast

A cozy, minimalist bedroom with a white color palette and a rustic bench at the foot of the bed

A gorgeous place in Bari’s Historical Centre with a kitchen, free parking, and a TV

Things to do in Bari Vecchia

2. Murat – best place to stay in Bari for culture lovers

Spacious town square in Bari, Italy, surrounded by historic buildings with balconies and a clear blue sky overhead

Murat is the most vibrant area of Puglia’s capital city, set right in between the railroad track and the so-called “Lungomare,” the town’s sea promenade. 

This is the modern district of the city and has wider checkerboard streets, luxury stores, art galleries, and new restaurants. 

Here, you’ll find the most popular cultural centers of Bari, like the Margherita Theatre facing the big avenue Corso Vittorio Emanuele II, which is great for shopping and people-watching.

Come here early in the morning to grab a cup of coffee (Veronero Caffè Shop was my favorite!) and admire the stylish people of Bari! I loved doing that when I visited! 

Being very close to Bari Centrale train station, this area is perfectly connected to all the other parts of the city and other surrounding towns in Southern Italy. As such, this area is perfect for those who want to take day trips! I took one to Matera and had so much fun! Here’s a guide where I talk all about that, including how to get there!

Luxury hotel
A collage of three pictures of Bari 102: a spacious room with a wooden bed and seating area, an exposed brick feature in a comfortable living space with a beige sofa, and a loft-style apartment with a glass dining table and white stairs leading to an upper level

The Italian taste for design and modern style meets comfort and coziness in this beautiful B&B. Its perfect location in between Pane e Pomodoro Beach and the most popular attractions like Bari Cathedral and Basilica San Nicola makes it the perfect place to start your holiday. Don’t forget to try its exquisite breakfast during your stay in Bari!

Other accommodation options in Murat

Rooftop terrace view overlooking the urban landscape at dusk in Bari, Italy, with outdoor furniture set against the city skyline

A great hotel in the City Centre with a fab terrace, room service, and valet parking service

Charming bedroom with a neutral color scheme, comfortable bedding, and a contemporary side table

Treat yourself to the comfort of the spacious rooms and roof garden of this cozy place!

Modern living space with a striking feature wall and elegant floral arrangement on the dining table, illuminating the room with a warm glow

A unique, colorful, and bright loft in central Bari with a wonderful outside patio for your city break!

Things to do in Murat

  • Explore Piazza Umberto
  • Relax on the popular Pane e Pomodoro Beach
  • Catch a show at Petruzzelli Theater (Opera House)
  • Visit the beautiful building of Bari’s University
  • Take a trip to San Nicola Stadium, home to the National Football Team

3. Madonnella – best area for families

Scenic view of Bari's waterfront with a large Ferris wheel and historic buildings against a blue sky

Taking the whole family to Bari? Well, there’s no better place to base yourselves than Madonella! 

This area is greatly positioned with easy access to central Bari and to Pane and Pomodoro Beach! There’s nothing better than spending a whole day playing with your little ones and swimming in the Adriatic Sea!

If you’re a beach lover, know that Bari has lots of sandy shores, and you can read about them all in this post with the best beaches in and around Bari.

Another perk of Madonella is its tranquility! They’re not as packed with tourists as the Old Town, but you’ll still find some restaurants, shops and cute Italian piazzas! 

Quartiere Umbertino is also close to the train station, so you can always take a day trip to other towns! Check our post with things to do in Puglia if you need inspiration! 

Luxury hotel
A collage of three pictures of JR Hotel Grande in Bari: a bright room with sky-blue walls and minimalist furniture, a trendy lobby with unique oversized lampshades and plush purple sofas, and the hotel's grand circular architecture viewed from the seaside promenade.

Set right by the sea this gorgeous hotel offers some incredible rooms with breathtaking views from the balcony (perfect spot to drink your coffee! While here you can chill in the heated outdoor pool and dine at the gourmet restaurant!

Other accommodation options in Madonella

A spacious living room featuring a large gray L-shaped sofa, colorful throw pillows, and a modern floor lamp, with hardwood flooring and abstract paintings on the wall

This fabulous apartment is modern, chic and it has a balcony with sea view and a kitchen

An intimate and decorative indoor patio with artificial grass flooring, string lights overhead, and simple outdoor furniture

An affordable place that is well-equipped and has a terrace and a flat-screen Tv

A vibrant and colorful kitchen with a yellow and black mosaic table, matching yellow chairs, and modern appliances

Such an incredible condo with a small balcony, a lounge area and a kitchenette

Things to do in Madonella

  • Take the kids to the beach
  • Enjoy the sea views from the Blue Sky Wheel
  • Go for a walk along the coast
  • Grab some ice cream from Vavi Group

4. Quartiere Umbertino – coolest place to stay in Bari

Teatro Petruzzelli, the famous opera house in Bari, Italy, with its classic red façade and grand entrance

Welcome to Bari’s hotspot and one of the best places in town to grab a drink after the sun sets!

I actually got to spend a fun evening here, while visiting Bari and loved every minute of it! Quartiere Umbertino has this young and fresh touch, so don’t let the old buildings fool ya!

It was during the week and you could see mostly locals gathering round, by the sea, deciding on which spot to hit next!

Yep, there are many restaurants and bars where you can grab a drink and a bite! I would recommend La Battigia to anyone who loves fish.

If you’re planning to explore the area, make sure you stop to admire 2 of the most amazing buildings here: Palazzo dell’Acquedotto Pugliese and Teatro Petruzzelli (which you can also visit, so check their website for more details)

Luxury hotel
A collage of three pictures of a charming hotel: a sunny rooftop terrace with loungers and potted plants, a welcoming reception area with a classic vaulted ceiling, and a cozy bedroom with warm lighting and a welcoming tea set on the bed

Enjoy a complimentary breakfast at this hotel, with extensive connectivity to the History Centre and other areas. It comes with family rooms with air conditioning, and a terrace where you can enjoy your mornings with the little ones!

Other accommodation options in Quartiere Umbertino

A traditional dining area with a classic wooden table, vintage chairs, and a large ornate chandelier, set in a room with patterned floor tiles

Such an elegant space with wooden furnishings, a kitchen, and a garden view

A bright and cheerful bedroom with a blue feature wall, white furniture, and a large window draped with sheer curtains

This affordable place offers family rooms with a city view and a flat-screen TV

A modern dining area with a simple white round table, reddish-brown chairs, and minimalist decor

A great family apartment with a kitchen, a dining room, and a private balcony

Things to do in Quartiere Umbertino

5. Japigia – where to stay for in Bari for budget 

Panoramic view of a bustling square and the grand facade of Bari's train station with palm trees in the foreground

A budget trip to Bari is totally doable! You just need to secure the most affordable spots!

And you’ll find lots of those in Japigia, an area which is a 30 min walk away from Bari Vecchia! But you can always use public transport to get there earlier!

Make sure you download the app Muvt – this will help you find the best public options to get around town!

Japigia is a pretty small area and not so touristy, meaning you won’t find big attractions or countless restaurants but you’ll definitely get a peek inside the real, authentic Bari!

Here you’ll also find the Bari-Sud Est train station, which has some connections to other parts of Puglia, but not many (Bari Centrale is the main station and has many more connections than this one).

Luxury hotel
A collage of three pictures showcasing a modern apartment in Patty Maison, Bari, Italy: a neat kitchen with contemporary appliances and a dining table set for two, a bedroom with a striking teal accent wall and mustard bedding, and a welcoming entryway with a chic console table and mirror.

You’re going to love this modern apartment which is super spacious and offers so many facilities from a large kitchen with a dining table, a flat-screen Tv for the nights you want chill and a comfy bed to crash after a day out!

Other accommodation options in Japigia

A comfortable living area with a brown sofa, a small bookshelf, ambient wall lighting, and a warm color palette

Cozy yet simple! This place offers a free breakfast and rooms with a coffee machine

A bright and airy bedroom with a large bed, blue accent pillows, white sheer curtains, and a balcony

Super affordable place that comes with a washing machine and a kitchen

A vibrant and colorful kitchen with a yellow and black mosaic table, matching yellow chairs, and modern appliances

Perfect for 2 to 3 guests, this pet-friendly condo has a kitchen and air-conditioning

Things to do in Japigia

  • Spend a fun night at Snooker Bowling
  • Take a day trip by train from Bari Sud-Est station
  • Eat a yummy pizza at La Tana
  • Explore the neighborhood streets
  • Head to the nearby Parco 2 Giugno for a walk
👑 Luxury price:€180
💵 Mid-range:€120
🛏️ Budget:€70
📍 Best area:Barri Vecchia
🛎️ Best luxury hotel:Palazzo Calo
🧳 Best mid-range hotel:Casa Almika Sparano
👛 Best budget hotel:Atipico B&B

BONUS: Where to stay near Bari airport

Busy check-in area of Bari airport with passengers queuing at counters

Are you looking for some fab hotels near Bari Airport? Then this section is for you!

Below you’ll find my handpicked options for the best hotels in Palese, an area closest to the city’s airport, which by the way I recommend exploring as it has lots of cool beaches and bars!

Now let’s check out the hotels!

  • Luxury: Parco Dei Principi Hotel – Relax with a massage at the spa of this hotel that’s set just a 20 min walk away from the airport and which offers a free airport shuttle. 
  • Mid-Range: Villa Nicolaus – This gorgeous villa is so stylish and it offers a lush garden, a terrace and an airport shuttle. 
  • Budget: Il Civico 2 – Set less than 1km away from the airport this cozy accommodation offers breakfast and family rooms! 

FAQs about where to stay in Bari

A breathtaking bird's-eye view of Bari, Italy, capturing the dense architecture, bustling streets, and the Adriatic Sea at sunset

🌆 Which is the best area to stay in Bari, Puglia?

Bari Vecchia (Old Town) is the best area to stay in this beautiful city! It has the main historical monuments, fabulous restaurants, and some of the best hotels like Palazzo Calo.

👨‍👩‍👦 Is Bari safe to stay?

Yes! Bari is a totally safe city. There aren’t any dangerous neighborhoods. However, watch out if you go to Bari train station, as pickpocketing happens occasionally here!

📷 Is Bari worth visiting?

Absolutely! I’m telling you from experience! Bari has countless attractions, beaches, delicious food, and great connections to other towns in the Puglia region. 

🏖️ Is Bari good for a beach holiday?

Yes, Bari has some beautiful beaches! The best known is Pane e Pomodoro, but close to the Old Town, there are also some lidos with a private beach area, like Lido Sun Beach and Lido San Francesco alla Rena.

🤔 Where to stay in Bari or Polignano-A-Mare?

These 2 towns are very different! Pick Bari if you’d prefer a more urban atmosphere and Polignano-A-Mare if you want to spend the whole trip at the beach! You can find out more things to do in Polignano-A-Mare in our article here.

🚶 How to get around Bari as a tourist?

Walking is the easiest way to get around Bari, as most attractions are in the Old Town, but you can also use public transport (buses) if you’d like to explore the outskirts or visit other towns.

📅 How many days should I stay in Bari?

Having been to Bari myself, I recommend spending 2 to 3 days or more if you’re planning to take any day trips around Southern Italy. 

💃 Does Bari have nightlife?

Yes! Bari has a pretty fun nightlife and a few clubs where you can go out, like Demode Club!

💰 Is Bari expensive?

No, Bari is not that expensive! You can find lots of affordable hotels here, like Atipico B&B, and cheap restaurants that serve delicious food!


A quiet, atmospheric square in Bari with worn historical buildings, a parked scooter, and a chair and table set on the cobbled stones, evoking a sense of local daily life.

Woohoo! You’ve made it to the end of this guide on where to stay in Bari, Southern Italy! Congrats!

Today, we’ve seen the best areas in town, the most fab hotels, and some of the must-see attractions in each neighborhood!

As always, I recommend booking your hotel in advance, as the good ones always go first.

If you’re still unsure of which hotel to book, don’t worry, I’ll help you with that as well! I picked my 2 favorite ones, which you can find right below:

  • Palazzo Calo – enjoy the views from the roof terrace of this hotel which has a garden and stylish rooms. 
  • Casa Almika Soprano – this modern hotel in Bari offers some fab rooms with a balcony overlooking the city and a great location near the Petruzzelli Theatre. 

Visiting Bari is such a thrill! I had the best time while I was there and as always I encourage you to shoot any questions you might have! I’ll be happy to help you!

Have a wonderful trip!


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