Where to Stay in Naples, Italy – The Ultimate Neighborhood Guide with Hotels & Airbnbs

0 Where to Stay in Naples An Ultimate Neighborhood Guide with Hotels Hostels Airbnbs

Buongiorno cari amici, and welcome to one of the most iconic historic cities in Italy! You may have heard about the homeland of Neapolitan pizza, but there’s so much more about Naples that will blow your mind! Dating back to 3000 years ago when the ancient Greeks founded the city, over the years, a lot has changed, but trust me, its charm has remained the same. 

This UNESCO World Heritage Site contains catacombs from the 3rd century, historic churches, and castles built hundreds of years ago! But let’s not forget about the delicious gelato and strong aromatic coffee that you must try at least once in your lifetime!

With their beautiful narrow cobbled streets and the romantic squares and castles, you’ll love the atmosphere in Naples so much that you’ll want to add a few more days to your trip! I know you’re already wondering where to stay in Naples, it can be quite difficult, I know, and although the star of the show is the Old Town (the historic center) many other neighborhoods will steal your heart!

I’ve looked through hundreds of hotel lists to find you the absolute best one for each price range, and I only recommend the best-rated hotels that I would choose for myself! Make sure you book the accommodations, no matter in which area they’re located, quickly so you can get the best deals!


If you are in a hurry

A quick list that will give you an idea of the best hotels all located in the Naples historical center

luxury hotel
0 1 Il Tesoro

Il Tesoro

Best luxury hotel

mid-range hotel
0 3 La Casa Sul Nilo affordable

La Casa Sul Nilo

Best value for money

budget hotel
0 4 Napoliamo Guesthouse Cheap

Napoliamo Guesthouse

Best affordable accommodation in the center

0 2 Vintage Apartment airbnb 1

Vintage Apartment

An Airbnb with amazing reviews

Here’s a map that will give you a clear picture of the districts of Naples that I’ll be talking about in this post:

Naples Italy MAP Template 01
for luxury
for families
Quartieri Spagnioli
for budget
Central Station
for easy access

1. Old Town – where to stay in Naples for the first time

Airbnb Napoli for families

Located on the east side of the city, the “Centro Storico” in Italian is one of the best places to stay if you’re traveling to Naples for the first time as it is also known as the “heart of Naples”. This means that you will experience all that this town has to offer if you stay here. A stunning UNESCO World Heritage site since 1995, many people fall in love with all the historical sights after just one visit!

You can’t blame them, the magic of the small cobbled streets with huge historic buildings and balconies overlooking the city. Seeing where the Italian people hang their clothes will make you feel like you’ve landed in a chic Italian movie!

This well-preserved area has restaurants at every corner; I always say that their cuisine is one of the best in the world, and I’m pretty sure you’re going to agree with me! Most of them are located within walking distance of one another, so you can have the famous Neapolitan pizza in one place and then move to another for tiramisu or a glass of wine! Perfecto!

Trust me; you’ll want to stay in one of the most ancient cities in Europe, which dates back to Greek times. The Centro Storico has many attractions that you have to see like the Grand Duomo and the church of Santa Chiara. Located in the heart of the city, this neighborhood still has some underground Greco-Roman historic ruins that you can see, so don’t miss this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity! It’s so beautiful to see how people lived thousands of years ago!

Luxury hotel
1 1 Il TesoroIl TesoroIl TesoroIl Tesoro

Stay in Naples in one of the most beautiful hotels in Centro Storico! Every room is so simple yet so chic! Take a day off and relax in the spa, then you can order room service and try the delicious breakfast at the hotel.

Other accommodation options in Old Town

1 2 La Casa Sul Nilo Free cancellation

One of the best places to stay in Naples with an amazing view of the city, a lovely terrace, and free wifi

1 3 Napoliamo Guesthouse

Stay in Naples Italy in a nice hostel that has free wifi, family rooms, and the breakfast is delicious

1 4 Vintage Apartment 1

An affordable Airbnb that offers a great city view from the patio, they have free parking and breakfast

Things to do in Old Town

  • Walk on the narrow streets of the Centro Storico
  • Visit the Naples Grand Duomo
  • Enjoy an artsy day at Donnaregina Contemporary Art Museum 
  • Buy unique souvenirs from Via San Gregorio Armeno
  • Admire the beautiful Santa Chiara complex
  • Eat a delicious pizza in Naples Italy
  • Walk around the Naples Cathedral and Piazza Bellini
  • Enjoy the area’s vibrant nightlife scene
  • Check out the Laboratorio Arte In Movimento de Maria

2. Chiaia – best place to stay in Napoli for luxury

2. Chiaia

This stylish seafront neighborhood is one of the best places to stay in Naples if you love shopping in high-end shops and treating yourself in the most expensive stores like Louis Vuitton, Prada, and Armani. However, if you’re into unique, independent fashion boutiques owned by the local people in Naples, Italy, you’ll find tons of those, too, as well as some antique bookshops!

I highly recommend you check out the Naples antique market in Chiaia!

Located a bit further away from the city center, this neighborhood is great if you don’t want to be right in the middle of all the street noise. Chiaia has some of the best hotels in old historical buildings with huge rooms and unique sea views. If you’re lucky, you might even find one that has a rooftop terrace or a rooftop pool. 

If the foodie in you is wondering where to stay in Naples to eat at the best fancy restaurants then Chiaia will be your favorite spot! The places here still have that local authentic vibe but with a twist! I suggest booking all the hotels here in advance as this is a top tourist destination for many people!

If you stay in Naples, in this neighborhood, you’ll find many attractions like the Villa Communale, an 18th-century royal garden. You can stroll here at sunset and admire the beautiful views, and if you’re in the mood, you can spend a day at the Naples Aquarium, which is located inside the park.

Luxury hotel
2 1 The Britannique For couples

A beautiful place to stay in Naples, Italy, that has the best views of the city! The rooms are very classic and spacious, and they have one of the best restaurants and the accommodation offers breakfast! Spend a lovely night on the beautiful terrace drinking a glass of good wine.

Other accommodation options in Chiaia

2 2 Palazzo Alabardieri nique places

Stay in Naples in this historical place with amazing spacious rooms, a bar, and offers free wifi

2 3 Il Salotto della Regina Pet friendly

A great place to stay in Chiaia on a budget that is close to most attractions with elegant rooms

2 4 Casa Carmela downtown

An affordable, friendly place that offers a good location, it has a nice room and a lovely kitchen

Things to do in Chiaia

3. Vomero – nicest part of Naples Italy for a local experience

3. Vomero

This hilly neighborhood located in the East part of the city is one of the best places to stay in Naples and has the most amazing view of Napoli. You can see the Historical Center, the Gulf of Naples, and Mount Vesuvius! With Chiaia and Quarter Spagnoli in the nearby areas, Vomero is perfect for those who crave that local, authentic experience. 

This is an upper-class residential neighborhood so you don’t have to worry about safety.

What I love in particular about Vomero is that you don’t have any tour guides or big crowds so you get to see the town as it is, with its lovely local people sipping their coffees and enjoying the dolce vita. If you’re looking for where to stay in Naples so that you can take the funicolare cable car on a regular basis, then Vomero is for you. To climb up the small mountain, you’ll find the base of the cable car in Via Toledo. 

There are also numerous tourist attractions like the historic market in the Rione Antignano area and the Castel Sant’Elmo built in the 1200s. It’s the 3rd castle in Napoli and you have to reserve at least half a day just to look around it, learn new things about their historical culture and admire the amazing views. Spend the rest of your days walking around the Piazza Vanvitelli, eating some delicious Italian street food and doing some shopping while you’re here.

Luxury hotel
3 1 Relais Villa Montedonzelli

This is one of the best hotels in Naples, in my opinion! I just love the traditional design of this place! Have your delicious breakfast on the terrace and admire the garden views. The hotel offers spa services so you can take a day off and relax there! This historical villa is super friendly, and you’ll get to experience the authenticity of the city.

Other accommodation options in Vomero

3 2 Hotel Cimarosa honeymoon

Stay in Naples in this modern hotel that has a great location, unique spacious rooms, and a buffet breakfast

3 3 Le Chambre for big groups

Spend a lovely time in Le Chambre that offers great rooms, a balcony, and is close to most attractions in Vomero

3 4 Minimalistic Apartment In the city center

A friendly modern apartment in the Vomero area, great for budget travelers, and it has a backyard and a cozy room

Things to do in Vomero

  • Visit the Castel Sant’Elmo and the Certosa e Museo di San Martino
  • Enjoy some time in nature at Parco Mascagna
  • Check out the Napoli nightlife scene that runs from here to Old Town
  • Explore the Targa Salita del Petraio in Naples
  • Take the Funicolare up the mountain
  • Have a coffee break at Villa Floridiana
  • Walk around the Basilica di San Gennaro ad Antignano
  • Admire the view of the sea Église San Francesco d’Assisi al Vomero
  • Take a relaxing walk in the Parco Raffaele Viviani

4. Posillipo – best neighbourhood to stay in Naples for families

4 great place to stay in Naples

A great place to stay in Naples if you’re traveling with the whole crew and you also want to stay in one of the safest areas. Posillipo is located after Chiaia, further west along the coast. Although you can get around the area by public transport, I highly recommend renting a car so you can explore everything.

I love finding new panoramic views of the cities that I’m visiting! I would take a whole afternoon off just to climb the hill in Posillipo and see the sun setting over Mount Vesuvius! You can even hit the beach and have a picnic with the family while you’re here or head to one of the great restaurants.

If the kids are in the mood to spend some time outdoors, you can take them to Virgiliano Park. I always say, make sure you check every corner of a new place because you never know what you can find! There’s a cute market in the park from where you can buy souvenirs, and the kids might find some cool toys that will always remind them of bella Napoli!

What’s nice about Posillipo is that you can combine sightseeing with cool activities like snorkeling or kayaking. La Gaiola island is a place where you can see a protected archeological area under the sea with Roman ruins while doing all those fun underwater activities! I would recommend renting a car to get here super quick! Make sure you book all the hotels you love in advance as this area is very popular, especially for people traveling with other family members.

Luxury hotel
4 1 LHP SuiteLHP Suite

One of the best seafront hotels in Naples, with a unique view of the area! Spend a lovely time in this location, watching the sunset and spending the night on the balcony eating a delicious meal. The rooms are very modern and well suited for families.

Other accommodation options in Posillipo

4 2 La Stella dei VentiLa Stella dei Venti

Stay in the city in this friendly hotel close to the beach that has a spa center, family rooms and a great sea view

4 3 B B La Nave With free parking

Next time you visit Naples stay in this well preserved boutique B&B that has a children’s playground and lovely rooms

4 4 La Casetta di Posillipo

Stay in a budget-friendly tiny house close to most attractions that has a lovely room and a cute patio

Things to do in Posillipo

  • Watch the sunset from Parco Virgiliano
  • Take a trip to La Gaiola island
  • Visit the Palazzo Donn’Anna
  • Have a family picnic on the Bagno Elena beach
  • Take the kids to Panda Amusement Park
  • Admire the scenic views at Baia di Trentaremi
  • Try some cool sports with Napoli SUP
  • Teach the kids about Roman history at Parco Archeologico del Pausilypon

5. Quartieri Spagnoli – where to stay for budget travelers

5. Quartieri Spagnoli where to stay in Naples for budget travelers

If you’re wondering if you can stay in Naples on a budget then you came to the right place. Close to the center of the town, you’ll find plenty of budget hotels and Airbnbs on the traditional Italian narrow streets, full of shops and bars. 

The food is amazing here, I mean all of Italy offers the most amazing dining options but here you have to try the pizza fritta (fried pizza) at any of the street food trucks. Out of all of the areas we’ve talked about, in Quartieri Spagnoli, the street food business is very hyped! 

Grab your camera because there is so much street art in this neighborhood that you’ll stop at every corner to snap a pic for memories. If your location is in the southern part of Quartieri Spagnoli, then you’ll be within walking distance from places like Piazza Plebiscito and the Opera House.

However, if you want to explore more around the area, I highly recommend visiting beautiful churches like the Sant’Anna di Palazzo and the 1560 Santa Maria Della Mercede a Montecalvario. Another one is the Maschio Angioino (Castel Nuovo) landmark in Naples Italy, which was built in 1279. The view is stunning here! 

Luxury hotel
5 1 Caruso Boutique vacation rentals

I love the atmosphere in this boutique 4 star hotel in Quartieri Spagnoli. The rooms are so spacious and their interior design is very historic! Get up in the morning and have your traditional Italian breakfast on the balcony, which is overlooking the city and at night head down to the bar and have a cocktail! 

Other accommodation options in Quartieri Spagnoli

5 2 Artemisia Domus With the view

Have a lovely time in this well-equipped Quartieri Spagnoli hotel that has a hot tub and a spa center 

5 3 Factory Design Where to stay with the family

Stay in one of Naples best budget hotels, that has a bar, spacious rooms, and there’s a short walk to the attractions 

5 4 Modern Apartment

An affordable apartment in the Quartieri Spagnoli area that has a spacious room, free wifi and a kitchen

Things to do in Quartieri Spagnoli

6. Central Station – for easy access to other areas

6. Central Station best place to stay in Naples for easy access

One of the best places where to sleep in Naples if you want to travel around and explore other towns, like Pompeii, by train. Besides the train station, you also have an underground station here, the Napoli Piazza Garibaldi, so you can visit other parts of the city when you’re in the mood. 

I highly recommend having your Italian morning ritual (coffee and pastry) in the Piazza Garibaldi. It’s so beautiful and you can just grab a coffee from the Bar Mexico, come here early before everyone gets ahead of you, and just sit here with Naples’ best beverage and enjoy the atmosphere before you start another day of sightseeing. 

Located just east of the Centro Storico and within walking distance, you can go there for a day trip at any time! If you’re looking for where to stay in Naples just for a short amount of time, then the area around the Central Station is perfect! You can get around easily and you won’t waste time in traffic or in places that are filled with tourists.

Luxury hotel
6 1 Unahotels Napoli Luxury hotels

If you’re wondering where to stay in Naples in the Central Station area then I recommend this as one of the best luxury hotels that is very well equipped! I can already picture myself having a cocktail at the roof-top restaurant while watching the sunset. The hotel offers a good buffet breakfast and the rooms are modern and spacious!

Other accommodation options in Central Station

6 2 Hotel San Pietro With the pool

One of the best hotels near the Central Station area, that has a restaurant, a bar, and family rooms

6 3 Vic Street B B Family friendly

A good B&B budget hotel in the city, that has cozy rooms with large windows, free wifi, and a buffet breakfast

6 4 Vintage Apartment Kids friendly

A well equipped budget apartment in the Central Station area with a panoramic view of the city and a balcony

Things to do in Central Station

  • Have coffee in the morning in Piazza Garibaldi
  • Take the train to Pompeii to see the tourist attractions
  • Go on a day trip to Centro Storico 
  • Have a pizza at one of the restaurants 
  • Admire the architecture in the Piazza del Mercato square
  • Walk around Porta Nolana
👑 Luxury price:€230
💵 Mid-range hotel:€100
🛏️ Budget:€60
🏠 Airbnb:€150
💰 Accommodation prices:Medium
📍 Best Area:Old Town
🛎️ Best luxury hotel:Il Tesoro
👛 Best budget hotel:Napoliamo Guesthouse

Frequently asked questions about Naples

Top hotels and Airbnb Napoli

🏡 What is the best neighborhood to stay in Naples, Italy?

If you’re wondering where to stay in Naples, the Old Town (Naples historic center) is the best area to stay in the city as it is a UNESCO World Heritage site, you can explore it at night and still enjoy the vibe and it has all the big landmarks and great hotels! 

❓Where is safe to stay in Naples?

Most places are safe in Naples, especially the Historic center area, Vomero, and Chiaia as they are up-scale residential neighborhoods.

🤔 Is Naples dangerous for tourists?

Naples is a safe city for tourists, however, you should keep in mind not to explore a secluded area at night by yourself and also be careful with all the tourist scams and thieves.

🏨 What is the best hotel in Naples?

The best hotel where to stay in Naples has to be Il Tesoro, located in the Old Town (Naples historic area), the rooms are very chic and they have a spa center where you can relax all day long!

🏖️ What is the best hotel in Naples on the Beach?

LHP Suite is one of the best hotels and the star of the show when it comes to places near the beach as it has the most amazing sea view, the rooms are chic and the design is so unique!

👪 What is the most family-friendly hotel in Naples?

One of the best hotels where to stay in Naples for families is La Stella dei Venti, located in the Posillipo area. The kids are going to love that it’s so close to the beach and you have plenty of space in your rooms.

❌ What are some areas to avoid in Naples, Italy?

It’s advisable to steer clear of the Quartieri Spagnoli and Scampia neighborhoods in Naples.

🏘️ What are some suburbs of Naples, Italy, to stay in?

Suburbs to stay in include Posillipo for its scenic beauty, Vomero for its urban charm, and Sant’Agnello for a peaceful coastal retreat.


8 Conclusion With spa

What a lovely adventure! I hope this article helped you decide where to stay in Naples during your next trip to the city. Enjoy the cobbled streets of Naples historic center, the street art, and all the delicious food.

There are so many hotels to choose from for you, from luxury to budget, but here are my top two favorites, both located in Naples historic center (Old Town). I highly recommend booking in advance here as they sell out super quickly!

Make sure you eat as much Napoli pizza as you can, get drunk on Italian wine, and enjoy exploring the cobbled streets of all the cool areas in Naples!

Do leave a comment if you have any questions or suggestions for our fellow readers!



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