Where to Stay on the Amalfi Coast (8 TOP Areas + Hotels!)

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The Amalfi Coast is one of the most popular vacation spots in Italy and choosing which little town to stay in is not an easy task, but no worries, I am here to help you!

This complete Amalfi Coast resorts guide will help you make this decision easier! I selected 8 of the best Amalfi Coast towns in this post, giving you my hand-picked hotel recommendations in each.

In short, the best town to stay on the Amalfi Coast for the first time is Positano. This is ideal if you want to enjoy the authentic, luxurious vibe of the area, enjoy some crazy nightlife, and lay on some of the softest beaches in the area.

But don’t worry if you are looking for some other towns. I will also talk about Sorrento, Amalfi (yes, Amalfi is a small town on the coast!), Praiano, Ravello, Maiori and Minori, Salerno and Furore! Each charming town has its own perks and advantages, so I’m sure you will find something perfect!

Just one thing before we start – please keep in mind that not only the accommodation is quite expensive, the choices are scarce and the good ones are sold out months in advance, especially during the season. So, please make yourself a favor and book as much in advance as you can (get something with free cancellation if you are not 100% sure you are going)

If you are in a hurry

If you are ready to book a hotel in one of the coastal towns, let’s get right to it! Here are the best accommodation options on the Amalfi Coast:

Which town should you choose?

amalfi map

That’s a challenging task, but my personalized recommendations below will help you make this decision easier. Let’s see:

  • Where to stay on the Amalfi Coast for the first time – Positano
  • Top town to stay on a budget – Sorrento and Salerno
  • Where to stay if you don’t have a car – Amalfi
  • Top place to stay for an authentic vibe – Praiano
  • Best area for a honeymoon – Ravello
  • Best area for nightlife – Positano
  • Best for families – Maiori or Minori
  • Top area for a calm getawayFurore

1. Positano – where to stay on Amalfi Coast for the first time

amalfi coast italy

Positano is one of the MOST popular towns to stay in if you want a luxurious, VIP-level vacation that includes lots of relaxation on the sandy beach during the day and dancing during the night!

Positano is a cliffside town that has a superb soft beach, beautiful architecture, countless pubs and clubs, numerous world-class restaurants, and, of course, plenty of fantastic accommodation options that you can choose from! It’s a vivacious place and one of the most popular choices for travelers visiting the Amalfi Coast. Positano is picture-perfect!

By the way, you can expect the prices in Positano to be higher than in the other cities along the coast, but you can also expect to find some glamorous hotels and villas here that can’t be compared with anything else in the world!

NOTE: I would not recommend staying in Positano to people traveling with a baby or stroller, as it is known as the “vertical town” because it’s scattered along a cliff. So, keep in mind that getting around will not be that easy!

PRO TIP: Make sure you rent a car while staying on the Amalfi Coast! All the different cities along the coast are worth visiting, and the spectacular views on the road, so it would be a real shame to miss out! Getting a car means you can quickly go from one town to the other, as public transportation doesn’t connect the entire area.

Here are the best hotels in Positano, Amalfi Coast, sorted by price:

best hotels amalfi coast

Luxury (US$200 and up)

  • Le Sirenuse – A unique 5-star hotel (I would give it 6 if it were up to me!) with white theme decor rooms, a swimming pool, and much more! Not only do the rooms have spectacular views, but the hotel staff also takes care of every single detail of your stay, and most people consider it “the best hotel they ever stayed in.” Sophia Vergara, Anne Hathaway, Reese Witherspoon, and other celebrities that stay there can certainly agree too!
  • Alcione Residence – Here’s another excellent choice in one of the best Amalfi Coast towns, super close to the water, with unbeatable sea views! Some guests even said that this is one of the top hotels in Italy – so cool! But beware, as the rooms need to be reserved ahead of time!
  • Villa Treville – My following recommendation is one of the top hotels in Positano and an excellent place for a spoiled, luxury vacation! When I speak about luxury in Amalfi, Positano is the first on my list. Do you want to see the deep blue water from your bed? Then make sure to book a room here; you won’t regret it! Yes, it has a private beach as well!

Middle-priced (US$150 – US$200)

  • Casa Fortunata – In case you’re looking for a hotel that offers great value for the money in Positano, Amalfi Coast, this one for you! The main advantage of staying here is probably the sun terrace that offers stunning sea views – so fabulous!
  • La Maliosa D’ Arienzo – This excellent 3-star hotel has a gorgeous view of the Amalfi Coast, and it awaits with some beautiful, clean rooms with comfy beds and sea-view terraces. I can just imagine waking up and having my breakfast right there!

Budget (up to US$150)

Wondering where to stay in Positano on a budget? Unfortunately, because Positano is such a glamorous destination, I couldn’t find any budget-friendly hotels there, but I’m recommending some great Airbnbs in Positano instead and one hostel for those on a budget that still want to enjoy this unique destination.

  • Romantic Room Positano – If you’re looking for value and convenience, this private room in a gorgeous Positano house is the answer! The place is sparkling clean, and the owner is a super host, so that you can expect a great experience during your stay!
  • Hostel Brikette – This cozy, friendly hostel can be your home away from home during your vacation! It’s the cheapest option I could find anywhere in Positano – it has some unbeatable prices, but walking up and down the stairs will be required.

Escape to Positano

2. Sorrento – best area to stay for sightseeing

Sorrento hotel with a view

Sorrento is technically not on the Amalfi Coast, it is on the Sorrentinian coast, but it is nevertheless one of the most popular places among tourists as it is a stone’s throw away!

When it comes to describing this area on the Amalfi Coast, Sorrento is a beautiful mix of traditional and new, it has some amazing beaches, and it’s a great choice if you want to include  day trips or tours with tour groups to Pompeii or Naples during your itinerary, for example. But there’s one downside of its position: because it’s so accessible and easy to reach, Sorrento quickly becomes crowded during the summer.

Sorrento cheap taxi number

PRO TIP: Taxis in Sorrento are outrageously expensive – we were asked to pay 60€ for a 6 min ride from the train station. We found the taxi drivers to be quite rude and are unwilling to negotiate their unreasonable prices. Below I can recommend you a private company that charged half the price (still not cheap, but so is everything in Amalfi) and you can order your taxi by WhatsApp too: (here is the number to copy directly +3908118252620)

Now, here are my hand-picked choice of hotels for you:

hotels in positano

Luxury (US$250 and up)

  • Palazzo Marziale – Do you want to be treated like royalty during your stay near the water? This stunning property is the best place to book a room, and it’s one of the best hotels in Sorrento, Italy! It’s located in a 15-century building, one minute from the city center!
  • Villa Oriana Relais – Wondering where to book your room for complete luxury? Here’s another superb option on my list of the best places to stay in Sorrento! It’s great if you want panoramic views, excellent rooms, and a terrace with a hot tub. You’ll see that you’ll fall in love with this hotel!

Middle-priced (US$130 – US$250)

  • Al Centro Suites – Wondering where to stay in this city for good service? Well, trust me when I say that this is a fantastic place to stay if you want some stunning views of both the water and the historical city – such an excellent advantage!
  • Hotel Plaza – Here’s another excellent choice with an outdoor pool if you want to save money on your accommodation in Sorrento.

Budget (up to US$130)

  • B&B Caruso – The main reason I’d recommend saving some money on your accommodation on the coast is to invest it in an incredible day trip – such as Naples, for example! Even though it has no water views or a terrace, the rooms here are cozy and clean!
  • Casarufolo Paradise – This guest house is super cute and comfortable, just perfect for a good night’s sleep after a day of exploring the Amalfi Coast! You can serve a delicious breakfast in the morning and then head to Naples for the evening – how great is that?

Check the rates for Sorrento

3. Amalfi – best place to stay on Amalfi Coast without a car

amalfi beach

Amalfi is a charming Italian coastal resort between Sorrento and Salerno. It is one of the most popular choices (after Positano and Sorrento) for people who want to enjoy the authentic vibe of this remarkable place in Italy.

It has everything you might need: amazing views, luxury (but a more affordable one compared to Positano), fantastic beaches, and rich history. Plus, you can find the best restaurants and bars where you can indulge around Piazza del Duomo.

Another interesting thing to note is that Amalfi is halfway along the coast, being equally close to Salerno and Sorrento, making it perfect for some exploration!

Here are the top hotels you can choose if you want to stay in Amalfi:

amalfi hotel

Luxury (US$600 and up)

  • Hotel Santa Caterina – Are you wondering where to stay in Amalfi so you can enjoy a luxurious treatment? This 5-star hotel near the deep blue sea is one of the best answers I can give you! It has a stunning swimming pool, many terraces, some charming rooms, and even a private beach!
  • NH Collection Grand Hotel Convento di Amalfi – My following recommendation is another excellent choice if you want some royal places to stay in Amalfi! You’ll love the beautiful decor at this hotel, both in the rooms and common areas. Plus, they have an infinity pool, marble bathrooms, beach access, and a wellness center – how awesome is that?

Middle-priced (US$200 – US$600)

  • La Valle Delle Ferriere – If you’re looking for a valuable stay in Amalfi instead, look no further than this hotel! This is a super pretty bed and breakfast located less than 1km away from the small beach. The Mediterranean style rooms are bright and super cozy!
  • Hotel Marina Riviera – Here’s another beautiful place to stay if you don’t want to splurge on accommodation! Some advantages of staying in this 4-star hotel include free Wi-Fi, drinks, and snacks throughout the day, beach access, and a very friendly and helpful staff!

Budget (up to US$200)

  • Amalfi Luxury House – Can you believe I found a stunning accommodation near the water that awaits a great terrace where you can enjoy an Italian breakfast with fresh cookies and views of the blue sea at the same time? Me neither! It’s a great option, so make sure to book in advance!
  • Villa Rina – Here’s another perfect option for a budget stay in Amalfi. This hotel has simple but comfortable rooms, and the property is at the top of 400 steps, so you can expect fantastic coast views!

Book Your Getaway

4. Praiano – best area to stay for an authentic vibe

sightseeing italy

Praiano, is a small, charming, and lush town along the coast and one of the best choices for couples!

Praiano is another of the Amalfi Coast towns; it’s also pretty close to Positano (less than 20 minutes away by car through Amalfi Coast Road) and Amalfi (around 25 minutes) while also being calmer than both of them. If you stay here, you’ll also have plenty of great restaurants and shops to choose from, so you won’t get bored even for one second!

There are numerous accommodation options in this town, but here are some of the best I can recommend:

praiano hotels

Luxury (US$350 and up)

  • Hotel Margherita – This 4-star boutique hotel awaits beautiful views, spa services, a gourmet restaurant serving regional specialties, free parking, and more! Plus, it’s just perfect for a honeymoon!
  • Hotel Villa Maria Pia – This is another superb 4-star hotel you can book! Some of the advantages of staying in this hotel on the coast include a delicious breakfast, family rooms, free parking, free Wi-Fi, an on-site bar, and more!

Middle-priced (US$150 – US$350)

  • Hotel Il Pino – This beautiful 3-star hotel comes with some pocket-friendly rates but excellent service! The breakfast is delicious, and you can enjoy it on the terrace, the rooms are beautiful and clean, and there’s a beautiful sea view out the windows!
  • Open Gate – Here’s another good option I found for you! This one has a lovely sun terrace with sea views, and the beach awaits less than 5 minutes away by foot. Plus, staying in Praiano means you’ll also be close to Sentiero Degli Dei (Path of Angels) – a famous hiking trail in case you’re up for some adventure!

Budget (up to US$150)

  • Locanda Degli Dei – If you’re looking for a great budget stay in this beautiful village, well, you just found it! This cozy guest house is colorful and clean, and it has different types of rooms that you can choose from!
  • Hotel Villa Bellavista – Last but not least, this 3-star beachfront hotel has an on-site bar, a restaurant, and some unbeatable prices! By the way, this hotel has a fantastic terrace where you can stay and sip on your coffee and admire the view and atmosphere!

Find Your Praiano Home

5. Ravello – best area to stay for honeymooners

italy amalfi coast

Even though Ravello doesn’t have a beach, it’s the ideal small town if you want a quiet, relaxing beach vacation or honeymoon!

Ravello is a tiny town that sits proudly on a cliff, with plenty of hotels overlooking the deep blue sea. I recommend it to those looking for a romantic, peaceful place to stay while also being close to all the action in Positano or Amalfi.

Ravello is scattered with beautiful Italian gardens and houses, and it awaits fabulous photo opportunities everywhere you look!

where to stay in tavello

Luxury (US$250 and up)

  • Belmond Hotel Caruso – Do you want to stay in a stunning, luxurious hotel on the coast with an infinity swimming pool? Then this one was made especially for you! This property offers a 5-star service in a renovated 11th-century building with the superb decor! You won’t get bored here, even if you stay for one full year!
  • Hotel Villa Cimbrone – Villa Cimbrone is one of the most famous hotels in the village of Ravello; it’s very well-known! Get ready for a world-class service at this property with an outdoor infinity pool, panoramic gardens, and even a private helicopter pad – can you believe it?

Middle-priced (US$100 – US$250)

  • Maera B&B Ravello – Just look at this beautiful bed and breakfast! The rooms are modern, simple, and super clean, and you’ll also find an on-site restaurant, a bar, and a shared lounge there.
  • Ravello In – Here’s another excellent guest house in this village that awaits excellent service, especially considering the price you’ll be paying! This place also has family rooms, free Wi-Fi, and free private parking – great!

Budget (up to US$100)

  • Le Perle d’Italia – In case you’re searching for a budget stay in this beautiful village that will offer a local atmosphere, you just found it! This cute guest house has nice rooms, and you’ll also have access to a shared kitchen in case you want to cook your own meals!
  • Nonno Francesco B&B – Here’s another great place to stay if you want to save some pennies in your hotel room. This B&B awaits with free Wi-Fi, a garden, a terrace, air-conditioned rooms, and more!

Book Your Ravello Stay

6. Maiori and Minori – best towns for families

amalfi beach

Maiori and Minori are two different towns located super close to each other (less than 2 km away) and the perfect option if you’re traveling with your family and kids!

Why am I saying this? Because as opposed to the vibrant, crazy Positano, Maiori and Minori are more laid-back, crowd-free, and family-friendly while also having the soft beach super close by. They’re also very close to Amalfi, only 15 minutes away by car. Ah, and by the way, Maiori is THE place to be for pasta lovers!

Plus, hear this out: Maiori is the town with the biggest strip of beach on the entire Amalfi Coast!

How awesome is that? And both of them are also a bit more affordable than other Amalfi Coast towns out there, such as Positano or Amalfi. Naturally, I wouldn’t recommend them to people looking for nightlife or clubs that never sleep.

PRO TIP: Traveling last minute, and everything decent is already booked out? Check out another less-known town located between Salerno and Maiori, called Cetara, it is less known so you might have some good options there!

That being said, here are the best hotels in both Maiori and Minori:

where to stay amalfi coast

Luxury (US$250 and up)

  • Hotel Botanico San Lazzaro – Here’s one of the most stunning boutique hotels in the entire Maiori, trust me! Some of the excellent facilities here include a private beach, an on-site spa with a Turkish bath, an outdoor swimming pool, massages, and beauty treatments as well!
  • Hotel San Pietro – Wondering where to stay in Maiori in one of the best luxury hotels? Then you should take a look at this charming hotel, you’ll simply fall in love! It offers a 4-star service, and the property is actually made of self-catering spacious apartments and even has a private beach and an incredible swimming pool!

Middle-priced (US$150 – US$250)

  • B&B Galatea – If you’re looking for a place to stay that will offer flawless service for a quarter of the more luxurious hotels, this one is for you! This is a super cozy B&B that awaits you with simple but comfortable rooms, free Wi-Fi, and more!
  • Villa Anna – You can book a room here if you want to enjoy a nice, local experience for some very good prices! This villa looks really good, I certainly would appreciate the beautiful decor decisions here! Plus, you’ll be within walking distance of Minori beach – so great!

Budget (up to US$150)

  • Una Finestra Sul Mare – Wondering where to stay on a budget on the coast? No worries, this apartment is just perfect for you! It’s an ideal choice if you want some cute rooms, free Wi-Fi, and colorful tiles everywhere.
  • Minihotel Iris – Here’s another excellent option in the beautiful village of Maiori that I recommend if you want to enjoy a true, local atmosphere! The hotel consists of only 6 rooms, but each of them has a special, flower-inspired decor!

Check the best price here

7. Salerno – where to stay on the Amalfi Coast on a budget

salerno italy

If you’re looking for a more budget-friendly town on the Amalfi Coast, the port town of Salerno is your answer!

Some may say that Salerno is not part of the Amalfi Coast, as it’s right at the end of the coastline, but it still counts as one of the best choices if you’re looking for affordable hotels! Plus, it has the perfect mix of a charming, old Italian town and a lively city.

Another great thing about this town is that it’s a great base if you want easy access to the rest of Italy, such as Rome (around 2 hours) or Pompeii (40 minutes) via train. But staying there will be far from boring as well, as it has plenty of restaurants, cafes, and pubs that you can choose from for relaxation and fun!

PRO TIP: If you are looking for more affordable options, check out Vietri Sul Mare, it is a 20 min ride to Salerno, and, for some reason, it is not so known by tourists so you might have some more options there! Don’t worry – like all the towns on the coast, it is super charming too!

places to stay in salerno

Luxury (US$170 and up)

  • Hotel Montestella – Here’s an attractive option if you still haven’t found your dream luxury base on the Amalfi Coast! This 4-star hotel has superb rooms, and it’s only 400m from the train station, which I think is an excellent advantage!
  • Romantica Salerno – This beautiful bed & breakfast is one of my top choices in this area if you want to be spoiled! It’s ideal to enjoy an authentic Italian breakfast with incredible city views!

Middle-priced (US$100 – US$170)

  • Salsedine Sea View – If you’re looking for a mid-range option, I recommend this one! Visitors will enjoy the air-conditioned rooms, private bathroom, kitchen, and more. Plus, the rooms are spacious, and some even have sea views!
  • Antichi Riverberi – You can book a room here if you want to feel at home, even when you’re away from it! This B&B awaits with a local atmosphere, simple and pleasant rooms, and even a shared kitchen. Plus, you’ll only be 1.4km away from the harbor, so you can easily reach other cities on the coast, such as Amalfi, Positano, or even Naples!

Budget (up to US$100)

  • Vittoria Guest House Salerno – If you want a local vibe and some very comfortable rooms that are perfect for a pleasant night’s sleep, then make sure you book a room at this beautiful guest house! The prices are cheap here and, on top of that, you’ll also be close to Vietri Sul Mare – another cute village!
  • Casa Maria – This guest house is the perfect choice for anyone looking to save some money on their hotel rooms and spend it on something else! Airport transfers, free Wi-Fi, and a 24-hour front desk – are just some advantages of staying here. Plus, I also suggest visiting Vietri Sul Mare, it’s very close!

Salerno awaits

8. Furore – best area to stay for a calm getaway

italy landscape

Furore, is hands-down one of the most underrated cities on the Amalfi Coast and an incredible fishing village!

It’s located between Positano and Amalfi, and it’s genuinely gorgeous, right at the base of a cliff. Furore has the power to take you back in time with its cute, gorgeous vacation houses, beautiful murals, and just a handful of olive trees scattered everywhere!

Another advantage of staying here is that you can find amazing Amalfi coast vacation packages for a much lower price!

best hotels furore

Luxury (US$250 and up)

  • Le Contrade – If you want to splurge and have an entire vacation home all for yourself, then take a look at this place! This place awaits free parking, free Wi-Fi, a terrace, an outdoor swimming pool, a garden, and more!
  • Villa Le Arcate – This is another great luxury option for your stay on the Amalfi Coast! The view you will get on this property is breathtaking. This villa offers free Wi-Fi, garden views, and car rental service!  

Middle-priced (US$150 – US$250)

  • Hotel Bacco – This awesome 3-star hotel is 450 m above sea level and it awaits some spectacular views of the sea, trust me! If you book a room here, you’ll have your own secluded paradise in one of the most beautiful places on Earth!
  • Roccia Fiorita – This cute guest house is a great choice if your goal is saving some precious money. Some of the pluses of staying here are free parking, a terrace, airport transfers, panoramic sea views, and more!

Budget (up to US$150)

  • La Mela Blu – Here’s another superb B&B in this village where you’ll enjoy a great experience! One of the nicest activities during your stay will be laying on the cute sun terrace and soaking up the view!
  • Al Geranio B&B – Still didn’t find where to stay on a budget in Furore? Here’s a great choice if you’re looking for a warm, local atmosphere! This B&B is clean and cozy and has rooms with a patio or private balconies, free Wi-Fi, an on-site bar, a garden, and more!

Book a place in Furore

👑 Luxury price:$280
💵 Mid Range:$210
🛏️ Budget:$110
💰 Accommodation prices:High
📍 Best area:Positano
🛎️ Best luxury hotel:Alcione Residence
💵 Best mid-range hotel:Hotel Plaza
👛 Best budget hotel:Amalfi Luxury House

BONUS 1: Where to stay on Capri Island

marina grande harbor

Did you ever dream of visiting the beautiful Italian islands? Capri is not exactly part of the Amalfi Coast, but it’s a Italian island resort off the coast of Sorrento that you can visit nevertheless while you’re in the area.

It’s easy to do so with the ferry from Positano, and in order to get a full taste of this unique place, I recommend staying there overnight. While you’re there, enjoy the gorgeous hotels, numerous shops, and authentic restaurants.

If you want to add Capri to your Italian itinerary, here are some of the best hotels I can recommend:

where to stay in capri island

Luxury (US$220 and up)

  • Affittacamere Capri Dolce Vita – This superb guesthouse is THE place to be if you want to feel like royalty – and if you also have the budget for it! This hotel is right in the main square of the island, 2 km away from Capri’s coastlines and beaches, and some rooms have sea views – so beautiful!
  • Casa Boutique – If you’re looking for a beautiful holiday home full of personality, here is your answer! This property awaits free Wi-Fi, a fully equipped kitchen, a cute seating area, and many other facilities that you’ll definitely appreciate!

Middle-priced (US$150 – US$220)

  • To Be Capri – This is another guesthouse, more on the mid priced side. This property is small but really cozy and has a great location near the center of Capri but far enough to have a nice quiet sleep.
  • B&B Il Sogno – Here’s another beautiful B&B hosted in a 1950s villa boasting a Mediterranean atmosphere! If you choose a room here, you’ll have access to an outdoor pool and an on-site restaurant as well!

Budget (up to US$150)

  • Villa Pollio Guesthouse – This is another great guest house hotel if you want to enjoy this island for a very good price! It’s only 30 m away from Piazza Edwin Cerio, and it awaits with comfy rooms and a lush terrace with city views!
  • Boutique B&B Bettola Del Re – Here’s another budget-friendly B&B that you can choose if your goal is saving some money while still benefiting from an excellent service! This one has a patio, free Wi-Fi, a safety deposit box, and more!

Click for the lowest rate for Capri

FAQs about Amalfi Coast lodging

2 amalfi coast day trip from rome

I couldn’t let you go without answering some of the most common questions about Amalfi Coast, am I right? Let’s see:

🇮🇹 What is the best destination on Amalfi Coast?

There are 8 main nearby charming towns on the Amalfi Coast – Positano, Sorrento, Amalfi, Praiano, Ravello, Maiori and Minori, Salerno, and Furoi. All these places are simply superb, you need to choose the one that fits your travel style, budget, and preferences!

☀️ When to visit the Amalfi Coast?

You can see the Amalfi Coast anywhere from May – September – you’ll have perfect weather and an authentic experience. In detail:
● May – one of the best months, as the weather is good and the flocks of tourists are not yet there
● June – August – high season, crowded, but the weather is just great, and the parties are taking place all the time, including plenty of festivals. Plus, the water temperature is just perfect!
● September – the weather is still excellent, but it’s a bit less crowded

🚶 Where to stay in Amalfi Coast without a car?

Going to Amalfi Coast without a car? No problems! If you are going to base yourself in Amalfi town, you will certainly have numerous transportation options and tons of attractions and restaurants within walking distance.

📅 How many days do I need to explore Amalfi Coast?

This depends on your budget, but at least 3 days if you want to get an authentic taste of the place. I would suggest spending at least 7 days to get a feel and discover the whole coast properly. You won’t get bored even if you stay for 10 days, there are so many places you can see!

⛵What is the best way to see Amalfi Coast?

You should see the coast from 2 points – by car and water. Book your trip to Capri starting from Salerno – you will be sailing along the whole length of the coast!

💸 What are the ways to save money on accommodation in Amalfi Coast?

To save money on accommodation in Amalfi Coast, it is recommended to travel during the off-season and consider staying in lesser-known cities along the coast lie Atrani, Fiordo di Furore and Vietri Sul Mare.

✈️ What is the nearest airport to the Amalfi Coast?

The nearest airport to the Amalfi Coast is Naples International Airport (NAP), also known as Capodichino Airport, located approximately 45 kilometers away.


sorrento golf

This was my complete guide on Amalfi Coast accommodation! I hope you found this post useful, and maybe you have already found the perfect hotel for your stay from my list above!

In this post, I told you everything you need to know about the 8 best towns along the Amalfi Coast, Italy, with hand-picked hotel recommendations, all broken down by budget and fabulous reviews. In short, there’s something for anyone in this article, I promise!

As I told you before, this article aims to make things easier for you, so let me tell you my top 2 favorite choices to stay on Amalfi Coast:

  • Hotel Margherita – I love everything about this hotel! They have super helpful staff that will make your stay even more pleasant.
  • Una Finestra Sul Mare – if you are looking for a hotel near the beach, this is the best option for your stay on the Amalfi Coast!  

Before wrapping this up, I want to tell you one last time that it is so essential to book in advance to secure a spot in the best hotel, perfect for your interest and budget!

But if you have any questions on where to stay on Amalfi Coast or want to share with me your plans for your next trip to any Amalfi town, please do so in the comments below!

If you need more travel inspiration about Italy, here you can find all our articles about this beautiful country.

Happy travels,


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hotels in amalfi coast

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