Caminito del Rey Tickets – 6 Things to Know Before You Book!

0 Things to Know Before buying Tickets Caminito del Rey

Located 100m above the ground in the beautiful Gaitanes Gorge lies the Caminito del Rey, an incredible walkway in an impossible location!

More than 300,000 people walk this trail every year and Caminito del Rey tickets are sold out every single day, so I am sure you know just how important it is to book yours in advance. 

But if you didn’t, don’t fear, in this post, I am going to go through all the ways you can buy tickets to the Caminito del Rey, even if they are sold out online! 

After we have exhausted all your possible options, I have also provided you with some practical information for your visit to help you understand the route, how to get there, where to park, and much more (make sure to read this part before booking). 

Just as the construction workers from 1901 were driven enough to build this marvelous walkway, I am determined to help you find your tickets and make you an expert on the Caminito del Rey! 

So let’s go! 

Quick Picks for Your Stay

If you are here just to get your tickets quickly and don’t need all the extra value info I’m going to provide in this post, here are the best links to do so: 

  • General Entrance Ticket – €10 (Official website or ticket office only) 
  • Guided Tour – €18 (Official website) or €29 on GetYourGuide (if they run out on the official site) 
  • Discounted ticket – none
  • Age limit – 8 years and older (must bring passport/ID)
Single Ticket: Guided Tour:Tour from Malaga:Cancelation Policy: 
Official Website€10€18No cancellations[Book tickets]
Get Your Guide€29€43>24 hours in advance[Book tickets]
Viator€35€65>24 hours in advance[Book tickets]
Headout€45€150>48 hours in advance[Book tickets]

Why buy in advance?

There is a maximum of 600 tickets available per day to walk the Caminito del Rey which may sound like a lot but it is so popular that they often sell out months in advance!! This means it is imperative that you buy your tickets as soon as you can when you have decided on visiting. 

But if you have already missed out, fear not, I have plenty of great tips to help you try and secure some, even when they are already sold out online!

1. Different types of tickets 

There are two types of tickets to walk the Caminito del Rey, regular self-guided general entrance tickets, or guided tours.

NOTE: Both ticket types are timed so it is important that you figure out the logistics of your trip before choosing a time slot (check out my section with things you should know below). If you miss your designated time, there is a chance they won’t let you in! 

1.1 Self-guided entrance ticket

As you would expect, a self-guided entrance ticket allows you to enter and walk the Caminito del Rey by yourself without a guide. All the necessary safety equipment is provided and you are able to walk the trail at your own pace, however, you will miss out on learning about the historical significance of this incredible place from a guide. 

General entrance tickets are only available on the official website or occasionally at the gate (check out the section on buying tickets at the entrance in section #6). 

PRICE: €10

1.2 Guided tour

1.2 caminito del rey tickets with guide

If you would like to learn a bit more about the history of the Caminito del Rey and the importance it held to the local people, you should join a guided tour which is available in English and Spanish

The general entrance ticket is fine if you are just looking to enjoy the experience of walking the Caminito del Rey; however, that experience will be much more impactful if you have a guide to explain the different things you see along the way. 

PRO TIP: This is also a good option if you are a little afraid of heights and would like the comfort of joining a group with a knowledgeable guide. 

PRICE: from €18

2. Buying your Caminito del Rey tickets online in advance 

2. Caminito del Rey Spain tickets online

As we have already covered, you absolutely should buy your tickets online, as far in advance as possible if you want to secure yourself a spot to walk the Caminito del Rey. 

The official website sells the cheapest tickets, but these tickets are usually sold out months in advance, so here I will talk you through a couple of different ways to buy tickets in advance online in case one option is sold out. 

2.1 Official website 

Tickets are made available on the official website each quarter, meaning you have the option to buy your tickets up to 3 months in advance. The process is quite simple however it is easiest if you register an account before starting your purchase, otherwise you may end up going around in circles. 

NOTE: You will need your passport number to register and need to receive an email to confirm your email address before you can purchase tickets. 

Once you’ve registered, go here, choose an available date from the days marked in orange on the calendar, choose the number of tickets you wish to purchase, and continue to pay. 

NOTE: While the calendar may show available dates in orange, it does not mean that both ticket types are available. General entry tickets often sell out first meaning a guided tour may be your only option. 

you need to get Caminito del Rey tickets in advance

Once you are here you can add parking if you wish to park at the Visitors Reception Center (€2 per car) by pressing the car icon. Note this is not within walking distance of the start of Caminito del Rey, it is actually halfway along the road from the end to the start so a shuttle bus is necessary both ways so I will recommend a better car park in the practical info section below.

After you have paid for your tickets, you can also purchase tickets for the shuttle bus which will be linked to your entrance. I will talk about this in more detail later on (see map under route info below). 

PRO TIP: There is an additional €3 booking fee when purchasing through the official website so make sure you are prepared with all the necessary details for your purchase so you can buy everyone’s tickets in one go. 

While tickets for Caminito del Rey are the cheapest on the official website, there is a strict no cancelation or changes policy. Even if it is closed due to weather or maintenance, you will get a text message with directions on how to change your date but cannot get a refund. So if you are not 100% certain about your dates, I suggest you book tickets through one of the resellers that I will talk about next which has a great cancellation policy. 

PRICE: €10 general entrance, €18 guided tour

2.2 Trusted ticket resellers 

2.2 caminito del rey tickets official website and resellers

Even if tickets are completely sold out on the official website, there are often still some guided tour tickets for sale on ticket reseller websites. Unfortunately, you can only buy general entrance tickets on the official site, but taking a tour will just give you even more value in addition to the chance to walk the Caminito del Rey! 

I have gone through all the trusted websites where you can find additional Caminito del Rey tickets and found that Get Your Guide is the best choice. At €29, the tickets are a little more expensive than buying them directly, but they are the cheapest of the ticket resellers and often have extra tickets available, even when sold out elsewhere. 

What’s more, when buying your guided tour through Get Your Guide you can cancel with a complete refund up to 24 hours in advance. So if you would like a little added security should your circumstances change, I recommend Get Your Guide. 

Price: €29

Difference from the official website: + €11

If tickets are sold out elsewhere, you can also check Viator and Headout for more. 

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3. If normal tickets are sold out – book a full-day tour

3 full day tour from Costa del Sol Malaga Granada to Caminito del Rey

If you really want to buy your tickets in advance but all the tickets are sold out online including the official website and all the trusted ticket resellers listed above, another option is to look for available day trips. 

These will be a little more expensive however they also include transportation so you will save money on car rental, parking, and fuel while having a stress-free day knowing everything is organized for you! 

All these tours are essentially the same, you are picked up, stop for breakfast in Ardales (not included in the price), have a guided tour of Caminito del Rey, and then transported back to your starting point. 

Here are some of the day trips to check availability which includes entrance tickets to Caminito del Rey: 

From Costa del Sol / Malaga (7-8 hours):

NOTE: There are more Malaga tour options on Get Your Guide and Viator if the ones above are sold out. 

From Granada (5-7 hours):

From Seville (10 hours):

From Nerja (9 Hours):

From Cordoba (7 Hours):

4. How to find tickets if it’s sold out online

4 where to stay near Caminito del Rey

Even if every single ticket and tour online is sold out for your dates, don’t give up hope yet. I have a few more secrets to share with you!

The next best bet if you want to get tickets in advance is to book a hotel near the Caminito del Rey. There are only a few, but these hotels also sell tickets to the Caminito del Rey to their guests so there is a good chance if you can book a room, you can also book a ticket! 

NOTE: It is not guaranteed that tickets will be available when you book a room, however staying close to the entrance also gives you the best chance to be first in line to purchase tickets at the gate (see #6 below). 

Posada del Conde in Ardales and the Complejo Turístico La Garganta in El Chorro are the closest hotels to the Caminito del Rey. Convento la Magdalena in Antequera is a little further away but may also be able to help!

PRO TIP: Make sure to write in the comments of your booking that you are specifically looking for tickets to Caminito del Rey. 

5. Last-minute combo tickets from Malaga train station

5 combo tickets from Malaga train station Caminito del Rey tickets

If you have already missed out on pre-purchasing your Caminito del Rey tickets online but are staying in Malaga, you have another chance! 100 tickets which combine the train, shuttle bus, and entrance to Caminito del Rey are available from a special ticket machine at the Malaga Train station each day. 

NOTE: You can only buy these tickets on the morning of your visit. Tickets are available at the machine from 6 am to 9:15 until sold out. 

Each day there are 70 general entrance combo tickets (€23) + 30 guided tour combo tickets (€31) available, so you should aim to get there as early as possible if you don’t want to miss out!

All the info you need on how exactly to purchase the tickets can be found on the poster next to the machines. The steps are in Spanish however it is pretty easy to follow with a basic understanding (or google translate). 

6. Buying tickets at the entrance 

6 caminito del rey tickets on the day at the entrance

If everything else has failed and there really aren’t any tickets left anywhere, your last chance is to buy tickets at the entrance! 

This one is a bit of a risk because the number of tickets available daily varies dramatically depending on how many tour groups are arriving. Some days there are none, some days there are 50 – 100 tickets available. 

Only general entrance tickets are available at the gate (no guided tour) and they cost the same as online €10, paid by card or cash. The booth opens around 9 am in time for the first entrance at 9:30. 

PRO TIP: Make sure to arrive extra early to be the first in line. People have reported lining up from as early as 7:30 am (2 hours early) to get tickets at the entrance! 

NOTE: Tickets are only sold at the north entrance of Caminito del Rey (the reception center on the map below) which is approx a 30 min walk from the car park. So remember to factor that in! 

If you secure a ticket, your entrance time will depend on how many people with pre-purchased tickets arrive for each time slot. 60 people are let in every 30 mins, so if less than 60 people are waiting to go, the remaining spaces are filled with people holding tickets from the gate. But don’t worry, usually, you do not have to wait too long once you have secured a ticket. 

Even though it’s a risk, I still think it’s worth making the trip and attempting to get tickets at the gate if you cannot find them elsewhere. The region around Caminito del Rey is super beautiful and there are other hikes and activities like the via ferrata that you can still do to have a fun adventure in the area if you don’t manage to get in. 

Important things you should know about the Caminito del Rey

things to know about the Caminito del Rey

Before you purchase your tickets, here are some logistical things you need to consider and practical tips to help you make the most of your trip!

1. How far in advance do you need to buy your tickets

As far in advance as possible! Tickets open about a month before each quarter of the year so it’s possible to buy your tickets 3 months in advance. 

Due to the limited number of tickets available, Caminito del Rey Tickets sell out super quickly so it’s best to get them when you can! 

2. Opening hours & best time to visit

Opening hours Caminito del Rey

The Caminito del Rey is open Tuesday – Sunday, 9.30 to 14.30 every day of the year except Christmas and new years holidays. 

Since there is a limited number of tickets per day and this sell-out practically every single day of the year, it does not make a difference which day of the week you go if you have already secured your tickets.

That being said, if you are hoping to get last-minute tickets, avoid weekends, and public and school holidays. Mid-week will give you a better chance of grabbing a last-minute ticket at the gate!

Even though all the entrance tickets are time-stamped and the same number of people are let in every 30 mins, you can theoretically take as much time as you want to enjoy the trail. 

That means that if you manage to get the first time slot (9:30 am) you will most likely have the least amount of crowds. (Just take into consideration your transport as you may not be able to arrive in time if you plan on taking the train.)

NOTE: Make sure to arrive at the northern P1 parking at least 1 hour before your entrance as you need to allow time to make your way from here to the gate and be at least 20 mins early. 

3. How to get to Caminito del Rey

Aside from the guided tours, we talked about earlier, your options for getting to the Caminito del Ray are to drive or take the train from Malaga 

For both options, you will need to take a shuttle bus either from El Chorro to the start of the Caminito del Rey, or from the end back to the car park. I will talk about the shuttle buses in the next section. 

Let’s take a look at each transportation option: 

Driving to Caminito del Rey: 

The easiest way to get to the Caminito del Rey is to rent a car from Malaga and drive it yourself. Rental cars cost from €42 per day and the drive will take around 1 hour.

Caminito del Rey Parking

There are a few car parks dotted around the Caminito del Rey, the most convenient ones are located at the north entrance at the start of the Caminito del Rey (P1 on the map below). 

P1 costs €2 per car and is paid on-site, make sure to arrive there at least an hour before your entrance time as it takes around 30-40 mins to walk to the gate, and you must be at the gate 20 mins before your entrance. 

Alternatively, there is free parking at El Chorro (P2) and the official Caminito del Rey Parking at the new Visitors’ reception center, halfway between the two (€2 pre-paid with tickets on the official website or paid on site). For both of these car parks, you will still need to take the shuttle to the beginning of the trail. Make sure to arrive at least 1.5 hours early if you plan to park at either one as they are further away. 

Public transport to Caminito del Rey: 

Public transport to caminito del rey shuttle bus timetable

The easiest way to get from Malaga to the Caminito del Rey by public transport is by train. From Malaga, you will catch the train (MD 13057) direct to El Chorro and then connect with the Caminito del Rey shuttle. 

There is only really one departure per day which gets you there in time to do the Caminito del Rey. The morning train leaves at 10:06 am from Maria Zambrano station and the trip takes around 50 mins. The last train back leaves at 15:50 so make sure you don’t miss it! The round trip will cost you around €10.

NOTE: Because of the arrival time, you will be limited to what time entrance tickets you can buy. You need to arrive at El Chorro at least 1.5 hours before your entrance so I recommend booking the 12:30 entrance so you have time to get there and back. 

PRO TIP: There is no online timetable for this train so it’s a good idea to double-check the times at the train station on the date before your departure. 

4. Caminito del Rey shuttle bus & walking route

Caminito del Rey shuttle bus walking route MAP

Shuttle bus (Blue line)

Whichever way you arrive at Caminito del Rey, you are going to need to take the shuttle bus at some stage as the path can only be walked one way (north-south). 

Every day that the Caminito del Rey is open, the shuttle bus runs from El Chorro train station via the Visitor reception center up to El Kiosko (the north entrance parking lot) and back. This bus runs approximately every 30 mins between 07:50 am to 7:00 pm and the whole trip takes around 15-20 mins

Tickets can be purchased on board from the driver and cost €2.50 per trip, make sure to bring correct change as cards are not accepted and the driver will not carry change for large bills. 

Walking path to the Caminito del Rey entrance (Yellow line)

Once you have arrived at the north car park (El Kiosko), from here you will need to walk to the entrance of the Caminito del Rey on one of the two marked paths (shown in yellow on the map). 

Both paths take between 30-40 mins to walk to the gate, so please remember to factor this into your arrival time since you need to be at the gate at least 20 mins early to pick up your helmet!

The Caminito del Rey Trail (Red Line)

After arriving at the gate at least 20 mins early, you will have your ticket and ID checked, be given a helmet, and be assigned a group if you have booked a tour. If you arrive early you will usually need to wait for your entrance time.

Now it’s finally time to walk the Caminito del Rey!! The walk itself is 2.9km and must be walked from North to South and you should allow a couple of hours to fully enjoy the experience. 

PRO TIP: If you are not joining a guided tour or simply want to know exactly what you are getting yourself into, have a look at the detailed route description online in advance.

Returning to El Chorro (Yellow Line)

Once you have completed the walk and made it to the exit gate, you will hand back your helmet but continue walking for another 2.1 km (around 30 mins) to El Chorro. If you are taking the train, you can simply hop back on from here, otherwise, jump on the shuttle back to your car in the other car parks!

5. What to bring to Caminito del Rey

5 how long is the caminito del rey and What to bring

Remember that the Caminito del Rey is a very narrow trail so large and bulky items like big backpacks and tripods are not permitted as they take up too much space. While there are places to stop and take a rest or some great photos, there is nowhere to sit down for a large lunch, so pack small pocket snacks that will get you through until the end! 

✅ Breathable clothing 
✅ Good secure shoes
✅ Hat & Sunscreen
✅ Water
✅ Snacks 
✅ Ticket (printed or on phone)
✅ Identification
✅ Camera

❌ Flip flops
❌ Bulky items (backpacks or luggage)
❌ Tripod
❌ Camping stove / big lunch 

6. Facilities at Caminito del Rey

  • Toilets – There are no toilets along the trail – only at the start (El Kiosko) and end (El Churro)
  • Bins – No bins are available along the trail, only at the entrance 
  • Food – There is a cafe at the visitor center as well as El Kiosko and El Churro, but no food or snacks are available while you are walking so make sure to bring some with you 
  • InformationVisitor reception center or Caminito del Rey reception center
🎟️ General Entrance:€10
🎤 Guided Tour:€18
💲 Cheapest Tickets:Official Site
☘️ Refundable Tickets:Get Your Guide
🗺️ Walking Direction: North-South
🕖 Best Time to Visit:9:30 Entrance
⌚ Duration: 4-5 Hours

Frequently asked questions about Caminito del Rey

how to get tickets to Caminito del Rey if they are all sold out online

🕖 How long does it take to walk to walk the Caminito del Rey? 

It takes 4-5 hours to complete the Caminito del Rey door to door. This includes walking from the car park to the entrance, rest stops, and returning to the car park via the shuttle bus. It is a total of 7.7km of walking one way.

😅 How fit do you need to be to walk the Caminito del Rey? 

Anyone of average fitness can walk the Caminito del Rey, you do not have to be particularly strong or athletic but you should not be afraid of heights or have any underlying medical conditions. 

⏰ How early do you need to arrive before your entrance time?

You need to be at the starting point of the Caminito del Rey at least 30 mins before your entrance time. This means arriving at the north car park (El Kiosko) at least 1 hour before your entrance time as it is a 30 min walk from here. 

🎟️ Is it possible to get tickets to Caminito del Rey if they are all sold out online? 

Yes. In this post, we go through a number of ways to get tickets to the Caminito del Rey even if they are sold out online such as using ticket resellers, combo train tickets, hotels, and purchasing at the gate. 


cheapest tickets to walk the Caminito del Rey

Wow, now I am sure you will waste no time being confused about Caminito del Rey!! To recap, the cheapest tickets to walk the Caminito del Rey are bought through the official site, however, these can sell out months in advance! 

If you miss out on buying tickets directly, you can check Get Your Guide, Viator and Headout for more or join a guided tour from Malaga. But if all else fails, I gave you a few more ways to try and get tickets and some super-practical information that you need to know before your trip! 

I hope this post helped you get your Caminito del Rey tickets and that you have the best time ever exploring this magical place!

If you have any questions or want to share your experiences with getting last-minute tickets, feel free to leave a comment below and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Happy Travels,

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