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The Dalí Theater-Museum, in Figueres, is considered the largest surrealistic object in the world! It was built by Dali himself and is also one of the most popular (and crowded) attractions in Spain! 

So if you want to visit it (of course you would), it’s important you plan ahead so you don’t waste time standing in line. There are several ticket types you can opt for such as single entrance, group and private tours, day trips & combo tours with access to different attractions… But which one is the best for you?

To help you choose, I did some super thorough research and wrote this article explaining all the different Dali Museum Figueres tickets, including where is best to buy each one and some useful information about opening hours, directions from Barcelona, facilities, and much more!

The only thing you have to do now is to start reading! Are you ready?

Quick Picks for Your Stay

If you are here just to get your tickets, here are the best links to do so: 

  • Normal ticket – €20 (Official website) or €22 on Tiquets (if they run out on the official site) 
  • Guided Tour – €25 (Official website)
  • Day trip tour from Barcelona – €82 from Headout
  • Discounted ticket – €13 for students under 17 and for people over 65 (bring your ID with you)
  • Free ticket – for children under 8
How to get Dali museum tickets if its sold out online

There are many tickets to visit the Dali Museum, but the most popular and easiest way of visiting it is on a guided tour from Barcelona, as you have transportation and a guided tour of the museum included. For this museum having a guide is super important as without one you will miss out on hearing a lot of the stories. 

If you prefer not to go on a full guided day trip you can still organize your own tickets and transportation to Figueres, but if you want a tour (without transport) you need to make sure to book that in advance. See the table below for a quick comparison, otherwise I’ll talk about each ticket option in more detail throughout the post.

NOTE: Prices below are for high season (July & Aug), see other prices in section 1

Peak Season PricesAdult Entrance Discount EntranceGuided TourTour from BarcelonaCancelation Policy
Official Website€20€13€25Non RefundableBook tickets
Tiqets€22€28>1 day in advance for €3 extraBook tickets
GetYourGuide€45€82>24 hours in advanceBook tickets
Headout€45€82>48 hours in advance Book Tickets
Viator€84>24 hours in advance Book Tickets
Klook€82>48 hours in advance Book Tickets

Why buy in advance?

The Dali Museum in Figueres is one of the most popular in Spain, so buying the tickets online in advance will give you some good advantages! First of all, you can choose the time slot, see the availability of guided tours in different languages and avoid the long lines at the entrance, especially during the peak season when it’s always super crowded.

Moreover, only tickets that are not sold online are sold at the ticket office, so if you buy them on-site the same day you run the risk of not finding a spot for you (and if you want to take a guided tour, it is almost impossible!).

1. Single entrance Dali Museum Figueres tickets

1 Single entrance Dali Museum Figueres tickets

This is the cheapest option if you simply want to visit the attraction by yourself. You can buy single entrance tickets on the official website or from the Placa Gala i Salvador Dali square on the day of your visit to the Dali Museum, but I don’t recommend that (check out section 5 to know why!).

During your visit you’ll understand the artistic journey of Salvador Dalí through many of his works. The route you’ll follow was specifically designed by Dali himself and will bring you through many rooms where you’ll get to know everything about him such as his first artistic experiences, surrealistic works, his passion for science all the way up until his last pieces of art.

DID YOU KNOW? The Dalí Theatre-Museum was inaugurated in 1974 by Dali, and it is considered to be the last great work of the painter!

Get ready to gaze at 1500 artworks, paintings, drawings, sculptures, caricatures, installations, photographs, stereoscopes, and much more, plus a room where they do temporary exhibitions.

NOTE: The Dalí Theatre-Museum entrance ticket also includes free entry to the Empordà Museum and 30% off the admission price at the Toy Museum of Catalonia. So make sure to take full advantage of your ticket!

When booking your ticket, you can choose from time slots every 30 minutes. Once at the entrance you’ll have the full 30 minutes of your ticket entry to go in (but they won’t let you in before it!). 

Dali Theatre Museum privat tours and skip the line tickets

NOTE: The tickets do sell out sometimes so if you don’t see availability for your preferred slot, check the alternative ticket websites, like Tiquets!


The ticket price changes based on the season:

  • January – June: €15 Adult, **Reduced €10
  • July – August: €20 Adult, **Reduced €13  
  • September – December: €17, Adult **Reduced €11

**Reduced Rate for: Students, pensioners over 65 (bring ID)

Refunds: They don’t refund tickets unless the museum closes due to force majeure, so if you want to have this option, Tickets give you a cancellation policy until >1 day in advance for €3 extra!

How to get tickets if it’s sold out online

If the tickets on the official website are sold out, or you want to be protected by a better cancellation policy, don’t worry, I have a great alternative for you.

Tiquets offers additional single entrance tickets to the official site. So even if they seem to all be sold out, you can usually find some more for your preferred time and date here! 

What’s more, for around just €2 more than the official website, you will get a much better cancellation and refund policy. This means you can cancel your ticket for a full refund up until 23:59 on the day before your visit, with no questions asked! As we’ve seen, on the official website there’s no refund available so I think this protection is certainly worth it! 

Price: from €22 (€19 without cancellation policy)

2. Dali museum tickets by night

2 Dali museum tickets by night

From the month of August, the Dalí Theatre-Museum offers the chance to explore Dali by Night. Opening its doors from 10 pm until 1.15 am (with the last admittance at 12.45 midnight).

This is a pretty unique experience, during which you’ll have the opportunity to see the glass dome and Cadillac courtyard by moonlight, as well as discover the artworks of Dali in its museum. 

At night you will also be offered a glass of cava at one of the interior terraces, while they’ll project you an audiovisual show! So it really is a unique experience not to be missed if you have the chance.

The night visit is limited to 500 people, so make sure you book your ticket online in advance! What’s more, you also have the option to join a guided night tour with a maximum group of 25 people. (This is also available during the day and we’ll see this in more detail in the next section.)

The guided night tour is a great option for only €2 more than the regular ticket, but if you want to do this, it’s definitely better to stay in Figueres! I recommend these apartments that are right next door to the museum!

Price: €22

If the tickets are sold out on the official website, check Tiqets for more.

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3. Take a guided tour of the Dali Museum, Figueres

3 Take a guided tour of the Dali Museum Figueres

As I mentioned in the intro, the best way to visit the museum is with a guided tour, so you don’t miss all the historical and important facts about the museum. You’ll see so many things and they definitely need an explanation! 

I personally didn’t take the tour, and I regretted it once there, but I couldn’t join a tour on site because they were all booked out, so I suggest you book them online in advance! 

Here below I put all the group tour options available out there, from the official website and alternative ticket websites to private guided tours and more… Check them out!

3.1 Official Website Regular Tour

3.1 Official Website Regular Tour Visiting the Dali Museum

When you buy tickets on the official website, you also have the option to select a ticket with a 2 hour guided tour. 

Visiting the Dali Museum with a live guide in a group tour is available in 4 different languages: English, French, Catalan, and Spanish. But the downside is that tours are only available on certain (limited) days depending on the language.

  • Spanish and English: Wednesday, Friday, Sunday 
  • Catalan and French: Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday 

After the tour, if you want, you can stay inside the museum until the exhibitions rooms closed, so until 17,45h/18h.

But if you are visiting on a different day, don’t worry, I have a great alternative tour for you below!

As I already mentioned, I really recommend taking a tour while visiting the Dali Museum as you will get so many more fun facts like this one: 

Did you know that Dali designed the Chupa Chups logo for the Spanish lollipop brand in 1969? It is still used today!

As with the regular tickets on the official site, tours bought here are non refundable, so if you are worried about potentially having to cancel your visit, check out this alternative with free cancellation.  

Price: €25

3.2 Alternative Group Tours 

3 group tour to the Dali Museum with family

Since tours on the official website in English are only available 3 times a week and get booked out quite fast, this 2-hour group tour offered by GetYourGuide is a great alternative option. 

Available every open day, you can book this group tour with a live guide in either English, French or Spanish. 

FUN FACT: Did you know that Dali started painting when he was only 6 years old?

An advantage that this tour gives you compared to the one on the official website, is that you can reschedule or cancel it up to 24 hours in advance before your visit, for any reason! 

Price: €45

3.3 Private guided tours

Another great option to visit the Dali Museum is on this private tour from Figueres, so you can have an exclusive visit at your own pace, ask all the questions you want to your expert live guide while being accompanied only by people you know!

3.3 Private guided tours Dali museum

And if this wasn’t all, you can also cancel your booking up to 24 hours in advance to receive a full refund.

On this 1.5h tour, you will have a guided tour of the museum while learning about the genius and the madness behind his artworks and then stroll around Figueres city to see where Dalí was born and hear facts about Dali’s life from your informative guide.

FUN FACT: It was thought that Dali was the reincarnation of his older brother, who died just nine months before the artist was born. When Dali turned 5 years old, his parents took him to his brother’s grave and told him that he was his reincarnation!

The meeting point will be in Figueres city center, but will vary depending on the language booked (can be in English, Spanish or French) so check out where you’ll need to meet here!

Price: from €85 per person for 4 people (prices change with group number)

4. Full-day tours from Barcelona

4 Full day tours from Barcelona Dali museum

The easiest option to visit the Dali museum is as a day trip from Barcelona, one of the best places to stay in Spain, because you will be taken straight there without having to worry about using local transportation, and visit the attraction with your live guide.

To give you an idea, a round trip from Barcelona to Figueres by public transport will cost you around €50 and take you 2 hours, plus the time to from/to the train station and the separate cost of a private tour… And you would also have to organize all this! 

There are many full-day tours to the Dali Museum from Barcelona city, combining also a visit to other great attractions in the surrounding area, like Port Lligat, Girona etc, and you won’t even have to think about anything. You can see the prices of each tour below but for all the added convenience and additional places you will get to visit, I think they’re certainly worth the small added cost. 

  • Girona & Dali’s Museum (with free time in Figueres) – Take a 12-hours day tour to the two biggest cities North of Catalunya: Girona and Figueres. You will have a guided walking tour in Girona, then visit the Dalí Theater-Museum in Figueres before finishing your day with some free time to wander around the streets of Figueres for €82.
  • Girona & Dali’s Museum only – During this day trip a local English/Spanish speaking expert will take you to explore the streets of Girona, where you’ll also have time to feast on some Spanish delicacies for lunch. After that, you’ll head to Figueres to visit the Salvador Dalí museum and its huge collection of art before returning directly to Barcelona. The tour costs €82 and lasts 11.30 h.
  • Private tour from Barcelona – Immerse yourself in the life of Salvador Dali on this 12h private day tour, during which your guide will not only bring you to visit the Dali Theatre-Museum in Figueres, but you will also see the village of Cadaques, and the artist’s old house in the fishing village of Port Lligat, for €267.
  • Salvador Dali Museum, Port Lligat and Cadaques Small Group tour – Learn everything about Salvador Dali’s life and works on this 12h day trip to Figueres and the Costa Brava from Barcelona. You will first visit the Salvador Dalí Museum and then the stunning Costa Brava to see some of his favorite places, like the Salvador Dalí House in Port Lligat, and Pubol Castle, for €99.

FUN FACT: Figueres is actually closer to the South of France than it is to Barcelona! For this reason, you’ll find a very strong French-speaking community in Figueres.

5. Buying tickets at the entrance (not recommended)

5 book your tickets online to visit the Dali Museum

If you didn’t have a chance to book your tickets online to visit the Dali Museum, you also have the option to purchase your tickets on the day of your visit. The ticket booth is located at the main entrance of the Dali Museum, in Placa Gala i Salvador Dali square and you can purchase tickets here for the same price you buy them online.

However, this is not the option that I recommend since only tickets that are not sold online are sold at the ticket office. So if you buy them on-site you run the risk of not finding a spot for you or having to wait in a very long line! 

This is particularly true if you want to take a guided tour. Since the availability during the week changes based on the language given and there are limited places, quite often these tours are sold out in advance so it is imperative you book online. 

Not only this, buying the tickets on the spot means waiting in long queues. The attraction always receives many visitors, with most of the crowds during peak season, from April to September so I strongly recommend you buy tickets in advance, especially during this season. 

NOTE: The only reason you might prefer buying tickets at the entrance is that it is the only way to get tickets at a discounted rate if you are a student or over 65 (but bring your ID with you!).

Important things you should know about the Dali Museum

Important things you should know about the Dali Museum

1. How far in advance do you need to buy your tickets

If I were you, I would buy tickets at least one week in advance. However if you want to visit the Dali Museum with a guide in a specific language, it is worth checking availability and possibly booking 2 weeks in advance since the tours are limited by language and can get booked quite fast!

2. Opening hours / Best time to visit 

The Dali Museum is open every day except for Monday. During the day, the museum is open from 9 am to 8 pm, with the last admittance 45 minutes prior to closing. 

NOTE: The exhibition rooms will start to close 15 minutes before the official closing time.

During August, there are additional opening hours for Dali by Night until 1.15 am, with the last admittance at 12.45 a.m.

Best time to visit: if you want to avoid the crowds at the Dali Museum, the best time to visit it is during the afternoon (after 3 p.m), as most people visit in the morning!

3. Dali Museum Layout

6.6 nearby the attraction Souvenir shop Dali

The route you will follow in the Dali Museum was conceived and designed by the artist himself, to bring you into his unique and captivating world without missing anything. This is one of the reasons why it is considered the world’s largest surrealist object! 

The Dalí Museum is divided into 3 main parts, which you’ll follow in this specific order:

1) The Theatre-Museum – Salvador Dalí himself renovated the old fire-damaged municipal theater and converted it into the Theatre-Museum based on his artistic criteria and design. This part of the museum itself is a unique art object, with every element of it being an inseparable part of the whole. Here you’ll go through many crazy rooms (like the famous Mae West room) and artwork!

2) Galleries – After the theater-museum there is a group of galleries resulting from progressive extensions of the theater building, done after Dali died (so this part wasn’t thought of by the artist). Here you’ll find many works from Dali’s artistic heritage such as installations, stereoscopic works, animorphs, and the Foundation’s new acquisitions. 

3) The Dalí Jewels exhibition rooms – Here, you’ll find temporary exhibitions related to Dali life and art, usually showing some of the artist’s original drawings!

6.3 galleries of Dali figueres

PRO TIP: If you want to get an idea of how the museum is structured before going there, have a virtual visit of it online.

BONUS: Dalí Jewels Museum – This museum is not actually part of the Dali Museum but is located a few steps from it, so you’ll have to pay an extra €14 if you want to visit it! 

Here you’ll see a collection of 39 jewels in gold and precious stones designed by Dali, plus 27 drawings and paintings on paper, always designed by the artist between 1941 and 1970. 

Like all the works of Dali, the pieces in the collection are really unique, made of a combination of gold, platinum, diamonds, rubies, emerald, pearls, corals etc, to form beating hearts, lips, eyes, plants, animals, mythological figures and much more!

For this one you don’t need to book time slots to enter because it’s also way less crowded than the Dali Museum and you can simply buy tickets onsite. 

4. How to get to the Dali Museum, Figueres from Barcelona

Most people stay in Barcelona and simply take a day trip to visit the Dali Museum since it’s only around 1.5h drive. If you want to rent a car in Barcelona, this is a great option as there is plenty to visit around the Barcelona region. However driving is not your only option, here are all the ways to reach the Dali Museum in Figueres from Barcelona. 

6.3 visit Dali Jewels Museum
  • Train – The easiest transportation to get from Barcelona to Figueres is the train, leaving from Barcelona Sants station. Taking the train is relatively cheap (around €25 for each one way trip), and the journey lasts about 1.5 h. When you get to Figueres train station, located in the city center, you can walk to the museum entrance in just 15 minutes.
  • Car – You can also rent a car in Barcelona and drive to Figueres for about 1.5h, following the A-P 7 highway, and then park at Saba El Garigal parking for €3/h.
  • Taxi – If you don’t like driving and follow specific timetables, you might consider getting a taxi, but it’s quite expensive, with a round trip costing more or less €300 for 4 people. 
  • Guided tours – The best option to get to the Dali Museum from Barcelona is definitely taking a guided full-day tour, including round trip transportation, the entrance and a guided visit to the museum (and to other attractions of the area) for €82!

5. What to bring (and not to bring) to the museum

6.5 dali museum figueres guided tour 2

Before entering the museum, for safety reasons, staff will check your packets and bags, so it’s good to know what you can bring and not to the museum.

Things you should bring:

  • Tickets (printed or on you phone) – In order to enter the museum, you will need your online tickets to show your booking confirmation and the reservation code at the admission desk.
  • ID – To get the discounted rate if you belong to special categories (students under 17 and people over 65)
  • Camera – Photos are allowed but you are NOT allowed to use a flash, tripod, or any other photographic equipment
  • Water – The only beverage allowed 
  • Mask – Not mandatory but recommended

Things you CANNOT bring inside:

  • Objects larger than 35 x 35 x 25 cm, like rucksacks, bags, umbrellas, pushchairs, and luggage. If you have them, you’ll be asked to leave them at the consignment office.
  • Cigarettes, food, and drinks. Smoking, eating, and drinking in the Theatre-Museum is forbidden
  • Animals, except for guide dogs
  • Tripods 

6. Facilities inside/nearby the attraction

6.6 Dalis museum nearby the attraction
  • Ticket desk: you will find it at the museum main entrance, where you’ll show your online tickets or buy them on site.
  • Wheelchair accessibility: Most of the museum is wheelchair accessible however the sections of the museum that can be visited in a wheelchair are: the central courtyard with the Rainy Cadillac installation; the Fishmongers’ Room, the stage located under the dome, the ground floor, and the under-stage area. 
  • Toilets: Public restrooms are located on the ground and top floors of the Museum.
  • Food: Near the Museum there are many bars, restaurants or cafeterias like Interval Cafe
  • Parking: Parking Saba El Garigal in Figueres, literally a few steps from the Museum, for €3.00/hour
  • Souvenir shop: After viewing Dali’s works of art, there is an official souvenir shop inside the museum, at relatively affordable prices.
👩‍ Adult Price:€20
👧 Kids Price:Free
💲 Cheapest Tickets:Official Website
🎟️ Day trip from Barcelona:Girona & Dali’s Museum
🎤 Guided Tour:Tiqets
🕖 Best Time to Visit:Afternoon (3 pm – 8 pm)

FAQs about Dali Tickets Museums

FAQs about Dali Tickets Museums

💸 How much are Dalí museum tickets?

The Dalí museum ticket price changes based on the season with reduced rates for students and pensioners over 65:
January – June: €15 Adult, **Reduced €10
July – August: €20 Adult, **Reduced €13  
September – December: €17, Adult **Reduced €11

🕖 How long does it take to visit the Dali Museum?

To visit the Dali Museum in Figueres will take you about 2 hours, but if you join a guided tour from Barcelona, it can take you the whole day.

👍 Do you need to book in advance to visit Dali Museum?

Yes, the Dali Museum is always super crowded, especially during the peak season (April – September) so you should buy the tickets online in advance if you don’t want to run the risk of not finding a spot for you. 

🟡 Is the museum accessible for people with reduced mobility?

The unique architecture of the Dalí Theatre-Museum set in the ruins of an old theater, makes access to the building difficult for people with reduced mobility. Anyways, there are some parts that are more accessible, like the central courtyard, the Fishmongers’ Room, or the stage under the dome.


best options to bye tickets to visit the Dali Museum

Well, here we are! Which ticket will you buy to visit the Dali Museum?

The option I suggest is to take a guided tour, either from Figueres or from Barcelona, so you’ll get to know all the interesting facts about Dali’s life and artistic choices.

Otherwise, you can buy a single entrance ticket, a combo day trip, or a private tour. As we’ve seen there are Dali museum Figueres tickets for any taste, but I always suggest you book your ticket online in advance, or you could miss out on a ticket!

And if you haven’t ready, make sure to check out my useful practical information above all about opening hours, facilities, directions, and more to make your visit as smooth as possible. 

I hope you found my guide helpful but if I forgot to cover any topic or you have a question for me, please share it in the comments below, I will answer you as soon as I can!

Enjoy your surrealistic visit!


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