14 Dreamy Yoga Retreats in Mexico to Visit in 2024 (w. Map)

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Calling all yoga lovers who want to embark on their next (or first) journey in beautiful Mexico, one of the most sought out yoga destinations in the world!

Follow me as we’ll discover together the best yoga retreats in Mexico. I’ve gathered a list of some amazing yoga and wellness retreats which is super diversified and packed with amazing healing practices.

I’ve been practicing yoga for a few years now and I know what we’re all looking for when booking our next yoga retreat, so I made sure to consider all that when picking these yoga retreats in Mexico.

Just one thing to mention is that whether you’re looking for luxury yoga retreats or affordable ones, the spaces will fill up just as quickly on both ends, because Mexico is such a popular destination for yoga. So I recommend booking the minute you decide which yoga retreat is for you!

Grab your tea or coffee and let’s start!

Quick Picks for Your Stay

Here’s a rundown of the best yoga retreats in Mexico for those of you who don’t want to go through the whole text:

Check out this map which will help you localize all the yoga retreats in Mexico that I’ll talk about in this post:

1. Yoga & Hiking Retreat – for a well-rounded experience

1. luxury Yoga Hiking Retreat

Hola yogis! Are you planning your next Mexico yoga retreat? Well, the country is a heaven for all things yoga, and this retreat offers the perfect combination of meditation classes, daily yoga sessions, and outdoor activities in Puerto Vallarta, down the Pacific Coast, that will help you ground everything you’ve learned during that time of self-inquiry!

This luxury yoga retreat also has a spa center that you can use during your time here and they even offer their signature relaxing massage for free.

Your days will be filled with amazing activities like yoga classes, but you’ll also get some free time to chill by the pool, head to the beach, or just journal away everything that comes through in your little treehouse villa that’s surrounded by lush vegetation – your own private retreat!

  • Length: 8 days
  • Styles: Anusara, Hatha, Iyengar, Vinyasa Yin, Restorative Integral, Ashtanga, Bhakti,Zen, Chakra, Therapeutic
  • Price: from US$1,500
  • Location: Puerto Vallarta

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2. Mental Health Retreat – a life changing month of yoga

2. Mental Health Retreat all inclusive yoga retreat

Yes, yoga can help you relax, take a break from your daily life, and help with your mental and physical health. But a lot of the time, if pursued deeply it can help us uncover pains and unhealed trauma that we didn’t even know about.

During this retreat you will focus on reflecting on all areas of your life. At the same time, you’ll be practicing yoga, going to meditation sessions, and spending time in nature.

Those are just some of the things though! You will also participate in workshops on personal development and art therapy lessons. Set in the beautiful Puerto Vallarta on the Pacific Coast, this incredible retreat offers you a great chance to reconnect with your inner self once again!

  • Length: 29 days
  • Styles: Ashtanga, Dynamic, General, Hatha Yoga, Power, Restorative Yoga, Vinyasa, Yin, Kundalini
  • Price: from US$5,000
  • Location: Puerto Vallarta

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3. Ayurveda Detox & Sound Healing – oceanfront getaway

3. Ayurveda Detox Sound Healing Retreat

Practice yoga with a beautiful sight of the Caribbean Sea during this amazing luxury yoga retreat on the mesmerizing Riviera Maya!

I hope you’re ready for a couple of unforgettable days where you can focus solely on your yoga classes! On this yoga holiday you’ll get to learn new things on how to undergo an Ayurvedic diet and many other things.

Of course, you’ll also get to explore around and visit the Mayan ancient ruins, or participate in Aztec ceremonies that involve cleansing your body, mind, and spirit with herbs. But if you prefer something closer to home, don’t worry, they also offer spa treatments or sound healing sessions if you just want to relax.

  • Length: 10 days
  • Styles: Power, Vinyasa, Yin Yoga
  • Price: from US$2,400
  • Location: Paamul

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4. Yoga and Surf Camp – for an active retreat

travel guide to La Saladita a hidden surfing paradise in Guerrero

Surfing is one of the best things to do in Puerto Escondido, and if you add some yoga classes on top you’ve just got yourself a fabulous retreat that outdoor enthusiasts will love!

Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced surfer, these daily surf lessons in the amazing Pacific Ocean will help you deepen your practice and learn new tricks.

As will the daily yoga classes, which will probably take place at sunset after a day of facing the waves in the Pacific Ocean. Trust me, it will be amazing to stretch every single muscle in your body after using all your strength during the surf lessons.

  • Length: 15 days
  • Styles: Hatha Yoga
  • Price: from US$750
  • Location: Puerto Escondido

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5. Healing Yoga and Wellness Retreat – for nature lovers

5. Healing Yoga and Wellness Retreat

Leave the hustle and bustle of everyday life behind you and get ready to spend a couple of days in Quintana Roo, practicing yoga and other spiritual practices that will bring you peace and tranquility!

During these 6 days you’ll start your mornings with some meditation sessions, after which you’ll practice different yoga style asanas.

Then, accompanied by your yoga teacher, you’ll get to try Temazcal, an ancient steam ceremony which takes place in a Mayan sweat lodge, which will leave you feeling fresh and toxin-free!

But that’s not all – you’ll also get to take part in cacao ceremonies and sound healing sessions! So much to look forward to here!  

  • Length: 6 days
  • Styles: Hatha, General, Nidra, Vinyasa, Sivananda, Restorative, Vipassana, Yin
  • Price: from US$900
  • Location: Quintana Roo

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6. Yoga & Snorkeling Holiday – for watersports enthusiasts

6. Yoga Snorkeling Holiday

The island of Cozumel is super popular with scuba divers, those who love free diving, and of course, people who practice yoga! If you’re looking to combine yoga with some other fun activities like snorkeling, then I think you’ll like this retreat!

Your 4 days will be filled with daily yoga classes, meditation sessions, and some free time as well when you can explore the island and head to the beach for a nice long swim and some vitamin D.

But I’m sure the highlight of this yoga retreat will be the snorkeling excursions! Brace yourselves, because you’ll get to see the second-largest reef system in the world!

  • Length: 4 days
  • Styles: Hatha, Kundalini, Integral, Acro
  • Price: from US$700
  • Location: Cozumel 

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7. Yoga Retreat with Cacao Ceremonies – for a zen getaway

7. Yoga Retreat with Cacao Ceremonies

Take your yoga practice to the next level during this all inclusive yoga retreat on Isla Mujeres, where you’ll get to spend a whole week slowing down, taking everything as it comes, and simply relaxing!

During the retreat you’ll have a daily yoga practice, breathwork classes, sound healing, and some meditation sessions as the first thing when you wake up (trust me, this will definitely put you in such a good mood)!

As will the cacao ceremonies, which is such a sacred and delicious drink when prepared in the olden ways! Of course you’ll have some time to explore the island and do some journaling or read a book.

  • Length: 7 days
  • Styles: Kundalini, Sivananda
  • Price: from US$1,700
  • Location: Isla Mujeres 

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8. Kambo Medicine Cleansing – a healing spiritual retreat

8. Kambo Medicine Cleansing

Kambo is a healing ritual that has been used by Indigenous people for centuries to heal and cleanse the body. During this retreat, you’ll get to undergo 3 kambo sessions among other spiritual practices.

Before booking the retreat I think it’s super important to know what the kambo ceremony implies, so I definitely recommend doing some research and setting the right intentions if you want to join the retreat.

You’ll be camping in nature and also doing lots of outings around the retreat location which would help you ground and calm your mind, as will all the sound healing sessions and the soma yoga practice.

  • Length: 5 days
  • Styles: Somatic
  • Price: from US$750
  • Location: Veracruz 

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9. Magical Hot Springs Retreat – perfect women’s retreat

9. Magical Hot Springs Retreat tulum womens

Women, the time has come to leave all the societal prejudices on how we’re supposed to behave and go on a path of self-understanding leading to nurturing ourselves!

During this retreat you’ll get to connect with other women while doing different healing practices.

Spend your days practicing yoga, doing meditation (the classic way and also meditation through art), and relaxing in the magical hot springs which will make you feel like a brand new person! All your meals will be mostly vegan and your accommodation includes both private and shared rooms.

  • Length: 5 days
  • Styles: Hatha, Yin, Nidra, General
  • Price: from US$500
  • Location: Oaxaca

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10. Volcano Expedition & Yoga Retreat – for outdoor lovers

10. Volcano Expedition Yoga Retreat

Outdoor enthusiasts I think I’ve found the perfect yoga retreat in Mexico that combines a volcano expedition and yoga! Woohoo!

I hope you’re ready for some intense days of discovering Mexico’s wild side! You’ll start each day a bit differently, usually with breakfast and then you’ll continue with the yoga sessions, meditation, and afterwards the hike. Or the other way around, you’ll first go hiking and then take your yoga classes.

You’ll also have some free time to explore around by yourself and go to some of their workshops where you’ll discuss philosophy, nutrition and even sing a bit all together!  

  • Length: 4 days
  • Styles: Yin, Restorative
  • Price: from US$550
  • Location: Om Shanti Forest

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11. Holistic Healing Retreat – for holistic health enthusiasts

11. Holistic Healing Retreat

Imagine a week of restorative yoga practices and other styles, trips to the nearby waterfalls and islands, and yummy food! Sounds pretty amazing right?

And of course the tropical location and its proximity with the ocean will help you get into a relaxed mood and switch off the outside world while you try to turn on the voice of your inner self. You’ll usually start your days with a meditation session followed by yoga classes or Chi-Gong. Then you’ll get to eat some breakfast and head to the beach.

For the rest of the day you can pick from a list of activities like hiking, snorkeling, kayaking, or staying in and participating in some private one-on-one sessions that include breathwork, reiki, Ozone therapy, and others.

  • Length: 7 days
  • Styles: General, Hatha, Integral, Kundalini, Restorative, Tantra, Vipassana, Yin, Nidra, Vinyasa
  • Price: from US$1,900
  • Location: Yelapa

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12. Personal Yoga Retreat – for keen practitioners

12. Personal Yoga Retreat

Tulum is one of the ultimate yoga destinations in Mexico!

Many people come here for flow retreats which are taught by yoga instructors from all around the world and, of course, for the location which is just so beautiful! This retreat offered by Tribal Tulum (one of the best retreat centers in the area) will give you the chance to practice different yoga styles.

So whether you prefer a more dynamic vinyasa flow or hatha yoga, don’t worry they offer these classes as well as Iyengar, yin and a more restorative yoga style.

Besides your daily yoga class, you’ll also get plenty of other things to do like going to the spa, scuba diving or on tours of some unique Mayan archeological sites.

  • Length: 6 days
  • Styles: Hatha, Iyengar, Vinyasa, Yin, Restorative
  • Price: from US$1,050
  • Location: Tulum 

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13. Dive & Yoga Retreat – for fun under the water

13. Dive Yoga Retreat best wellness retreat

Sure, yoga vacations include a lot of yoga, but there are many retreats that combine different yoga styles with other fun activities! Just like this Tulum yoga retreat in Mexico, where you’ll also get to go scuba diving (beginners and more advanced practitioners are both accepted).

Take your yoga holiday to another level and spend a few days practicing under the guidance of some of the best yoga instructors at Tribal Tulum yoga studio, eating healthy, practicing meditation, and going scuba diving. You can book a private room if you want, but there are also shared ones for maximum 2 people.

  • Length: 6 days
  • Styles: Hatha, Iyengar, Yin, Restorative, Vinyasa, General, Power 
  • Price: from US$1,700
  • Location: Tulum 

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14. Yoga, Snorkeling & Horse Riding – for beginner yogis

14. Yoga Snorkeling Horseback Riding

Planning your next yoga holidays? I’m sure that Mexico is definitely on your list of destinations, especially after you see what this amazing retreat has to offer! Just a hint: it includes lots of yoga, outdoor activities like horseback riding, snorkeling, and sound meditation.

It sounds so blissful! You’ll start each morning with some yoga and meditation classes and they offer different yoga styles so you can try something new or pursue what you’ve already been learning on your yoga journey. Afterwards you’ll have breakfast in the garden and then the fun part starts: snorkeling in the reef of Cozumel and horseback riding!

  • Length: 4 days
  • Styles: Hatha, Kundalini, Integral, Ashtanga
  • Price: from US$600
  • Location: Cozumel 

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💰 Average retreat price:$800
🙏🏻 Best yoga retreat for beginners:Yoga, Snorkeling & Horseback Riding
🧘‍♀️Best retreat for women:Women’s retreat in Hot Springs
🏄‍♀️ Best yoga retreat for surfers:Yoga and Surf Camp
🥾 Top retreat for outdoor lovers:Volcano Expedition & Yoga Retreat 

FAQs about yoga retreats in Mexico

affordable yoga retreats in

🔝 Are yoga retreats worth it?

Yes, yoga retreats offer the chance to take your practice to another level while focusing solely on yourself with additional spiritual healing practices.

🧘 Is yoga popular in Mexico?

Yes, yoga is super popular in Mexico, especially in Tulum where you’ll find lots of yoga vacations for all tastes and levels.

🌞 Which are the best countries for yoga?

Some of the best countries to go and practice yoga are India (Mysore), Indonesia (Bali), Mexico, and Costa Rica.

🤔 What happens at a yoga retreat?

Usually at a yoga retreat you practice different styles of yoga asanas, meditation, breathwork, and many other healing practices while enjoying healthy food and conversation.


Best yoga retreat mexico tulum

I so want to run to my yoga studio for a class after talking so much about these amazing yoga retreats in Mexico! Who feels the same? I’m sure everyone!

Well, now that we’ve gone through this long list of the best yoga retreats in Mexico, you could probably pack your bags and get on a plane!

I’m joking though, I’m sure you’d need a bit more planning, but at least now you know where to start and which are the top Mexico yoga retreats.

However, I know that some of you may take a longer time to decide (I’m also super picky about these things). So if you need a bit of inspiration, take a look below, and you’ll find my 2 favorite yoga retreats in Mexico:

Just keep in mind what I’ve mentioned about booking early! Usually, the spots fill up super quickly and there’s only a limited amount so it’s better to secure yours early.

I’ve had such a great time writing about these amazing yoga retreats and I’m sure you’ll enjoy your time in Mexico to the fullest.

P.S.: If I missed anything or maybe you need some extra information, you can just leave me a comment below and I’ll help you out as soon as I can!



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