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When people think of an ultimate holiday destination, Los Cabos will always be a popular part of that list. This region sits at the southernmost tip of the Baja California peninsula and is full of wonderful juxtapositions where the desert meets the sea. With sunshine all year-round, refreshing, cool waters, and festivals that go on until the early morning – whenever you decide to go you’ll definitely feel like it’s summer forever. From Baja food to historical downtown, this is where you’ll get the real Mexican experience!

Now you may be wondering where to stay in Los Cabos. I’m sure you’re excited to see which hotels you’ll like and book for your trip. I’ll break down the best areas and hotels in Los Cabos in this post, so keep on reading!

If you are in a hurry

Don’t have time to check the whole post? You can check the best of the best I chose all across Los Cabos which are sorted from luxury to budget.

luxury hotel
0 1 Paradisus Los Cabos vacation rentals
mid-range hotel
0 3 Marina Fiesta Resort Spa
budget hotel
0 4 Six Two Four los cabos pet friendly hotels

Six Two Four

Best affordable accommodation in the center

0 2 Villa Luna Nueva best hotels in los cabos for families

Villa Luna Nueva

An Airbnb with amazing reviews

Here’s a map of the areas I’ll talk about in this post to help you visualize Los Cabos easily, and see where the towns are: 

Los Cabos MAP
Cabo San Lucas
for first timers
San José del Cabo
for art
Tourist Corridor
for luxury

1. Cabo San Lucas – where to stay for first timers

1.0 Cabo San Lucas for First Time

One of Cancun’s biggest rivals, the capital city of Baja California Sur is just as popular for a party and spring break destination. Downtown Cabo San Lucas is as busy as it can get and you’ll want to be a part of it but there’s so much more to Cabo San Lucas than just it’s wild nightlife. With countless pockets of peace and relaxation, this is also a perfect destination for lounging at the white playa (beach), going on outdoor adventures, and partying in bars and clubs. 

Long walks on the shoreline while watching the golden sunset reflect the sea, boating next to dolphins and whales, dining on a cliff-top restaurant with the best views, and having a much-needed massage in a state-of-the art spa are just some of the rewarding experiences this paradise has to offer.

Cabo San Lucas is by far the most popular area to stay in Los Cabos and its huge range of downtown eclectic accommodation options make it a great choice for first-time visitors to Mexico. Since there are so many options and I know that you’re looking for the place to match your ideal vacation, I have broken Cabo San Lucas down even further. Let’s have an in-depth look at the best all-inclusive hotels, family-friendly hotels, and hotels with the best swimming opportunities.

1.1 Cabo San Lucas – Best All-Inclusive Resorts

If you’re looking for an ultimate luxury holiday with everything you need at your fingertips, look no further than an all inclusive resort. With your room, food, drinks and sometimes activities included in the price, you will be able to relax in style without worrying about the bill. Most all-inclusive resorts also feature numerous bars, food options, pools and other high class facilities on site, meaning you don’t even have to go downtown if you don’t want to!

Here are the best options for all inclusive resorts in Cabo San Lucas: 

Luxury hotel
1.1 1 Hard Rock Hotel Los Cabos

5-star beachfront hotel that boasts world-class amenities. You might not want to leave the huge rooms with sea or garden views, but it’s worth it! They serve American breakfast and international cuisine at the restaurant. Aside from eating (all your meals are included), you can swim in the huge outdoor pools, ride the water slides, relax at the spa or sweat it out at the sauna or gym.

Other All-Inclusive options in Cabo San Lucas

1.1 3 Marina Fiesta Resort Spa

5-star hotel in the heart of Cabo San Lucas with 12 restaurants and swim up bar near Medano beach

1.1 4 Solmar Resort

Beachfront hotel with 3 restaurants, heated pool, spa and pool bar

1.1 2 Villa Luna Nueva los cabos mexico resorts

Although not technically and all inclusive hotel, this villa casa comes with a personal chef and chauffeur

1.2 Cabo San Lucas – where to stay in Los Cabos for families

Thinking of heading to Mexico with the whole family? As I mentioned already, Cabo San Lucas is a popular place to stay for a number of different types of visitors, including families! Here are some of the top family-friendly safest places to stay in Cabo San Lucas featuring an abundance of fun attractions and kids clubs to keep the children entertained so you can have a relaxing vacation by the pool. 

Luxury hotel
1.2 1 Paradisus Los Cabos All Inclusive Resorts

This luxury hotel and resort not only sits on an exclusive beach, it also accommodates children for free! You’ll have 7 restaurant options that serve local and international cuisines, incredible pools with swim up bars and suites, kids playgrounds and a 2 story lounge and restaurant. The hotel’s babysitting services will come handy when the adults want to enjoy the nightlife of Cabo.

Other accommodation options for Families

1.2 3 Casa Dorada Los Cabos all inclusive resorts with airfare

Resort on Playa El Medano, with kid’s club, 2 pools, 3 restaurants and in-house facilities like mini golf

1.2 4 Hotel Mar de Cortez

Quaint Mexican themed hotel that hosts themed dinner nights, also has free wifi and pool with separate kids area

1.2 2 Five Star Condo Stay For Families

Secure, downtown home with sea and El Arco views, plus a playground, infinity pool, clubhouse and gym

1.3. Cabo San Lucas – where to stay in Los Cabos for swimming

Since a lot of downtown Cabo’s beaches aren’t safe for swimming due to the strong currents and large waves of the area, if you’re planning on spending a lot of time in the water during your vacation make sure to choose the right hotel. Here are some popular hotels which offer some of the best options for swimming in Cabo San Lucas.

Luxury hotel
1.3 1 Hilton Los Cabos Beach Golf Resort

Not only is this 5-star hotel located right on one of the only swimmable beaches in the area, it also boasts an incredible infinity pool which covers much of the resort and includes a swim up bar. The Hilton also offers a large range of water activities like scuba diving and fishing whilst it’s countless on site restaurants will keep you full between swims.

Other accommodation options for Swimming

1.3 3 Welk Resorts Sirena del Mar

4-star resort with a swimmable beach, organised activities, gorgeous outdoor pools and a pool bar

1.3 4 Sunrock Condo Hotel

Hotel with 7 pools, a wellness center and gym. 5 min drive from the swimmable Monumento Beach

1.3 2 Villa la Estancia swimmable beaches

Home located in a resort on a swimmable beach, you’ll also have access to the resorts huge pool

Things to do in Cabo San Lucas 

  • Fly above the sea while riding a flyboard or by parasailing
  • Visit the legendary Hotel California from the famous Eagle’s song 
  • Go on a boat ride to see The Arch of Cabo San Lucas and other El Arco rock formations
  • Explore downtown Cabo San Lucas on foot
  • Go swimming at Playa El Medano (Medano Beach), one of the most swimmable beaches in Cabo San Lucas because the current isn’t strong
  • Go on a kayaking and snorkeling adventure to El Arco
  • Experience cliff diving at the Pelican Rock
  • Scuba dive and see the rich biodiversity of the Cabo San Lucas region
  • Get a Wild Canyon Park Pass to have a fun and thrilling day with the family at the Wild Canyon Adventures
  • Have fun under the sun and play water sports at Playa El Medano
  • Join a guided whale-watching tour

2. San José del Cabo – where to stay in Los Cabos for art

2 san jose del cabo hotels on the beach

San José del Cabo is the cooler, laid-back sister city of Cabo San Lucas. It is located just a 15 minute drive from the airport and a 30 min drive away from San Lucas and has a much more relaxed atmosphere. You’ll get to enjoy strolling the quaint downtown area with the aroma of Baja’s street food enticing you to take a bite. San José del Cabo is a romantic colonial town that managed to preserve the charms of Old Mexico. It’s striking how the main square downtown alone will give you plenty of things to see and do that will pull you into the history and culture of San José del Cabo. 

The art district (Distrito del Arte) houses galleries, shops and boutiques and also hosts a popular Art Walk event, featuring craftsmanship from every state of Mexico each November to June. Much like its sister, San José del Cabo is also known for its upscale dining and live Latin music and has no shortage of hotels and beach sports.

Take a look at some luxury hotels in San Jose del Cabo as well as other more budget-friendly options below:

Luxury hotel
2 1 Marquis Los Cabos Luxury stays

Dreamy luxury hotel with beachfront and 3 outdoor pools in San José del Cabo. Make sure to choose a suite with a view of the sea and a private pool. You also have 5 specialty restaurants, and an endless list of attractions and entertainment. Table tennis, golf, diving, snorkeling, even pub crawls are some of them. Airport shuttles pick-ups and drop-offs are also available.

Other accommodation options in San José del Cabo

2 3 Hyatt Ziva Los Cabos with water slides

All-inclusive resort with lagoon-style swimming pools, swim-up bar, and fitness classes in San José del Cabo

2 4 SIX TWO FOUR Urban Beach Hotel

4-star boutique hotel with an outdoor pool and on-site coffee house, every room has wifi

2 2 Secret Garden Palapas luxury vacation rentals

A tiki room in a hidden hilltop home, walking distance to the beach and shops

Things to do in San José del Cabo 

  • Visit downtown art galleries and boutiques at Distrito del Arte like Ivan Guaderrama Art Gallery
  • Hike around a tropical estuary with abundant bird life in Estuario San José del Cabo
  • Swim with the dolphins at Cabo Dolphins
  • Catch the San José del Cabo Art walk between November – June
  • Go snorkelling at Playa Palmilla
  • Try your skill of surfing at Costa Azul Beach
  • Visit the Arroyo Seco Canyon

3. Tourist Corridor – where to stay for secluded luxury

people walking on the beach

The Tourist Corridor is the stretch of coastline that bridges Cabo San Lucas and San José del Cabo. Many famous VIPs frequent this region and you’ll find some of the most mega deluxe accommodations in the whole of the Baja California peninsula here. Resorts and hotels along the Tourist Corridor are generally more spacious, quiet and private than in the other towns of Los Cabos. If hundreds of hotels and resorts crammed into one downtown area isn’t your ideal vacation, this region is the perfect alternative where you can still find plenty of luxury seaside and golf resorts. 

Since the tourist corridor stretches the entire length of the coastline, it is dotted with stunning beaches and secluded coves. Although it is possible to spot celebrities such as the Kardashians here, there are still plenty of options for all different budgets.

Luxury hotel
3 1 Solaz Luxury Collection Resort

Beachfront resort that has spacious suites with luxurious baths and contemporary interior. Indulge in their breakfast buffet, and 4 specialty restaurants, enjoy special exhibits in the art gallery or take a dip in the outdoor infinity pool with a glorious view of Sea Cortéz. This upscale resort will have you feeling like a celebrity for sure!

Other accommodation in the Tourist Corridor

3 3 The Westin Los Cabos Resort Villas Spa

Hotel with a private beachside, has a games room, children’s playground, and 3 outdoor pools

3 4 Hampton Inn Suites by Hilton Los Cabos

Bright and cozy suites with fitness center, outdoor pool, yoga classes, and breakfast buffet

3 2 Casa Mandira pet friendly hotels in los cabos mexico

2-bedroom home on the edge of a mountain in Palmilla Beach, with a pool on the terrace

Things to do in the Tourist Corridor 

  • Play golf at some of the world’s best golf courses, like Cabo del Sol’s Ocean Course or Cabo Real Golf Club
  • Swim and sunbathe at the beaches Playa Palmilla and Playa Chileno
  • Go for a surf at Playa Monumentos or Playa Acapulquito
  • Ride a horse along the beach at Cuadra San Francisco
  • Go ziplining or bungee jumping at Wild Canyon Adventures
  • Find some local treasures at El Merkado
  • Visit the Desert Park Natural Reserve
  • Go on a day trip to see the downtown art of San José del Cabo
👑 Luxury price:$400
:dollar: Mid-range hotel:$150
🛏️ Budget:$50
🏠 Airbnb:$250
💰 Accommodation prices:Medium
📍 Best Area:Cabo San Lucas
🛎️ Best luxury hotel:Paradisus Los Cabos
👛 Best budget hotel:Six Two Four

FAQs about Los Cabos lodging

5 FAQ About Los Cabos Resorts with swimmable beaches

🏝 What is the best area to stay in Los Cabos?

The most popular area to stay in Los Cabos is Cabo San Lucas. This area gives tourists good value for money with its large variety of hotels and resorts, nightlife, entertainment watersports and beaches like Medano Beach. There’s something for everyone in Cabo San Lucas! 

👄 Where do the Kardashians stay in Cabo?

The Kardashians have been frequently sighted in the tourist corridor of Los Cabos. They have been spotted staying at The Cape, a Thompson Hotel and Las Ventanas al Paraiso.

☀️ How many days do you need in Los Cabos?

4-5 days are the ideal days you need to explore Los Cabos. This way, you’ll get to enjoy the beach and do some water-related activities, visit downtown, and enjoy the central part of Cabo too.

🏄🏼‍♂️ Is Los Cabos safe for tourists?

Los Cabos is safe for tourists. The safety concern that’s most reported from tourists is pickpocketing in downtown areas. Just like in any other places when traveling, be cautious and watch your belongings.

👪 Which is better for families between San Jose del Cabo vs. Cabo San Lucas?

San Jose del Cabo is often considered a better choice for families due to its quieter atmosphere, family-friendly resorts, and proximity to nature and cultural attractions, while Cabo San Lucas offers a more vibrant nightlife scene.

💲 Which neighborhood should I stay in Cabo on a budget?

For a budget-friendly stay in Cabo, consider the San Jose del Cabo area. The Six Two Four boutique hotel is a great accommodation option!

💑 Which side of Cabo is best for couples?

The quieter and more serene side of Cabo, often favored by couples, is the Pacific side, with its secluded beaches and stunning sunsets.


4 Conclusion Los Cabos Hotels on the beach

There you go! I hope that I got to help you in finding your ideal home away from home in Los Cabos. With the extensive options of accommodations to choose from in Cabos San Lucas, San José del Cabo and inbetween, these are the absolute best hotels that got my heart:

  • Hilton Los Cabos – has an open area gym with the view of Sea Cortéz
  • Sirena del Mar – a great mid priced option in a stunning cliff top location near Cabo San Lucas

If you’re still looking for even more choices in Los Cabos, check out my post for the top 14 Airbnbs in Los Cabos. Or if you’re deliberating where to go in Mexico, don’t miss our ultimate guide for where to stay in Cancun! Feel free to share your experiences and questions about Los Cabos in the comments down below, I’ll be happy to answer them.

Make sure to book your chosen accommodations as soon as possible. Los Cabos is an extremely popular destination therefore hotels and other accommodations get booked fast! Do yourself a favor and book them now. I’m sure you’ll have an excellent experience!

Happy travels, 


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