10 Unique Yoga Retreats You Can Do at Home!

0 Unique Yoga Retreats You Can Do at Home

The post-pandemic world looks a lot different than before! Many things moved online, including yoga classes and even retreats. And now lots of people sign up for these as they’re so convenient!

Follow me and in this post you’ll definitely find the perfect online yoga retreat for you! I’ve been practicing yoga in person and online for a while now so I know what to look for in a retreat, whether it’s just for a weekend or something much longer.

And I’ve looked on the web for hours to create the perfect list with a wide range of yoga retreats to suit all preferences. So if you just want to find a way to rest, or de-stress, I recommend studying this list carefully.

Although not all online retreats have limited spaces, some do have this rule. That’s why I recommend booking super early, so you can know for sure your spot is secure.

Ready, let’s roll out our mats and start!

Quick Picks for Your Stay

Looking for a quick summary of the post? Then check out this short list which has the best online retreats:

1. Online Weight Loss Yoga Challenge – to change daily habits

1 Online Weight Loss Yoga Challenge

Deepen your yoga practice and explore all the ways in which you can take care of your body, mind, and soul. During this online, 1-on-1 yoga retreat with yogi Vimal, you will have meditation practices, asana practices, and sometime to discuss all things related to losing weight.

All you need is your yoga mat and some space where you can create a nice ambience and do the postures. The live sessions can be held over Facebook, Facetime, or WhatsApp depending on your preference. This at-home yoga retreat is a great way for people who want to practice at their own pace and introduce new healthy habits in their daily lives.

  • Length: 1 Month (live classes)
  • Live timezone: Rishikesh, India (GMT+5:30)
  • Styles: Hatha
  • Price: from US$250

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2. Yoga for Internal Transformation – works with a tight schedule

2 Yoga Retreat for Internal Transformation

Perfect for people who want to organize their own schedule, this online yoga retreat offers pre-recorded classes which include a yoga practice, relaxation and a short meditation. Don’t worry though, you will have live sessions in the beginning where you can tell your yoga teacher more about your life and habits.

The 10 online classes will give you guidance on how to do the body postures, and also help you deepen your meditation practice which will include some breathing exercises as well. The benefits of the pre-recorded classes are that you can do them whenever you want, during the weekend, in the morning, or whenever you feel like you want to unwind and relax!

  • Length: 10 Days (live & pre recorded classes)
  • Live timezone: Sri Lanka (GMT+5:30)
  • Styles: Hatha
  • Price: from US$100

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3. Bhakti Yoga Kirtan Facilitator Course – great for musicians

3 Online Bhakti Yoga Kirtan Facilitator Course

As you probably know yoga isn’t just about the body movements, it includes other aspects as well, like the chanting of mantras. During this online retreat you can learn more about singing meditation from your own home! I would recommend this course to people who already know a thing or two about music and notes.

The online course is held through live classes over zoom and it offers 3 one-on-one individual lessons of 30 minutes each. You can also deepen your knowledge on the yoga philosophy, with a focus on Bhakti yoga (the way of devotion) and of course spend your time learning about rhythm, singing and sound.

  • Length: 10 Weeks (live classes)
  • Live timezone: Spain (CEST, UTC +2)
  • Styles: Bhakti
  • Price: from US$280

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4. Yoga & Meditation Retreat – to improve your health

4 Yoga and Meditation Retreat for improve health

We get so busy with our daily life and go through so much stress that we completely forget about our health and wellbeing! If you are looking for something to inspire you and help you calm your mind, then check out this retreat that offers 1-to-1 private, live classes and guided meditations.

You’ll also be learning yogic philosophy, pranayama, and different styles of yoga asanas that will help you find the balance and strength in your life both physically and mentally. Your classes will be designed for your specific needs and requirements so you can really connect with your inner self!

  • Length: 15 Days (live classes)
  • Live timezone: Siem Reap, Cambodia (GMT +7)
  • Styles: Hatha, Kundalini, Restorative, Nidra, Ashtanga, Bhakti, Raja
  • Price: from US$150

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5. Seasonal Cleanse Package – best online detox retreat

Best yoga retreat for beginners

If you were looking for some inspiration to cleanse your body and mind, then I think this online retreat will be perfect for you! During these 7 days you will have 1-on-1 private sessions with your instructor. During these live sessions you’ll go through a health consultation and after that you’ll get your personalized programme.

Your schedule will include a personalized cleanse plan, herbal remedies that you can prepare in your own home, self-care tips to help you de-stress, and of course the usual yoga and meditation classes. All you need is a quiet place to practice and a yoga mat of course! The meditation classes are pre-recorded so you can do them in the morning or whenever you want!

  • Length: 7 Days (live & pre recorded classes)
  • Live timezone: BST (GMT+1)
  • Styles: Restorative, Yoga Nidra
  • Price: from US$250

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6. The Art of Being a Woman – perfect retreat for women

6 The Art of Being a Woman perfect retreat for women

This online intensive retreat with a coach is great for women who want to connect more with your feminine and creative side. The live classes and workshops on Tantra, the moon phases and many other things will inspire you to take the practice to another level and connect more with your feminine energy.

Whether you’re a beginner or have been on a self-inquiry path for a while now, this online retreat will definitely help you deepen your practice and gain more knowledge on yourself. After the course you can even create your own schedule and incorporate everything you’re learning in your daily life.

  • Length: 6 Days (live classes)
  • Live timezone: flexible
  • Styles: Tantra
  • Price: from US$1400

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7. Virtual Yoga Retreat – for keen yoga practitioners

7 Virtual Yoga Retreat guided meditations

Can’t leave the house to join a retreat somewhere on an island, but still want to learn new skills and take yoga classes on a regular basis? Then join one of these online retreats where you get to do your yoga practice, guided meditations and relaxation with an instructor!

All you need for these live sessions is your mat, and a space where you can practice. Calm your mind with some asanas taught by your instructor online, and then the body with the meditation classes. Each course will have a different focus from core strength to flexibility and how to meditate.

  • Length: 5 Days (live and pre recorded classes)
  • Live timezone: Rabat, Morocco (GMT+1)
  • Styles: Hatha
  • Price: from US$390

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8. D’vine Kriya Yoga Workshop – for meditation lovers

8 Dvine Kriya Yoga Workshop

Online yoga wasn’t such a big thing before the pandemic, but being stuck in the house has encouraged more people to start these practices! Once we figured out that you can do your yoga practice online as well, it wasn’t too long until people organized retreats as well!

This retreat is awesome for those of you who want to gain useful tips on learning how to build your own practice! But that’s not it, as you’ll also have guided meditation classes and pranayama. All these live sessions will be held over Zoom and you’ll also have some time for questions on focus, and what to expect from the classes before the course starts.

  • Length: 4 Days (live classes)
  • Live timezone: Rishikesh, India (GMT+5:30)
  • Styles: Kriya, Nidra
  • Price: from US$30

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9. Weekend Online Retreat – for morning people

9 Weekend Online Retreat

I’ve got to tell you yoga morning classes will change your life! I tried it and I absolutely love it! And you’ll see throughout the day how different you’ll feel, and how improved your focus will be! If that’s something you’d like to try then join this online retreat where you’ll have your yoga classes and meditation classes super early.

At least you can do all this from the comfort of your own home, without having to rush and remain stuck in traffic. The online retreat includes 2 daily yoga classes, meditation and breathing exercises and you’ll go from energetic movements to some restorative yoga for relaxation, so you can end the day properly!

  • Length: 2 Days (live classes)
  • Live timezone: Germany (GMT+2)
  • Styles: Vinyasa, Restorative
  • Price: US$220

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10. Self-Paced Online Yoga – for counselors

10 Self Paced Online Yoga

This course is more for yoga teachers or a person who’s interested in becoming a yogic counselor in an institution. The classes will focus on teaching you how to integrate yoga in counseling.

At the end of the online retreat after you’ve attended all 16 live classes you’ll also get an e-certificate of completion. You can expect to learn a lot of information during this retreat especially on how to listen and communicate with the people you’re counseling and how yoga can help with issues like stress, anxiety and traumatic experiences.

  • Length: 100h (live classes)
  • Live timezone: Pune, India (GMT+5:30)
  • Styles: Hatha
  • Price: US$190

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💰 Average retreat price:$300
🙏🏻 Best yoga retreat for beginners:Weekend Online Retreat
 🥭 Best yoga retreat for detox:Seasonal Cleanse Package
🧘 Best retreat for women:The Art of Being a Woman
💆 Top retreat for meditation:D’vine Kriya Yoga Workshop

FAQs about online yoga retreats

5 Seasonal Cleanse Package

💻 How do online yoga retreats work?

Online yoga retreats usually offer live or pre-recorded classes over a platform like Zoom, Facebook, or others. The course is usually run by a yoga instructor and it includes asana practice, meditation and other practices.

💭 What do you learn during online yoga retreats?

Depending on the yoga retreats you can expect to learn how to practice the body postures, how to take care of your health and how to meditate.

🕰️ What should I look for in online yoga retreats?

Pay extra attention to the time when the online yoga retreats are held (if they’re from a different country). Check if you can only participate in the live sessions, and of course what type of yoga you’ll practice.

🧘‍♀️ Which are some great online yoga retreats?

Yoga Retreat for Internal Transformation and Weekend Online Retreat are some great online retreats where you’ll get to practice a lot, meditate and find multiple ways of relaxing!


Best yoga retreat for

Well my friends, we’ve reached the end of this amazing list and I’m sure by now you probably have a favorite online yoga retreat, right? (I vote for the intensive retreat)!

So as I mentioned this post has a list of the best online retreats, for which I added all the prices and styles of yoga you’ll practice. Picking your favorite it’s a tough one, especially if this is your first time. So if you need a bit of inspiration, check out my 2 favorite ones below:

Don’t forget that some of these retreats have limited spaces, so I recommend double-checking and booking your retreat in advance.

Enjoy your retreats everyone and don’t forget that I’m always here if you need some help. As a yoga practitioner I know how many questions can arise, so I’m more than happy to reply to your comments if you’ve got something on your mind.

Have a great practice,


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