Find the Best Wellness Retreat in New York ✔️ 14 Unique Options!

Best Wellness Retreat in New York NY

Who’s ready to sit in child-pose for a while, to let their worries melt in the sauna and to eat yummy and organic food? Caring for our bodies and mental health should be our top priority and what better way to focus only on that then going on a wellness retreat?

In this post you’ll find the perfect wellness retreat in New York state! As a major fan and practitioner of all things holistic, yoga and meditation I’ve made it my top priority to look for the best wellness retreats in the state and only picked the best ones!

It’s super important to know what activities you’ll do, which type of meditation or yoga you’ll practice before you sign up. And yes I’ve covered all that, so let’s find the best retreat for you!

Roll your yoga mat, go in a cross-legged position and let’s start!

Quick Picks for Your Stay

If you’re looking for a quick summary of what you’ll find in the post then check out this short list with the best wellness retreats in New York:

New York is such a big state, that you’ll probably get a bit confused about all the locations! But don’t worry I drew this map for you so you can easily find each place:

1. YO1 Health Resort – to improve your health

1. YO1 Health Resort best retreat to improve your health

With a team of people trained in the Ayurvedic healing arts, naturopathy and all things wellness, this all-inclusive resort in the Catskill Mountains in upstate New York will become your favorite place ever! Their extensive list of health programs is designed to awaken your body’s dormant powers to heal itself.

So whether you’ve just started your wellness journey or you’ve been on this path for a while, you’ll definitely learn a lot at this retreat! And of course, the outdoor oasis, the hot tub sessions, daily yoga and the time spent in their treatment rooms will definitely help you relax and feel super comfortable.

Price: from US$2,700 for a 4 days wellness program

Location: Catskill Mountains

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2. Shou Sugi Ban House – perfect for yoga and meditation lovers

If you’re looking for some of the best wellness experiences in the Hamptons then check out this one! Perfect for anyone who wants to build a healthy lifestyle, this wellness center offers the perfect combination of nourishing food (seasonal produce only), soothing massages and yoga classes.

As a big fan of holistic health, I can vouch that after a trip here you’ll feel brand new and with such a thirst to enjoy your life more! Their wellness programs also include breathwork exercises, crystal healing, and meditation (I’d sign up for all of them if I were you)! So book your spot, pack your yoga and comfy clothes and get ready for a no-phone trip to the Hamptons!

Price: from US$800 for an overnight retreat

Location: Hamptons

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3. Mirbeau Inn & Spa Rhinebeck – with French-style soaking tubs

3. Mirbeau Inn Spa Rhinebeck unique spa with French style soaking tubs

Who’s up for a spontaneous wellness retreat? Hudson Valley in New York sure has the best spots that offer all the modern comforts that you’d want in a wellness center! Spa Mirbeau has around 14 treatment rooms, all equipped with fireplaces and private sound systems and a restaurant that serves progressive American cuisine.

Get your comfy robe and get ready to pause your mind and sit in the co-ed resting area with meditation rock and Aqua Terrace for a while! Then you can continue your day with a sesh in the hot thermal pool or in the French-style soaking tubs. Once you’ve got in the spa grove I think you’ll be ready to enjoy to the fullest the restorative body treatments, and hand and foot therapies at Mirbeau Inn & Spa Rhinebeck (that everyone raves about).

Price: from US$90 for 1 Day Spa Experience

Location: Hudson Valley

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4. Equinox Hotel New York – top wellness retreat in the city

4. Equinox Hotel New York top wellness retreat in the city

Set by the Hudson River, in one of the best areas in New York City this fancy hotel is perfect for those of you who want a quick escapade right in the middle of the city! Their comfortable rooms overlooking the city skyline and incredible fitness center that has so many wellness offerings will put you in relax mode the minute you get there!

I hope you’re ready to try the latest technological-wellness programs which include an infrared sauna, cryotherapy and a quantum harmonics chamber, which will help with your focus and clarity! Sounds amazing right? And of course, you still need to get the body moving so make sure you sign up for some fitness classes!

Price: from US$300 for a spa package  

Location: Midtown Manhattan, New York City

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5. Menla – best place for nature lovers

Tucked away between the mountains this awesome place offers some of the best wellness retreats that encourage you to take a break from your daily life, email answering and caring for others and to step into another reality where you’re the main character! So get ready to calm your agitated mind with a meditation class in the morning, yoga, or some qi gong.

Then you can give detox your body and try their spa treatments (they’ve got many Tibetan therapies that you should try)! When it comes to their culinary philosophy, Menla puts sustainability at the forefront, so you can expect a super ingenious farm-to-table vegetarian menu that will give you a heavenly culinary experience! And hey, if you’re looking for more retreats in warmer places like Southern California we’ve got a whole post on that!

Price: from US$ for a 3 days meditation retreat

Location: Catskills Mountains

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6. The Gideon Putnam – historic resort with hot springs

6. The Gideon Putnam

With a super famous spa that was named after President Franklin Roosevelt, who actually wanted to open this place in order to preserve the Saratoga Springs, this historic hotel should definitely be on your list!

Located within the Saratoga Spa State Park, the accommodation is an absolute heaven thanks to its healing spring baths, and not only! Their 42 treatment rooms are ready for you, to leave your problems somewhere else and to enjoy some amazing massages, facials and mineral baths.

Price: from US$500 for a room & spa package

Location: Saratoga Spa State Park

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7. Mohonk Mountain House – great for outdoor lovers

This historic hotel set in the Hudson Valley is surrounded by forests, offering the perfect wellness getaway spot! Their award-winning spa offers so many treatments, plus an outdoor heated mineral pool, a yoga studio and mindfulness practices!

If your head has been in the clouds lately, then you definitely need a yoga class to ground and energize yourself! In addition to all the activities designed to help you go inwards, there will also be some outdoorsy things like hiking around the Mohonk Mountain House, horseback riding, tennis, and forest bathing which will help you reconnect with Mother Nature again, just like when you were a child!

Price: from US$600 for a Weekend Fall Yoga retreat

Location: Hudson Valley

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8. Valley Rock Inn – for a relaxing getaway

If you don’t really want to commit to a full-on wellness retreat and you’re looking for something a bit more chilled where you can organize your schedule as you’d like then I’d recommend booking a spot at this place.

Offering different guest houses, an outdoor swimming pool, and an on-site organic market from where you can get all sorts of goodies, this place is the ultimate weekend getaway spot. Especially if you’re into outdoor activities! There are 2 state parks nearby so you’ll find lots of hiking trails and fun activities like kayaking. And after you’ve worked those muscles you can stretch them properly at one of their yoga classes!

Price: Check Website

Location: Sloatsburg

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9. Springwater Center – top center for meditation retreats

9. Springwater Center top center for meditation retreats

I could go on and on about the benefits of meditation and how even a few minutes per day can change your mood entirely (talking from experience here)! But I guess many of you already know that and if you’re looking for a wellness program that focuses mostly on different meditations, then check out this retreat.

Set in a beautiful hillside location, this affordable center offers different types of wellness-themed getaways from silent retreats, weekend retreats, and 7 days retreats. Perfect for anyone who wants to pause the outside world for a few days and focus on going inwards through sitting in silence, walking around, and resting, Springwater Center is definitely a must-try place in New York State.

Price: US$60 to US$90 per night for any retreat

Location: Springwater

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10. EarthMind Wellness Retreat – activity-focused retreat

10. EarthMind Wellness Retreat activity focused retreat

Focusing on getting your body strong and harmonious, this retreat offers a wide range of dynamic and static activities that will leave you feeling rejuvenated, relaxed and so happy! Get those endorphin levels high through some yoga classes and Tai Chi.

Once you give a good wake-up call to your body you can calm your mind with some nature meditations, sitting in silence and a meditative walk in Labyrinth. Since you’re surrounded by nature you can really help ground all the energy that you’ll get from these practices so make sure that you also spend time just relaxing and admiring the beautiful surroundings (try some barefoot walking on the grass as well, it’s one of my favorite things)

Price: from US$400 per night for a Spa & Healing Weekend retreat

Location: Ellenville, New York

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11. The Well – city spa getaway to improve your health

11. The Well city spa getaway to improve your health

If leaving New York City is not an option then don’t worry, I’ve found an amazing place for you in Manhattan where you can go to relax, get some amazing wellness tips and consultations from specialists and start (or continue) your journey towards true health.

The Well offers a bunch of spa treatments and holistic programs that will help you heal any imbalances in your body and with weight loss if that’s what you’re looking for. Their massage therapy, yoga, and meditation classes will do wonders for you, and trust me you’ll leave feeling much calmer and at peace! Plus they also have a fabulous shop from where you can buy natural skincare products!

Price: from US$300 per spa service

Location: Midtown Manhattan, New York City

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12. The Lake House on Canandaigua – lakeside retreat with many activities

Upstate New York is absolutely packed with magical locations! Just like this place in the Finger Lakes region. Designed in such a harmonious way and blending perfectly with the surroundings this beautiful lakeside location offers the perfect blend of nature outings, spa treatments, and watersports!

Oh yes, and let’s not forget about their cooking classes! Not only will you leave feeling much more relaxed but you’ll also have a few new recipes up your sleeve to try at home. So pack your swimsuits, sports gear, and your granny apron, and get ready for an unforgettable wellness getaway.

Price: From US$400 for a 2-night Spa Getaway

Location: Finger Lakes

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13. Mandarin Oriental New York – city hotel with a full-service spa

13. Mandarin Oriental New York city hotel with a full service spa

If you love city life and you’re not really into the whole escapades to the countryside, then don’t worry, there are plenty of wellness centers in New York City just a short ride away from all the attractions and fun!

This 5-star luxury hotel overlooks Central Park and it has a spa center that you’ll want to take home with you! Their personalized services made to suit the needs of each person who crosses their door are absolutely fabulous and include anti-aging facials, therapeutic massages, and aromatherapy!

Price: From US$300 per spa service

Location: Upper West Side, New York City

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14. Mirror Lake Inn Resort & Spa – for a relaxing retreat

14. Mirror Lake Inn Resort Spa cozy place perfect for a relaxing retreat

Who wants to spice up their weekend and do something different for a change? How about a wellness trip to one of the best places in New York State? Mirror Lake Inn is a super cozy place where you can indulge in the most delicious dishes and relax with some unique spa and beauty treatments.

All this is in the middle of a beautiful location, in nature where you can combine all this with nature walks, hikes, and other fun activities. Afterward, you can give your body the proper care it needs, by enjoying some body works, massages, and facials. Make sure you also bring your swimsuit with you because the indoor pool is waiting to be used and there’s nothing like a long swim to start the day!

Price: From US$250 per night for Pamper Yourself Retreat

Location: Lake Placid

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💰 Average retreat price:$600
🕉️ Best wellness retreat for yoga:YO1 Health Resort
🧘‍♀️ Best wellness retreat for meditation:Shou Sugi Ban House
😴 Best wellness retreat for relaxation:Valley Rock Inn
🌆 Top wellness retreat in the city:Equinox New York

FAQs about wellness retreats in NY

FAQs about wellness retreats in New York

🧘‍♀️What is included in a wellness retreat?

It depends on the retreat but most of them include yoga classes, meditations, spa treatments, and healthy food.

🤔 Are wellness retreats worth it?

Yes! They’re so worth it, especially when you feel overly stressed with everyday life and you need a break from everything!

🕉️ Can you go on a retreat by yourself?

Yes! You can go by yourself and it’s an amazing experience if you’re craving some alone time to reconnect with yourself.

🌳 Which is the best Upstate New York wellness retreat?

YO1 Health Resort is one of the best wellness retreats in Upstate New York! They offer yoga classes, Ayurvedic healing wisdom, and lots of other cool facilities.


best Upstate New York wellness retreat

Already dreaming about a nice forest bathing and full boot camp class to put you in shape? Me too! And I’m sure you’ll also feel super inspired to take that time off work and your everyday life and book yourself a wellness retreat in New York.

Before you do that, let’s recap quickly what the post is all about:

So this article has the best wellness retreats in New York state, with information on their facilities, prices, and locations.

I know picking just one it’ll be hard (but you can always come back here to check the list for your next retreat) but if you need some help, you can check my 2 favorite options below:

  • EarthMind Wellness Retreat – A wonderful retreat focused on yoga, Tai Chi, and meditation classes set in a stunning location in nature
  • YO1 Health Resort – This retreat is great for people who’re looking for holistic ways to improve their health and practice yoga

I’m getting the urge to book a retreat for myself now! I hope you feel the same because you sure deserve that time for yourself!

Don’t forget that usually wellness and yoga retreats have early-bird prices so I’d highly recommend booking in advance and checking their website for future retreats as well.

Well, everyone, I hope you have the most heart and mind-opening retreat and don’t forget to take some of the lessons and practices you learn there and apply them to your everyday life (just a small tip that has helped me a lot)!

Enjoy your practice,


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