3 DREAMY Spots Where to Stay in Cozumel (With Prices)

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Calling all tourists who love islands, beaches, and the sunshine!

Let’s start our adventure around Cozumel, an island in the Caribbean Sea that’s also a port for cruise ships. Popular with scuba divers and surfers, this corner of paradise will make you fall in love with it!

In this post, I’ll tell you all about San Miguel, the best area where to stay in Cozumel, which is right in the center and full of attractions plus 2 other fabulous areas that are great for people who want to be on the beach 24/7 or just relax all day long. I have hand-selected the best hotels in Cozumel for every price range in each neighborhood, so all you need to do is pick one, make a booking, and start packing!

I highly recommend booking these hotels in advance. Its proximity to mainland Mexico brings tourists worldwide, so the accommodations sell out so fast!

Ready to visit Cozumel, party in its beach clubs, and go scuba diving in the most unique spots?

Let’s go!

Quick Picks for Your Stay

If you want to book your hotels right now, here’s a list of the best hotels where to stay in Cozumel, all located in San Miguel

Here’s a map of all the areas where to stay in Cozumel that I will be talking about in this post:

Map of best places to stay in Cozumel
  1. San Miguel: for first-timers
  2. South Cozumel: for the beaches
  3. North Cozumel: for tranquility

1. San Miguel – where to stay in Cozumel for the first time

1 San Miguel where to stay in Cozumel for the first time

Do you want to be in the center of all the action? Say no more!

San Miguel, the capital city of Cozumel is located on the west coast of the island, and it will be perfect for you! Featuring tons of attractions, great beaches, plus some incredible hotels. By the way, I recommend booking in advance, as most tourists pick this area when they visit the island.

Sunshine all day long, beach time, and of course, many shops and bars to check out! That sounds like the perfect holiday for me!

Best way to enjoy your time in San Miguel?

Discover the area on foot! The city is not soo big and all the main attractions are located within walking distance one from the other. So grab a hat, take your SPF creme with you and start walking.

The beach is just a stone’s throw away in case you need to cool off and have a bath in the ocean. That’s why I love places like San Miguel, you’ve got the city perks plus the ocean. What can be better than that? And if you want to see other beaches, the ones in Playa del Carmen are stunning (take the ferry from San Miguel, and you’ll be there in 45 minutes).

Luxury hotel
1 1 Cozumel Palace

This all-inclusive resort offers a great location and a private beach area! Catch a stunning sunset by the infinity pool and take a picture to capture this moment! When you’re not out and about in the park you can relax in the spa center or on the beach!

Other accommodation options in San Miguel

1 2 Casa Mexicana

Grab a delicious breakfast then go for a swim in the outdoor pool of this hotel that has family rooms

1 3 Caribo Cozumel

I like the design of this accommodation. Enjoy your coffee on the terrace or in the hammock – your choice!

1 4 Modern Home

Enjoy your stay in Cozumel in this modern apartment that has a kitchen and a shared pool

1.1 Family hotels in San Miguel 

1.1 Family hotels in San Miguel

Looking for a family-friendly accommodation on the island? Perfect!

I’ve made a list of the best ones in San Miguel because I know how hard it is sometimes to find a place that suits the needs of every family member! There’ve been so many times when I wanted to organize a family trip and almost backed down because of how hard it was! Luckily you’ve got me, and I have the best options for you! 

Let’s check them out: 

Luxury hotel
1.1 1 Villas Mundaca vacation rentals

This great accommodation is located within walking distance of the beach and has family rooms and a swimming pool. During the day you can relax with the kids in the garden by the pool, alternatively, the accommodation also offers activities like snorkeling, scuba diving, and cycling. 

Other accommodation options in San Miguel 

1.1 2 Villas El Encanto

How unique is this boutique hotel that has family rooms? It also offers babysitting and spa services! 

1.1 3 affordable Hotel Mary Carmen

Located near Playa Azul, this hotel offers breakfast and activities like snorkeling and diving 

1.1 4 The House of Mirrors

A spacious villa that can fit up to 6 guests. The accommodation has a pool and a kitchen 

1.2 Best beachfront hotels in San Miguel 

1.2 Best beachfront hotels in San Miguel

Nothing compares with waking up to a sight of the ocean! Am I right?

I love beachfront hotels, especially in a place like San Miguel! That’s why I thought you would like a list of the best ones for your stay in Cozumel. Make sure you book them fast because these are la creme de la creme! And if you’re looking for more stunning beach resorts, check the ones in Riviera Maya

Luxury hotel
1.2 1 Presidente InterContinental

How incredible are those sun loungers and hammocks that sit just above the sea! I wouldn’t move from there! This stunning resort has a private beach area and a dive shop on-site, maybe you’re in need of snorkel gear? Chill in the pool, or play some tennis! You can try something different each day. 

Other accommodation options in San Miguel 

1.2 2 Fiesta Americana

Enjoy your stay in Cozumel in this all-inclusive resort that has a spa center and an onsite restaurant 

1.2 3 Suites Turquesa

Sunshine and good vibes! This hotel has an outdoor swimming pool and rooms with air-conditioning 

1.2 4 La Lola with Free cancellation

Admire the views of the Caribbean sea in this apartment that has a kitchen and 2 rooms 

Most people who visit Cozumel choose to stay in beachfront hotels, that’s why most of them are sold out at all times. If you missed your chance at one of the hotels on the list, here are 2 more options, located on the West coast, not too far from San Miguel. Both accommodations are mid-range

The Westin: After a whole day spent exploring the beautiful island of Cozumel, treat yourself to a spa session at this hotel that offers optional all-inclusive services. In the morning, catch the sunset near the infinity pool (the views are so unique) and then head to the restaurant for a quick breakfast. 

Villa Segovia: A homie yet elegant villa that has a bar and a restaurant. Grab a book and relax under the shadow of a tree in the garden of this accommodation that offers evening entertainment and spa services.

Things to do in San Miguel

Things to do in San Miguel 

  • Admire the architecture of the San Miguel Church
  • Go for a walk in Benito Juarez Park
  • Spend a fun day at Mayatlantis Aqua Park 
  • Go on a submarine expedition tour
  • Take a picture at the Coral Reefs Monument
  • Visit the Cozumel Museum
  • See the Monumento Al Mestizaje
  • Enjoy the sun on the Caletitas beach 

2. South Cozumel – where to stay for the best beaches

2 South Cozumel where to stay for the best beaches

Want to experience the authentic island life?

I sure do! So come along as we explore our next stop where to stay in Cozumel: the southern part of the island.

This includes the whole part of Cozumel that’s located south of San Miguel. Here you won’t see as many restaurants, shops, or many people as a matter of fact. But expect many beach clubs, all-inclusive resorts (some even with their own private jetties or a dive boat that can pick you up from your doorstep), and tons of beaches, of course!

I think people who love to be by the sea or simply love scuba diving and snorkeling will love this area. The Chankanaab Beach Marine Park is also located here!

South Cozumel it’s also great for people who like to be in nature. I mean besides the many beaches you will also find some cool caves which you can explore, archeological sites, and even a few lagoons.

Isn’t Cozumel full of surprises?

Now let’s see which are the best hotels where to stay in Cozumel, in this part of the island:

Luxury hotel
2 1 Iberostar bets hotel with spa

A stunning all-inclusive resort where to stay in Cozumel that offers water sports facilities and live music performances. Take a whole day to explore this place: chill in the hot tub, swim in the outdoor pool, or enjoy a relaxing massage at the spa. The accommodation also has family rooms and a restaurant.

Other accommodation options in South Cozumel

2 2 Beachfront Apartment with the pool

Enjoy your stay in Cozumel in this accommodation that has a swimming pool, sun loungers, and a garden

2 3 Aldea Isla Sagrada

I love the authentic design of this lodge on the West coast that has a spacious garden, family rooms, and a pool

2 4 Spacious Apartment

This fully equipped apartment can fit up to 3 guests and it offers beach access, a pool and a kitchen

Things to do in South Cozumel

  • Visit El Caracol archeological site
  • Go snorkeling at Chankanaab Beach Marine Park
  • Have a drink or 2 at Money Bar Beach Club
  • Explore Chen Rio beach on the East coast
  • See the Cenote Chempita bat cave
  • Learn more about the Mayan culture at Kun Che Park
  • Catch a sunset near Colombia Lagoon
  • Sunbathe on El Cielo beach on the West coast

3. North Cozumel – where to stay for tranquility 

3 best 5 star hotels in Cozumel

Planning on doing nothing but relax all day long, swim, and have many cocktails? (you’re on holiday, no one cares if you’re drunk at noon)

Then hop on and let’s see what’s there to do and see in northern Cozumel!

One thing is for sure, here you’ll enjoy all the tranquility you need! Starting with the northern hotel zone, this area gets a bit more secluded the further up you go. So if you’re planning a chill holiday, you know where to stay in Cozumel! 

NOTE: I don’t recommend this area to scuba divers or people who are into watersports as it’s pretty far from the marine park. 

However, you will find a handful of beaches. So pack many swimsuits and sunglasses (you can never have too many sunglasses, that’s my motto)

If you want to learn more about the island’s history during your stay in Cozumel you can visit some archeological sites. The one on this part of the island is called San Gervasio and it belonged to the pre-Columbian Maya civilization. 

And right on the northern tip of the island, there’s a stunning beach called Isla Passion! It’s one of those places that you see online, where the water looks as if painted with the most beautiful blue color! 

Luxury hotel
3 1 Melia hotel with the view

Dinner with a stunning view of the ocean? Yes, please! This stunning all-inclusive resort where to stay in Cozumel has all the facilities you need for a perfect holiday! Swimming pools: check, spa center: check, snorkeling: check! Playa San Juan is located only a short distance away so let the fun begin! 

Other accommodation options in North Cozumel

3 2 Hotel B Panoramic Sea views

Enjoy your coffee and the sea views on the balcony of this hotel that has an infinity pool and a hot tub

3 3 Puerta del Mar

An elegant B&B that offers a private beach area, an outdoor dining area and spa services

3 4 Coati Beach House

Relax in the hammock at this beach house that has a really cool design, a garden and a kitchen 

Things to do in North Cozumel 

  • Sunbathe on Isla de la Passion beach 
  • Go for a swim in Playa Las Rocas
  • Visit the Castillo Real
  • Catch a sunset near Mirador Puerto de Abrigo
  • Spend a chill day at Playa Punta Norte
  • Have dinner at Playa Azul Beach Club restaurant 
  • Learn more about the Mayan culture at San Gervasio
👑 Luxury price:$250
💵 Mid Range:$150
🛏️ Budget:$70
🏠 Airbnb:$120
💰 Accommodation prices:Medium
📍 Best area:San Miguel
👪 Best area for families:San Miguel
🛎️ Best luxury hotel:Cozumel Palace
💵 Best mid-range hotel:Casa Mexicana
👛 Best budget hotel:Caribo Cozumel

Frequently asked questions about hotels in Cozumel

4 Unique places to stay

🏖️ What is the best part of Cozumel to stay in?

San Miguel, the capital city of the island is the best part of Cozumel. It’s located right in the center so you’ll be close to all the attractions plus you’ll be staying at the best hotels, like Cozumel Palace.

🔝 Which are the best all-inclusive resorts in Cozumel?

Cozumel Palace and Iberostar are 2 amazing all-inclusive resorts to stay in Cozumel. Both have great reviews and offer amazing services. 

🐚 What is the nicest beach in Cozumel?

Chen Rio beach on the East coast, and Playa El Cielo are 2 of the best beaches in Cozumel. Both are great for snorkeling and swimming. 

🤔 Is it safe to stay in Cozumel Mexico?

Compared to other parts of Mexico and the Caribbean, Cozumel is safe. However, as always you should avoid walking alone at night in secluded areas. 

👪 Which side of Cozumel is better to stay for a family vacation?

The western side of Cozumel, particularly the areas around San Miguel, is better for families due to its proximity to amenities, beaches, and family-friendly activities.


5 Where to stay for cheap

What an amazing destination! I hope this post helped you decide which are the best places where to stay in Cozumel and helped you find the best rates to sleep in Cozumel.

I know there are so many unique hotels in this post, so if you need a bit of extra help, here are my top 2 favorite options, both located in San Miguel.

Cozumel island is such a fantastic place, no wonder all the hotels sell out so fast. That’s why I recommend booking yours in advance.

That’s it from my end! Enjoy your time in paradise, go on cruise ships, drink lots of cocktails at the beach club, snorkel in the marine park or just chill on the beach, either way, you’ll have the best time ever.

If you have any questions or suggestions for our readers, leave me a comment below and I’ll make sure to answer them ASAP!

Safe Travels,


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