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Romina is originally Romanian and a real travel enthusiast. She is a photographer, videographer and writer who likes to help people find out more about traveling.

Where to Stay in Salzburg – Best Neighborhoods for Your Trip

Salzburg is a charming city in Austria that is definitely worth visiting! It’s actually a UNESCO World Heritage Site and it’s indeed incredibly beautiful, mostly known for being Mozart’s birthplace. In case you are planning a trip there, congrats, you’re going to have so much fun! The next issue you might be thinking about [...]

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Where to Stay in Budapest – Best Hotels (Sorted by Area and Price!)

Budapest, the capital city of Hungary is a vibrant city and the ideal destination for anyone interested in history, beautiful architecture, thermal baths, gastronomy and nightlife as well. In case you’re planning a visit to this city, congrats! Wonderful choice! Now the next question you might be thinking about is where to stay in [...]

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Where to Stay in Dublin, Ireland – A Complete Guide By Areas of Interest

Dublin, the capital of Ireland, is the perfect destination to go for cute streets, delicious gastronomy, Guinness beer and parties, of course! Dublin is a place that successfully combines old architecture and new, modern buildings, culture and clubbing, history and fun. If you’re planning to travel to this beautiful Irish city, congrats, that’s a [...]

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Where to stay in Mexico City – Your Ultimate Guide to Best Hotels and Neighborhoods

Mexico City (CDMX), the capital city of Mexico, is an incredible city and a great destination for everyone who wants to indulge in yummy Mexican food, museums, culture, modern architecture, art, colorful streets and other exciting activities! First of all, I have to mention that the city is pretty big and it has over [...]

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