Best Last Minute Ideas for Online Gifts for Your Loved Ones

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Hello there, friends in isolation!

If you have a friend or a relative that has a birthday soon, then you are in the right place! In case you are wondering how to celebrate a special occasion from your home and how to send an awesome gift online, in this article I have combined all the best ideas I could find for online gifts that you can offer to your friends in isolation, all contact-free.

I understand that we live some complicated times during which you cannot be together with your loved ones. I know how unpleasant that is and, if you find yourself in the situation when you wonder how you can substitute for your presence during that special occasion for your mother, uncle and more, I will give you my suggestions!

You will find everything here from online postcards, online gifts that can be delivered to your friend’s door and some other cool ideas about how you can celebrate together, all online!

Are you ready? Let’s go!

1. Awesome universal gifts for your loved ones

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As a starting point, I have collected here some awesome websites where you can find inspiration for universal gifts, regardless if you want to offer them to your partner, mother, uncle or more. I think they’re just perfect for the pandemic time, as you’ll find here some nice ideas as well as some super useful devices and gadgets for all types of people:

  • Personalized gift boxGreetabl is a super nice way of sending personalized gifts to your loved ones. It’s basically a tiny box that you can personalize and have your favorite pictures printed on the box, as well as a custom message and you can select a special something to put inside the box such as candy, pins, a soap bar, tea, spices, lip balm and many others. Then they’ll deliver the box to your special someone and they’ll have a nice surprise! Free standard shipping!
  • Flower delivery – Offering flowers is always a super nice idea for that special girl or woman in your life, and having them delivered right at their doorstep is equally nice! You can do so by using Bouqs (US), for example, which offers different types of bouquets and they’re all superb! If you want to take it one step further, you can even choose their flower subscription program and have flowers delivered regularly to an address of your choice. Floom is my recommended alternative if you live in the UK.
  • A massage device – Here’s another great idea, I actually gave this gift to my mom a couple of months ago in order to help her with her back problems! Theragun is an awesome device for at-home massage that comes with different accessories and it’s super easy to use. It can be used on different areas of your body such as your back, legs and more.
presents online from home
  • An online grocery subscription or meal subscription – I am again recommending a super practical gift, especially during the pandemic! If the person avoids getting out of the house, you can make their life easier with a meal subscription or an online grocery subscription that they can use for their next purchase! I recommend a membership for Costco (US$60 per year) for groceries or Freshly for already cooked meals. For more recommendations for both of these, I recommend reading this other article I have written.
  • Yard messages – This is the new way of sending a postcard to your friends! The system is called “Card my Yard” and the entire idea behind it is that the organizers will go to your friends’ house and place some huge “Happy Birthday” signs (or any other customized message you want them to see) in their yard, so when they’ll see it from their window they’ll have a nice surprise! This service is only available in the US, though.
  • Send a postcard – Let’s not forget about the classic cards, am I right? You can either send your photos printed as postcards using MyPostcard or select an already existing design to send on Thortful. Both of these services will deliver the postcards directly to the address.
  • A voucher to their favorite shop – this one’s pretty universal and it works well if you really have no ideas and want a fail-proof gift. By offering an e-voucher, your friend can buy whatever they choose from that certain shop, so you don’t have to choose yourself! Some good examples are Sephora, Amazon, Footlocker or a Visa or Mastercard gift card for universal use.

2. Personalized gift ideas broken down by interest

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Now that I have given you some ideas about general gifts, let me get in-depth with some personalized recommendations all broken down by interests – sporty, movie-related, food-related etc, together with the best websites where you can get them for the best service and prices. Let’s go:

2.1. For the avid traveler

Naturally, I will start with gifts dedicated to all travelers out there! There are many good ideas that you can try and I have listed some of the best ones below:

Plane ticket vouchers

plane on tickets

Let’s get that vacation planning started! Even if your friend isn’t planning anything in particular, giving them an e-voucher for a plane ticket or hotel room can be done anytime and they can redeem it once they’ve decided where to go! I think this is an awesome idea and, as a traveler myself, I’d love to receive something like this from my friends.

Here are the best vouchers I could find for plane tickets (and I will talk about hotels below as well):

  • Flightgift – This is an online voucher that you can buy for your friends’ next trip. It works with over 300 airlines including British Airways, KLM, American Airlines, Lufthansa, Airfrance, Emirates and more and it’s valid for 2 years, so they’ll have plenty of time to put it to good use! There are three options for buying this – you can send it to their inbox, they can print it or you can have it delivered to their home. The best part? You can choose any value for your flight gift, it can be anything from US$30 above!
  • CheapOair – This is another online platform that offers e-vouchers that works in the same way as the one above. The voucher can be used for different airline companies such as Emirates, British Airways and more and the best part is that their vouchers never expire, so your friend can use them whenever they want to book a flight on their website!
  • If your friend/loved one has a favorite airline that they use every time for domestic or international flights, then you can purchase an e-voucher directly from them. Some examples of airlines that offer this possibility are Delta (minimum US$50, maximum US$1.000), Hawaiian Airlines (minimum US$50, maximum US$2.000), American Airlines (minimum US$50, maximum US$1.500), British Airways, Ryanair, Aer Lingus (for low cost fares) and more.

Hotel vouchers

hotel voucher gift idea

If you want to take their vacation planning one step further, you can even purchase an e-voucher for their favorite hotel chain!

Here are some of the coolest options I could find on the internet for you, but you can also search on the website of their favorite hotel chain, in case they have one, or on the website of a hotel you know they’ve always dreamed of staying in:

  • Hotelgift – Just like Flightgift above, this is a great online platform to buy a voucher that you can be used at a later date for maaany hotel chains including Hilton, Marriott, Four Seasons, Ritz-Carlton and more. There are more than 140 chains and more than 200.000 hotels there, so I’m sure you’ll find something for their taste and your budget. The vouchers are valid for 2 years.
  • – This is a very cool option for avid travelers! You can buy them a voucher that they can later use on, for as little as US$25 to up to any sum you want!
  • Airbnb – Just like the one above, you can also buy an e-voucher for Airbnb through Amazon and then let your friends redeem it once they’re ready to book a place on Airbnb!

Travel gear and other useful things

backpacking trip

In case your friend is not planning a vacation soon or you’re unsure if a plane ticket or hotel booking is a wise idea, why not help them renew their travel gear?

Here are some useful recommendations for travel-inspired objects:

  • REI co-op – a great place to search for outdoor equipment for cycling, running, camping and more;
  • Decathlon – in case you’re looking for travel gear. It’s the place where I always buy hiking equipment and, of course, sport equipment as well;
  • Ebags – If you want to gift a new luggage or a new, spacious backpack;
  • Backcountry – a very good alternative with cool bags if you live in the USA;
  • A portable printer – so they can print and organize their travel memories;
  • A travel neck pillow – for all those long plane rides or car rides;
  • Packing cubes – one of my favorite items for packing, they make your life so much easier and they help with organizing the luggage space. Every traveler will love them!
  • Noise-cancelling headphones – ideal for plane rides.

P.S.: Another nice idea in case you’re sending a present yourself via courier or post would be to roll the box into a world map wrapping paper in case you know that the recipient is passionate about traveling!

By the way, in case you want to find out my ultimate list of travel-inspired things to do at home (it might serve as inspiration for some other gifts as well!), I recommend checking out this article.

2.2. For the passionate learner

Online learning from home

If you have a friend that’s passionate about learning in general or if you know they’ve always dreamed of learning more about coding, cooking, filmmaking, writing or anything else, then a great idea would be to give them an online course or a subscription for an online learning website!

I have discussed in-depth about several online courses in my article about 20 awesome skills you can learn online during the lockdown, which I recommend reading in order to find courses specifically recommended for all types of interests.

I will also note down some outstanding online courses below, just to give you a little bit of inspiration before reading the big article:

  • – A great platform for online masterclasses for writing, film making, cooking and more, all of them held by famous names such as Natalie Portman, Gordon Ramsay and more.
  • Udemy – Here you can find all types of courses, from coding to learning how to play the guitar, how to illustrate etc. The best thing about this website is that you buy the courses individually and it doesn’t work on a subscription basis, so you can just pick the right course for the birthday girl/boy and give them access to it forever.
  • Skillshare – Many online courses as well, a little bit more focused on creative skills such as design, animation, photography, but also business.

2.3. For the artsy friend

close up pencils

If you have a friend that’s passionate about art and crafts, then a box full of artsy items or an online course might be a super good idea! Let me get in-depth with some cool ideas I have found for online gifts:

  • A box with art suppliesArtful is a website where you can subscribe to receive a box with premium art tools, and creative projects to do in your own time, at home, every three months! Even better, they also include exclusive interviews with artists to boost your inspiration in each box, so that’s a nice extra detail for an artistic friend or relative.
  • A knitting kit box – I personally love Knitcrate! Knitting is such a relaxing activity to do, and they make sure you get a box with things to knit every month. You can also select a favorite color palette. You get quality skeins, one exclusively designed knitting pattern and one exclusively designed crochet pattern! I really think this is such a nice present for a grandmother!
  • An arts & craft box with new ideas each monthThe Adults & Crafts Crate is a very good idea for your creative friend who wants to try out everything, this is the right present! With this subscription, they’ll receive a box with a new, different art project every month! The coolest part? At the beginning of every month, the subscriber receives an email letting them know what the next box will be, and he or she can choose whether they want to keep the craft, skip it, or replace it with a past craft!
  • An art printSociety6 is a super popular website where you can find TONS of pretty illustrations and designs that can be ordered as art prints, pillows, mugs and even outdoor chairs!
  • A photobookMy Social Book is an awesome website that automatically creates a personalized photo book using Facebook and Instagram pictures in a very easy way.
  • An online course for drawing or watercoloringSkillshare is an online platform for courses where you can choose from anything you can imagine. Learning something new is always a good idea (it’s the gift that keeps on giving!) so offering an online course for drawing, watercoloring or digital illustration, for example, might make someone’s day better!

2.4. For the foodie

woman holding box

Ah, I have so many good ideas for your foodie friends! From subscription boxes to online courses, I wrote them all below:

  • A chocolate subscription box – Who doesn’t love chocolate and receiving chocolate? And what about a box full of chocolate delivered to your door each month? I think that’s an amazing gift for everyone that has a sweet tooth! If you think this is a good idea, I recommend Jackie’s Chocolate (US) and Cocoa Runners (UK).
  • A cooking box with spices or gadgets – For the passionate cook, there’s nothing better than a subscription box full of spices or useful gadgets delivered each month. Some of the best ones I could find are this one for spices, this one for fine ingredients and this one for BBQ lovers.
  • A dessert in a jar – Another great idea for candy lovers is a dessert in a jar! This company called Jars by Dani delivers yummy desserts in mason jars similar to cakes, so this way you know you’ll deliver something without any worries about it getting mushy or distorted!
  • An international candy subscription box – Here’s yet another idea for candy lovers and probably one of my favorite gifts from this entire list! There are many different boxes you can subscribe to, my all-time favorite being Tokyo Treat, which includes many candy, snacks and drinks delivered from Japan to your door! The same idea applies to MexiCrate for Mexican treats or Snack Crate with snacks from all around the world.
  • A wine subscription box – This one’s for all wine lovers out there! You get a selection of very good wine (and champagne if you want to) delivered to your door monthly. For this, I recommend Wired for Wine (US) and The Bottle Club (UK).
  • A delivery gift card – If you know that your friend or loved one is ordering food online a lot, why not give them a delivery gift card? This can be found for almost all delivery services, for example Doordash and Grubhub, so you can search for the most popular one in your area.

By the way, if you’re looking for more cooking subscription boxes for the US and UK, I recommend checking out my article about Best Grocery and Food Delivery Services to Make Your Life Easier where you’ll find the best ones!

2.5. For the movie lover

watching movie online from home

Watching movies is a very relaxing activity, especially now that we’re all at home! If you have a special someone or a special occasion and you think something movie-related will be fit for the occasion, check out my list of online subscriptions for movies below:

  • Amazon Prime Video – Very good online platform where you can find tons of movies, documentaries and TV series as well;
  • Netflix – My personal favorite, as they have tons of cool series and you can share the monthly subscription with up to 4 people;
  • Bundle with Disney+, Hulu and ESPN – A great bundle that includes Disney+, Hulu and ESPN;
  • BroadwayHD – for all musical lovers; it has many famous musicals such as “Cats”, the “Sound of Music” and more;
  • HBO Go – They have many great series as well such as Game of Thrones or Westworld, as well as movies;
  • Kanopy – for online documentaries – it’s one of my favorites! It’s pretty popular among library users, but it can be accessed by anyone if you make a subscription.

If you want to find out my complete list of online subscriptions for movies that I recommend, I advise you to read my article about 22 Travel-related things to do at home.

2.6. For the gamer

Gamer online gifts from home

I don’t know about you, but I have some gamer friends that always get excited when they receive a new gadget or game to play, especially in this period, when they get to spend more time at home! If you too have a cousin, niece or friend that’s passionate about games, check out my recommendations below:

  • A video game console – If you can afford it, then giving a Playstation, an Xbox or a Nintendo Switch console might be one of the best ideas in the world! Now that we’re all stranded at home, what better way to pass the time than to play some video games?
  • A Playstation Gift card – If you’re like me and you want to give your friends the best present ever, but you’re also a bit of a “noob” when it comes to best Playstation games, you can get them the Playstation Gift card, with which they’ll be able to redeem the game of their choosing!
  • Cratejoy subscription boxes – Cratejoy is for sure one of the best websites for gifts out there! They ship globally and they offer gifts on so many topics. For the game lovers, my favorite ones are the Escape the Crate mystery box, with puzzle games that you receive bi-monthly, a monthly “Dungeon Crate” box, where you receive tons of Dungeons & Dragons accessories, as well as accessories for other famous board games, and this ComicBoxer. This is a great gift for both adults and children, because you can select the age of the person who’s going to receive it!
  • GeoGuessr – As I was also mentioning in my article on travel related activities to do at home, this is one of my favorite online games! You virtually travel to a place and you have to guess where you are. They have gift cards, so I’m pretty sure I’ll buy this one for my friends!
  • A Steam Gift cards – Of course, for the hardcore gamers out there, a Steam gift card is for sure the choice to go. They can redeem it in the app and choose their favorite PC games!
  • Puzzles – Nothing beats boredom as a good puzzle, am I right? This is a game that everybody can do and it’s a fun group activity too, which makes it the perfect gift for a lot of people! You can choose a classical one, or some really cool and complex ones, such as this one, if you feel your friend is up for the challenge! I also found this brilliant 3D one with challenges, which is also a great educational resource for children.

2.7. For the self-care passionate

facial mask set

In case you have a friend or relative that’s passionate about everything related to self care such as skincare, essential oils and more, then I got you! Here are my hand-picked recommendations below (for both women and men!):

  • A toothbrush subscription – This might sound surprising, but it’s actually super useful for people! Quip is a website that provides you with electric toothbrushes and, with a subscription, they’ll make sure you get a new replaceable head every three months!
  • A Self care subscription box – This is honestly something I’d like to give to myself! Each box contains one therapeutic activity and 6 to 8 self-care wellness goodies, such as therapeutic essential oils, an eye cover for better sleep, and more! Plus, they always make sure to use products with natural ingredients in their boxes!
  • Luxury Organic Skincare Made in Italy – The title pretty much says it all, doesn’t it? Italian quality products for skincare, delivered at your friend door every two month sounds like a pretty nice gift if you ask me!
  • Males Matter Subscription Box – Self-care is definitely not something just for women, men need it too! This is a really useful gift to give to your male friends or to your partner, especially during this time, when most of the barber shops are closed. It contains personal care products and grooming essential for hair, face and body. Help them shape that fabulous beard from their own home, without a professional barber!
  • Life Coaching and Personal Growth in a Box – Within this box they’ll receive one personal growth book, journals, webinars to attend, Women’s Circles, interviews, and one-on-one coaching every month, all to help you develop yourself! And as if this wasn’t enough, they’ll also get lots of small presents, such as candles, body creams, essential oils, relaxing teas and more!

2.8. For the sporty type

young athletic

When it comes to sports, I have plenty of online options for you to choose from! You can check them all out in my article on this topic, and also recommend them to your friends! If you’re looking for some special options that you could give as a gift, let me tell you about my favorite ones:

  • AloYoga gift card – I really like this, because it’s something you can give to experienced athletes, as well as friends who just want to do some workouts that are also really relaxing and therapeutic.
  • ClassPass – They have 4.000 online classes with different sports and different levels of intensity that you can choose from, which makes it a great gift to offer to your friends and give them the opportunity to choose their desired workout and also try out more of them.
  • Sports gear – Some good ideas include good running shoes, yoga equipment, yoga mats or some basics for putting together an at-home gym. I recommend checking for gear at Decathlon, on Lifefitness or on Amazon. By the way, you can find all my recommended items for setting up an at-home gym in this article.
  • A monogrammed duffel bag – This is a very nice idea if your friend or relative goes to the gym regularly. A monogrammed duffel bag will be spacious enough for their equipment and it’s a very nice personalized gift. I recommend something like this one.
  • An iPod – For all those who like running or listening to music when going to the gym! I think this is a super nice idea that’s also useful, so you’re ticking two boxes at once. I recommend this one.
  • Airpods – Again, something that I’d love to receive myself! I think they’re really great when you’re exercising, as there’s no wire getting in your way. I recommend these ones, as they have noise cancelling as well.

If you’re on the search for more sports and exercises that you can do at home or sport classes that you can offer as a gift, I recommend checking out my article about Ultimate Guide to Working Out at Home (+ Best Apps and 19 Sport Ideas!).

2.9. For the bookworm

Book worm online presents

This category is for all book lovers out there! There are many awesome ideas out there from certain books to subscriptions for ebooks, so scroll down to find what I recommend:

  • A Kindle – My kindle is probably one of the best investments I made in the last year. I always postponed starting books because I didn’t like carrying them around and only choosing one book to have with me when I traveled, but with the Kindle that entire hassle goes away because you can have any book you want in a single device! Plus, the screen of the Kindle Paperwhite is super nice and it resembles the feeling of an actual book, so I recommend this to anyone from kids to the elderly!
  • Kindle Unlimited subscription – If the person who’s going to receive the gift already has a Kindle, then you can give them an Unlimited subscription instead! The Kindle subscription includes more than 1 million books (and magazines too!) and you can read as many as you want with no limitations during your subscription period.
  • Book of the Month subscription – On the website, they recommend this as a gift for mothers, but I think it’s something that everybody can enjoy! You can give this as a gift to somebody and they’ll receive a new book every month, for as long as you wish. Moreover, you can also add yourself in the subscription; this way, you and the person you’re offering the gift to will receive the same book, so you can chat about it afterwards.
  • If you just want to give them a couple of books, Amazon is always an option, but you can also check out websites like Book Outlet, which is a really cool place to look for cheap books. I usually like to compare prices and choose the best option. After all, if they’re a bit cheaper, I might be able to buy one more book with the same money, right?
  • Chronicle Books – This is a special website containing books with beautiful stories, but also amazing visuals! They have children books with watercolors so beautiful that I might end up stocking on children books myself, just to be able to enjoy all the art from inside them, this superb cooking book where every recipe is a story matched with charming illustrations, a pop-up version of your friend’s favorite childhood story, or for your mythology lover friend, modern retellings of the classical myths, mixed with actual reproductions of works of art is surely an amazing present!

I also have a very good list of travel-inspired books that can serve as inspiration for gifts if you want to – you can find it in this article.

2.10. For the science geek

chemistry infographic

In case you have a friend, a father or an uncle that’s passionate about science, let me tell you that I have you covered as well! I have found a lot of amazing items that you can gift them and they’re all geek approved! Here are my recommendations below:

  • A DNA genetic test – This is a super nice idea for anyone, not just for people that are interested in science! The DNA tests work with saliva samples and they will reveal a lot of interesting things about the person that’s doing the test. I have two options for you here: 23 and Me will help you discover DNA relatives from around the world and learn how your DNA influences your features. DNA Fit will help you improve your life, your diet and your self care routine by providing you with actual genetic information about yourself. At the end you’ll receive personalized meal plans and a lot of information about your cancer risk, health coaching session and more, depending on your chosen package.
  • A molecular gastronomy set – Another exciting idea for someone that’s interested in both science and cooking! This complete set includes everything you’ll need to start experimenting with molecular gastronomy including all the necessary additives, tools, and recipes!
  • A VR headset – An idea for the future! A VR set such as this one is a good idea especially if the person receiving them is interested in games. Trust me, nothing compares to the experience of putting a VR headset on and entering a super realistic 3D world!
  • Women in Science book – I recommend this one to all women that want to learn more about science, but especially to little girls. The book talks about the 50 most iconic women and their contributions to the science world. The graphics are amazing and the book is super educational!
  • A meteorite pendant necklace – If you have a special girl or woman in your life that’s passionate about space, this meteorite pendant necklace is the gift to go! Me together with some friends actually gifted this type of necklace to one of my best friends that’s super passionate about outer space and she really loved it! She wears it every day!
  • LEGO Creator Space Shuttle Explorer – For all kids interested in science, outer space and building with legos!

2.11. For the workaholic

working on laptop

We all have that friend that’s considered a workaholic by everyone! They’re always on their phone or on their computer, in calls, discussing important matters or struggling with deadlines. These career-oriented people need cute gifts as well – and if they have a practical advantage as well, even better!

I’m one of those “friends” as well, so I have compiled this list with thoughtful, useful gifts that I would like to receive myself:

  • A standing desk – If your loved one spends a lot of time on the computer or if they have an office at home, trust me when I say that an adjustable standing desk can be a life-changer! These are good to improve posture and they have an adjustable height as well, so it’s a fail-proof gift.
  • A good chair – Again, another life-saver! It seems like everyone that has an office or that is working from home is looking for the ultimate chair for their desk. If you too know someone that’s still looking for the best chair, then why not give it to them instead as a gift? You can find many good chairs on Amazon, but I think this is one of the best ones out there that won’t have you break the bank.
  • Noise cancelling headphones – For all those that are working from home and need a quiet environment, I think some noise cancelling headphones can be a super good idea! They can be used for traveling as well, as they do wonders for that annoying engine sound. My top recommendation is Sennheiser because they have an excellent quality.
  • An app that will help them organize their schedule – This is a very good gift for that friend that always forgets about appointments or for all those passionate about being organized. The one I’m using is called Todoist and it works on a monthly subscription and the one that Yulia (the owner of Miss Tourist) is using is Tick Tick. So both of them are Miss Tourist approved! 🙂
  • An under desk elliptical – This is like a tiny bicycle that goes under your desk so you can exercise your legs while you’re standing on the chair and working! I think this is a really nice idea for all those that are spending way too much time at their desk and need a little bit of exercise. If you want to buy one, I recommend this one.

By the way, if you’re looking for some inspiration in order to keep yourself productive while working from home during the pandemic, I totally recommend reading my article about 18 Best tips and apps for working from home that will help you stay focused!

2.12. For the plants lover

couple with plants

This category is dedicated to all plants lovers out there – and especially for mothers! Receiving a new plant is such a nice gesture and I’m sure that a beautiful flower or succulent will always remind that person about you!

If you think this is a nice idea as well, here are my recommended gifts:

  • A monthly subscription for plants – Two of my favorites are Bloom Box Club (they deliver one plant per month with ornamental pots included and you can choose from classic plants, large plants or special plants) and The Sill (monthly subscription as well; you can choose from plants for beginners, low light plants, pet-friendly plants or medium plants). Such a lovely idea, I’d really love to receive this myself! 🙂
  • A gardening kit – Great for all mothers, fathers or anyone else that has a garden and loves taking care of it! I recommend this 8-in-1 kit – it includes anti rust stainless steel tools, gloves and a carrier for all these!
  • A book about house plants – “Wild at Home” is a super popular book that includes tips and tricks for taking care of houseplants and styling them as well. This one’s for all those beginners that are just getting started with plants!
  • An indoor herb garden – Another amazing idea! This device is the best tool that will help anybody grow healthy indoor herbs such as basil or even tomatoes! The LED lights ensure that the plants have enough light and the device works with plant pods that you insert and then all you have to do is wait for them to grow! When you can’t go to the farmer’s market, you can still bring the herbs to your kitchen, am I right?

3. Gifts for kids

receiving presents

Let’s not forget about the little ones, am I right? In case you have a little cousin or a niece or nephew and they have their birthday coming up soon during the pandemic, don’t worry! You can help cure the blues and help them not forget about you with some cute little gifts that they’ll surely appreciate:

  • A pinata – A nice idea is to have a pinata delivered to their house! You can choose the personalized message to go on the pinata and it will be filled with sweets and sent to your desired address – you won’t need to move a finger and it will make for a super nice surprise! They also have different types of pinatas such as a classic one, a reindeer one or a zombie one. So cool!
  • A box full of sweets – Okay, this might not be a parent’s most beautiful dream, but let’s make an exception for a special occasion, right? Sugarwish offers candy boxes or popcorn boxes and you can choose the size of your gift (2, 4, 8 or 16 candy choices) and then the receiver chooses the candy they’d like to receive! I think that’s super awesome because they offer the freedom for the kids to choose!
  • A personalized book with their name and photosPut me in the Story offers personalized books for kids. How does it work? You choose a favorite book and they’ll personalize it by replacing the names with the kids’ name and the pictures with photos of him/her. This will make a super personalized gift that will also help them get a taste for reading!
  • A DIY subscription box – KiwiCo offers craft crates that they deliver each month. You can choose a certain age and interest (science, art, craft etc.) for the kid that’s going to receive the gift and that’s it, they’ll take care of all the rest! All the crafts and DIY games in the box include kid-friendly instructions as well.
  • You can also find more gifts on Uncommon Goods – I really like their selection and I think the prices are pretty good as well. Some nice examples that are liked are a coloring tablecloth, The Great Escape Pop-Up Search Book (good for kids that cannot go outside!) or the bubble gum kit to make their own chewing gum.
💆 Best gift for men:Theragun
💲 Cheapest plane voucher:Flight gift
🏨 Best validity hotel voucher:Hotel gift
🖨️ Most unusual gift:Portable printer
🍭 Best international gift:Snack Crate
👧 Best gift for kids:Put me in the Story

BONUS: How to organize a virtual party with your friends

online party

After choosing and delivering the gift, why not have a virtual party with your friends and relatives? If you cannot meet in person, this doesn’t mean you cannot at least see each other online and spend some quality time together!

I think that’s a great idea and some good apps to use for this include apps like Skype and Zoom. If you’re the birthday girl/boy or if you’re the one organizing the party for a special occasion, you can make things even more fun by setting up a theme for your virtual party and asking everyone involved to dress up according to the theme!

While you’re there, you can also play some games online together. Jackbox is a great online resource that has a lot of games that can be played remotely including guessing games or drawing games. These can be played by the entire family, including kids, as they’re all super easy and funny! Another cool game is Keep talking and nobody explodes in which you have to defuse a “bomb” together with your friends and, as long as you’ll keep talking to each other, everything will be fine! For more online game ideas, I recommend checking out this article.

Another great website that I found if you want to join an already organized virtual happy hour is this one – they organize weekly virtual brunches every Sunday at 1:00PM Eastern / 10:00AM Pacific and weekly virtual happy hours every Thursday at 6:30PM Eastern / 3:30PM Pacific. They take place on Youtube here and anyone can join together with their friends and a glass of wine!

And here’s one last idea for your virtual parties: you can get the Netflix party extension for Chrome and watch movies or TV series on Netflix at the same time with your loved ones!



Yay, this was my complete list of gifts that you can offer to your friends, family, colleagues or anyone else during this time of self-isolation! Most of the gifts I recommended above can be sent online or delivered directly to your desired address, so all you’ll have to do is choose! In order to help you out with this, I have broken down my recommendations into universal gifts and personalized gifts sorted by interest (sports, art, books, movies, games etc.).

I’m sure you’ll find something to inspire you in this post and I really hope I helped you with my hand-picked recommendations! If you cannot be there with your dear ones, at least send them a nice reminder that you’re thinking about them, that you love them and that you cannot wait to get together soon, when it will be possible!

Let me know if you’d add anything else to this list, I’m curious about your suggestions!

Happy gifting,


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