Where to Stay in Ischia → 6 Gorgeous Coastal Areas (2024)

A castle on a hill overlooking the ocean and purple flowers.

Are you visiting Ischia soon? I’m so happy for you, as this fabulous small island has a unique charm, gorgeous beaches, and excellent hotels. I have done thorough research and compared all the best areas and hotels to help you find where to stay in Ischia, whether you’re coming as a couple, with the family, or with friends.

I’m excited to share that the best area to stay in Ischia Porto, as this is the beating heart of the island. Ischia, itself, is known for its stunning views and mineral-rich thermal waters. If you’re coming to the island, you can enjoy high-quality beauty treatments in public thermal spas or from the comfort of your hotel.

Although there are many accommodation options, I highly recommend booking your stay in advance to secure the best deals.

Quick Picks for Your Stay

Can’t read til the end? Check out the best hotels in Ischia Porto, the best area for first-timers, so you can experience the best of the best on this lovely volcanic island:

mid-range hotel
A terrace with lounge chairs and a view of the ocean.
budget hotel
A bedroom with a white bed and blue curtains.

Hotel Rivamare

Best affordable accommodation in the center

Watch my video, it will give you a visual explanation of all the areas:

Here’s a map to help you visualize the best areas to stay in Ischia:

Colorful map highlighting the best areas to stay in Ischia
  1. Ischia Porto: for first-timers:
  2. Ischia Ponte: for the history:
  3. Forio: for families:
  4. Sant’Angelo: for relaxation:
  5. Lacco Ameno: for seclusion:
  6. Casamicciola: for thermal springs:

1. Ischia Porto – where to stay in Ischia for the first time

A beach with umbrellas and chairs along the shore.

Ischia Porto (or Ischia Town) is the first station for most international visitors in Ischia. If you are staying in Naples, you can arrive on the island of Ischia in Ischia Porto’s harbor. This harbor is also one of the few that provides easy access to neighboring islands.

It’s safe to say that Ischia Porto is the island’s beating heart and where most of the cafés, shops, and entertainment facilities are. Stroll down the Corso Vittoria Colonna, and you’ll find tons of haute couture shops for the ultimate shopping experience!

The area also has the longest golden sandy beach (San Pietro) on the island, accessible to local gourmet restaurants. The San Pietro Beach is free for the most part. However, in some areas, you must pay for parasols and sunbeds.

You can explore hundreds of years of the area’s history by visiting the churches surrounding Ischia Porto on a day trip from Naples (or other cities on the Campania and Amalfi coast).

Most luxury hotels have thermal baths, swimming pools, and a dedicated beach club. If you’re traveling on a budget, the area also has affordable accommodation. I only chose the highest-rated options so you can have the best time visiting this charming island!

Luxury hotel
collage of 3 images with: pool and the hotel's building, bedroom and woman at a table in the hotel's restaurant

Fabulous hotel with outdoor and indoor pools, a thermal spa, a hot springs bath, and various types of beauty treatments ideal for spa and wellness enthusiasts. There is a panoramic terrace for everyone to enjoy, but some rooms offer outdoor terraces with a sea view. All rooms have air conditioning.

Other accommodation options in Ischia Porto

A room with a bed and a view of the ocean.

Excellent value hotel with a swimming pool, wellness center, open-air terrace, and delicious food located near a bus station

A restaurant with tables and chairs overlooking the ocean.

swimming pool, wellness center, open-air terrace, and delicious food located near a bus station

A balcony with blue chairs overlooking the beach.

Situated by the sea, serves breakfast on a sea-view terrace, and has family-friendly economy rooms for up to 3 people

Things to do in Ischia Porto

  • Eat out in the iconic Portobello Restaurant (reservations)
  • Visit the Santa Maria delle Grazie church
  • Go on a Cenatiempo vineyard wine-tasting tour
  • Unleash your adventurous nature by snorkeling in underwater caves

2. Ischia Ponte – where to stay in Ischia for the history

A view of a city and the sea from the top of a hill.

Ischia Ponte is technically a small area of the Ischia Porte, but due to the abundant list of things to see, authentic eateries, and hotels, it deserves to be listed as an area of its own.

The area is adjacent to historic churches and sites, and it’s where the medieval castle Castello Aragonese is located. This place is a symbol of the island and is absolutely worth the visit. If you’re a history buff and want to remain close to the Aragonese Castle’s history and beautiful sights, I have a special accommodation offer just further below!

Overall, there’s no better place to visit than Ischia Ponte to understand the island’s dramatic history and how its residents managed to defend themselves throughout centuries.

The scenic surroundings get even better with the 2 islands of Procida and Vivara that spread behind the castle and make for memorable sights.

Other points of interest in this area include the Rocks of Sant Anna, the Tower of Michelangelo, and Cartamorana and Pescatori beaches. The Cartamorana is ideal if you want to enjoy the beach without the crowd.

Luxury hotel
collage of 3 images with: gazebo on the patio overlooking the ocean and the castle, bedroom and lounge

One of the best hotels (5 stars!) on the island, featuring 2 hot tubs on a terrace, a Turkish bath, indoor and outdoor pools, and a full-scale wellness center. Enjoy delicious Mediterranean cuisine, your very own private beach area, and a movie-like room setting.

Other accommodation options in Ischia Ponte

A bedroom with a bed and a balcony overlooking the sea.

The most unique location, at the Castello Aragonese, with panoramic views, compact rooms for couples, and delicious Italian food

A yellow building with balconies and a mountain in the background.

Located near Pescatori beach, this apartment fits up to 4 people and has the best value for money

A living room with a blue couch and a coffee table.

Highest-rated beach house in the area that used to be a fisherman’s dwelling; small, cozy rooms with sea view

Things to do in Ischia Ponte

  • Get lost in the historic center’s picture-perfect streets
  • Have the best pizza at Il Giardino (reservations)
  • Recharge your batteries at the Cartaromana Beach 
  • Visit the Michelangelo Tower, a 15-century fortress-house

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3. Forio – where to stay in Ischia for families

A town with boats docked in the water and a mountain in the background.

Welcome to the island’s largest (and most populated) town, Forio di Ischia! If you’re coming from Naples, a ferry port can drop you here. You’ll want to stay in Forio whether you’re a history buff, sea sport adventurer, or just want to relax at the best beaches (don’t miss the stunning Baia di Citara!)

The historic center of Forio is adorned with colorful homes, elegant fountains, and it’s close to Ischia’s botanical gardens. Stroll past the main streets and explore artisanal boutiques, craft and pottery shops, and cultural events throughout the summer.

As you’re here, don’t miss the La Mortella Gardens, or a garden museum with more than 3,000 plants on a single estate!

The area offers a perfect base for snorkeling adventures (you’ll find the best tour I highly recommend below!)

I recommend Forio for families because it’s packed with kid-friendly attractions. There are many parks and eateries, and you can be situated near volcanic hiking trails suitable for children.

I included enough family-friendly options below to make your hunt for where to stay in Forio easier. Forio is also close to the vibrant Sant’Angelo area, perfect for a thermal bath treatment.

Luxury hotel
collage of 3 images with: aerial view over the hotel's private beach, bedroom and restaurant

Featuring an outdoor pool, terrace, thermal water treatments, and plenty of water sports facilities, Mezzatorre Hotel is the perfect option for a relaxed stay with families of up to 5 people. I recommend their Superior Suite with Terrace and Sea View for the best experience, as it has a hydromassage pool and fabulous Mediterranean-style furniture.

Other accommodation options in Forio

A room with blue and white walls and a bed.

Triple rooms, serves breakfast on a sun terrace, has 2 panoramic outdoor pools and a hot tub with thermal water

A house with a swimming pool and lounge chairs.

A villa with air conditioning, an outdoor pool, and a restaurant serving Italian cuisine; studios with terraces available

A house with ivy growing on the side of the house.

Travel back in time with this place’s authentic Mediterranean setting, situated just a short walk from the sea

Things to do in Forio

4. Sant’Angelo – where to stay in Ischia to relax + sights

A view of a small town with a beach and a mountain in the background.

Located in the heart of charming fishing villages, Sant’Angelo is ideal if you want a more casual, relaxed stay while still having easy access to the shops and restaurants. Chill by the marina that overlooks the Tyrrhenian Sea’s azure waters while sipping your favorite cup of coffee in the morning.

If you’re up for a challenge, head to La Fumarole Beach, known for its steam jets rising through the sand (they actually originate from volcanic activity)! Beware, though, as the sand can get so hot in places that you may even see locals cooking eggs on it in special containers!

The area is also known for its panoramic coastal vistas and sunset-watching spots.

If you’re coming in a car, you’ll have a lovely stay in Sant’Angelo and its surroundings! This being said I don’t recommend staying here without one unless you’re okay with relying solely on public transportation (which is available).

Staying in Sant’Angelo will let you explore its charming pedestrian streets, given that the very center of the city is closed to traffic.

Luxury hotel
collage of 3 images with: a balcony with a view of the sea, bedroom and restaurant on the terrace

If you want to splurge on your stay, I couldn’t recommend the Suite with Sea View in this fantastic boutique hotel. One of my personal favorite hotels in Ischia, its suites have the most comfortable beds and a modern setting. The Negombo Thermal Spa, Poseidon Thermae, and Baia di San Montano are a short ride from this hotel.

Other accommodation options in Sant’Angelo

A bed in a hotel room with a balcony.

Enjoy spacious rooms, a thermal outdoor pool, a terrace with a hot tub, and comfortable rooms at a great price

A restaurant with tables and umbrellas overlooking the ocean.

Casa Gerardo is your go-to budget-friendly stay by the sea with a continental breakfast and clean rooms

A view of the ocean from the balcony of a house.

My absolute favorite, this home is spacious, has a sea view, and it used to be a fisherman’s house

Things to do in Sant’Angelo

  • Go kayaking to admire la Scarraupata Bay
  • Eat at Bar Ristorante Nettuno 
  • Take a water taxi to the La Fumarole or Maronti beach
  • Explore Spiaggia di Cava Grado

5. Lacco Ameno – where to stay in Ischia for seclusion

A fountain in the center of a town.

Lacco Ameno is the place to stay if you value privacy and seclusion. It’s also suitable for romantic island getaways. Despite being the smallest town on the island, Lacco Ameno is also one of its most beautiful ones.

You can choose from 2 sand beaches here. San Montano Beach is the most popular for its enclosed location (2 hills flank it from both sides), making it look like a private bay. Jump in for a quick swim or throw in the paddleboard for a relaxing time far from the crowded areas.

Nearing the beach is the most important attraction on the whole island, the Negombo Thermal Gardens.

Thermal Gardens is a thermal park with 12 swimming pools and baths at various temperature settings. The park is open daily from 8:30 AM-7 PM, and the ticket price varies from 35 to €150.

The Lacco Ameno village is perfect for evening strolls and exploring the island’s coves (especially along the Corso Angelo Rizzoli), especially if you’re coming as a couple and are in for a quiet getaway!

All this being said, Lacco Ameno isn’t your best option if you’re after nightlife. It’s a relatively quiet area with an authentic island life vibe favored by those seeking tranquility.

Luxury hotel
collage of 3 images with: aerial view over the resort, bedroom and sitting area on the patio

One of the best hotels in Ischia, San Montano, offers 11 outdoor thermal pools, a natural sauna, and different beauty and mud treatments. They have a free shuttle bus to the airport, too. Rooms are spacious and comfortable and have Mediterranean-style furniture. The Executive Suite has a sea-view terrace with a private hot tub!

Other accommodation options in Lacco Ameno

A swimming pool with lounge chairs and a view of the mountains.

A stay surrounded by lush Mediterranean gardens, a panoramic location, and an outdoor pool + thermal pool, suitable for extended stays

A bedroom with an arched ceiling and a bed.

This 1-bedroom apartment is great for families or couples as it has a fully-equipped kitchen and a private beach area

A balcony with a view of the ocean.

Penthouse in the center of Lacco Ameno with 2 bedrooms and an open-air terrace with a view of the iconic Mushroom Rock

Things to do in Lacco Ameno

  • Admire Il Fungo during sunset (map)
  • Visit the Archaeological Museum of Pithecusae
  • Eat delicious food in Il Delfino family-run restaurant
  • Marvel at Coppa di Nestore in Villa Arbusto

6. Casamicciola – where to stay for the thermal springs

A balcony with a view of a harbor and boats.

Most tourists come to the Casamicciola, which is nestled on the island’s northern shore, for its thermal springs. The area encompasses tiny villages of La Rita, Perrone, Piazza Bagni, Castiglione, Piazza Maio, and La Sentinella.

You can easily reach the area with a direct ferry connection with Naples.

The thermal spa places you can’t miss include Castiglione Thermal Park, O Vagnitiello Thermal Park, and Pio Monte della Misericordia. After finishing the beauty, mud, and massage treatment, you can head to the local bars and shops for a more city-like experience.

The entrance to thermal parks costs around €25. Different parks will have different prices, so it’s best to check each one individually.

The ideal place to explore the island’s volcanic history is located in this area, and it’s in the Bosco della Maddalena forest. Go on a hike and enjoy volcanic phenomena all over the place.

As you can see, Casamicciola offers plenty of activities for spa and wellness enthusiasts. I highly recommend it for couples, older people, and really anyone who wants to explore the area of Ischia prioritized for natural mineral springs.

Luxury hotel
collage of 3 images with: pool area, bedroom and hotel's building

Hotel Terme Manzi is the main luxury hotel in the village. It has 2 thermal pools and sensory showers and offers shuttle services from the center of Ischia Porto. Spacious rooms have air conditioning and free Wi-Fi. Do note that their wellness centre is only for adults. They do offer babysitting, though.

Other accommodation options in Casamicciola

A white bedroom with a blue and white bed.

A neat and cozy apartment with a private bathroom, panoramic sea view, and steps away from famed thermal springs

A swimming pool with a view of the mountains.

Family-run guesthouse, has free sun loungers, an outdoor swimming pool, and a charming Mediterranean-style interior suitable for kids

A balcony with wicker furniture and a view of the sea.

Centrally-located yet quiet, villa with recently renovated rooms (1 pink and 1 blue), includes a crib and panoramic sea view

Things to do in Casamicciola

  • Dine out in the authentic Trattoria Il Focolare (map)
  • Treat yourself to one of the many thermal spas
  • Take a dip like a local in Lido Acquamarina 
  • Hike through the Bosco Della Maddalena
👑 Luxury price:€400
💵 Mid-Range:€200
🛏️ Budget:€100
📍 Best area:Ischia Porto
🛎️ Best luxury hotel:Excelsior Belvedere
💵 Best mid-range hotel:Hotel Villa Durelli
👛 Best budget hotel:La Vigna Rooms

BONUS: Best hotels for families in Ischia

Are you visiting the island with the kids? I’ve selected the best of the best hotels and apartments to stay with the little ones. Their location and amenities will help you have the most pleasant stay possible! I sorted the hotels from most to least expensive (prices range from €100 to €450 per night.

collage of 3 images with: pool with a hotel's building in the background, bedroom and a restaurant on the terrace

1. Grand Hotel II Moresco
Fabulous luxury hotel located in Ischia Porto that welcomes kids of all ages. They can provide a cot or extra beds for an additional charge and also offer babysitting services. You can have the best time in their wellness center while knowing the kids are safe and sound in the next-door premises.

2. Casa al Sole Boutique Hotel
This charming boutique hotel offers suites where you can stay with up to 2 kids older than 15. Casa al Sole is situated in Serrana Fontana village near Sant’Angelo center, and it’s a perfect location if you’re looking for a tranquil stay surrounded by the island’s untouched beauty.

3. Tenuta Del Poggio Antico
Enjoy a luxury treatment for the whole family (with kids older than 10) and get maximum seclusion. Located in the western part of the island, this hotel has free parking and a shuttle bus to the Forio Harbor. Delicious breakfast is served on a terrace overlooking the sea.

collage of 3 images with:pool area, a bedroom and restaurant

4. Hotel Casa Giuseppina
The best hotel for an extended family stay, Hotel Casa Giuseppina, is adorned with the cutest Mediterranean garden featuring a pool and an area for the kids to play. They offer a continental breakfast and a terrace, too. Choose the Triple or Quadruple Rooms if you’re bringing kids.

5. Hotel Parco Cartaromana

This fantastic 3-star hotel overlooks the Aragonese castle, has an on-site restaurant, and is an easy walking distance from the beach. They welcome children of all ages and can provide a cot or extra beds if necessary.

6. Hotel Villa Rita
This picturesque hotel offers exceptional value for money. The lovely interior perfectly matches the surroundings and will make your stay super comfortable. There’s a complimentary shuttle service, a terrace, a cozy yard, as well as an outdoor swimming pool.

BONUS 2: Best VRBOs in Ischia

As an additional bonus for more budget-conscious travelers, I have also prepared the best places to stay on the island you can easily reach from the Campania or Amalfi coast. The price range for the VRBOs below is from €90 to €150 per night. 

collage of 3 images with: a balcony with a view of the sea, bedroom and sitting area on the patio
  • The House on the Ischia Port – this 2-bedroom home right on the port can sleep 4 people. It’s budget-friendly and has a terrace with a magnificent harbor view. Enjoy watching over the Mediterranean Sea while tasting local wines on the balcony after a long day of exploring the island.
  • Sea View Apartment – this luxury apartment overlooks the Cartaromana bay and has an amazing view of the Aragonese castle. You can enjoy the island of Ischia and its great beaches, which are within walking distance from this place.
  • Lo Scuopolo Apartment – this 3-story apartment has cozy, simple, comfortable furnishings, air conditioning, and a terrace exit. It’s great for families and is one of the most affordable places to stay, all while being close to the best beach on the island.

FAQs about hotels in Ischia

A town on the coast with boats in the water.

🇮🇹 What is the best part of Ischia to stay?

Ischia Porto is the best area to stay for first-timers and everyone who wants to experience the island’s main attractions. Excelsior Belvedere is the accommodation I recommend here. If you wish to relax at thermal baths, head to Casamicciola and stay at Villa Marinella.

🏰 What is the prettiest town in Ischia?

Forio is the prettiest Ischia town. The most scenic small village, however, is Lacco Ameno.

🤌 Is it worth staying in Ischia? 

Absolutely! Ischia is a magnificent volcanic island with much to offer, from dramatic views, thermal springs, spas, sandy beaches, and fine dining to luxury resorts and amazing hiking trails.

📅 How long should you stay in Ischia?

2 days. Ischia is super popular for one-night stays, but you can stay for longer if you want a full-scale relaxing treatment at some of its popular thermal spa facilities. You can find many hotels suitable for extended stays, like the San Lorenzo Thermal Spa.

🚌 Where to stay in Ischia without a car?

Ischia Porto or Ischia Ponte. You can use public transportation to get around the island anyway, but these 2 places have the most attractions to offer within walking distance from each other. Hotel Villa Durelli is located near a bus stop for your convenience.


A castle sits on top of an island in the ocean.

So there you go, these were my top suggestions for areas and hotels when it comes to where to stay in Ischia. Although it’s a small island, Ischia by no means lacks accommodation options or areas worth visiting.

If you still can’t make up your mind, I’ll share my two favorite places to stay in Ischia Porte:

  • Excelsior Belvedere Hotel & Spa – the best spa treatment in town + fantastic service, although it’s only for couples.
  • Hotel Villa Durelli – has a wellness center conveniently located near a bus stop and offers rooms for up to 4 people (including kids).

Hopefully, you now know which area and hotel will work best for your budget and interests. Remember to book your stay in advance to secure the best rooms!

If you have any remarks or would like to ask me anything about your upcoming stay in Ischia, feel free to drop a comment below. I’m always happy to read your suggestions and answer questions!

Buon viaggio,


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