Where to Stay in Capri – 5 Best Areas for 2024

A vibrant waterfront scene in Capri, Italy, showcasing boats docked along the marina with colorful buildings and hills in the background. People are seen walking along the dock and visiting ticket booths.

Ciao friends, ready for your Mediterranean holiday? Then jump on this guide on where to stay in Capri!

I’ve compared all the top areas and hotels in this paradise-like destination, and categorized everything according to interest and budget. 

Marina Grande is the best place to stay in Capri, this is a beautiful area packed with attractions and great hotels! But if that’s not the right place for you, just scroll below and you’ll find more areas and accommodation options! 

Just remember that it’s important to book everything in advance, as Capri is so popular and pretty expensive! 

Quick Picks for Your Stay

Eager to book your accommodation as soon as possible? Then have a look at the list below. It includes the best hotels on the island, all located in Marina Grande:

luxury hotel
A scenic outdoor area with a hot tub, white patio furniture, and a view of the sea and palm trees under a clear blue sky.
mid-range hotel
A spacious terrace with sun loungers and stunning views of the sea and surrounding hills in Capri.


Best value for money

budget hotel
A simple bedroom with a green bedspread, iron bed frame, and wooden wardrobe.


Best affordable accommodation in the center

Check out the map below that has the best places to stay in Capri: 

A colorful map highlighting the best areas to stay in Capri with numbered locations and labels for easy navigation
  1. Marina Grande: for families
  2. Capri Town: for shopping
  3. Marina Piccola: for luxury
  4. Anacapri: for relaxation
  5. South Anacapri: for budget

1. Marina Grande – best place to stay in Capri for first-timers

View of a coastal town with colorful buildings on a hill, green vegetation, boats docked in the water, and a clear blue sky overhead.

No better place to start your island holidays than Marina Grande, the landing point for most tourists, and home to the largest port area in Capri,

This is a great base for anyone who doesn’t have a car and wants to stay in the same place where the ferry will leave you, or for those who are just spending a night or 2 on the island.

Set at the foot of Mount Solaro, Marina Grande is a fab place filled with white-washed houses, incredible restaurants, beach clubs, private villas and dreamy beaches! 

Here you’ll find the largest beach on the island, Spiaggia Marina Grande (map), that’s set right near the port where the ferries dock. Not too far from it, you’ll also find another beach, Spiaggia Bagni di Tiberio (map) which is smaller and can be reached on foot or by boat from the port. 

Although Marina Grande can get pretty hectic around the port area, during the summer season, you should be fine in other parts of the town. 

I’m sure you’ll be tempted to spend all day at the beach, but make sure you also check out the other attractions like Scala Fenicia (map), which is basically a staircase that you can climb and get some breathtaking views of the island!

Plus, you can also visit the nearby areas like Capri Town (10 min walk away) or Anacapri (30 to 40 min walk away).

Luxury hotel
A collage of three images showcasing a luxurious hotel suite: a bedroom with blue and white decor, an outdoor patio with a hot tub and ocean view, and a tastefully furnished living area.

This villa offers the luxury and comfort you deserve! Each room is beautifully-decorated with vintage furniture, colorful wall prints and has a private terrace. Some terraces even come with a hot tub! So relax in the jacuzzi and then enjoy a delicious meal at the on-site restaurant. 

Other accommodation options in Marina Grande

A coastal view with clear blue water, luxury villas, and verdant hills from a sunlit terrace featuring lounge chairs and a hot tub.

This hotel features comfortable rooms overlooking the sea and a spacious sun terrace

A small living room with a green sofa, a single green pillow, a wall-mounted air conditioner, and glass doors leading to a partially visible exterior. Floral curtains adorn the window and door.

A perfect guest house near the beach that has spacious rooms with a flat-screen tv and free Wi-Fi

A bright bedroom with a double bed decorated with teal accents, a wall-mounted paddle, an open glass door revealing a balcony with a sea view, and a small table with a bottle and glass.

Enjoy your stay in Capri in this apartment that has room for 4 people, air conditioning and a baby crib

Things to do in Marina Grande

  • Enjoy a fun day with the family at Spiaggia Bagni di Tiberio
  • Visit Anacapri or Capri Town
  • Admire the boats at Marina Grande Port
  • Climb down the Scala Fenicia and admire the views
  • Take the boat to Spiaggia Bagni di Tiberio beach
  • Grab a drink at Le Ondine Beach Club (map)

2. Capri Town – where to stay on Capri Island for shopping

A scenic view of a hillside town with white buildings, greenery, and a rocky mountain in the background under a clear sky.

Just like the name suggests, this is the island’s main town and it has more of an urban atmosphere, but don’t expect cars or skyscrapers!

Nope, this is Capri’s version of urbanism, where you’ll find lots of high-end shopping stores, boutiques, maany restaurants, cobbled laneways and lots of bars!

If you’re hoping to enjoy some fun Italian nights filled with wine, Aperol and music then this is the place for you!

Capri Town is actually the largest area on the island and as I mentioned it is an absolute paradise for those who enjoy a bit of shopping! Via Camerelle (map) is one of the most famous roads in Capri Town and is lined up with luxury shops like Louis Vuitton and Chanel. 

NOTE: Capri Town is well-connected to the other areas on the island, so if you’re planning to use the bus a lot, I recommend setting base here as there are some buses that go to Anacapri, Marina Piccola and Marina Grande.

Most of the restaurants and bars are set in Piazzetta di Capri (map), also known as Piazza Umberto, where you’ll also find some other shops! If you’re looking for a place to eat around here, Hangout Capri (map) is a great one! 

As the town is so big, there are lots of attractions and fab beaches here! Some unmissable ones are Giardini di Augusto (map) where you’ll find a scenic spot overlooking Capri (map), the beautiful Certosa San Giacomo Capri (map), Villa Jovis (map) where you can see the Roman ruins of a palace built by Emperor Tiberius! 

You might’ve heard that Capri is home to some incredible grottos and limestone cliffs and there are lots that you can see, which are easily accessible from Capri Town. Grotta Rossa (map), Grotta Bianca (map) and Natural Arch (map) are some unique spots that you should definitely check out!

Luxury hotel
A collage of three images showcasing a luxurious hotel: an outdoor infinity pool with a sea view on the left, a blue-tiled bathroom at top right, and a bedroom with a green bedspread at bottom right.

I love the vintage-modern fusion decor of this luxury hotel just a short walk away from the famous Piazzetta di Capri. The elegant rooms come with a balcony from where you get some stunning views of the sea! After a delicious Italian breakfast at the sea-view restaurant, head over to the infinity pool for a quick dip!

Other accommodation options in Capri Town

Aerial view of a pristine rectangular swimming pool surrounded by white sun umbrellas and lounge chairs, with steps leading into the water. The surrounding area is partially shaded by trees.

Fabulous and comfortable hotel with amazing amenities like a large pool, lush gardens, and a restaurant

A cozy bedroom with a white bedspread, decorative wall niches with lanterns, and framed pictures on the wall.

An affordable hotel that offers rooms with mountain views and a balcony and an airport shuttle

A small living area with a patterned sofa, matching tablecloth, and simple wooden chairs, featuring a tiled floor.

Perfect place for 4 guests that has a kitchen, a backyard, and air-conditioning

An outdoor terrace with wicker chairs and tables, offering a panoramic view of lush green hills and the sea in the distance

As I mentioned before, Capri Town is super famous, and because of that so many hotels are located in this part of the island. I know you have 4 unique options above, but I wanted to give you 2 more as they’re so nice, and you shouldn’t miss out on them!

  • Luxury: Capri Wine Hotel I think we can all agree that Italian food tastes better in Italy, right? At this hotel, you’ll eat super delicious fruits and vegetables from their organic garden and enjoy them on the terrace overlooking the sea. The accommodation also has a bar and rooms with a private balcony.!
  • Mid Range: Hotel La Tosca – A beautiful hotel on the isle of Capri that comes with rooms with simple yet chic decor and sea views. Attractions like Marina Piccola Bay and Villa San Michele are not too far, but don’t leave the accommodation before eating a delicious breakfast on the terrace that offers spectacular scenery! 
A bustling town square in Capri with people walking around, featuring a historic clock tower, colorful buildings, and a clear blue sky.

Things to do in Capri Town

  • Take a stroll in Giardini di Augusto
  • Visit the Church Santo Stefano
  • Shop until you drop on Via Camerelle
  • Grab an espresso in Piazzetta di Capri
  • Go on a private boat tour of Capri
  • Grab a drink at Taverna Anema e Core (map)
  • Snap a picture at Arco Naturale
  • Admire the stunning sea views from Belvedere di Punta Cannone (map)

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3. Marina Piccola – where to stay in Capri Island for luxury

Coastal scene with clear turquoise water, rocky shoreline, and buildings built into a cliffside. Several boats are anchored in the distance, and people are sunbathing and swimming near the shore.

Capri has long been a top choice for the rich and famous! I mean we all remember Jackie Kennedy Onassis and her pics wearing the famous Capri pants and shoes! 

Although celebrities roam around the whole island, most of them come here to Marina Piccola, another port area located southwest of Capri Town. This is usually where all the private yachts arrive,

It’s not only the celebrities that make Marina Piccola famous. Homer, the well-known poet, used Marina Piccola as the sirens’ home in The Odyssey.

As the area is super frequented by the rich and famous, prices tend to be higher here, as all the restaurants, bars and hotels are super fancy! 

The small and chic beaches like Spiaggia di Marina Piccola (map) and Spiaggia Torre Saracena (map) offer the best swimming conditions as the water is calm and warm. The views aren’t too shabby either. From here, you can admire the natural beauty of the Faraglioni rock formations.

Or you can jump on one of the many private boat tours that leave from this part of the island.

Now let’s talk about the best hotels in Capri, Marina Piccola! Rumor has it that these places offer the best views as they have a great location on the island.

Luxury hotel
A collage of three hotel photos to stay in Capri: a serene pool area with sun loungers overlooking lush green hills and white buildings, a bright bedroom with blue accents and a private balcony, and a cozy terrace with hanging chairs offering stunning sea views.

Relax by the swimming pool of one of the best luxury hotels in the area that boasts incredible views of the island! This accommodation comes with rooms that have a furnished balcony overlooking the sea, where you can enjoy your breakfast!

Other accommodation options in Marina Piccola

A bedroom with a green comforter on a double bed, white walls, two framed pictures, air conditioning, and a view of an outdoor terrace through double doors.

A tranquil place in Capri with garden views, family rooms with air conditioning, and an outdoor dining area

A round table with a blue and white tablecloth, set for two, on a balcony overlooking the ocean. The table has a vase with purple flowers, plates, cups, and food. Two chairs are placed around the table.

This stylish hotel is near the beach and it has a swimming pool and a la carte restaurant

A bedroom with a double bed, blue and white patterned floor tiles, a desk, and an open door leading to a balcony with an ocean view. The room has white walls and is decorated with blue accents.

Catch the sunset on the scenic balcony of this great place that offers beach access

Things to do in Marina Piccola

  • Sunbathe on Marina Piccola Beach
  • Check out the beautiful Faraglioni Rocks on a boat tour
  • Enjoy a dinner with a view at Gennaro Amitrano Capri (map)
  • Go on a private yacht tour of Capri
  • Admire the views from Spiaggia Torre Saracena

4. Anacapri – best area to stay in Capri for relaxation

A multi-story building with red and white facades stands under a blue sky with scattered clouds. Clothes hang on a line from a balcony on the red section of the building.

Visiting Anacapri and staying here is great for people who want to experience the more local side of the island!

Located 3 km (2 miles) away from Marina Grande, Anacapri has a more tranquil atmosphere and it’s the perfect location for those who want to avoid the flocks of tourists, especially in the busy summer months!

Most visitors who stay in Anacapri, come here so that they can go up Monte Solaro, the highest point of Capri, (either by chairlift or hike, although the hike is considered pretty difficult) and admire the spectacular views, but trust me, there are other things to do here!

Like exploring the town center, where you’ll find some attractions like the Church San Michele (map) and Museo Casa Rossa di Anacapri (map).

On that note, I recommend checking the location of your hotels, and see if they’re in the town center or near, as although most hotels are in the center, the town is pretty big so there are still some which are further south, near the coastline. 

You’ll find plenty of small boutique shops in the area and some other attractions like the beautiful Blue Grotto (map), Villa San Michele (map) and the Roman Villa of Damecuta (map). 

Luxury hotel
A collage of three images showcasing a luxurious hotel: a modern white living area, an outdoor pool with red umbrellas, and a minimalist bedroom with white and black decor.

This hotel has a stunning all-white decor, 4 restaurants, a panoramic sun terrace, and a lovely garden! The beach is within walking distance but I’m sure you’ll also want to hang by the outdoor mosaic swimming pool or enjoy wine tasting on-site! 

Other accommodation options in Anacapri

Aerial view of a hotel with two floors of balconies, an outdoor pool surrounded by lounge chairs, and several parked cars nearby.

This comfy hotel comes with an outdoor fireplace and comfortable rooms with air conditioning

A bedroom with a dark patterned bedspread, matching curtains, and a small desk, with a bouquet of flowers on the side table.

Enjoy the sea view from your room at this hotel that has a classic Capri style decor and a sun terrace

A quaint village scene with white buildings and colorful flowers on a balcony. Hills and trees are visible in the distance under a partly cloudy sky. A small religious icon is mounted on a wall.

Super practical apartment that comes with a shared terrace, air conditioning and free Wi-Fi

Things to do in Anacapri

  • Visit the Roman Villa of Damecuta
  • Go on a boat trip to the Blue Grotto
  • Relax at one of the cafes in Piazza Vittoria (map)
  • Take the chair lift to Monte Solaro
  • See the amazing views from Castello Barbarossa
  • Take a stroll in the beautiful garden of Villa San Michele
  • Admire the architecture of the Church of Saint Sophia

5. South Anacapri – where to stay in Capri on a budget

Aerial view of a coastal landscape featuring a lighthouse atop a hill, rocky cliffs, sunbathers on the shore, and the blue sea extending to the horizon.

Welcome to South Anacapri, an area located on the southwestern side of the island that is perfect for those traveling on a budget!

As a general rule, the westernmost side of the island is where you’ll find the more affordable accommodation options.

But don’t think that means less interesting attractions! Leave it to the Italians to show tourists how to have a good time no matter the budget!

If you’re into outdoor activities and want to discover the island’s incredible scenery, you can hike from here to the top of Monte Solaro. Or head to Anacapri and take the chair lift if hiking isn’t your thing.

That’s only the cherry on top of the cake!

This area has so much to offer that you’ll never guess it’s cheaper. Here you’ll find the famous Grotta Verde (map) and perfect sites for hiking like Sentiero dei Fortini Borbonici (map) and swimming like Lido del Faro (map).

Luxury hotel
A collage of three hotel photos to stay in Capri: a welcoming lobby with blue chairs and wooden decor, an aerial view of a large outdoor pool surrounded by greenery and loungers, and a spacious bedroom with neutral tones and a large window.

Surrounded by vineyards, this family-friendly place offers such a great location in South Anacapri from where you can admire the most amazing views! Their rooms are super spacious and have a furnished balcony where you can enjoy your morning breakfast and espresso! At sunset head by the outdoor pool and enjoy a scenic sunset. Ah, la dolce vita!

Other accommodation options in South Anacapri

A sunlit outdoor patio surrounded by lush plants and flowers, with a stone wall to the right, lounge chairs, and a fountain in the background.

This modern budget hotel comes with a great location, a colorful garden, and a swimming pool

An outdoor terrace with wicker chairs, potted plants, and a panoramic view of the sea and surrounding landscape.

An affordable place that offers rooms with garden views, free Wi-fi and a balcony

A neatly made bed with floral bedding and towel swans on top, situated in a white-walled bedroom with wall-mounted lights, a small window with a curtain, and a bedside table.

Perfect place for 3 guests that has a backyard, spacious rooms with air-conditioning and a kitchen

Things to do in South Anacapri

  • Go for a hike at Sentiero dei Fortini Borbonici (map)
  • Catch a sunset near Faro di Capri (map)
  • Explore the Capri Philosophical Park (map)
  • Admire the views while hiking Monte Solaro
  • Discover the Green Grotto during a boat trip
👑 Luxury price:€350
💵 Mid-range:€200
🛏️ Budget:€150
📍 Best area:Marina Grande
🛎️ Best luxury hotel:Excelsior Parco 
🧳 Best mid-range hotel:Capri Inn
👛 Best budget hotel:Casa Pamela

BONUS 1: The top 7 Capri hotels with a view

Capri’s panoramic views of the sea are super famous! And you can’t wonder why, since they’re so unique!

Usually, the best hotels in Capri offer rooms overlooking the fabulous scenery, but finding them isn’t easy. Luckily I’m here to help you with that, and I’ve come prepared with 6 amazing options that you’ll absolutely love!

A collage showing a hotels pictures: suite with a bed, armchairs, and a couch (top), an outdoor patio with sofas and a pool (bottom left), and another pool area with lounge chairs (bottom right).

Luxury (€350 and up)

  • Capri Tiberio Palace – gotta love the coastal views! This luxury hotel is set in a 19th-century villa just a short walk from Capri’s Piazzetta. Head to the rooftop terrace to sunbathe by the swimming pools and admire the scenery. Or to the spa for a relaxing massage. Each room is uniquely designed and has a balcony that overlooks the island!
  • Hotel Villa Brunella – this is such a romantic hotel just near Marina Piccola! Just look at that terrace and the views! It’s so perfect for stargazing under the Italian sky! The garden and flowers look so dreamy, and each room is just as tastefully decorated. With a swimming pool on-site, a restaurant, and a bar.
  • Hotel Mamela – I like the modern character of this hotel in Capri Town. They kept the Mediterranean elements but added a touch of European glamor. Enjoy your Italian afternoons by the infinity pool or the outdoor lounge area. The rooms are super spacious and come with a private balcony where you can drink your espresso in the morning and then head down for colazione! Yum!
  • Relais Maresca – will the Capri style ever go “out of style”? I think not! How can you not love these rooms that have Vietri tiles overlooking the sea and delicious food? This hotel in Marina Grande has all that plus more amazing facilities like a rooftop garden and sun terrace! Grab your espresso, some breakfast, and then enjoy a nice relaxing massage in the spa center.
Collage with images showing hotels with a view: an outdoor pool set among greenery, a flowering pergola, and a bedroom with a double bed and green-tiled floor.

Mid Range (€150 – €200)

  • Villa Mariuccia Capri – feel like you’ve landed in the Roman era while relaxing on the gorgeous terrace of Villa Mariuccia! Offering excellent value, incredible views, rooms with a terrace and an airport shuttle, this hotel is surely a keeper! 
  • Il Carrubo Capri – this family villa looks so cool that you’ll want to move up here for a few weeks! Set in a tranquil area, this Anacapri hotel offers excellent views from the garden and terrace. It’s so charming, and you’ll love spending your time in the outdoor lounge area or eating your breakfast there!

Budget (Up to €150)

  • Hotel Bellavista – fancy staying in one of the oldest hotels in Capri? The design and architecture are impeccable (oldie but goldie), and the views of the Gulf of Naples are so incredible! Surrounded by a dreamy garden filled with colorful flowers, this Anacapri hotel has spacious rooms with balconies and a seating area.

BONUS 2: The 6 most romantic hotels in Capri

Planning the ultimate trip with your partner? Well, Capri sure is a location suited for couples! The atmosphere, the views, and the history of this place scream romance!

There are many hotels that are great for couples, but I’ve wanted to make a list that will top all the other ones and help you find the hotel of your dreams with things like hot tubs and landscaped gardens, where you can enjoy all the privacy you’ll need.

Luxury (€350 and up)

Hotels collage of 3 pictures: a bedroom with a window and TV, a seating area with a sea view, and an aerial view of a terrace overlooking a coastline.
  • Grand Hotel Quisisana – offering a decor perfectly suited for royalty, this fancy hotel in Capri Town has a stunning all-white design and unique decor. Enjoy long walks in the garden with your partner and all the privacy you need in your room that comes with vintage furniture, a seating area, and a balcony. During the day, you can hang out by the swimming pool or at the spa for a massage and some sauna time.
  • Hotel Caesar Augustus – infinity pools at a Capri hotel? Hold my purse! This place in Anacapri lives up to its name! The grandeur and beautiful decor are impressive. The rooms are bright, and they come with large windows, a private balcony, and a hydromassage bathtub. Enjoy a candlelight dinner after sunset and then take a romantic walk through the garden or try out the spa center.
  • Hotel La Floridiana — fancy a romantic dinner with a view of the sea on the balcony of your room? Then check out this hotel in Capri Town. You can also move to the restaurant area if you’d like more space (the scenery is just as good). The rooms have a unique decor but it’s the area around the swimming pool that I find breathtaking. I love the gardens around, they give me old Roman vibes!

Mid Range (€150 – €200)

Hotels collage of 3 pictures: a coastal villa with white architecture, featuring a view of the sea, a circular swimming pool surrounded by white lounge chairs, and a bedroom with a large bed and blue decor.
  • La Giuliva Charming Rooms – pop a bottle of champagne and catch the golden hour on the terrace of this hotel in Anacapri with your loved one! Enjoy the sunny days under the lemon trees and by the swimming pool or relax in the outdoor lounge area. The accommodation has a restaurant, and each room comes with Mediterranean-style furnishings and balconies overlooking the sea.
  • Villa Patrizi – I like how each room has a big picture of celebrities! Relax with your partner in the hot tub after a day of exploring beautiful Anacapri. This hotel is only a 5-minute walk away from the beach. The accommodation has a happy hour so make sure you don’t miss that!

Budget (up to €150)

  • La Reginella Capri – your little corner of heaven! Especially if you’re not a big fan of loud noises and crowded places. The hotel la Reginella is set on a hillside in a pedestrian-only area and is in a very central location in Marina Grande. Start your morning with a strong espresso and a delicious breakfast on the terrace or on your private balcony. 

FAQs about where to stay in Capri

A garden walkway with white columns and a pergola covered in green vines, bordered by lush plants and colorful flowers in pots, leading to a distant view of water.

🇮🇹 What part of Capri is best to stay?

Capri’s Marina Grande is one of the best areas to stay on the island. This is where you’ll find the largest beach on the island, some fab restaurants and great hotels.

🤔 Should I stay in Capri or Anacapri?

It really depends on your preferences! Capri (comprising Marina Grande, Marina Piccola, Capri Town) is more touristic and usually more crowded, as for Anacapri, you’ll find more budget hotels and a more tranquil atmosphere.

💑 Which are the best hotels in Capri for couples?

Hotel Quisisana and Hotel Caesar Augustus are the best hotels in Capri for honeymoons or romantic trips. Both places offer amazing views and facilities like spa services and swimming pools.

📸 Where do celebs stay in Capri?

Usually, celebrities book their hotels in Marina Piccola. The area has a small port area where all the private yachts and boats arrive. It’s also home to plenty luxury villas and fancy hotels like Villa La Pergola Capri.

📅 How many days do you need in Capri?

If you want to relax and enjoy every moment in Capri without running from attraction to attraction, I recommend spending 4 or 5 days

🌇 Where is the main town in Capri?

Capri Town is the main area in Capri. Most tourists find accommodation here, as it’s well connected and hosts many of the main attractions.

⚖️ Is it better to stay in Capri or do a day trip?

I’d recommend staying in Capri if you have the time and budget. Visiting it for a day would really only give you time to chill on the beach at Marina Grande, where you’ll arrive by ferry.

🚗 Do I need a car in Capri?

If you’re coming during the high season I recommend visiting without a car, as you’ll need a special permit for that and also many areas become pedestrian-only during those months. If you’re coming off-season, it might come more in hand to have a car, though not necessary. 

⛴️ How do I get to Capri?

You can take the ferry from Naples (1h) or Sorrento (20) min. During the high season, there are also ferries that connect Capri with the Amalfi Coast and Ischia.

Final thoughts on where to stay in Capri

Aerial view of a coastal town at dusk, with illuminated buildings and a harbor nestled between rugged cliffs and the sea, under a cloudy sky.

Who’s booking their flights and boat tours already? Capri does have that effect on people!

Now that you’ve read this guide on where to stay in Capri, Italy, I’m sure you’ll feel much more prepared and ready to plan your trip. 

Just remember that it’s super important to book your hotels in advance as well, especially if you’re traveling in the high season (June to August, or early September).

If you’re having a hard time, deciding which hotel to book, here are my top 2 favorite options, both located in Marina Grande:

  • Excelsior Parco – one of the best luxury hotels with private hot tubs 
  • Capri Inn – dating back to the 1920s this place offers sea views

There you have it!

Enjoy island life and as always, I’m around if you have any questions. All you have to do is drop me a comment below and I’ll answer as soon as I can.



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