Where to Stay in Hamburg – Your Ultimate Neighborhood Guide with the Best Hotels


Going on a holiday in Germany has always been a good idea, and I’m sure you’ll feel the same way after you go to one of my favorite cities, Hamburg! I hope you like bridges because all the districts in Hamburg city have more bridges than any other place in the world!

Hamburg, Germany, is the second-largest city in the country after Berlin! You would guess that since it’s so big, you’ll find tons of amazing hotels, and that’s true, but all of them sell out so fast that they will leave you with some poor choices, so make sure you book in advance to avoid this sad situation!

This historic city has been a major trading center in Europe since the Middle Ages, but enough about that, although you know that I love giving you cool facts! Let’s see where to stay in Hamburg! I’ve made a list of some of the best places to stay in the city, and I’m excited for you to check them all out!

Let’s go, Hamburg’s best hotels are waiting for us!

Quick Picks for Your Stay

If you want to book now, there’s no reason to wait, here is a list of the best hotels in Hamburg, all located in the City Center

Here’s a map of all the best areas to stay in Hamburg that I will be talking about in this post:

Map of best places to stay in Hamburg
  1. City Center (Altstadt & Neustadt): for first-timers
  2. St Pauli: for nightlife
  3. St Georg: trendiest place
  4. Altona Altstadt: for budget
  5. Hafencity : an urban experience
  • Where to stay in Hamburg for the first timeAltstadt
  • Top area to stay on a budgetAltona
  • Best neighborhood for nightlifeSt-Pauli
  • Best for families – Wandsbek and Eppendorf
  • Best for trendy vibesAltona, Schanzenviertel and St Georg

1. City Center (Altstadt & Neustadt) – where to stay in Hamburg for first-timers


What better way to enjoy your holiday in a town like Hamburg than to stay in the heart of the city? We all know that Germany’s architecture is famous for its uniqueness, but the Romanesque churches and the art nouveau buildings that you’ll find in this district of Hamburg will leave you in a complete state of awe!

The City Center is made up of Altstadt (which means Old Town in German), and Neustadt, (which means New Town). If you’re visiting for the first time, then City Centre is the best area to stay in Hamburg, as it offers a wide range of attractions and most are located within walking distance of each other.

All the Hamburg hotels in these parts of the city are stunning, but book them ASAP because everyone wants to find accommodation in the center! And hey, if you still have some time in Germany why not take a trip to Berlin, and check the best areas to stay there! No spoilers, but their hotels are stunning!

Hamburg’s Old Town is located by Alster Lake and it’s one of the most interesting spots where you’ll be able to dive into the history and culture of the city. The trendy Rathausmarkt (Central Square) is where you’ll find the City Hall home to Hamburg’s Parliament and the Square is filled with quirky cafes and restaurants, a perfect place to sit and enjoy a cup of coffee!

Neustadt on the other hand is modern, although you’ll still find some historic buildings like the Alsterarkaden arcade here as well. But usually, people mostly come here to shop and check the cafes and restaurants.

Luxury hotel
1 1%20Fraser%20Suites%20Hamburg

This stylish luxury hotel has a central location and stunning city views! The rooms are super spacious and they even have a kids club on-site for family guests. Enjoy a day at the sauna and head to the restaurant or bar for a delicious dinner and a glass of wine!

Other accommodation options in the City Centre

1 2%20Eric%20V%C3%B6kel%20Boutique%20Kids friendly%C2%A0

Such a trendy place to stay in Hamburg city, the rooms are spacious and they also have a kitchen

1 3%20Motel%20One

An affordable option for budget travelers, this modern hotel offers breakfast and paid parking spots

1 4%20Cozy%20Apartment%20With%20free%20parking

I like the homie feeling of this apartment in the center which has a kitchen, free wifi, and security cameras

Things to do in City Centre (Altstadt & Neustadt)

  • Take a stroll around the Rathausmarkt (Central Market) in the Old Town and admire the architecture of the City Hall
  • Catch an exhibition at the Bucerius Kunst Forum Museum 
  • Learn new things about Hamburg’s history at the St. Nikolai Memorial Cathedral
  • Take a boat ride around Hamburg on the Alster Lake
  • Go shopping in Nestadt at the Alsterarkaden Arcades
  • Check out the architecture of Chilehaus, one of the most famous buildings in the City Centre

2. St. Pauli – where to stay for nightlife


This area is located northwest of Hamburg’s City Centre, just 2 km (1 mile) away from it, and on the right bank of River Elbe. Known as the famous Red Light District, St Pauli is the best area to stay in Hamburg for nightlife and music!

Reeperbahn is one of the most famous streets in Hamburg city, and it’s where you’ll find all bars and clubs. People also named this St Pauli street the “most sinful mile” in the world! Now, I’m intrigued!

At the start of their career, the Beatles even played at the Star-Club, which no longer exists, and they even named one of the Hamburg squares after the famous band!

Although you’ll probably want to party all night in the Red Light District clubs, once the hangover wears off, I highly recommend making time to discover the history of St. Pauli. You’ll find tons of museums and lovely streets.

Let’s see the best hotels in St. Pauli:

Luxury hotel
2 1%20Fairmont%205%20star%20hotel%20Vier%20Jahreszeiten

This is a perfect definition of what a luxury hotel should look like, this upscale accommodation in the Sankt Pauli district has a beautifully elegant design and spacious rooms! Enjoy the river views from the comfort of your rooms, and head to the spa for a relaxing time!

Other accommodation options in St. Pauli

2 2%20Scandic%20Hamburg%20Emporio

I love the views and the ceiling to floor windows of this hotel that has a sauna and a terrace

2 3%20Chez Ronny%20St%20Pauli

Enjoy your stay in St. Pauli in this affordable guesthouse offers a great location and a garden view

2 4%20Modern%20Apartment

I love the decor of this place located near the shops and restaurants, the apartment has a kitchen and 2 rooms

Things to do in St. Pauli

  • Party all night and listen to music in the Red Light District on Reeperbahn street
  • Explore the famous Beatles Platz
  • Get a drink at SummerSalon club and enjoy St. Pauli’s nightlife
  • Visit the renovated 100-years-old Elbtunnel that runs under the Elbe River
  • Learn new things at the Museum for Hamburg History
  • Go ice skating at the EisArena Hamburg

3. St. Georg – the trendiest place in Hamburg


Located just 3 km (2 miles) northeast of Hamburg’s City Centre, this district is one of the coolest places to stay in town. On the streets of St. Georg, you’ll find beautiful historical houses, especially on Lange Reihe, the main street

Filled with local boutique shops, trendy bars, and nice restaurants, St Georg allows its visitors to dive into the culture of Hamburg city in all its cool museums and art galleries. If you’re lucky, maybe you can catch a play at the Deutsches Schauspielhaus Theatre! The hotels in St Georg are stunning, and they have a wide range from luxury to budget!

FUN FACT: The origin of the word “hamburger” takes its roots from the name of the city. The most popular theory is that when Europeans were fleeting to America during the World Wars, most of them left from Hamburg, a big port. On the arrival to America, they were given simple food – a meat patty with 2 pieces of bread. And that’s how the hamburger was born! 🙂

St. Georg is close to the Hamburg Train Station, so if you want to visit other areas in the city or take a trip to another German town, like Cologne (which I highly recommend), then you know where to go!

Luxury hotel
3 1%20Hotel%20Atlantic%20Hamburg,%20Autograph%20Collection

The Hamburg hotels know a thing or two about elegance, right? Get ready for another day of sightseeing in your room which offers a lovely view of the river. You can spend a whole day relaxing at the spa and sauna or catch a movie with the family at the private cinema! The accommodation is also located near the train station giving you easy access to the whole city. 

Other accommodation options in St. Georg

3 2%20Reichshof%20Hotel%20Hamburg

Enjoy your afternoon tea at the hotel’s restaurant or order room service and spend a chill day inside

3 3%20Cab20

Enjoy your time in this affordable place to stay in Hamburg that has a restaurant and a lounge area

3 4%20Trendy%20Loft%20Family%20friendly

Have your coffee on the patio of this apartment that’s located near the train station and has a kitchen and wifi

Things to do in St. Georg

4. Altona-Altstadt – best place to stay for budget travelers


Altona-Altstadt is located in the district wearing the same name, in the west part of the city, just 9 km (5 miles) away from Hamburg’s City Center and right past St Pauli. If you’re traveling on a budget and want to find an affordable hotel, this district is one of the best areas to stay in the city!

The district is situated on the Elbe River, which means you’ll get some pretty awesome views, maybe even from your hotel room! Because this area used to be a separate city from Hamburg a while ago, the older part of the former “town” is also called Altstadt, but don’t confuse it with Hamburg Altstadt located in the City Center (don’t worry I know it’s confusing).

By the river, you’ll find a few restaurants and the lovely Altonaer Balkon Park, which offers some nice scenic views of the harbor. Apart from your usual historic buildings and museums, this district is also known for its shopping places, and if you walk along the River Elbe, you’ll find many stores.

Altona has not 1 train station but 3: Konigstrasse, Holstenstrasse, and Reeperbahn Station. All are also located near Pauli St so transport really won’t be an issue if you stay here!

Sunbathe in the sun on the terrace of this upscale hotel in Hamburg Altona, which has spacious apartments with small kitchenettes. Enjoy the views of the river from the comfort of your room and chill before heading out to see all the attractions!

Luxury hotel
4 1%20Clipper%20Elb Lodge%20With%20the%20pool%C2%A0

Sunbathe in the sun on the terrace of this upscale hotel in Hamburg Altona, which has spacious apartments with small kitchenettes. Enjoy the views of the river from the comfort of your room and chill before heading out to see all the attractions!

Other accommodation options in Altona-Altstadt

4 2%20Prizeotel%20Hamburg%20for%20honeymoon

This hotel has such a cool and funky design! The accommodation offers family rooms and breakfast

4 3%20Boardinghouse

Enjoy a cup of tea on the balcony of your room in this hotel that has city views and offers paid parking spots

4 4%20Stylish%20Apartment

Feel at home in this cozy Altona apartment that has many amenities, including a kitchen and a TV

Things to do in Altona-Altstadt

  • Visit the ​​Altonaer Museum during your stay in Hamburg
  • Take a walk in the Altonaer Balkon Park, and enjoy the harbor views
  • Go shopping in the Altona stores located along the banks of the Elbe River
  • Have a cool experience at the U-Boot Museum in Hamburg Altona
  • Buy some local products from the Hamburg Fish Market

5. Hafencity – the best place to stay in Hamburg for an urban experience


Located south of Hamburg Altstadt, 1 km (under a mile) away from the area, Hafencity is one of the most modern areas in town. Known as Europe’s largest regeneration project, the neighborhood has seen many transformations in the last few years.

Hafencity’s port area was completely rebuilt, and now it offers many accommodation options for its inhabitants. Here you’ll also find the unique Speicherstadt, the largest warehouse district in the world where canals run through the area and footbridges connect the separate buildings. This place is super unique, so of course, it was named a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

You can easily reach the neighborhood by public transport, and you’ll find many restaurants and a few cool attractions like the International Maritime Museum and the stunning Elbphilharmonie Concert Hall.

This unique hotel wins the prize for the best views! Wake up and spend the whole morning in bed just watching the river through the ceiling to floor windows. You should definitely order some room service to complete the experience!

Luxury hotel
5 1%20The%20Westin%20Hamburg%20With%20the%20view%C2%A0

This unique hotel wins the prize for the best views! Wake up and spend the whole morning in bed just watching the river through the ceiling to floor windows. You should definitely order some room service to complete the experience!

Other accommodation options in Hafencity

5 2%20Hotel%20Altesnear%20Riverfront%20Promenade

One of the best hotels in Hamburg that has such a cool design, a restaurant, and a lovely garden terrace

5 3%20Hotel%20Speicherstadt

Chill on the balcony of your room at this budget Hafencity hotel that boasts nice views and has a restaurant

5 4%20Holiday%20Inn%20With%20the%20pool%C2%A0

There aren’t any Airbnbs here but this colorful hotel has super modern facilities and a bar

Things to do in Hafencity

👑 Luxury price:€250
💵 Mid-range hotel:€150
🛏️ Budget:€100
🏠 Airbnb: €100
💰 Accommodation prices:Medium
📍 Best Area:City Center (Altstadt & Neustadt)
🛎️ Best luxury hotel:Fraser Suites Hamburg
👛 Best budget hotel:Motel One

Frequently asked questions about Hamburg

6 Where to stay with the family in Humburg Germany

🌆 Which part of Hamburg is the best to stay?

City Center (Altstadt & Neustadt) is the best place where to stay in Hamburg, Germany. You’ll find tons of attractions, unique bars, and amazing hotels like the Fraser Suites Hamburg

💰 Is Hamburg cheap or expensive?

It can be expensive to stay in Hamburg as it has high prices but that’s if you choose to book a super luxurious hotel, like Fraser Suites Hamburg but there are many amazing budget options like Motel One too.

🧐 Is Hamburg a dangerous city?

It is safe to stay in Hamburg, however, you should be careful around some secluded corners of the Red Light District and have someone with you. 

🎓Where to stay in Hamburg for students?

If you’re a student looking for affordable places for where to stay in Hamburg then you can check the hotels in Altona-Altstadt, the prices are affordable and some accommodations like Boardinghouse offer great amenities.



What a lovely city is Hamburg, Germany! I hope this article helped you decide where to stay in Hamburg and which district you prefer.

There are tons of amazing places to stay in Hamburg, from luxury to mid-range but here are my two favorite ones both located in the City Center (Altstadt & Neustadt)

All you have to do now is to find the best area to stay in Hamburg, Germany, for you and book your hotel there ASAP, that’s if you want to get the best deals of course.

Enjoy the laid-back atmosphere in the city, check out all the great bars and hotels in St Pauli, and party the night away while you’re there! Do leave me a comment below, I’d love to hear about your adventures in the Red Light District!

Safe Travels,


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