Where to Stay in Munich – by Neighborhoods and Prices

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Munich (or München in German) is the third biggest city in Germany, with a population of 1.5 million people and it’s a great destination for a short city break or a week-long vacation. Regardless of how long you’re staying in the city, Munich has so much to offer to all types of travelers! The city is known for its beautiful architecture and streets, rich history, numerous museums and, of course, for Oktoberfest!

In case you’re planning a trip there, congrats, you won’t get bored even for a second! Next question in line is, probably, where to stay in Munich, am I right? And this is where I come in to rescue you!

NOTE: Munich is also the most expensive city in Germany, which can be easily observed in the hotel prices, so please expect to pay a bit more than for your usual European city! This means there are TONS of incredible luxury hotels in Munich! But it was quite a tough job finding budget accommodation; still, I have some awesome recommendations for you in a special, budget-friendly area of the city. Keep reading!

PRO TIP: Make sure to book your hotel as far in advance as you can if you want to secure the perfect accommodation for you and save some money as well! Trust me, the best ones sell out SUPER fast, especially during the high season (June-August) or during Oktoberfest in Munich (mid-September to October)! 😉

Are you ready? Let’s go!

If you’re in a hurry…

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The best area to stay in Munich for first-timers is Altstadt-Lehel, also known as the historic center of the city. This is where you’ll find all the most important landmarks of Munich, including Marienplatz (the central square of the city) and tons of great restaurants and pubs.

Best hotels in Munich in a nutshell

Which area should you choose?

First of all, here is a map of Munich where you can clearly see the 5 best areas that I’m recommending:

munich areas

Munich, the capital city of Bavaria, is split up into 25 districts called “Stadtbezirke” in German and it’s divided into two halves by Isar River. Each of these areas has its own charm, advantages and disadvantages and choosing the perfect one for your travel style and preferences is a crucial aspect for your trip!

In this post you’ll find out everything about the 5 best neighborhoods in the city with excellent, hand-picked hotel recommendations in each of them. You’ll find hotels grouped by budget (luxury, middle-priced and budget-friendly), as well as apartments, all of them with fabulous reviews and facilities!

In order to help you out, I have made this list with my personalized recommendations, so it will be easier to understand which area is for you:

  • Where to stay in Munich for luxury: Altstadt
  • Best area for budget travelers: Ludwigsvorstadt-Isarvorstadt
  • Where to stay in Munich for Oktoberfest: Ludwigsvorstadt-Isarvorstadt
  • Where to stay in Munich for nightlife: Maxvorstadt
  • Where to stay in Munich for families: Haidhausen

Now that I made the decision a bit easier for you, let’s find out more about each of these 5 neighborhoods, as well as the best hotels for each of them, grouped by budget:

1. Munich Old City (Altstadt-Lehel) – Where to stay in Munich for the first time

munich square

If you want to be right in the heart of the city, also known as Munich Old City, then Altstadt-Lehel is your perfect choice! 

Altstadt is the perfect place for first time visitors in Munich. If you choose this area, rest assured that you’ll have everything you might need around you – from amazing hotel choices to world-class restaurants, many shops, cafes, bars and clubs and beautiful squares as well.

Some of the most well-known attractions in Altstadt-Lehel are Marienplatz (the central square but also the most beautiful square in the city), the Hofgarten, and the Viktualienmarkt (open-air market) as well.

The Altstadt-Lehel neighbourhood is also the perfect choice where to stay in Munich in December for a festive holiday experience, where you’ll be close to the Christmas markets and historic sites.

There is one downside of staying in this area, though. As I mentioned before, Munich is the most expensive city in Germany and Altstadt-Lehel is the epicenter of high prices in this city. This means you’ll find plenty of world-class hotels in the area, but this also means there are only a few budget hotels. I recommend this area for first-timers that have the budget for indulging, but as much for backpackers or travelers visiting on a tight budget. But if you can afford it, then staying in the Old City will make your vacation truly amazing!

That being said, here are the best hotels in Altstadt-Lehel:

Luxury (US$200 and up)

bed and breakfast munich
  • BEYOND by Geisel – If you’re looking for some excellent hotels near Marienplatz in Munich, this one is literally my FAVORITE of them all! This 5-star hotel is super luxurious and it has flawless reviews. Needless to say that everything looks breathtaking!
  • Mercure Hotel München Altstadt – In case you’re searching for Mercure hotels in Munich, this one’s for you! This one has a great location for visiting Munich, very central and not far from all the important attractions, as well as plenty of bars and clubs!
  • Hotel Torbräu – Here’s another amazing, luxurious hotel in Altstadt with great reviews. It’s the perfect base if you want to enjoy a spoiled stay and also explore the best parts of the city center. The rooms have classical furnishings and the beds are super comfy!
  • Louis Hotel Munich – This is a stunning 5-star hotel in Altstadt, I promise! I simply love the rooms – perfect colors and decor taste, made of natural stone and wood. They even have their own on-site Japanese restaurant, it doesn’t get better than this!

Middle-priced (US$110 – US$200)

  • Boutique Hotel Splendid-Dollmann – Are you looking for one of the best hotels in Munich city center and benefit of a great value for the money? Here’s an amazing option!  This one is a short walk away from all the most important attractions in Altstadt. It’s hosted in a beautiful 19th-century town house where the guests will feel right at home!
  • Hotel Blauer Bock – Here’s another gorgeous option in Altstadt that comes with a local atmosphere and some accessible prices. The rooms are super clean and cozy and they have a view of either the interior garden or the city!
  • Hotel MIO by AMANO – Besides looking stunning, this modern hotel offers a daily breakfast buffet, elegant rooms, flat-screen TVs with cable, free Wi-Fi and everything in-between! Plus, the staff is super friendly and the property is not far from Deutsches Museum, for example!

Budget (up to US$110)

  • Hotel ADRIA München – Yep, I could find an excellent budget choice for Altstadt, this super expensive part of the city! This awesome hotel has an excellent positioning and beautiful rooms. By the way, make sure to book your room as far in advance as you can for the best prices.
  • Hotel Monaco – This budget hotel in Munich offers a very good service for affordable prices and it’s super close to all the popular attractions in the city! It’s just great if you are travelling on a budget!

2. Maxvorstadt – Where to stay in Munich for nightlife

munich famous building

If you are an art and culture lover and want to visit as many museums in Munich as possible (and there are quite some, trust me!), then Maxvorstadt is THE place for you!

Munich has no more and no less than 80 museums – and most of them are located in this area! Some other important sights are the Bavarian State Opera and the Residenz (the former Royal Palace where monarchs lived before, turned into a museum), as well as countless art galleries.

There are also many green spaces there, as well as incredible restaurants and cafes. Last but not least, Maxvorstadt is an area that never sleeps and it has a vibrant nightlife, with many beer houses and clubs!

By the way, if you’ll book a hotel here, you’ll be walking distance (less than half an hour) to Old Town Munich, as this neighborhood is located just a bit North from Altstadt – a great advantage!

Enough talking, now let’s see which are the best hotels for your stay in Maxvorstadt:

Luxury (US$190 and up)

best hotel in munich best hotels in munich city center
  • Rocco Forte The Charles Hotel – This superb 5-star hotel is one of the best ones in the entire city, trust me! It has an indoor pool, awesome spa, sauna, an on-site bistro and even their own gym. It’s one of the best accommodation options out there if you want to be totally spoiled! Plus, it’s super close to the Old Botanical Garden!
  • King’s Hotel Munich First Class – If you’d like a 4-star hotel located super close to Munich Central Station (Hauptbahnhof), this is your perfect fit! This one awaits with gorgeous rooms and a spacious lobby, traditional and elegant furnishings and an ideal location, perfect for exploring the rest of Munich!
  • King’s Hotel CityStay – Undecided? Here’s another fabulous upscale option for your stay. This one has a delicious daily breakfast, private parking, spacious and bright rooms, and even a kitchenette that you can use. It has everything you might need!

Middle-priced (US$100 – US$190)

  • Eden Hotel Wolff – This lovely hotel is ideal for people visiting Munich that want to enjoy a great value-money ratio. This one looks incredible, inside and outside and the rooms are sparkling clean. Plus, it’s walking distance to tons of great museums, bars and restaurants!
  • Hotel Europa – Here’s another excellent 4-star hotel located in a super central location! Some of the best advantages of staying here include the daily buffet breakfast, the spacious rooms and the friendly staff that’s always ready to help you out with tips and questions!
  • NH Collection München Hotel Bavaria – In case you’re looking for the famous NH hotels in Munich, you’ll just love this hotel! It has very good reviews and it’s right across the street from Munich main train station and other transportation options (tram, S-Bahn etc.). It’s actually one of the most modern Munich city centre hotels!

Budget (up to US$100)

  • BATU Apart Hotel – I’m recommending this condo hotel to all budget travelers out there that want to be in a super convenient area where you can explore Munich! This hotel has beautiful, clean rooms and a kitchenette where you can prepare your breakfast or other meals. A big plus!
  • VI VADI HOTEL Downtown Munich – This 3-star hotel is super stylish and it comes with some very affordable prices, considering the very central location, close to public transport options such as tram or bus. They have an on-site Italian restaurant, free wifi and many other great facilities!

3. Au-Haidhausen – Where to stay in Munich with family

street in munich

Are you looking for a more tranquil area instead? Then head over to Au-Haidhausen, one of the prettiest and more quiet, laid-back districts in Munich!

Au-Haidhausen is a residential area located right on the banks of the river (just across the river from Altstadt, basically), and some of the best things to do there include admiring the beautiful architecture, taking a nice walk in the park, indulging in some international cuisines at the many great restaurants and cafes and more! Ah, and don’t forget to go and see the sunset from the riverbank, it’s simply gorgeous!

This is definitely my recommendation if you are traveling with kids! And below you’ll find my hand-picked hotel recommendations in this area:

Luxury (US$200 and up)

best hotels in munich for oktoberfest
  • Design Hotel Stadt Rosenheim – I definitely recommend this high-end 4-star hotel to all travelers out there that want to feel spoiled during their stay! This one has some beautiful, comfortable rooms and it’s located in a calm neighbourhood, away from the chaotic tourist scene!
  • Schiller 5 Hotel – This is another great 4-star hotel that looks amazing, with a super elegant decor! The staff is super helpful, they have free Wi-Fi and a great location, with easy access to the city center.
  • Novotel München City – Not convinced yet? Here’s another option for you! This is the best hotel in Munich for nice rooms, a swimming pool, a spa, sauna and many other great facilities that will help you enjoy a perfect stay!

Middle-priced (from US$110 to US$190)

  • Holiday Inn Munich – Leuchtenbergring – This is a great option if you want perfect service but to also save some money on accommodation! Some of the best hotel features here include a beautiful decor, full buffet breakfast, a lobby bar and a friendly staff, always ready to offer tips and tricks!
  • Marias Platzl – Here’s another super good option if you want to enjoy a cozy, local atmosphere. The rooms are super comfy and nice, perfect for some peace and quiet, away from the chaos of the city center.

Budget (up to US$110)

  • Motel One München-East Side – This stylish 3-star hotel has a very beautiful decor and some very good prices, especially if you book it in advance! Some other facilities include free Wi-Fi, a cozy lounge and super clean and comfy rooms, of course!
  • Living Hotel am Deutschen Museum – They have an on-site sauna, a cute garden where you can sit and relax and it’s also well-connected to the rest of the city via public transport (tram, bus etc.). Definitely recommended for a very good budget stay in Schwabing!

4. Ludwigsvorstadt-Isarvorstadt – Where to stay in Munich on a budget

best area to stay in munich

Are you traveling to Munich for Oktoberfest? Amazing, this means Ludwigsvorstadt is the perfect place for you!

Ludwigsvorstadt-Isarvorstadt (try to pronounce that, I dare you!) is located a bit South of Altstadt, a short walk away (less than 30 minutes). This is an amazing choice for people traveling to Munich on a budget or to party during Oktoberfest (an annual two-weeks-long beer festival held in Munich that celebrates Bavarian culture). Why? Because Theresienwiese is located in this area, which is the venue where Oktoberfest takes place in Munich!

This neighborhood is also a great base if you want to do some day trips (maybe you’re on an Eurail trip across Europe?), as it’s very well connected via train. You’ll also find TONS of great restaurants serving international cuisines as here, as well as bars where you can enjoy some craft beer, pubs and many budget accommodations, perfect for backpackers!

Here are the best hotels that you can choose from in this area:

Luxury (US$160 and up)

munich hostels
  • 25 Hours Hotel Munich The Royal Bavarian – This awesome 4-star hotel has a pretty accurate name, as it definitely looks pretty royal to me! The rooms are simply stunning and luxurious and some of the best advantages of staying here include access to a fitness center, a bar, a great restaurant and more.
  • Aloft München – In case you’re searching for a super modern hotel that offers flawless service, you just found it! This hotel has an excellent location and they have a super beautiful contemporary furnishings! One of the best hotels in Munich for Oktoberfest!

Middle-priced (US$100 – US$160)

  • Hotel Metropol – Do you love elegant hotels? Then you’ll definitely fall in love with all the rooms at this hotel! It’s located on a quiet street where you can enjoy a more local atmosphere and it has everything you might need for a pleasant stay!
  • Hotel Excelsior – This 4-star hotel comes with some great prices and an even better location – 150m from Hauptbahnhof! Plus, their on-site restaurant serves delicious dishes and you’ll be surrounded by many restaurants and pubs!

Budget (up to US$100)

  • Müller Inn B&B – This great bed and breakfast in Munich is great for a couple of a group of travelers that want to discover the city! They have free Wi-Fi, beautiful and super clean rooms, and a friendly staff that’s always ready to help.
  • Hotel Eder – Still didn’t find the perfect budget accommodation for your stay? Here’s another awesome option! This cozy family-run hotel has modern rooms, a 24-hours front desk and a very good location! What more can you wish for?

5. Schwabing

downtown munich

Schwabing is a super cool district and the ideal location if you want to be surrounded by awesome pubs, beer gardens, sports bars and more!

Schwabing is also a great spot if you want to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city and to have some fun in an area with less tourists.

If you choose to stay here, you’ll have plenty of amazing restaurants close to you, as well as pubs, shopping spots and, of course, the well-known Englischer Garten or English Garden (a big, beautiful park in the city). Schwabing is also well-connected to the center via metro, so you won’t be missing on anything!

By the way, Schwabing is a bigger area divided into two smaller ones – Schwabing-West and Schwabing-Freimann, so finding a hotel in any of these two neighborhoods is a great choice.

If you believe Schwabing is for you, below you can find my chosen hotels for your stay in Munich:

Luxury (US$150 and up)

hotels munich germany
  • Andaz Munich Schwabinger Tor – a concept by Hyatt – Looking for a great 5-star hotel in Schwabing? Well, you’re in luck, as this one’s one of the best options for you! The location is pretty great, in-between the Olympic Stadium and the Englischer Garten (English Garden) and it has all the facilities you might need for an upscale vacation.
  • Munich Marriott Hotel – Do you want another excellent option that you can choose from, super close to the Englischer Garten? This Marriott Hotel has its own swimming pool, free Wi-Fi, beautiful rooms and everything else in-between!

Middle-priced (US$100 – US$150)

  • Schwabinger Wahrheit by Geisel – Here’s another superb 4-star hotel that comes with some affordable prices, considering the awesome area. Some of the best advantages of staying here include free Wi-Fi and a very good connection to the rest of the city (underground and by bus or tram).
  • Hotel Leopold – This beautiful hotel awaits with their own cozy garden where you can relax, 24-hour front desk, free Wi-Fi and private bathrooms. Plus, the rooms are colorful and cheerful, perfect for a good night’s sleep!

Budget (up to US$100)

  • Super 8 by Wyndham Munich City North – This beautiful 3-star hotel is located on a quiet street and it awaits with all the greatest facilities out there, all for an accessible price. Plus, it’s walking distance to many metro, bus and tram stations!
  • Motel One München-Olympia Gate – Do you want to be close to the Englischer Garten but still save some money to spend on other things? This is one of the best cheap hotels in Munich for you! It has an on-site bar, private parking, 24-hour front desk and more.
👑 Luxury price:€340
💵 Mid Range:€200
🛏️ Budget:€120
📍 Best area:Munich Old City
🛎️ Best luxury hotel:BEYOND by Geisel
💵 Best mid-range hotel:Splendid-Dollmann
👛 Best budget hotel:Müller Inn B&B

BONUS: Where to stay if you are coming to see a Bayern Munich game

beer garden munich

If you’re a sports lover, then you must already know that FC Bayern Munich is the local football team – and quite a famous one! This attracts many tourists to the city and watching a live football match in one of the many sports bars in the city is one of the best things to do in Munich!

You might be thinking that it’s a good idea to stay near the stadium, right? Well, Bayern’s stadium is called Allianz Arena and, unfortunately, it’s not in the city center, but 12 km from it, in an area without hotel choices or other interesting things to do.

So my recommendation is to stay in an area with plenty of sports bars where you can go and watch the match with the best company! For example, in Altstadt or in Schwabing. Also, some cool sports pubs where you can sit and enjoy the match are Kilians Irish Pub (in Altstadt) or Treffpunkt Sportsbar and Schleissheimerstrasse Stadium (in Schwabing), but these are just some examples.

Below you can find 3 hotel recommendations in these two areas (one for each budget), but if you want more, you can jump to the specific section for each area – Altstadt and Schwabing:

  • Bayerischer Hof – Here’s a great luxury and central option if you want to be close to tons of awesome bars and pubs! This 5-star hotel has no less than 5 restaurants, 6 bars and even a rooftop pool – can you believe it?!
  • Haus im Tal – Looking for a middle-priced option instead? This one’s for you! The rooms here are super clean, cozy and bright and the property has a fitness center, a bar and even a nice terrace where you can relax!
  • Motel One München-Olympia Gate – Traveling on a tight budget? No worries, this awesome motel is very close to the pubs in Schwabing, such as Treffpunkt Sportsbar, so you can always go there and watch a match!

Best apartments in Munich

munich nightlife

If you’re the type of traveler that prefers a cozier atmosphere or if you’re traveling to Munich with your family, then staying in an apartment might be a wiser solution for you. No problem, there are TONS of awesome Airbnbs in Munich, trust me!

And below I have selected some of the best ones for your stay, grouped by budget. By the way, all of them are in the city center or super close to it!

Luxury (US$150 and up)

  • Super Deluxxe Apartment / Munich Main Station – If you like white furniture and luxurious properties, this apartment’s for you! It has an excellent, super central location, close to the main train station and the reviews are just great!
  • Urban Minimalist Apartment – Here’s a great option with an amazing location. The apartment is modern, spotlessly clean, and spacious. It’s a perfect fit for up to 4 people, and you’ll be within walking distance for all the main attractions!

Middle-priced (US$90 – US$150)

aparthotel munich
  • Stylish apartment near city center – Even if this flat is simple, it is ideally located quite near the city center at the same time away from the noisy crowd. The Nymphenburg, Olympiapark is only a walking distance.
  • Deluxe Apartment with Balcony – This awesome apartment is just perfect for a couple or two people looking to stay close to the train station. It simply has everything you might need for a flawless experience!

Budget (up to US$90)

  • Gästezimmer, eigenes Bad, Wlan, im Zentrum – This private room in apartment is excellent if you want to stay in a central location with little money! The room is very cute and super clean and it’s perfect for one or two people!
  • Cozy studio in Schwabing – This is another great room in an apartment that you can book if you want to save some money on accommodation. It’s located in Schwabing, super close to many pubs and cafes!

Best lodging in Munich near the airport

lufthansa munich

Besides being the third biggest city in Germany, Munich is also an important business hub, which means there are plenty of people traveling in and out from Munich Airport (MUC) every day, the second busiest airport in Germany. By the way, the airport is 35 km away from the city center, which means half an hour by car.

In case you only have a layover in the city or if your flight is super early in the morning or super late at night, one of the best ideas would be to book a hotel as close to the airport as possible. Regardless of your reasons, here are some excellent hotel choices located super close to the airport:

  • Mövenpick Hotel München-Airport – This is one of the best Munich airport hotels if you’re looking for a luxury property. They offer world-class service and the property is less than 4km from the airport – airport shuttle available!
  • Hilton Airport Hotel Munich – If you prefer staying in one of the Hilton hotels in Munich, book a room here! They have accessible prices for an excellent service, so you won’t regret it. Plus, you’ll be right in the airport, as this one’s located between terminals 1 and 2.
  • Ibis Muenchen Airport Sued – If you’re on a budget then this Ibis hotel in Munich will be just great. It’s only 4km from the airport and it has comfortable rooms and an on-site restaurant as well. A great choice!


munich neighborhoods

That’s it, you have reached the end of this super detailed article about where to stay in Munich, Germany! If you read it, I’m sure you’re already an expert on Munich accommodation by now and maybe you even found the perfect hotel for your stay!

In this post I explained everything you need to know about the 5 best areas in Munich, with carefully chosen hotels in each of them, as well as some recommendations in case you’re traveling to the city for Oktoberfest or if you’re a football fan. I also gave you some awesome (and more budget-friendly) options for apartments and hostels and for airport hotels as well. In short, there’s something for everyone here!

In case you need more travel inspiration for Germany, here you can find all of our posts about this incredible country.

Let me know: are you visiting Munich soon? Do you have any other questions? I’m always eager to help!

Happy travels,


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