21 Top Things to Do in Leipzig – An Insider’s Guide!

A historic church with a large, ornate entrance sits behind a circular garden with colorful flowers and vibrant autumn foliage.

Are you looking for the best things to do in Leipzig for your next trip? Perfect!

Leipzig is one of Germany’s cities full of artists, and students, apart from being a city with a lot of history! So be sure there is something for people of all tastes! I remember when I visited, the city felt super arty, and vibrant, with loads of young people, and families enjoying the sights!

Leipzig is the largest city in Saxony and apart from being a cute university town is a great place to discover the new and upcoming art scene by checking out cool art galleries. Besides that, it is Germany so you can expect top tier beer and local delicacies!

I went to Leipzig many times, I love the city! This is why I have a killer guide with the most amazing attractions for you below, so you can have a memorable time there! By the end of this article you will have a cool bucket list ready to check!

Stay until the end of the article for some practical tips besides some cool accommodation options!

Quick Picks for Your Stay

If you don’t have a lot of time to read the whole article and want to book the best tours in the city fast, here are the main things to book in advance:

1. Uncover classical music in St. Thomas Church (Thomaskirche)

A statue of Johann Sebastian Bach stands in front of a historic church. Two people observe the statue, and trees frame the scene.

This one located in the city centre is simply iconic, it mixes history and art. St. Thomas Church was built in the 12th century featuring a unique romanesque style and years later a Gothic motive was added to it. Making it a great architectural piece worth taking a photo!

Did you know Thomaskirche is the resting place of Bach? When you visit the church make sure you pay your respects to the musician! St Thomas Church was Bach’s former church!

Something super unique and of rich cultural significance is that Johann Sebastian Bach served as a music director for the Boys Choir of the church, which has been ongoing since 1212! The cool thing about it is that you can see the choir at the church play. You can check out the events on the official site. Some concerts are free and others have prices starting at €20.

PRO TIP: There is a lovely beer garden and restaurant called Gasthaus Barthels Hof (map). I had a beer here when I visited and the vibe was super traditional and they offer local dishes with vegan options too!


2. Get lost in the Old Town and it’s beautiful middle ages buildings

A historic building with a clock tower and arched windows stands in a large cobblestone square with a few people walking and a cyclist riding past.

If you are visiting Leipzig for the first time, just wander around the historic center and discover all the main sights! There is a lot to see in the city center to learn about Leipzig’s history.

You find unique Renaissance architecture all around the area. The Marketplatz (map) in the middle of the center is a great place to enjoy the sights. On Tuesday and Thursday you can visit the Farmers Market from 9am to 4pm to buy local and fresh products.

If you are visiting during the Christmas season you can get some nice Glühwein (mulled wine) or hot chocolate and buy nice Christmas ornaments at the Christmas Market (map) starting in December until Christmas!

The Old Town Hall, also known as the Rathaus in German, has free entry to the permanent exhibition about the Battle of the Nations which took place in 1813 and ended in the defeat of Napoleon and the French ruling Germany.

Honestly just wandering around town without a clear course was one of the highlights of my trip. The architecture is so beautiful you just need to take photos of everything you see. I love it!

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3. Revel history at St. Nicholas Church (Nikolaikirche)

A historic church with a tall, ornate column stands in a sunny square. Nearby buildings and a few bicycles are visible.

Another sight you cannot miss if you want to learn more about the city’s history is Nikolaikirche. This church was located on the east Germany side during the cold war when the Berlin wall was up, and in 1982 they started the peaceful revolution against the communist with their ¨Prayers for Pace¨. These prayers still take place every Monday at 5pm.

You can also book a Organ tour at the church, which takes place every Friday at 4pm, and you can purchase the tickets at the church. Moreover, something incredible about this church is that it is more than 850 years old! The church was built when Leipzig became a city officially in the Middle Ages!

PRO TIP: If you are visiting during the weekend, check out the church first thing! It usually closes on Saturday at 4pm and Sunday at 2pm! When I visited, I got there quite late and there were a lot of people and no time to take in all the beauty!

ENTREE: free

4. Enjoy the views at the iconic Battle of the Nations Monument

A large stone monument with a tiered structure and carved figures, set against a cloudy sky, with a small pond and green lawn in the foreground. Visitors are visible around the base.

The Battle of the Nations is located steps away from Wilhelm-Külz-Park and other green parks, a bit further away from the city center, around a 30 minute ride away going South in the neighborhood of Probstheida. You can reach it with the S-bahn (€2 per way), and you can get the tickets on the official app.

The Völkerschlachtdenkmal (map) is the monument to the battle of Leipzig that basically meant the defeat of Napoleon’s rule in 1813. The monument was erected in 1913 and is 298 ft (91 meters) tall. It was a stunning viewing platform perfect for catching sunsets, and a museum underground. The museum displays a large collection of gadgets from the battle.

This is one of the attractions I didn’t have enough time to check out, and it is honestly one of the coolest. So plan to check it out early on while you are in Leipzig!

ENTREE TICKET: from €10 per person

5. Enjoy luxury shopping and dining at Mädler Passage

A person playing an upright piano in a shopping arcade with passersby and shops in the background. The arcade has a glass ceiling, creating a bright atmosphere.

Without a doubt Mädler Passage (map) is a must! It is located right in the center of the city, and features beautiful classical architecture. The passage was built between 1912 and 1914 and was supervised by Anton Mädler. The Arcade Gallery has a stunning glass ceiling which makes the inside even more unique! Here you can find a nice mix of high end brands, and restaurants.

Something cool about this passage is that it is the location of one of the most iconic bars and restaurants from the 16th century: Auerbachs Keller Leipzig which is even mentioned in Goethe’s most iconic book ¨Faust¨. If you want to dine there, I reckon it is better to make reservations.

6. Discover the city with a fun city tour

City tours are a great way to get to know the city in a fast and fun way, so I gathered some of the coolest Leipzig tours so you can learn about the city while getting to know the locals!

6.1 Visit the main sights with a walking and bus sightseeing tour!

Crowd of people gather in a cobblestone plaza surrounded by historic European buildings with colorful facades and outdoor seating areas.

It is a walking tour where you will see the main Old Town attractions by foot. After checking out the main sights in the center you will hop on a bus that will take you directly to the Battle of the Nations. Which is quite far, so you won’t have to worry about transport and will see all the sights in 2 and a half! A very nice deal!

TOUR PRICE: from €20 per person

6.2 See the city from above with a Hop-on/hop-off

A red double-decker bus drives down a street lined with trees and colorful buildings while people walk and bike nearby.

These types of tours are simply a classic! It is just such a convenient and fun way to see the city. The ride has 12 stops, and seeing the city from the top of a roofless bus is just so much fun! If you are traveling with kids they will enjoy it too and they will be happy to see the city without having to walk!

Their ride is around 90 minutes long if you take it all at once, but you can hop-off and come back as many times as you want in the day and use it as a mode of transportation too.

TOUR PRICE: from €19 per person

6.3 Get a taste of the city with a food tour and sightseeing

A display case filled with multiple small, round pastries featuring a crosshatch pattern on their golden brown tops.

This is such a cool one! You will be walking around the city for 3 hours and besides learning everything about Leipzig, you will stop in 5 or 6 different food joints to try some local delicacies, coffee, and beer! If you were excited about trying the famous Leipzig Lerchen you are in luck!

This tour is super fun for the entire family, friends or solo travelers! Everybody will love the treats and meeting other travelers!

TOUR PRICE: from €60 per person

6.4 Go on a unique night tour with Night Watchman Bremme

A nighttime view of a historic building with a clock tower in a city square, featuring several people standing and talking in the foreground.

This night tour is super cool, and a unique experience to live during your city trip! It is great for the whole family since it is like a play! A guide dressed as a watchman will transport you and other travelers to a different time while walking through secret streets in the city.

Here you will learn stories about iconic historical figures from Germany – Goethe, for example. While exploring a completely different side of Leipzig!

TOUR PRICE: from €14 per person

7. Unveil musical heritage at Bach-Museum Leipzig

A group of people walk towards a yellow and white historical building with arched doorways and large windows, next to a street with bicycles and street lamps.

Bach is probably one of the most iconic figures from the baroque era! His art changed the music field forever, so if you are traveling to Leipzig you should make time to visit the Bach Museum. A huge part of the city’s musical heritage .

The Bach Museum is located basically next to St. Thomas Church and it consists of a museum and an archive house. FUN FACT: even though Bach lived in Leipzig (across the street from the museum in fact), the house was demolished so the museum is located in Bach’s friends house, the only authentically preserved residence.

The museum has a huge collection from Bach’s music work as a cantor in St. Thomas Church. You can find from music sheets, to musical instruments, and clothes.

By the way, the Bach festival, also known as Bachfest, takes place here too usually in the month of June, and I highly recommend it to all music lovers!

MUSEUM PRICE: from €10 per person

8. Enjoy tranquility by the Karl-Heine Canal

Brick buildings and a suspended bridge overlook a canal with a kayaker, tree-lined banks, and residential balconies.

If you are wondering, is it possible to be surrounded by quietness in the middle of Leipzig, I am here to tell you it is!!! The Karl-Heine Kanal is a 2 miles (3.3 kilometer) long canal on the west side of the city.

You can walk alongside the canal and check out the different houses around the city, you can see from cute villages to places that look like an industrial site! You can sit down and enjoy a beer by the canal or you can opt for a canal tour.

Let me tell you this was such a unique experience! If you are like me and are fond of walking, you will love it. Take your headphones with you and pretend you are the main character of a movie on a poetic walk! (That’s what I did!!)

The tour will take you along the Karl-Heine Canal on a motorboat. The guide will talk about the city’s rich history going through World War II to the present time. An enriching experience!

TOUR PRICE: from €14 per person

9. Take in classical beauty Museum of Fine Arts

A marble and bronze sculpture depicts a seated figure with his head resting on his hand, alongside an eagle. The background features large windows and a gray wall.

If you are looking for something cultural and free to do in Leipzig, you will love the Museum of Fine Arts (Museum der bildenden Künste).

The museum is located in the city center next to all the main attractions, which is super convenient. In the museum you can find an amazing art collection from the middle ages to the modern times – from painting to sculptures and photographs. Some iconic pieces are from Frans Hals (Belgium) and Lucas Cranach (Germany).

The building itself is stunning, mixing a baroque style with an industrial touch. Beautiful place to take a city break and admire the beauty.

I honestly highly enjoyed visiting the museum, and I recommend you visit it too! The pieces were beautiful, and so was the architecture. And free??!! Don’t miss it!

ENTRY: free

10. Enjoy a meal high up at Panorama Tower

A cityscape of Leipzig, Germany, featuring a tall modern skyscraper, various buildings, an open plaza, and tree-lined streets. The sky is partly cloudy.

This is such a unique experience you shouldn’t miss when you are visiting Leipzig. If you want to surprise someone during your trip with a fancy meal at 390 ft. (120 meters) tall. Then I recommend you visit Panorama Tower (map) in Mitte.

Did you know Panorama Tower is the tallest building in central Germany?

It was built from 1968 until 1971, and is one of the most stunning buildings in Germany, it is beyond boujee. And its restaurant ¨Plate of Art¨ is as luxurious as the building. You can enjoy brunch or dinner here and prices start at €30. I recommend you make reservations.

11. Try Gose Beer!

Historical building labeled "Sächs. Bayerische Staats-Eisenbahn" with three arched entrances, ivy-covered wall, two people talking, bikes parked on the left, sunny day.

German beer ranks among the finest globally, and if you’re planning a trip to Leipzig, there’s a unique beer you shouldn’t miss to sample, it is called Gose Beer!

Gose is a type of warm-fermented beer crafted using half malted wheat in the grain bill. When you try it, you will probably find that it has a sour and citrus-y flavor, brewed with coriander.

Bayerischer Bahnhof (map) is a good restaurant where I recommend you try it out! It opened in an old railway station dating from 1842. The restaurant is huge and serves a lot of traditional German dishes like spinach dumplings with cheese, or pretzels to snack on.

I completely loved it! There is nothing nicer than having a cold beer after a long day of walking around the city, and Gose beer is so unique and refreshing!!

PRICE: starting at €6 per person

12. Visit the unique Mendelssohn House

A vintage room setup features a writing desk, a chair, a piano with sheet music, framed pictures on the walls, and soft natural light coming through the window with lace curtains.

Felix Mendelssohn House is another iconic sight during your time in the city. The museum is set in the residence where Felix Mendelssohn actually lived from 1845 until 1847 until he died.

Felix Mendelssohn is one of the most popular musicians and composers from the Romantic period. The house museum has been preserved exactly the same way he kept during his life there.

The house has a beautiful garden where you can stroll around and take in the sights, and a café where you can have a sweet treat and coffee.

In the museum they also have concerts from time to time, the prices go around €18 per person, and you can check the dates in their concert schedule. I didn’t have the chance to enjoy the concerts but definitely is still on my bucket list for the next time. Stunning experience!

MUSEUM PRICE: from €10 per person

13. Learn about the secret police at the ¨Runden Ecke¨

A multi-story stone building with a central entrance flanked by pillars. Scaffolding is on the left side, and a red barricade surrounds the entrance. Yellow and blue banners hang on either side of the door.

If you are a history lover you need to visit the Museum in der “Runden Ecke” (Museum in the “Round Corner”).

This memorial site and history museum is the site where East Germany’s secret police were operating during the cold war. The goal of the museum is to remember Germany’s past and never forget the horrors caused by a dictatorship government on human rights and society.

The site is free to visit and since 1990 it works as a non-profit organization. So visit it and learn about Germany’s history!

I suggest you watch ¨The Lives of Others¨ before visiting this museum if you haven’t. It is an incredible human drama about East Germany in 1984 and the secret police. I did and highly recommend you do too!

ENTRY: free

14. Admire 360 degrees art at Leipzig Panometer

Aerial view of two large cylindrical brick buildings, one with a complete roof and the other partially covered, surrounded by greenery and residential buildings under a partly cloudy sky.

Honestly, I cannot recommend the Leipzig Panometer enough! For me it is one of the coolest things you can do in Leipzig. The Leipzig Panometer (map) is located a bit far from the centrum (25 minutes) but it is so worth it.

The space is unique and since 2003 you can admire the biggest 360-degree panoramic paintings in the world!

The artist is Yadegar Asisi, and the place has changing exhibitions, and each time is a unique and immersive experience. So I hope you make the time to check out this place! I recommend you buy your tickets in advance to not miss out!

TICKET PRICE: from €14 per person

15. Enjoy a day full of summer fun at Stadthafen Leipzig

A river with people kayaking runs through a green, tree-lined area with buildings, a clock tower, and a walking path on a sunny day with cloudy blue skies.

If you are visiting during the summer I can only recommend heading to the city harbor! Why? The space has been modified so it can be enjoyed to the max! At the city harbor (map) you can enjoy a wide range of activities.

For example, there is a man made beach where you can chill, or if you are a sporty person you can rent a kayak, a bike, or join a motorboat tour! The prices are quite fair, since for example you can rent a boat for 1 person for €8 the hour.

All around you have restaurants and cafés if you want to indulge in a bite. Also, sometimes they have cool events happening there, from concerts to salsa classes!

BOAT RENTAL: from €8 the hour

16. Feel like a curator at Grassi Museum

A group of people walking in the courtyard of a large brick building with autumn trees and overcast skies.

This beautiful museum features exhibits from antiquity to the modern time, all about design pieces, arts and crafts. So without a doubt I highly suggest you visit the Grassi Museum if you want to feel inspired and creative!

Did you know the Grassi Museum opened in 1874 and was the second museum of applied science in Germany?

Apart from their permanent collections they also have changing exhibitions that cover from graphic art to ceramics. The museum is quite big, depending on your pace it can take even 4 hours to see the whole museum!

PRICE: from €8 per person

17. Indulge with in local trendy art at The Leipzig Cotton Mill

A hallway in a textile factory features yarn spools, historical photographs on the walls, and a cart filled with raw cotton. Industrial pipes and red safety signage are visible overhead.

Leipziger Baumwollspinnerei (map) used to be an old cotton mill and now it was turned into an art center. Here you can explore the many art galleries filled with local artist’s pieces, take cool photos for your instagram, and have a treat at a hip café.

Did you know the Leipzig Cotton Mill used to be the largest cotton mill in all of continental Europe?

If you are looking for a unique accommodation, you can stay in the Meisterzimmer which is basically an apartment at the cotton mill all for yourself. The apartment looks like it came out of the coolest film out there!

During my first trip to Leipzig, I actually attended this art exhibition opening here, and it was amazing! The vibe was just great, and everything looked cool!


18. Visit Europe’s oldest coffee house Zum Arabischen Coffe Baum

A multi-story building with signs reading "Museum Coffe Baum", "Kaffeehaus", and "Gasthaus". Outdoor seating is visible, and bicycles are parked in the foreground.

If you are a coffee lover like me you need to visit Europe’s oldest coffee house and spoil yourself with the best coffee in Germany and a treat. Zum Arabischen Coffe Baum has 15 rooms where you can explore artifacts, and methods on how coffee has been made in the Saxon area since 1711!

The coffee museum also has a video library with material related to coffee making and coffee house culture. Of course, after visiting the museum you need to try the best coffee in the city! Yes, the coffee house is still functioning, so time to give yourself a treat!

ENTRY: free

19. Walk around Leipzig University

Modern building complex with large glass windows, geometric roof structures, and an adjacent circular fountain with a statue. Flower beds and trees line the area in front.

Leipzig University (map) was founded in 1409 and it is one of the oldest universities in the world, and the second oldest in Leipzig! The architecture is stunning with its big glass walls, and you can freely visit its grounds.

A lot of iconic figures graduated from this University, for example the German composer and theater director Richard Wagner and the German philosopher Nietzsche. Even Goethe studied law in this university. So you cannot miss visiting a place that hosted so many great minds!

20. Wander amongst nature at Leipzig Botanical Garden

A glass greenhouse with a gabled roof stands beside a tree with yellow and green leaves, under a clear blue sky.
photo credit: @botanischergartenleipzig

Leipzig Botanical Garden is part of Leipzig University, and is the oldest botanical garden that belongs to a University. The botanical garden has around 10,000 types of plants and was founded around 500 years ago!

The botanical garden is a great place to visit with your family, or friends, and just take in the beauty of this tranquil paradise in the middle of the city. The entry ticket needs to be purchased at the office desk!

PRICE: from €5 per person

21. Learn at Forum of Contemporary History Leipzig

A bronze statue of a figure in a dynamic pose with one arm raised and the other holding a spear, located in front of the Zeitgeschichtliches Forum building.

Something I love about Germany is how present they have their history so all generations can learn and know about the country’s past. The Forum of Contemporary History is no exception to this. This museum is completely free of charge and has a permanent exhibition about Germany’s political and social situation from the years after World World II.

It focuses on the period where Germany was divided in the east and west side, and the communist dictatorship and the reunification. Without a doubt a place to go with the entire family, with friends, or alone.

ENTRY: free

🏛️ Best museum:Leipzig Panometer
🎢 Top paid attraction:Karl-Heine Canal Boat Tour
🚶🏽‍♂️ Best free activity:Museum of Fine Arts
🕺 Nightlife:Plagwitz
🥟 Must-try food:Leipziger Lercher

Practical information about Leipzig

Aerial view of a cityscape featuring a historic tall tower surrounded by lush green trees and buildings with red roofing.

Here are a couple more things you should know about visiting Leipzig:

Getting around the city

  • From and to the Airport: From Leipzig airport is super easy to get to the city, with DB you need to board the S3, and you can reach Leipzig Hauptbahnhof in 20 minutes. Tickets are around €4.
  • Get around the city: I highly recommend Leipzig public transport to get around the city if you don’t feel much like walking. The best way to get your tickets is buying the tickets on LeipzigMOVE. The city’s public transport official app. Tickets are around €3.
  • Leipzig Card: I highly recommend you buy this card even if you are staying for 1 day. This card gives you free access to most of the attractions and you can use the public transport for free! The prices for 1 day per person start at only €14 per day.

Where to Stay in Leipzig

Collage of hotels in Leipzig: Modern lobby with seating area, suspended bed in simple room, and building exterior with "Apartment Central" sign.

If you are looking for the best places to stay in Leipzig I have for you some of the top accommodations in the city for all budgets.

  • Luxury (from €140 and up): Apartment Central Leipzig – feel like a local staying in a trendy studio in the ideal area of Mitte. With all the main attractions steps away you will be comfortable with your plus 1.
  • Mid-Range (from €70 to €140): Hotel via City Leipzig Mitte – located just outside the city center, this hotel offers an optional buffet breakfast and city views! If you are traveling with your family there are big rooms available.
  • Budget (up to €70): Spirit Lodge Leipzig – located in the cool and trendy neighborhood of Plagwitz this hotel offers comfortable private rooms, and shared rooms for those on a tight budget.

FAQs about top things to do in Leipzig

A busy pedestrian street featuring people walking and biking, lined with shops and cafes on both sides, with a modern sculpture in the foreground.

🤔 Is Leipzig worth a visit?

Yes! Leipzig is such a beautiful city with a rich musical heritage and cultural hub for young people. Apart from it is has a deep history worth discovering

💵 Are there any free things to do in Leipzig?

Yes! Leipzig is home to many museums, and most of them have free entry, for example the Leipzig Fine Art Museum, and the forum of contemporary history.

🌙 What to do in Leipzig at night?

During the nighttime the best thing you can do is head to Plagwitz, a young and trendy neighborhood in the city where you can go for drinks and a good vibe!

📅 What to do in Leipzig in a day?

If you are staying for a day, you should visit St. Thomas Church, Bach Museum, and the Old Town Hall. All the main sights in the center!

⌛How many days in Leipzig is enough?

I would say 3 days are enough to see the main sights, but of course, if you want to take your time to see everything, 5 days would be optimal!

Final thoughts on things to do in Leipzig, Germany

A wooden bridge over a pond is framed by trees with two tall buildings illuminated in the background, one modern and one historic, during twilight.

That is all for today, my sweet angels! Those were the best 21 things to do in Leipzig! I’ve covered a wide range of attractions, from historical attractions to fun food tours!

Leipzig is such a wonderful city, with a young artsy vibe plus amazing history! A killer combo! Also it is super popular so if you are thinking of taking any tours, better to book them in advance!

Which of these things to do in Leipzig are you more excited about? Let me know in the comments!

Until the next adventure,


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