Where to Stay in Frankfurt in 2024 → 6 Best Areas & Hotels

A bustling cityscape of Frankfurt am Main, featuring modern skyscrapers and the Main River, with clear blue skies above

Guten tag! Ready to join me for a virtual adventure around Germany’s financial capital? Then hop on this guide on where to stay in Frankfurt! 

Read this post, and you’ll find the 6 most amazing areas to stay in for tourists! For each neighborhood, I included different hotel options, from luxury to mid-range and budget! And to make things even easier, I’ve sorted them all by price.

I carefully explored all the accommodation options in the area and only picked the best of the best, so you can rest assured that you will only get the top-rated options for all (suited for all pockets). 

In short, Altstadt (Old Town) is the best area to stay in Frankfurt, as it has all the main attractions and incredible hotels! But if you’re looking for something different, just scroll down a bit, and I’m sure you’ll find your favorite!

Frankfurt is a sought-after holiday spot, so I highly recommend booking your hotels here in advance to secure your spot!

Quick Picks for Your Stay

This list will help you browse quickly through all the hotels in Zentrum-Altstadt if you need to choose where to stay in Frankfurt super quickly:

luxury hotel
Elegant hotel room at Steigenberger Frankfurter Hof with a luxurious bed, plush blue throws, classic furniture, and warm lighting
mid-range hotel
Exterior view of Motel One in the evening with its illuminated facade, showcasing modern architecture with a curved corner design


Best value for money

budget hotel
Bright and stylish hotel lounge at The Niu Charly, featuring contemporary furniture with vibrant yellow chairs and artistic lighting


Best affordable accommodation in the center

Watch my video, it will give you a visual explanation of all the areas:

Here’s a map of all the areas that I’m going to talk about in this post on where to stay in Frankfurt. Most of them are located in the Innenstadt business district of the city.

A colorful map highlighting the best areas to stay in Frankfurt, with numbered locations and labels for easy navigation
  1. Zentrum – Altstadt: for first-timers
  2. Bahnhofsviertel: for nightlife
  3. BORNHEIM & OSTEND: for budget
  4. Westend: for families
  5. Sachsenhausen: for a local vibe
  6. GALLUSVIERTEL & GUTLEUTVIERTEL : for an urban vibe

1. Zentrum-Altstadt (Old Town/City Center) – for first-timers

Historic Römerberg square in Frankfurt, Germany, showcasing half-timbered houses, the Justice Statue, and the Old St. Nicholas Church against a blue sky

What better place to start your holiday than Zentrum-Altstadt (Center-Old City) which is part of the larger Innenstadt area, which encompasses most of central Frankfurt. 

This is the beating heart of Frankfurt and the place where you’ll find the most beautiful medieval buildings, the town square, and a romantic atmosphere that reigns over!

Although the city was highly affected during World War II, they managed to reconstruct and revive the city, ensuring to recapture its medieval identity. A lot of the buildings, especially in Dom-Römer Quarter (also known as New Frankfurt Old Town), have actually been rebuilt. 

The Old City is super-walkable, meaning most of the top tourist attractions are within walking distance so you won’t waste any time on transport!

So, get ready to dive deep into the city’s culture and past at the Historic Museum Frankfurt and to admire gorgeous Renaissance art at the Frankfurt Cathedral.

These are just some of the attractions, but you should definitely explore the beautiful Römerberg Square with its lined timber houses, St. Paul’s Church and the Alte Nikolaikirche Gothic church (Old Nikolai Church). 

Since Altstadt Frankfurt is set right on the banks of the Main River, you’ll get some gorgeous waterfront views while here from its gorgeous bridges, Alte Brücke (which is super old) and the Iron Footbridge, which is newer and a favorite place of couples for romantic dates! 

Altstadt is also the place where they hold the Christmas Market (and some other festivals throughout the year), so if you’re coming during that time, then you’re in for a treat!

Keep in mind that this area has limited space and high prices, so be sure to book your accommodation as soon as possible.

NOTE: If you’re planning to bring a car in Frankfurt, keep in mind that parking in Zentrum-Altstadt is difficult and traffic could be a problem. Frankfurt also has a low-emission zone, so you’ll need to display an emissions sticker to enter.

Luxury hotel
A collage of three hotel photos to stay in Frankfurt: a luxurious lounge with rich dark tones and a modern fireplace, a terrace cafe with umbrella-shaded tables overlooking classic European architecture, and a well-appointed room with earthy tones and plush bedding

This is one of the best hotels in town with the most amazing romantic decor, perfect for those on a honeymoon! Enjoy your afternoon tea in the restaurant that has a vintage design, or have a glass of apple wine on the terrace while admiring the city views. It gets even better when you head to the spa for a relaxing day!

Other options in Altstadt (Old town/City center)

A chic interior with colorful abstract wall art, modern furniture, and stylish pendant lighting

Enjoy your stay in Frankfurt Germany, in the modern rooms of this hotel that a central location and a bar

Bright and minimalistic private bedroom with a single bed, white bedding, a small nightstand, and light wooden flooring

Here’s a super cheap room in an apartment that has a shared bathroom and a washer

Monochrome-themed cozy workspace with a white desk and chair, alongside a grey sofa bed with plaid throw, against a backdrop of black curtains and white walls adorned with pictures

A friendly place to stay located just a walk away from the center that has a cozy room and free wifi 

Things to do in Altstadt (Old town/ City center)

2. Bahnhofsviertel – where to stay near the train station

Twilight view of a traditional and modern architectural fusion in Frankfurt am Main, with street lamps illuminating the stone façade of a historic building

Want to stay in an area that has great transport links not only with the other neighborhoods in the city but also with other countries? Then, Bahnhofsviertel is for you! 

Named after Frankfurt’s main train station (Frankfurt Hauptbahnhof or HBF in German) set right near the neighborhood, this place is perfect for those of you who want to enjoy the city’s nightlife and also travel to some nearby countries like Belgium or Luxembourg. 

And if you don’t want to venture as far as that, know that the area offers easy access to public transportation systems like the U-Bahn and S-Bahn!

This area is a cultural melting pot with its streets lined up with kiosks, döner restaurants and cheap shops! If you’d like to try different types of cuisines, this is surely the best spot as there is a wide range of restaurants!

Set in the West part of the city, just within walking distance of the city center, Bahnhofsviertel was once known as Frankfurt’s Red Light District but since then the area has undergone lots of changes and was transformed into one of the coolest neighborhoods in Germany!

However it has kept a part of the city’s Red Light District so you’ll still find lots of bars, taverns and casinos, especially on Elbestraße Street (map) and Moselstraße Street (map). 

Please note that if you’re a family on vacation or someone looking for a classy, upscale party scene, you might want to reconsider staying in this area. Bahnhofsviertel has (legal) brothels, which might not suit everyone’s taste, and it can sometimes be a bit noisy.

If you’re looking for some fun places to start the night, then head over Roomers Bar (map) for some cocktails and then go on a pub crawl from there.

There aren’t so many museums, green spaces or attractions here, but since the area is set on the banks of River Main, you’ll find lots of places where you can enjoy the stunning views!

Now let’s check out the hotels here! Luckily this area is known for having lots of affordable accommodations:

Luxury hotel
A collage of three hotel photos to stay in Frankfurt: a sophisticated suite with sleek dark furniture and a spacious seating area, a contemporary styled bathroom with a freestanding tub and chic fixtures, and an opulent lobby area with plush seating and designer lighting

You’ll love coming back from a night of partying in town and resting in the modern rooms of this luxury hotel in central Frankfurt! Definitely one of the best places to stay with views of Innenstadt and its skyscrapers! Drink your hangover cure of choice on the terrace, or if you ask me, I would spend a full day at the spa to relax!

Other accommodation options in Bahnhofsviertel

Elegant modern hotel room with a large bed, gray sofa, floor-to-ceiling windows offering city views, and a subtle color palette that creates a relaxing ambiance

Frankfurt’s top eco-friendly hotel that offers spacious rooms, an organic breakfast, a bar, and amazing city views

Spacious and contemporary hotel dining area with a variety of seating options, including stylish yellow chairs, under warm, decorative lighting

This great hotel in central Frankfurt has bright rooms with a private bathrooms and also a terrace

Chic bedroom with twin beds adorned with gray and white bedding, featuring minimalist decor, pendant lights, and a sleek, open shelving unit

A small but cozy place within walking distance of the attractions that has a small kitchen

Things to do in Bahnhofsviertel

  • Party the night away in the city’s Red Light District
  • Eat a delicious meal at Kabuki restaurant (map)
  • Check out the office buildings in Bankenviertel (the banking quarter)
  • Have a drink at Roomers Bar (map) and enjoy the nightlife in Frankfurt
  • Hop on a train from Frankfurt’s Hauptbahnhof station
  • Head to the top of Main Tower and enjoy the view of Galileo and Silver Tower skyscrapers 

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3. Bornheim & Ostend – for those on a budget

A street view in Frankfurt with diverse architectural styles, leading towards the contemporary skyscrapers under a hazy sky

Located a 15 min trip away from the city center by public transport, Bornheim & Ostend is a charming area filled with half-timbered buildings that house apple-wine taverns and delicious German restaurants! 

Apple-wine is Frankfurt’s traditional drink and there are lots of places in the city which serve this 250-years old drink so definitely give it a try!

This area is pretty tranquil and also has a wider range of budget hotels than the other neighborhoods in the center, making it perfect for families or those who are visiting Frankfurt on a budget. 

Bornheim & Ostend is also home to the Frankfurt Zoo, founded back in the 1800s! A place that the kids will definitely want to see! And if you’re looking for more entertaining attractions, check out Frankfurt Eissporthalle, an ice skating rink where you can place ice hockey and Ost Park or Günthersburgpark which are the perfect spots for a family day out!

While here, hop on Berger Straße, the area’s main street where you’ll find lots of cafes, restaurants and shops! Café Wacker Berger Straße (map) is a great spot to enjoy your morning coffee!

Or if you’d prefer something more authentic, head over to the city’s largest farmer’s market (map) which takes place every Thursday and Saturday since 1989!

For those who still want to spend some time in the city center to visit the historic landmarks, know that from Berger Straße, you can take the metro or the tram and easily reach the Old Town.

Luxury hotel
A collage of three hotel photos to stay in Frankfurt: a standard guest room with bright lighting and a cozy work area, a casual lounge with comfortable seating, and a modern spa area with reclining chairs and tranquil ambiance

This hotel offers comfortable rooms where you can relax after a day out and private parking! Head down to the restaurant after a long day spent in the city and eat a delicious dinner or grab a drink from the on-site bar.

Other accommodation options in Bornheim & Ostend

Classic architecture of the Alexander am Zoo hotel facade with balconies, captured on a sunny day with a clear blue sky

Enjoy a free breakfast at this hotel that offers family rooms, laundry facilities and parking spaces

Modern hotel room at The Niu Coin with a comfortable bed, geometric headboard design, and a unique floor lamp, all set against a clean, contemporary backdrop

One of the best Frankfurt hotels for budget that has stylish rooms with a Tv and free Wi-Fi

A light-filled, airy apartment living room with stylish gray armchairs, a matching footstool, large pendant lamp, and a potted plant

Perfect for a family, this place comes with a large kitchen, a private balcony and a flat-screen Tv

Things to do in Bornheim

  • Go shopping at the Farmers Market (map
  • Spend a whole day at Ost Park
  • Check out the European Central Bank
  • Explore the Nordend-West area
  • Have fun at Dippemess Jahrmarkt Frankfurt amusement park (map)
  • Eat delicious German dishes at Chairs
  • Take the kids to the Frankfurt Zoological Garden
  • Check the shops and cafes on Berger Strasse

4. Westend – best place for families

Autumnal trees framing the towering Deutsche Bank Twin Towers, with their reflective glass façades, set against a clear sky in Frankfurt.

Traveling with the whole family to Frankfurt? Then I think you should check out this section!

This upscale neighborhood is a 30 min walk away from the city center and it’s packed with leafy parks, gardens and gorgeous townhouses that will make you want to move up here!

I think this area is great for families as you’ll be far enough from all the noise of the Frankfurt city center, but still within walking distance from all the main attractions in downtown Frankfurt. Plus, it’s super safe.

Although the prices may be a bit higher here, you’ll find some really cool gems here, from apartments to boutique hotels! And don’t worry, I made sure to add some budget options too!

There are many parks in Westend where you can enjoy a nice walk with the family or maybe organize a picnic and make a whole day out of it. You should definitely visit the Palm Botanical Gardens (PalmenGarten Frankfurt) and also take the kids to the Senckenberg Natural History Museum!

If you want to admire some gorgeous architecture, go visit the Alte Oper, the city’s old opera house (maybe you can catch a show there)! 

Right near the border of this area you’ll find the Messe Frankfurt (convention center), which is the largest trade fair in the world (wow)! Almost 4 million people visited Messe Frankfurt last year! That’s a lot! If you don’t want to visit the city during any of those events (and they hold many throughout the year), to avoid the crowds, I recommend checking the dates on their website!

That’s why I strong advise, if you’re coming for the fair, to look for hotels in this area, and book your hotel in advance for the event, as the prices get higher when there’s something on at Messe Frankfurt! I made a whole bonus for business travelers who are visiting solely for this, so check it out below!

Luxury hotel
A collage of three hotel photos to stay in Frankfurt: a modern suite with panoramic windows and elegant furnishings, a classic hotel exterior soaring above the city, and a stylish bedroom with decorative wall patterns and a city view

With the most amazing views of Innenstadt, this hotel comes with all you need for your trip including a sauna and a fitness center! Make sure to grab a bite in the morning before you head out to see all the museums and attractions, the breakfast here is the best!

Other accommodation options in Westend

Spacious and warmly lit hotel room with twin beds, bold headboards, and cozy seating area

Enjoy your stay in Frankfurt Am Main in the comfy rooms of this hotel and spend a relaxing morning in the garden

A vibrant hotel lounge with eclectic seating, a bookshelf filled with colorful books, and unique circular lighting fixtures

The best budget hotel in the area that has rooms with a small kitchen and laundry facilities

Modern hotel room with a large window, offering a workspace with a city view, complemented by minimalist design and soft lighting

Such a cool room located in one of the best luxury hotels that has a balcony, a shared backyard, and a gym

Things to do in Westend

  • Teach the kids new things at the PalmenGarten Frankfurt 
  • Check out the Messe Frankfurt convention center
  • Have some family fun at the Natural History Museum
  • Catch a show at the Opera House
  • Enjoy a family picnic in the Rothschildpark 
  • Check out the shops on Große Bockenheimer Straße
  • Remain in awe of the grandeur of the Deutsche Bank Twin Towers
  • See Frankfurt’s best gold pieces at Goldkammer Museum

5. Sachsenhausen – where to stay for the local vibe

Evening scene by the Main River with the Eiserner Steg bridge, pedestrians, and the Gothic Revival Frankfurt Cathedral in the background

Located on the south side of the Main river, this district has a combination of old and new buildings. It will make you feel as if you’re time-traveling all the time (even when you’re just crossing the street). 

This area is known for its unique pubs where the local people will be happy to serve you traditional apple wine (apfelwein) and German food, which is so yummy (especially if you’re a meat-lover)! 

NOTE: Although they have the same name, this area should not be confused with Sachsenhausen, the concentration camp in Oranienburg, Germany. 

Just like Bahnhofsviertel (the area in section #2 of the post), this neighborhood is also pretty entertaining and great for those who want to enjoy Frankfurt’s nightlife! Hopper’s Cocktailbar (map) is a fab spot to start the night! 

If you want to take long promenades as the sun sets, there’s a cycling and walking path along Frankfurt’s Main River in the district that’s perfect for an afternoon stroll. The sights are spectacular here! 

I hope you’re not too drunk from the apple wine and up for some museum visits along Museumsufer (Museum Embankment). Liebieghaus, Städel Museum and the German Film Museum are just some of the amazing museums that you’ll find on the banks of River Main!

NOTE: If you’re planning to visit many museums while visiting this city, I’d recommend getting the Museumsufer Ticket which offers access to 39 museums!

Luxury hotel
A collage of three hotel photos to stay in Frankfurt: an indoor pool with floor-to-ceiling windows and a tranquil water view, a bedroom with simple decor and vibrant color accents, and a circular seating area in a spacious suite with a panoramic city view

You’re going to love the bright rooms of this hotel! The city views are incredible and the suites have so much space! At the accommodation you’ll also find a spa center where you can relax after or before your day out, a restaurant and an indoor swimming pool.

Other accommodation options in Sachsenhausen

A tranquil wellness area in Star Apart Hotel featuring a modern sauna with glass doors, stone walls, and comfortable wicker chairs

Enjoy the city views of this mid-range hotel that offers breakfast and is located near most of the tourist attractions

A contemporary living room with a large, plush sectional sofa adorned with colorful pillows, a round coffee table, and a dining area with modern green chairs

Rent some bikes and explore the city from this hotel that has comfortable rooms and a terrace

Serene bedroom with a simple white bedspread, patterned headboard, and a fluffy white light fixture, creating a peaceful ambiance

A clean modern apartment that offers a Frankfurt skyline view and a location near the river and nice bars

Things to do in Sachsenhausen

6. Gallusviertel & Gutleutviertel – for the urban atmosphere

Aerial view of Frankfurt's Gallusviertel and Gutleutviertel districts, showcasing the contrast of modern skyscrapers and traditional neighborhoods with the Main River winding through the city

Do you love the city rush and exploring busy streets filled with modern office buildings and plenty of local charm?

Then you’re going to love this place! I’ve combined these 2 areas since they’re set right next to each other and have literally the same vibe! Plus both offer some really affordable hotels!

Gallusviertel (also known as Gallus) is a former industrial area known for its Tower 185 skyscraper (map) which has a restaurant at the top. The neighborhood is filled with converted warehouses and factories which were turned into music venues and theaters. 

If you want to catch a live show, check out The Bed (map), a live music venue that hosts lots of events!

Right between Gallusviertel and Gutleutviertel you’ll find Frankfurt’s main train station as well, perfect for those of you who want to take some day trips!

Gutleutviertel is set on the banks of River Main and it shares the same urban vibe! The streets are lined up with modern office buildings and some restaurants or bars too.

Luxury hotel
A collage of three hotel photos to stay in Frankfurt: an inviting room with oversized windows and modern decor, a vibrant lounge with eclectic furniture and a striking city backdrop, and a chic cafe area with round booths and a relaxed atmosphere

Wake-up to a stunning view of the city in the rooms of this hotel that has ceiling-to-floor windows and a quirky design! The accommodation offers 2 restaurants, a bar and a fitness center as well.

Other accommodation options in Gallusviertel & Gutleutviertel

Exterior of the Hampton by Hilton hotel showcasing its modern design with a neutral color scheme and the hotel's flag fluttering in the breeze

Simple, but well-equipped! This place has family rooms and a terrace

Casual dining area in Holiday Inn Express with a mix of booth and bar seating, modern decor, and warm lighting

An affordable hotel that offers a free breakfast and private parking

A bedroom with a romantic theme featuring a white metal bed with a 'LOVE' headboard, soft lighting, and sheer curtains

This apartment comes with a lot of space, a kitchen and a courtyard view

👑 Luxury price:€200
💵 Mid-range hotel:€130
🛏️ Budget:€70
📍 Best area:Old Town
🛎️ Best luxury hotel:Steigenberger Frankfurter Hof
🧳Best mid-range hotel:Motel One
👛 Best budget hotel:The Niu Charly

BONUS 1: Best hotels near Flughafen Frankfurt Airport

Busy interior of Frankfurt Airport with travelers walking past flight information boards, exemplifying a modern travel hub with its iconic geometric ceiling design

Whether you have a layover or an early flight, it is definitely better to stay in a hotel near the Frankfurt Airport, which is set in the Frankfurt am Main Süd area, so that you can be near it and also get a good night’s sleep!

Since the city’s airport is huge and it’s one of Germany’s main international airports, I figured I should do a bonus with some of the best hotels near it! That way, you’ll be all covered, and all you have to do is just pick your place!

Here are my top picks for hotels right near Flughafen Frankfurt Airport:

  • Luxury: Hilton Frankfurt Airport – set in indoor walking distance to Terminal 1 at Frankfurt airport, this hotel offers high-class services, including a modernized gym, a business center, and rooms with a tub where you can relax in between your flights. Start your morning with breakfast in your room or downstairs!  
  • Mid-range: Steigenberger Airport Hotel – here’s another great place, located less than a mile away from the airport, that offers a free shuttle bus for all guests! While here, you can relax in the sauna, go for a swim in the pool, work out in the gym, and grab a bite at one of the 3 restaurants on-site. 
  • Budget: Hampton By Hilton – the perfect affordable place just 0.6 miles (1 km) away from the airport! Guests will have access to an airport shuttle while staying here, and you’ll also get a complimentary breakfast. The accommodation also has a gym, a bar, and coffee makers in each of the comfortable rooms!

BONUS 2: Where to stay in Frankfurt for business

Spectacular skyline of Frankfurt with a clear view of its towering skyscrapers and commercial buildings, epitomizing the city's status as a major business and finance center

Known as the financial capital of Germany and the home of one of the biggest trade fairs in the world (Messe Frankfurt), this city is a hot spot for business travelers! 

Annually, Frankfurt hosts around 60,000 conferences, so yeah, it can get busy, busy, busy! That’s why I recommend booking these hotels in advance, especially if you know the dates of your event early! 

Since many of you will be visiting this city solely for that reason, I thought I’d include a bonus with some of the best hotels in Frankfurt for business travelers. These places are either set right near the Messe Frankfurt location or they have facilities that you may nee, like a business center, so let’s check them out:

  • Luxury: Capri by Fraser – set just a 3 min walk away from Messe Frankfurt (you can be there in a minute without wasting time on public transport) this hotel offers comfortable rooms where you can relax after a day spent at the events, a business center as well as fax and photocopying facilities. 
  • Mid-range: LyvInn Hotel Frankfurt Messe – enjoy a yummy (complimentary breakfast) before your event or business meeting at this hotel that’s a 10-minute walk away from Messe Frankfurt. The accommodation comes with a 24-hour front desk, a restaurant, and soundproof rooms so you can get a good night’s sleep before your big day! 
  • Budget: Citadines City Centre – the perfect place for those attending a conference at Messe Frankfurt (which is only a short walk away- less than 10 mins)! The accommodation also boasts a business center with fax and photocopying facilities, a sun terrace where you can enjoy your breakfast, and comfortable rooms.

FAQs about where to stay in Frankfurt

Sunny view of the Main River in Frankfurt, highlighting the Cathedral of Saint Bartholomew with clear blue skies and lush greenery

🌆 Which area is the best to stay in Frankfurt?

Zentrum-Altstadt is the best area to stay in Frankfurt, as it has beautiful architecture, iconic attractions, and great hotels! My favorite is Steigenberger Frankfurter Hof hotel.

🚶‍♀️ Is it safe to walk in Frankfurt?

Yes, it is safe to walk in Frankfurt as the city’s law enforcement is reliable! But I would avoid walking alone in places like Bahnhofsviertel’s main station and Taunusstraße where there are legal adult clubs.

🎄 Where to stay in Frankfurt for the Christmas Markets?

The Christmas Market takes place in the Römerberg square, in the Zentrum-Altstadt neighborhood, which is one of the best areas to stay even if you’re coming just for 1 night or 2 days!

🏨 Best hotels in the Old Town of Frankfurt?

Motel One Frankfurt-Römer or Steigenberger Frankfurter Hof are the coolest hotels here, which will offer you a unique experience!

💯 What are the best hotels in Frankfurt?

Scandic Museumsufer and Roomers are all located in the best areas to stay in Frankfurt Am Main and they all have the most amazing conditions and cool designs!

🤔 What is considered a city center in Frankfurt?

The Innenstadt (inner city) is considered the city center of Frankfurt. 

🔝 What are the safest areas of Frankfurt?

The Old Town, Westend and Sachsenhausen are considered to be some of the safest areas in Frankfurt. 

⛔ Which are the most dangerous areas in Frankfurt?

Although nowadays Frankfurt is a much safer city than before, I’d recommend avoiding the Taunusstraße and Niddastraße late at night, as these places are frequented by people looking to get into trouble.


Twilight view of Frankfurt's skyline reflecting on the Main River, showcasing a blend of historic and modern architecture

Yay, you’ve made it to the end of this Frankfurt neighborhood guide! Congrats!

I really hope that this post on where to stay in Frankfurt helped you decide which areas are the best ones for you and which hotel to pick!

Just remember that this German city is super popular and the best hotels always go first! So make sure to secure your spot early.

I wish you an amazing trip to the business capital of Germany, take pictures of all the Innenstadt skyscrapers, and get drunk on apple wine! You will be so happy that you chose to come here!

Do leave a comment if you have any questions about Frankfurt’s areas or suggestions for our readers!

Auf Wiedersehen, 


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