14 TOP Things to Do in Düsseldorf ✔️ From Museum to Shopping

View of Dusseldorf skyline from the water

If you’re thinking about whether to visit Düsseldorf or you are already there and looking for the best things to do in Düsseldorf, you are at the right place. This is an amazing city that has so much to offer to locals and tourists alike that you’ll never get bored.

After hours of researching and going over with a friend who has visited Düsseldorf, I compiled this list of MUST dos and sees in Düsseldorf, including some guided tours for each attraction.

This amazing city hosts art galleries and museums, historic monuments, countless breweries, the charming Old Town (Düsseldorf city center), cool shops, delicious cuisine, and much more… Are you ready to explore them all with me?

Then let’s jump right in!

Quick Picks for Your Stay

If you don’t have time to read the whole article, check out these tours for some of the best things to do in Düsseldorf, Germany:

1. Stroll or segway along the Rhine River

Aerial view of the riverbank

The river Rhine is one of the most iconic symbols of Düsseldorf city and also one of the most important water bodies in the whole world, so it is definitely a must on your Düsseldorf bucket list!

The river is framed by a long promenade that hosts coffee and drink stalls, which are really popular with the locals, as well as markets and events during weekends and certain times of the year, which makes it the perfect place for a relaxed stroll.

Between the 2nd and 3rd weekend of July, the Rhine embankment promenade hosts the “Largest Fair on the Rhine,” taking place on the left bank of the river. This is the biggest celebration in Germany after Oktoberfest, so make sure you don’t miss it if you’re there at the time!

One of the most popular ways of exploring the Rhine promenade is by bike, but if bikes are not your thing, you can join this 2-hour Segway tour with a local guide, starting from Düsseldorf’s Old Town, crossing the Rhine River and going through the top attractions (it also includes a delicious local beer in the price!)

Alternatively, you can opt for a classic free walking tour of the riverbank and the city’s main attractions. This one is best if you’re in Düsseldorf for the first time, and on top of it, you’ll get to pay the guide as much as you liked the tour.

PRICE: €75 per person

Explore Düsseldorf on a Segway

2. Explore Altstadt

view of tower in Dusseldorf Altstadt

One of the first things to do in Düsseldorf if you want to have a real feeling of the city, is wandering around the cobbled streets of Alstadt (Düsseldorf’s Old Town) – the pumping heart of Düsseldorf!

Apart from many charming breweries, cafés, and restaurants, here you’ll find some of Düsseldorf’s main attractions, like Marktplatz Square (the focal point of the Old Town) with the imposing Town Hall, old churches like the Sankt Lambertus Basilika, and beautiful buildings with modern architecture.

The best thing you can do here is just take in the puzzling atmosphere or sit on a bench and watch people, but there are also many cultural venues you can explore!

In fact, here you’ll find the Opera House, the Concert Hall, as well as countless museums and art centers, so there’s literally something for any taste!

Not to lose yourself among all these attractions and miss some of the Old Town’s main highlights, you could join this 2-hour private tour through Düsseldorf’s Old Town, during which a local guide will tell you everything about the myths, history, and sights of this city on the Rhine!

PRICE: €240 per group up to 10

Explore Old Town on a Private Tour

3. Climb the Rhine Tower for breathtaking views

Distant view of the Rhine Tower

Located along the Rhine River, on the south edge of the Old Town, the Rhine Tower is the tallest building in Düsseldorf, Germany (being 240.5 meters/789 feet high). It’s THE place to enjoy breathtaking city views!

Built in the 1980s as a telecommunications tower, this famous city landmark features a glass observation deck where you’ll enjoy the best panoramic vistas of Düsseldorf, but the river and the harbor area are particularly fascinating from high up.

Make sure you bring the camera with you and share some great pictures with your friends!

Aerial view of Dusseldorf from the Rhine tower

The Rhine Tower houses a cool cocktail lounge and revolving restaurant serving delicious Eastern and European cuisine, perfect for a romantic dinner with your loved one or a fancy night out with your best friend. You’ll love the dazzling city lights which make Düsseldorf glow magically in the dark of the night.

Admission to the restaurant is free, but if you want to access the observation deck, you’ll need to pay €10 (US$11), and then you can stay there as long as you want!

PRICE: free entrance to the restaurant, €10 for the observation deck

4. Try some delicious food at the Markt auf dem Carlsplatz

A man buying fruit and vegetables in a market

If you are a foodie like me, you need to check out the Markt auf dem Carlsplatz – one of the oldest markets in Düsseldorf, Germany, open since the 13th century (from Monday to Saturday), and located right in the heart of Old Town.

Here you can buy everything you can imagine: from meat to fresh vegetables, fruit, and coffee, so you’ll find many locals doing their grocery shopping, but there are also countless food stalls selling classic dishes like the famous fish soup and the currywurst.

P.S. You cannot leave Düsseldorf without trying the liquor Killepitsch, originally from Düsseldorf city, which is made of many different herbs. It tastes similar to Jägermeister but better!

All the street food you’ll find at the market is delicious and cheap (the perfect combo!), but if you don’t mind spending a little more, I suggest you join this food tour to truly explore German cuisine in all its forms!

During the 3-hour tour, a guide will bring you through the narrow streets of Düsseldorf’s Old Town and to the famous Carlsplatz market to discover the culinary diversity of the city and try delicious products like olive oil, wine, and cheese.

You will also go to the legendary Uerige microbrewery and a small spice shop to learn about the production of traditional mustard (and its famous condiment) – all of this for only €47 (US$52).

PRICE: €47

5. Visit Düsseldorf’s coolest museums

View of a museum

The city of Düsseldorf, Germany, has countless museums to explore (just to give you an idea, there is even a mustard museum here!), so it can be hard to decide what to focus on, especially if you have only a few days in the city.

For this reason, I have listed the 2 must-visit museums in Düsseldorf: one about art and the other considered one of the coolest museums in Europe. You cannot leave the city without checking out at least one of them!

5.1 Museum Kunstpalast (the museum of art)

If you are an art lover, you will love the Museum Kunstpalast, located a short walk from Düsseldorf Old town (see section 6 to know more about it).

This incredible art venue hosts a big collection of German and European artworks made of fine and graphic art, sculptures, photos, and drawings from the Gothic period to the present times as well as some temporary exhibitions, theatrical performances, and classical concerts throughout the year.

Here you will find countless artists, including Lucas Cranach the Elder, Caspar David Friedrich, Franz Marc, and even the Italian Caravaggio and some works of Dalí, so allow yourself at least 2 hours to visit it all!

P.S. If you are passionate about street art, you need to check out section 7!

PRICE: €12

5.2 Aquazoo Löbbecke Museum

One of the coolest things to do in Düsseldorf (especially for families) is definitely visiting the Aquazoo Löbbecke Museum, located close to Nordpark and combining a zoo, an aquarium, and a museum!

The concept started in 1904 when they gave a private collection to the city of Düsseldorf, so they merged the museum with the local zoo, and the aquarium was added afterward in 1948.

Get ready to explore 25 themed rooms following the development of sea life and the underwater world, plus 140 aquariums, terrariums, and exhibitions about marine and freshwater lifeforms. You can easily spend a whole day there, and I promise you won’t regret it!

PRICE: €10

How to get there:

  • By metro: take the metro U79 from Old Town Hall and get off at D-Nordpark/Aquazoo station, then you’ll be a few steps from the museum. The journey will take you 15 minutes and cost €3 (US$3.27).
  • By car: drive for about 10 minutes from Old Town, following the B1
  • By taxi: take a taxi from Old Town for about 10 minutes and €15 (US$17)

6. Relax at the Japanese Garden

Japanese trees

Düsseldorf has many connections with Japan, hosting the Asian neighborhood Little Tokyo (check out section 7 to know more about it) and the beautiful Japanese Garden.

Located on the northwest corner of Nordpark, a 10 minutes car ride from Old Town, the Japanese Garden is the perfect place to take a city break, disconnect from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and connect with your inner self.

This 5,000 m² (54,000 ft²) green space will make you feel at peace as soon as you step inside, featuring a charming pond with seats, stones, and lanterns (each one having a special position and deeper meaning), looping trails, Japanese maple trees and pines, and the special Garden of Reflection. It will take you around 2 hours to explore it all.

Whether you’re passionate about Asian culture, you want to spend some tranquil time alone, or read a book, this is the place to be – and it is completely free of charge!

How to get there:

  • By metro + bus: take U79 from Old Town Hall to D-Messe Ost then take line 722 and get off at D-Messe-Center bus station, then walk for about 5 minutes to the Japanese Garden. It will take you about 40 minutes and cost €1.70 (US$1.85).
  • By car: drive for about 10 minutes from Old Town, following the Rotterdamer Str. and Cecilienallee
  • By taxi: Take a taxi from Old Town will take you 10 minutes and cost you about €15 (US$17)

7. Check out Flingern’s street art scene

Street art in Dusseldorf

When I visit a new city, personally, one of the things I love checking out the most is the street art scene, and Düsseldorf has plenty of it! If you love it like me, you need to explore the Flingern district, located a short drive from the city center.

Here you will find countless streets and buildings covered by urban art and colorful street art murals from local artists. Kiefernstrasse street, located east of the Flingern train station, has the most incredible street art in the city, so make sure you don’t miss that!

Street art on a building

Get ready to spot monkeys climbing up the building’s façades, Buddhas on the roofs, sunsets, distorted insects, and many innovative images. This area is better than an art gallery, so bring your camera with you and have fun!

How to get there:

  • By metro: take the metro U72 from Old Town Hall and get off at Flingern S8 station, or take U75 from Old Town Hall and get off at Flingern train station. The journey will take you 30 minutes and cost €3 (US$3.27).
  • By car: drive for about 20 minutes from Old Town, following the Gerresheimer Str.
  • By taxi: take a taxi from Old Town for about 20 minutes and €20 (US$22)

8. Try the traditional Altbier in Düsseldorf Breweries

A pint of beer

Are you a beer lover? Then you probably already know that Düsseldorf in Germany is particularly famous for its delicious local Altbier (Alt beer), so you will agree with me that you cannot leave the city without having a taste of it!

But why is everyone raving about it? This beer is top-fermented and brewed according to an ancient recipe dating to the 1800s and is now produced by 5 different local breweries.

Only in the streets of the historic Altstadt (Old Town) will you find about 300 pubs serving the traditional Altbier, so you have plenty of places to try the beer and enjoy Düsseldorf nightlife. But if you want to make sure you pick the right bars, I advise you to join a fun beer tour. With plenty of bar options, it’s easy to get overwhelmed and, worse, choose a terrible one 😣

Altstadt (Düsseldorf’s Old Town) has so many bars that they are collectively known as “The Longest Bar in the World”!

If you opt for this 2-hour beer tour, a local guide will take you through the city’s most famous breweries, such as the Brewery im Füchschen, Zum Schlüsse, Brasserie Kürzer, etc., for some delicious tastings spiced with interesting facts about the history of Düsseldorf as well as hilarious, and weird legends!

People drinking and eating outside a pub

If, instead, you prefer to do your own brewery tour, these are the main breweries you need to check out in Düsseldorf, Germany:

  • Brewery Schumacher: this is one of the most famous and oldest breweries in the city, serving beer still brewed to the original family recipe and traditional German food on a massive, panoramic terrace.
  • Uerige Brewery: located in Altstadt, this brewery is super popular among locals and tourists alike. You can barely find a place when the weather is nice, but the people still stand by and drink Alt beer from the typical small Altbier glasses
  • Kürzer (Kuerzer) Brewery: This lively tavern with bare-brick walls, serving craft beers from its own on-site brewery, is the go-to spot for students, perfect if you want to have a good beer in a lively environment!

P.S. If you are visiting the city at the end of August, make sure you don’t miss the Düsseldorf Gourmet festival. This is a super popular event among Germans, attracting people from all around Germany that come to try delicious German sausages and beer. It’s a great opportunity to soak up some local vibes in a fun and crowded environment!

TOUR PRICE: €26 per person

Book Your Beer Tour

9. See provocative art at museum Kunstsammlung (K21 & K20)

View of Kunstsammlung museum K20 exterior

The ‘Kunstsammlung’ is a very famous collection of contemporary art spread across 2 exhibition venues in Düsseldorf (K21 & K20), located 20 minutes from each other and both a short walk from Altstadt (Old Town).

This is definitely one of the best things to do in Düsseldorf for art lovers and you can either visit both of them or just one, but let’s see how they differ:

  • K20: This is the largest art collection and the main gallery, located in Grabbeplatz, an ultra-modern and beautiful building with a façade of polished black granite. In this vast gallery, you’ll find works of modern art, 20th Century German Expressionism, and a big collection of paintings by Paul Klee.
    Price: €12
View of Kunstsammlung museum K21 exterior
  • K21: Located in the 19th-century Ständehaus building, this collection includes many modern art installations, paintings, drawings, sculptures, and films spread over 5 floors. The building itself hosting the art collection is just beautiful, both on the outside and the inside. The roof has been replaced by a glass canopy, and the interior looks like an ancient square, so just walking inside is an experience!
    Price: €12

NOTE: you’ll need to buy 2 separate tickets if you want to visit both of them, and each building tour takes around 2 hours if you want to check out all the beautiful artwork!

10. Wander around Little Tokyo

A shop in Little Tokyo

We already talked about how Düsseldorf is connected to Asian culture, so if you liked the Japanese Garden, then you’ll love Little Tokyo – a neighborhood located 15 minutes walking east of Altstadt (Old Town).

FUN FACT: Düsseldorf is home to the 3rd largest Japanese community in Europe, after Paris and London!

Spreading through approximately 7 blocks of the city, Little Tokyo is made of artistically-folded lanterns, a temple gate, Japanese cherry blossoms, authentic Japanese supermarkets, delicious ramen stalls, and some of the best sushi restaurants you can find outside of Japan.

If you want to learn more about Japanese heritage, food, and architecture and deep dive into Little Tokyo’s history, take this informative self-guided tour of Düsseldorf with an audio guide for €10 (US$11) per group of up to 4 people. You’ll also learn about the best places to eat in the area!

The absolute sushi lovers among you (with a deep pocket!) must check out the Michelin-star Nagaya restaurant. If you can afford it, it will blow your mind! For a more affordable option, go to Okinii restaurant.


Take a Self-Guided Tour of Düsseldorf

11. See classic cars at the Remise Düsseldorf

Old cars

Are you passionate about old cars? Then the Classic Remise Düsseldorf, located southeast of Altstadt, is definitely a must for you!

The Classic Remise Düsseldorf is not a museum but a converted steam locomotive roundhouse hosting many stunning classic cars from the 20th century that get restored, looked after, and sold.

Here you will watch expert restorers working on vintage cars like Mercedes-Benzes, Porches, Aston Martins, BMWs, Lamborghinis, and Ferraris. Some of them are stored in twin-level glass cubes to control the environmental conditions!

Entry is completely free of charge, and who knows, maybe you come back with a new car!

How to get there:

  • By public transport: take the metro line U77 from Old Town Hall and get off at the Classic Remise Düsseldorf station: it will take you about 30 minutes and cost €3 (US$3.27).
  • By car: drive for about 20 minutes from Old Town, following B8 Street
  • By taxi: Take a taxi from Old Town: it will take you 20 minutes and cost you about €20 (US$22)

12. Gaze at the architecture of the Medienhafen

A girl on a bridge in the Medienhafen district

South of the Altstadt, within walking distance from it, you’ll find Medienhafe or the Media Harbour, a historic part of the city with ancient docks brimming mainly with businesses, from media companies to fashion brands and designers.

Once a shipping port with primary warehouses, this beautiful area has been revitalized into a lively hub of cool offices, delicious eateries, and sky-high bars, so it is perfect if you just want to spend some leisure time between one attraction and the other one.

Two girls in front of a unique building in Medienhafen

Strolling around the district, you will notice that the buildings are characterized by beautiful contemporary architecture, the most distinctive of which is a trio of twisted buildings called “Neuer Zollhof” that seem to lean into one another!

If you’re passionate about architecture and you want to have a good panorama of the whole district, go to the north side of the Düsseldorf Marina or on The Brucke am Medienhafen pedestrian bridge – the views from there are just breathtaking!

PRO TIP: If you want to learn more about the revitalization of the district and its unique architecture, join this 2-hour private tour with a local guide among the harbor houses and streets. You’ll get to know many interesting historical facts!

TOUR PRICE: €129 per group up to 10

Explore Meidenhafen on a Private Tour

13. Go shopping in the Konigsallee district

View of streets and buildings in Konigsallee

Are you a shopping addict, and you cannot leave a new city without checking out all its shops and boutiques?

Then you’ll be happy to know that Düsseldorf is the fashion capital of Germany, hosting countless shops compared to many other cities in the country, and most of them are concentrated in the Konigsallee boulevard, at a 10-minute walk from Old Town.

Set on a canal lined with plane trees, this famous street (called “Kö” by locals) runs for about 1 kilometer (less than 1 mile) from north to south and hosts mainly high-fashion brands, like Chanel, Cartier, Burberry, Louis Vuitton, Gucci, and Prada. Even if you’re not into these, you can still go window shopping and enjoy the canal views.

Two girls on a river bridge in Konigsallee

If you are on a budget but you still want to shop, you should check out Schadowstraße street, offering beloved affordable shops like H&M, Zara, etc. There is also a new favorite mall among locals – Kö-Bogen 2, which has a green area where you can just sit and relax.

In addition, the first Kö-Bogen lies only a short walk from the second one and has a lake, many restaurants, and bars, plus is characterized by interesting modern architecture. So why not check out both?

14. Step back in time at the Schloss Benrath

View of Scholss Benarth Villa exterior

If you want to spend some tranquil time far from the hustle and bustle of the city, or you love to visit old castles, the Schloss Benrath is definitely a must for you in this list of best things to do in Düsseldorf, Germany!

Located at a half an hour drive from Altstadt in Düsseldorf, this Baroque-style mansion dates back to more than 200 years ago, when it was used as a hunting lodge, and is just stunning both inside and out!

The interiors feature old furnishings, artworks, and many rooms, each one matched with an area of the French and English gardens surrounding the property, which create a harmonious unity between the outside and inside!

Swans in the lake in front of Scholss Benarth

This place is perfect for a half-day trip but take into consideration that you can visit the attraction only on a guided tour with a local history expert, which is actually a good thing because you can really appreciate and learn about what you are seeing.

You can book tickets for the tours on the official website: you will find availability for 1.5h time slots, but the duration of the visit is not limited to the admission period. You can stay in the property as long as you want within the opening hours, but you’ll need to arrive at the specified start of the visit!

How to get there:

  • By public transport: take the metro line U72/U83 from Old Town Hall and get off at the D Schloss metro station: it will take you about 30 minutes and cost €3 (US$3.27).
  • By car: drive for about 20 minutes from Old Town, following the via Münchener Str.
  • By taxi: Take a taxi from Old Town, it will take you 20 minutes and cost you about €20 (US$22)
🚶🏼‍♀️ Top city tour:Segway Tour
🌳 Best free activity:Japanese Garden
🍺 Top brewery:Brewery Schumacher
👀 Best views:Rhine Tower
📍 Top area in Düsseldorf:Altstadt (Old Town)

FAQs about things to do in Düsseldorf, Germany

A girl looking out at the view from the Rhine tower

👀 What are the best things to do in Düsseldorf, Germany?

The best things to do in Düsseldorf, Germany, are exploring Düsseldorf’s Old Town, joining a beer tour to have tastings in the city’s most famous breweries, or visiting the cool Aquazoo Löbbecke Museum, perfect for families!

🍺 What is Düsseldorf, Germany, best known for?

The city of Düsseldorf, Germany, is known for the local Altbier, which you can taste on a fun beer tour, its delicious food like fish soup, the charming Altstadt – Düsseldorf’s Old Town hosting historical buildings, and the Little Tokyo district.

👍🏼 Is Düsseldorf, Germany, worth visiting?

Yes, the hidden gem of Düsseldorf, Germany, has a lot of interesting attractions for tourists, starting from the charming Düsseldorf Old Town, countless breweries, art venues like the Julia Stoschek Collection, and museums like the cool Aquazoo Löbbecke Museum, perfect for families.

🌞 How do I spend a day in Düsseldorf, Germany?

If you have only 1 day in Düsseldorf, Germany, you should explore the Old Town on a walking tour, stroll along the Rhine River, and try the local beer at the many breweries in the city.


a girl sat next to the water next to a boat

Here we are at the end of this extensive guide about the best things to do in Düsseldorf, Germany, one of the most interesting German cities, offering top attractions for any taste!

This amazing city hosts street and contemporary art, cool museums, countless breweries, shops, delicious cuisine, and much more.

It’s up to you to decide which attractions and guided tours to include in your holiday, but I definitely suggest you have a guided tour of Düsseldorf Old Town (the city center) and try the local altbier on this cool beer tour through many breweries.

Did you like my article? Let me know in the comments below, and feel free to share suggestions about other things to do in Düsseldorf, I’ll be happy to add them to the list.

Have an amazing Düsseldorf trip!


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