10 Tasty Vegan Restaurants in Munich ✔ by a Local Vegan!

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Are you traveling to Munich? Are you looking to savor authentic Bavarian dishes veganized? Then you came to the right place! I was lucky enough to call Munich my home for a few years.

As a vegan, I have to tell you, there are so many amazing fully vegan restaurants in Munich (as well as vegan-friendly restaurants) you won’t believe it is possible to have traditional Bavarian food with a vegan twist!

This article has 10 incredible vegan restaurants in the Bavarian capital with vegan options ranging from the vegan version of traditional dishes to vegan sushi and vegan cakes! So, whatever you are craving in this beautiful city, there is a vegan option for that! And what better than accompanying them with a Bavarian beer?

Quick Picks for Your Stay

If you want to find a vegan restaurant fast because you need some vegan dishes now, here are the top 3 vegan restaurants in Munich:

These restaurants are dispersed all over Munich, so here’s a helpful guide explaining the main areas in Munich.

1. Siggis – best schnitzel in Munich

Enjoy the fusion of tradition and innovation! If you are visiting Munich, you must stop at this delicious restaurant. It serves a 100% meat-free menu; nothing better than knowing that the kitchen is free of animal products! I cannot tell you how many times I have come to this restaurant and had vegan schnitzel sandwiches – too many to count! The restaurant hosts regular events and workshops celebrating vegan lifestyle and culture.

This incredible restaurant has two locations: one near the world’s largest museum, the Deutsches Museum, in Gärtnerplatzviertel, and the second one is in the trendy university neighborhood of Maxvorstadt (my neighborhood back then!). Each restaurant has a different menu, and both offer vegan-friendly desserts, including cakes and pastries, vegan burgers, creative cocktails, and a beautiful interior!

2. Max Pett – authentic Bavarian feel

Delight in globally inspired plant-based menus! This is another Munich classic, and it serves an extensive menu of cruelty-free dishes. The restaurant is located next door to Sendlinger Tor, and the ambiance is relaxed but still elegant!

There is a fully vegan breakfast menu that comes with different traditional breakfasts from the world, from Bavarian to English. The lunch and dinner menu has fresh salads, traditional schnitzel, pasta, soup, and burgers! If you want to indulge and have something sweet after an amazing vegan meal, save room for ice cream or a nice piece of cake!

3. Bodhi – for Bavarian and international meals

Taste the vibrancy of seasonal vegan delights! This restaurant is located near Schwanthalerhöhe station and has a nice classic decor indoors that gives a nice homey, cozy vibe. This hotel offers a fully vegan menu with appetizers, such as cauliflower buffalo wings, cheese chili nuggets, and a small fresh salad.

As a main dish, you can have a burger, a schnitzel, and tempeh rolls. You can also experience fresh, locally sourced ingredients in their fresh or warm salads. They also offer 4 different types of desserts. My favorite is the traditional apple strudel with a scoop of vegan cream. Yum! If you want a nice dining experience, you can order pairing wines or any authentic Bavarian beers they offer.

4. The Gratitude – best healthy option

This fully vegan restaurant is located in the cool neighborhood of Maxvorstadt. It has a hip, modern vibe indoors, making it great for a special occasion if you consider surprising your fellow traveler with a dinner date. The restaurant provides a cozy atmosphere with vegan and gluten-free options.

For starters, this restaurant offers cauliflower maki, wild herb salads, grilled artichoke, and falafel. For mains, it offers red curry with mixed veggies, pasta, and grilled avocado. There are also desserts and a wide range of wines! This restaurant is great for those looking to try different cuisines with a modern vegan touch.

5. iceDate – the best ice cream in the city

Revel in cozy, eco-conscious settings and experience the allure of monthly vegan specials! I love this ice cream shop for various reasons. The best thing about this ice cream shop is the fact that these are super healthy, and they taste like heaven! The ice cream is sweetened with dates, and they only use natural, organic, and fresh ingredients to make it. So, you’re sure it is 100% nutritious and delicious!

You can enjoy the ice cream there or on a walk, but if you want, you can buy a pint of ice cream and take it home and indulge later! This ice shop has 3 locations, with the main one being in Maxvorstadt, near the city center.

6. Chay Restaurant – for dumplings that slap

If you want to try traditional Vietnamese cuisine with a big vegan menu, this restaurant will change your life! The restaurant is located in a super cute area in Neuhausen-Nymphenburg, so if you plan to visit the Nymphenburg Schloss, make a stop in Vegan Chay for a filling meal!

They cook with fresh and seasonal ingredients, and the restaurant stands for harmony between the world and our food, which is why they offer 100% plant-based food! The starters include everything from dumplings to spring and summer rolls, soups, fresh salads, and main dishes, from curries to fried tofu and sushi!

7. SOY München – authentic vegan Vietnamese cuisine

Oh, la la! If you are looking for an upscale vegan Vietnamese restaurant, you will love this one! The establishment’s ambiance is fabulous; it has a lovely, modern, and luxurious vibe that will make you feel like a celebrity, and if you invite a special someone for dinner here, they will definitely feel special!

The restaurant offers soups, for example, Sup Van Than, with dumplings with spicy tofu and fresh veggies. There are tapas from spring rolls to seaweed salad and rice plates with vegetables and vegan meats. If you wish, you can have some wine or beer, and at the end, save some room for their famous Chuoi dua, which is a banana wrapped in sticky rice, served with coconut milk and peanuts. Yum!

8. Emmi’s Kitchen – for a delicious vegan breakfast

All vegan options are on the menu! How cool is it to see a 100% vegan restaurant? This stunning restaurant has a breakfast menu serving coconut milk rice, tofu scramble, and pancakes to avocado toast. You can have a coffee with soy milk or any plant-based milk on the side!

For lunch, have a lovely burger with fake meats or refreshing Buddha bowls. My favorite one would be the pulled jackfruit burger or the classic one; sometimes, it is nice to keep it simple! Remember that this restaurant has several locations around the city. For example, they have one in Schwabing and Glockenbach.

9. Secret Garden – for fine dining

Do you want to have a unique experience in Munich? Then go to Secret Garden Restaurant in the middle of the city’s old town and eat sushi in an upscale restaurant! The restaurant’s decoration and style are impeccable, the wooden elements and low lights, everything here is an experience worth living, and even more in company!

They offer a snack menu with rolls, dumplings, salads, and kimchi. An extensive sushi menu with all sorts of 100% plant-based ingredients and a specialty menu of udon noodles, salads, and more! Desserts and drinks from wines, beers, and cocktails are ready to be ordered!

10. Dr. Drooly – for the best vegan pizza

Opt for eateries championing sustainability! This restaurant features locally sourced and organic ingredients in vegan cuisine! If you are looking for a trendy and young restaurant with a laid-back vibe offering a wide range of pizzas, Doctor Drooly has what you need! Whether you are a vegan, a vegetarian, or a veggie-curious person, you will love these pizzas with plant-based cheese and meats!

The restaurant is located near Theresienwiese, which is the location where the Oktoberfest takes place. The restaurant offers 14 delicious different types of pizza, soft drinks, and a few beer and wine options!

🥗 Best healthy food:The Gratitude
🍔 Best fast food:Siggis
🍦 Best vegan ice cream:iceDate
👑 Top luxury restaurantSoy Vegan München

FAQs about vegan restaurants in Munich

Two people eating vegan food at a restaurant.

🌱 Is Munich a vegan-friendly city?

Yes, Munich is a vegan parade! There are so many incredible 100% vegan restaurants, and even the regular ones have vegan options, which is a treat!

☕ Where can I have a great vegan breakfast in Munich?

There are a few vegan restaurants in this post that have a breakfast menu. Some of them are Max Pett and Emmi’s Kitchen.

🇩🇪 Which is the best traditional vegan restaurant in Munich?

Definitely Max Pett – one of the best options if you are looking for a traditional Bavarian meal. They offer the traditional Bavarian Breakfast and a vegan soja-schnitzel wiener art.

👑 Which is the best vegan fine-dining restaurant in Munich?

If you want to dine in a fancy restaurant, Soy Vegan München and Secret Garden are the top upscale options for a lovely vegan meal.


woman eating vegan food at a restaurant

That is a wrap for today, my fellow vegans! Those were some of the best vegan restaurants in Munich. Honestly, you are spoiled for choice if you live in Munich and are a vegan. There are so many amazing options!

You can choose places with extensive organic wine lists or relish the serenity of vegan-friendly beer gardens! Whatever you want, there is a restaurant that will cover your cravings!

Have you ever eaten in any of these vegan restaurants in Munich? Do you have any suggestions for vegan restaurants in the area? Let me know, and leave a comment! I love discovering new vegan spots!

Until the next meal, vegan friends,


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