Where to Stay in Killarney, Ireland: 5 Top Areas & Hotels

Serene landscape featuring a medieval castle by a river with moored blue rowboats in the foreground and lush greenery under a cloudy sky

Ready to uncover Celtic myths and meet fairies? Then jump on this incredible guide on where to stay in Killarney, Ireland! 

The City Centre is one of the best places to stay in Killarney in Ireland! You’ll find lots of attractions there and great accommodations – I made sure to include enough options for you to choose from! If you’d prefer a different vibe, you will find 5 areas right below and hotels for each budget in every neighborhood!

Read this accurate post: I have researched and compared numerous hotel options to find the very best ones. You will have all the hotels sorted by price so that you can pick your favorite accommodation super quickly! 

Once you decide, book your hotels in advance! Killarney is a super popular destination, and the great places always go first!

Quick Picks for Your Stay

Here’s a list of the best hotels in Killarney, all in the City Centre:

Watch my video, it will give you a visual explanation of all the areas:

Here’s a map that will help you visualize all the areas to stay in Killarney that I will be talking about in this post:

Colorful map highlighting the best areas to stay in Killarney, Ireland, with labels and landmarks for tourists
  1. Killarney : City Centre: for first-timers
  2. UPPER BALLYCASHEEN : for tranquility
  3. Aghadoe: for nature lovers 
  4. Muckross: close to the national park
  5. LAKES OF KILLARNEY : for the views

1. Killarney City Centre – where to stay for the first time

Historic street scene in Killarney with horse-drawn carriages, a church spire, and flowering balconies on a cloudy day

This charming and traditional little town is known for its hospitality, picturesque views, and amazing hotels. 

If you’re coming here for the first time, then the City Centre is for you! This is one of the best places to stay in Killarney, if not the very BEST! 

All the restaurants, bars, and accommodation options are located within walking distance! You know what that means, right? 

You can have your Irish beer in the pub in peace without worrying about how you’re getting back to the hotel! 😉

You will love to explore the narrow streets of Killarney, filled with colorful houses designed in Celtic fashion! There’s such a homie and friendly atmosphere in this town. It’s like being at home away from home.

As you keep walking, you’ll spot some family-run small restaurants and tons of tourist attractions like St Mary’s Cathedral and the historical Killarney House with its gardens, which Queen Victoria visited back in 1861! Staying in the heart of Killarney will guarantee you a great time and proximity to all the cool spots. If you loved the hotels in Killarney and the Irish hospitality, then make a small detour while you’re here and visit the capital – we’ve got a whole post with the best areas there!

A collage of three hotel photos to stay in Killarney: a modern bedroom with grey tones and green accents, a grand staircase with blue carpet and elegant white paneling, and the exterior of a charming guesthouse adorned with red flowers

Luxury (US$230 and up)

  • Dromhall – definitely, a place fit for a duke or duchess! Relax in the lovely rooms or head down to the spa and swimming pool. Guests can have their breakfast served in the hotel’s restaurant and I would definitely go to the bar and get a whiskey before bedtime!
  • The Killarney Park – one of the most unique places in town that dates back to the 1980s and which boasts an award-winning restaurant, a spa center, and gorgeous rooms!

Mid-range (from US$115 to US$230)

  • Scott’s Hotel – set near the train station, this accommodation has 3 pubs and a restaurant that serves Irish cuisine! Their rooms are modern and have a seating area!
  • The Fairview – relax in the lounge area by the fireplace or up in your cozy room while staying at this hotel that has suites with a spa tub.

Budget (up to US$115)

  • Tatler Jack – enjoy a beer at the bar downstairs while staying at this hotel that offers a complimentary breakfast and rooms with flat-screen TVs. 
  • Kingdom Lodge – super affordable and nice! This well-equipped hotel offers rooms with coffee makers and breakfast.

Things to do in Killarney City Centre 

2. Upper Ballycasheen – where to stay for tranquility

Vibrant Killarney street scene with colorful buildings, various shops, and a pedestrian path under a cloudy sky

Not a big fan of town center or staying in crowded tourist areas? Then this area may be for you!

Set a 30 min walk away from the Town Centre, this residential area is pretty quiet (there are mostly locals living here) and tranquil. Which would also make a great spot for families.

There are not many accommodations here which means you won’t come across lots of tourists (perfect for those who want to get a real taste of Killarney).

Although there aren’t lots of things to do here, you’ll have easy access to the Killarney Town Centre and also to some green areas. 

A collage of three hotel photos to stay in Killarney: a stone-front luxury hotel with conservatory, a simple yet elegant bedroom with a white coverlet, and a living room featuring a classic fireplace and comfy seating
  • Killarney Heights Hotel ($$$) – such a great hotel that boasts countryside views, family rooms and stylish decor! The accommodation comes with a restaurant and a bar too (perfect spot to drink your Irish whiskey after a day out!
  • Larkfield House B&B ($$) – feel at home in this super cozy place that offers rooms with a flat-screen Tv, a delicious Irish breakfast and free parking.
  • Ryebrook House ($$) – there are no budget options in this area, but here’s another mid-range one that comes with mountain views, a complimentary breakfast and family rooms!

Things to do in Upper Ballycasheen

  • Explore Pike Wood
  • Take a trip to the Town Centre
  • Take a trip on the Ring of Kerry

3. Aghadoe – best place in Killarney for nature lovers

Ancient circular stone tower amidst green foliage under a bright sky, showcasing Ireland's historic architecture

Located outside of the main town center, on the north side, Aghadoe is a part of the Killarney Parish, but somehow it’s a bit more secluded

In my opinion, this is the best place to stay in the city during your vacation for nature lovers!

If I were you, I would definitely book all the Killarney hotels in advance. This town is super popular among travelers because of the Ring of Kerry, plus the incredible views of the lake (Lough Leane) attract countless tourists!

In Aghadoe, you’ll find the entry point for the famous Irish trail, the Ring of Kerry. I’m sure you’ll be happy to start your road trip here! The Ring of Kerry is basically what everyone who comes to stay in Killarney does at least once or twice if they come for a week or more!

And don’t worry if you don’t own a car! There are many tours that go on the Ring of Kerry. We’ve got one in this post with the best tours in Ireland, plus many others!

It’s a 100-mile (200 km) circular route that will take you through Ireland’s beautiful forests and the cold waters of the Atlantic. You might even see a stag or two roaming around the area, so don’t be surprised! Don’t miss the overlook of the mountains too (map)!

You’ll also see some of the biggest attractions in town, like Moll’s Gap, Torc Waterfall and Gap of Dunloe!

A collage of three hotel photos to stay in Killarney: a bedroom with natural wood furnishings and a soft patterned bedspread, a serene outdoor sitting area with a view of the mountains, and a lakeside hotel nestled among lush trees
  • The Europe Hotel & Resort ($$$) – can you believe this 5-star hotel is overlooking Killarney National Park? Boasting a luxurious spa where you can relax after a day out in nature, the accommodation offers 3 swimming pools, a fine-dining restaurant, gorgeous rooms, and lots of fun activities like horse riding! Woho that sounds so fun! 
  • Killeen House Hotel ($$) – you’ll feel right at home in this dog-friendly place that has comfy rooms, a restaurant and free parking
  • Douglasha House ($) – guests will enjoy their holiday in this budget Killarney hotel that has all amenities and spacious rooms

Things to do in Aghadoe

  • Explore the beautiful Ring of Kerry route in Killarney
  • Visit the Aghadoe Cathedral in Killarney
  • Mingle with the locals at night in the Golden Nugget pub in Aghadoe
  • Catch the sunset at Lough Leane
  • Go visit Killarney Park 
  • Walk around the ruins of the 13th-century Parkavonear Castle in Aghadoe

4. Muckross House Area – for the Killarney National Park

Traditional Irish stone building with a slate roof serving as an entrance to a farm, set against a backdrop of tall trees

Located on the southeast shore of Lough Leane, this area is known for the beautiful Victorian-era-built Muckross House, which is set in the heart of the Killarney National Park!

This brings us to our main reason why you should choose Muckross during your stay in Killarney town. 

This is one of the best places to stay if you’re coming mainly to see Ireland’s oldest National Park!

Famous for the McGillycuddy’s Reeks, Ireland’s highest mountain range, and the various lakes set at the foot of the mountain, it will be hard to leave the Killarney National Park! 

While in the park, keep an eye on Muckross Lake! Apparently, there’s a monster living under those waters, called Muckie! 

If you want to spend every second of your trip here, I can’t blame you. The waterfalls and beautiful woods make up a scenic view that’s pretty hard to forget!

In case you need some time in the town center you can take a road trip there. The buses run smoothly! 

But don’t leave Muckross before you visit the 15th-century Ross Castle, a huge historical landmark in Ireland that is known to be the ancestral home of the Chiefs of the Clan O’Donoghue! There’s a lot of history here!

Now, let’s check out the best hotels near Killarney National Park:

A collage of three hotel photos to stay in Killarney: an inviting patio area with wicker furniture, a snug bedroom with a rustic charm, and a panoramic view of a hotel complex by the serene Lakes of Killarney
  • The Lake Hotel ($$$) – set on the shores of Loch Lein, this hotel offers the most incredible mountain views! Can you believe Queen Victoria stayed here back in the 1800s? Their rooms are beautifully decorated and come with a small balcony. The hotel also has a hot tub and a steam room where you can relax!
  • Muckross Riding Stables ($$) – Enjoy your stay in this place that boasts an indoor fireplace, mountain views and free parking
  • Deer Haven ($) – Guest can chill by the fireplace at night and relax in this bungalow that has a cozy room and lake access

Things to do in Muckross House Area

  • Go on an adventure while exploring Killarney National Park
  • Learn new things about Ireland’s history at Ross Castle
  • Visit the beautiful Muckross Abbey
  • Catch a sunset at Muckross Lake or at Lough Leane 
  • Explore the traditional farms of Muckross in Killarney
  • Walk around the gardens of Muckross House and admire its architecture

5. Lakes of Killarney – where to stay for the views

Rushing waterfall with smooth water flow over rocks, surrounded by autumn-colored trees and a backdrop of mountains

Killarney has 3 main lakes, Lough Leane, Muckross Lake and Upper Lake and all are incredible places that you should explore while in Killarney!

These sites are an absolute must-see for anyone who loves spending time in nature. There are lots of waterfalls, small islands, historical places (Glena Cottage) and picturesque areas like Beaufort to visit there!

You’ll probably need a car to stay around the lakes, since you’ll be around 25 min away from the Town Centre. But you can always rent one!

As for accommodation, there are no options right by the lakes (unfortunately) but I made sure to add the closest and best ones I found below, so let’s check them out!

A collage of three hotel photos to stay in Killarney: a cozy cottage set against a mountain backdrop, a spacious modern library with floor-to-ceiling bookshelves, and a bedroom with geometric bedding patterns and a view
  • The Dunloe Hotel & Gardens ($$$) – Set around a 20 min drive away from Lough Leanne, this fabulous 5 star hotel has a pool, spa facilities and a restaurant that overlooks Gap of Dunloe! While here you can go horse riding for free and play indoor tennis! 
  • The Ferris Wheel B&B ($$) – This is a more affordable place that offers rooms with garden views and a yummy breakfast. 
  • The Gap Cottage ($$) – There are no budget spots here, but here’s a cottage that you can have all to yourself that has 2 rooms and a kitchen.

Things to do in Lakes of Killarney 

  • Go kayaking with the family on Lough Leane in Killarney
  • Visit the historical Glena Cottage
  • Stop by the beautiful O’Sullivan’s Cascade
👑 Luxury price:US$230
💵 Mid-range hotel:US$160
🛏️ Budget:US$110
📍 Best area:Killarney City Centre
🛎️ Best luxury hotel:Dromhall
🧳 Best mid-range hotel:Scott’s Hotel
👛 Best budget hotel:Tatler Jack

BONUS: Best apartments & Airbnbs in Killarney

Picturesque town corner in Killarney featuring a pharmacy and other shops, with multi-colored facades under a dynamic cloudy sky

Not a big fan of fancy hotels? Or maybe you’d prefer more privacy? If that’s the case, then stick around for this bonus where I included the best apartment and Airbnbs in Killarney, Ireland!

These are great for families or groups of friends who want to scrap a few bucks off their accommodation! Already ordered them from most to least expensive so let’s have a look:

  • Cozy Home ($$$) – perfect for 6 guests, this accommodation has plenty of space, a kitchen and an indoor fireplace to cozy up after a day of hiking the Irish hills!
  • Park Place Apartments ($$$) – this modern apartment offers incredible views of the city, and all the amenities you need like laundry services and a dining area. The apartment has room for 4 people
  • Town Center House ($$) – how cute is this Town Centre apartment that has room for 4 guests? The accommodation comes with an electric fireplace and a balcony.
  • Cool Chalet ($) – perfect for a romantic getaway or for any nature lovers, this chalet comes with a comfy bed, a small kitchen and a balcony!

FAQs about places to stay in Killarney, Ireland

Rural Irish landscape with a horse-drawn carriage on a winding road beside a tranquil lake and rolling hills

⛰️ Where should I stay in Killarney?

The City Centre is the best area to stay in Killarney. Here you have all the big attractions and great travel connections to other parts of town plus, you’ll find the best Killarney hotels here, like the beautiful Dromhall.

👌 Is Killarney worth visiting?

Yes, I’m sure you won’t regret your stay in Killarney Ireland. It’s one of the most picturesque areas in the country and with a national park and the best places to stay, it will be hard not to love this town! 

💰 Is Killarney expensive?

Although it’s the country’s most expensive hotel destination, the prices in the city vary from area to area and you can find amazing budget Killarney accommodation options like Tatler Jack.

🏨 What is the best hotel in Killarney?

One of the best hotels in Killarney if not the very BEST is the Dromhall, a lovely luxury option that has a spa center, and an amazing restaurant.

🤔 What is a good cheap hotel in Killarney?

If you want to stay in Killarney on a budget, then I recommend the Tatler Jack, a great place in  the City Centre that has great rooms and a pub.

👪 What is the best place to stay for families in Killarney?

Upper Ballycasheen and Aghadoe are some great places to stay in Killarney, both offer lots of fun activities like hiking and great hotels for families like Killarney Heights Hotel.

🚗 Do I need a car in Killarney?

No, you can stay without a car in Killarney! You might need one if you want to explore the more remote areas around the town!

🌟 Why is Killarney so popular?

Its location on the Ring of Kerry (a scenic drive), the history and the gorgeous natural surroundings made Killarney super popular with tourists from all over the world.

🚆 How long is the train journey from Killarney to Dublin?

The train journey from Killarney to Dublin is around 3h and a half.


Grand manor house at the end of a tree-lined driveway with a mountainous backdrop, under a moody overcast sky

Ready to take by storm the lands of fairies and druids? 

Well, now that you’ve read this guide on where to stay in Killarney, Ireland, which has so many incredible areas and fabulous hotels, I’m sure you are!

I know you have a lot of options for hotels in Killarney, and they are all great, but here are my top two favorites, both located in the City Centre

  • Dromhall – Have a fabulous stay in Killarney and relax in the hotel’s spa after a day of horse riding
  • Scott’s Hotel – You’ll have the best time in this hotel’s pub that plays live music

Keep in mind that Killarney is a super popular holiday destination on the Ring of Kerry, so I recommend booking your hotels here in advance!

Do leave a comment if you have any questions about your stay in Killarney or if you have any suggestions for our readers! I’d love to hear everyone’s experience in this magical town!

Safe travels, 


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