Where to Stay Near Mammoth Cave (2024): TOP 5 Towns & Hotels

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Welcome, dear reader! Hope you’re ready for a fun guide on where to stay near Mammoth Cave! I’ve spent so much time looking for the top spots, and now I’m back with all the answers!

Park City is one of the best towns near the attraction. But don’t worry. You’ll find 4 more areas that are great for families, have an urban atmosphere, offer affordable hotels, and are amazing for history lovers: Cave City, Bowling Green, Horse Cave, and Glasgow.

That’s not it, though! I’ve come bearing gifts and made a bonus section with 3 amazing Mammoth Cave hotels inside the national park!

When you’re 100% sure which hotel to book, I recommend doing it fast! These towns near Mammoth Cave don’t have a lot of options as they’re pretty small, and the great ones will sell out super fast!

If you are in a hurry

Want to book your hotels right now? Then this short list of the best accommodation to stay in Park City, and Cave Green near Mammoth Cave is for you:

luxury hotel
vintage looking bed
mid-range hotel
indoor swimming pool area
budget hotel
A row of white teepees in a field.

Historic Wigwam

Best affordable accommodation in the center

A house in the woods with an american flag.

Kentucky College

An Airbnb with amazing reviews

mammoth cave map with the best regions to stay in
  1. Park City: for first timers
  2. Cave City: for families:
  3. Bowling Green: for the urban atmosphere:
  4. Horse Cave: for budget:
  5. Glasgow: for history lovers:

1. Park City – where to stay near Mammoth Cave for first-timers

The ruins of an old castle in the middle of a field.

Although small, Park City is the closest area to Mammoth Cave National Park, only a 15-minute drive away!

Perfect for those who want to stay in places with easy park access, Park City offers a tranquil base for your adventurous holiday!

This tiny town has a charming atmosphere, so don’t worry. You’ll find everything you need for your holiday here, like great hotels, some restaurants and shops!

Park City is popular as it has always been known as the gateway to Mammoth Cave National Park, so it surely has a rich history.

You will find some attractions here as well that you can explore, like Bell’s Tavern and the Mammoth Cave Railroad Bike & Hike Trail, where you can dive into places with scenic hiking access.

I do recommend booking your hotels in Park City in advance since this is the closest area to Mammoth Cave. I’m sure they will sell out pretty fast!

Luxury hotel
collage of 3 images with: bedroom, hotel's building and vintage lamp and other room details

Pick one of the best accommodations with rustic charm in Park City that has guest rooms decorated with antique furnishings and private bathrooms! There’s nothing like staying in an inn that offers local artisan foods, and this one provides some yummy breakfasts that will get you all energized for your cave tours!

Other accommodation options in Park City

A bedroom with hardwood floors and a ceiling fan.

Choose this accommodation with a picnic spot, 3 rooms, a kitchen, free Wi-Fi and air conditioning

A blue house with a porch and a rocking chair.

An affordable room near Mammoth Cave that comes with a shared sauna, a kitchen, and air conditioning

A screened in porch with a table and chairs.

Experience the serenity of forest retreats while staying at this cottage that has a kitchen and free parking

Things to do in Park City

2. Cave City – best place near Mammoth Cave for families

The entrance to a cave with stairs and stalactites and stalagmites.

Taking the whole family to Mammoth Cave National Park? Then there’s no better place to spend your holiday than Cave City!


Well, this town is not only located just a 20-minute drive away from the Mammoth Cave area, but it is also the home of Dinosaur World, a cool amusement center with life-size dinosaur replicas & fun activities.

A bit bigger than Park City, this town is also home to a museum, park, and some restaurants where you can enjoy a yummy dinner after spending the whole day in those unique caves!

Yep, Cave City has everything you need for an unmissable holiday! Plus, there are plenty of hotels that we’re going to discover together!

So let’s check them out:

Luxury hotel
collage of 3 images with: bedroom, hotel's building and outdoor lounge area

Who doesn’t love staying in places with recreational facilities while on holiday? Take this great hotel, which has an indoor pool where you can relax and a picnic area! All the rooms feature modern decor and come with a TV!

Other accommodation options in Cave City

hotel's building with parking area in front of it

Set near Dinosaur World, this hotel comes with an indoor pool, free parking and a fitness center

A group of people sitting around a campfire in front of tents.

Choose this spot that has wildlife viewing opportunities and rooms with a private bathroom and coffee makers

A bedroom with hardwood floors and a bed.

Dive into spots with family-friendly amenities like this place, which has a kitchen and a backyard

Things to do in Cave City

  • Take the kids to Dinosaur World
  • Check out the Mammoth Cave Wildlife Museum
  • Visit the Crystal Onyx Cave
  • Grab a bite at 5 Broke Girls restaurant (map)

3. Bowling Green – where to stay for the urban atmosphere

A fountain in the middle of a city square.

If you’re not a big lover of rural small towns and would prefer to stay in a place that has a wider range of accommodations and restaurants, then Bowling Green is for you!

Located just a 40 min drive away from Mammoth Cave National Park, this city is surely bigger than the other 2, and it has some fun attractions that you can explore when you’re not going on any cave tours at Mammoth Cave (although there’s one here as well that you can visit called the Lost River Cave).

Bowling Green has some museums where you can dive into the town’s history, some parks, and, as I mentioned, plenty of restaurants and bars!

Those coming with their families will be happy to know there’s also a cool amusement park called Beech Bend, where you can spend an exciting day going on all sorts of rides!

Luxury hotel
collage of 3 images with: a bedroom, hotel's building and outdoor lounge around a firepit

Dive into this accommodation with starry night views through its outdoor fire pits, guest rooms with private bathrooms, and an indoor pool! The hotel is perfect for your holiday as it features modern amenities and a fabulous restaurant where you can grab a bite after exploring Bowling Green or the Mammoth Cave area.

Other accommodation options in Bowling Green

longe area next to a fireplace

Go for a dip in the swimming pool while staying at this hotel, which offers bike rentals and free parking

A hotel room with purple walls and a bed.

A modern yet affordable hotel that has a swimming pool, family rooms with flat-screen TVs, and a fitness center

house with the green grass

Feel at home in this cozy place that comes with 3 bedrooms, a kitchen, and a private backyard

Things to do in Bowling Green

  • Take the kids to Beech Bend Park
  • Explore the Lost River Cave
  • Grab a bite at Taqueria Los Vazquez (map)
  • Play some golf at Paul Walker Golf Course
  • Learn new things at the Historic RailPark & Train Museum

4. Horse Cave – best place to stay for budget

a tall sign on a green field

Here’s another small town near Mammoth Cave where you can spend your holiday!

Located just a 20-minute drive away from Mammoth Cave, Horse Cave is perfect for budget travelers who are looking for some affordable lodgings!

I would also recommend Horse Cave for those who just want to visit the Mammoth Cave and not spend a lot of time in the town. That’s because there isn’t much to see here besides exploring the streets and mingling with the locals!

They have some cute small stores that you can check out where they sell local produce, flowers, and other things, but that’s pretty much it.

Horse Cave is also home to a few restaurants where you can dine in between or after you visit Mammoth Cave National Park.

Let’s check out the best hotels in the area now:

Luxury hotel
collage of 3 images with: a bedroom, hotel's entrance and lounge

Perfect for a family or group of friends, this accommodation in Horse Cave comes equipped with all the necessary facilities like a kitchen, free parking, and air-conditioning. You’ll also find a backyard where you can relax.

Other accommodation options in Horse Cave

A hotel room with a large bed and a desk.

This hotel offers rooms with a flat-screen TV, an indoor pool where you can chill, and a terrace

hotel's building

An affordable option in Horse Cave that comes with free parking, a playground for the little ones, and a garden

A game room with a pool table and a basketball hoop.

A cute little place that has room for 4 people, a backyard, a kitchen, and free parking

Things to do in Horse Cave

  • Grab dinner at The Feeder Restaurant
  • Shop for antiques at Junkin Gypsy
  • Get some baked goods from Sugar Land Bakery & Cafe Restaurant
  • Check out the Hidden River Cave & American Cave Museum

5. Glasgow – where to stay for history lovers

I want you guys to have all the best options in town near Mammoth Cave National Park, so we’re wrapping up the first section of the post with this charming town!

Located a 30-minute drive from Mammoth Cave National Park, this town is as small as Horse Cave, Cave City, and Park City, but what it lacks in size it compensates with its rich history and cool attractions.

When you’re not going on tours at Mammoth Cave National Park, you can explore Glasgow (not to be confused with Glasgow in Scotland) and its lovely streets.

Definitely stop by the Museum of the Barrens at the Plaza Theatre while you’re here, and grab something to eat from one of the many restaurants! And if you’re looking for more places to visit on your road trip, check out our post with where to stay in Louisville, a fabulous town just 1h away!

Luxury hotel
collage of 3 images with: a bedroom, hotel's building and lounge

A spacious home where you can spend your holiday in Glasgow that has room for 6 people, a lounge area with a TV, and a kitchen. Guests will also get free parking and a workspace area in case you need to catch up with some emails.

Other accommodation options in Glasgow

The holiday inn express hotel and suites.

Jump straight into the swimming pool at this hotel which offers a yummy breakfast and free parking

A blue and white quilted bed in a room.

Relax in this comfy place that comes with an indoor play area, a restaurant, and family rooms

A house with a patio and a pergola.

A beautifully decorated house that has 2 spacious bedrooms, a kitchen, and free parking

Things to do in Glasgow

  • Visit the Museum of the Barrens
  • Go for drinks at Drink N Game
  • Catch a show at Plaza Theatre
  • Grab lunch at Fine Arts Bistro
👑 Luxury price:US$200
💵 Mid-range:US$150
🛏️ Budget:US$100
📍 Best area:Park City
🛎️ Best luxury hotel:Grand Victorian Inn
💵 Best mid-range hotel:Fairfield Inn & Suites
👛 Best budget hotel:Historic Wigwam

BONUS: Best hotels to stay in Mammoth Cave National Park

Alright, everyone, now that we’ve seen the most amazing towns where to stay near Mammoth Cave, we’re ready to jump to the last section of our post! You’ll find some amazing places to stay in Mammoth Cave National Park!

That’s right, you’ll be right inside this amazing attraction! I’ve already ordered the hotels from most to least expensive, and the prices start from US$170 to US$100:

  • Serenity Hill Bed & Breakfast – enjoy staying at one of the best and cozy bed and breakfast options that offers comfortable rooms with a private bathroom and mountain views! The accommodation also offers breakfast and a hot tub.
  • The Lodge at Mammoth Cave – if you prefer cabins nestled in nature and staying near rivers, then this lodge is for you! Offering bike rentals, tours, and some amazing rustic lodges with modern amenities, this accommodation inside Mammoth Cave National Park is such a keeper, and it boasts expansive forest views.
  • Mammoth Cave Campground – are you a fan of places that promote eco-friendly practices? Then you’ll love this campground, which offers bird-watching opportunities, coin-operated showers, campfire spots, toilets, and electric hook-ups!

FAQs about where to stay near Mammoth Cave

The entrance to a cave in the woods.

🗺️ What city to stay in when visiting Mammoth Cave?

Park City is the best place to stay near Mammoth Cave National Park. Set only a 15-minute drive away, the city offers great hotels like the Grand Victoria Inn.

📅 How many days do you need at Mammoth Cave?

I would recommend spending 2 days at Mammoth Cave National Park! That way, you can explore more of the attraction. 

🏞️ What state park is closest to Mammoth Cave?

Nolin Lake State Park is probably the closest state park to Mammoth Cave, only a 40-minute drive away.

🥳 Is Mammoth Cave worth going to?

Yes! Mammoth Cave National Park is such a fun attraction where you can go underground and discover some incredible natural wonders. 


A group of people standing inside a cave.

What a fun adventure!

I hope this post on where to stay near Mammoth Cave helped you find the hotel of your dreams! Don’t forget there’s also a bonus with 3 amazing Mammoth Cave hotels inside the National Park!

As always, I recommend booking your Mammoth Cave hotels fast! This attraction is so popular, and as you just saw, there aren’t a lot of accommodations in these small towns, so secure your spot early, and you won’t regret it!

If you need a bit of help picking your hotel, then have a look at my 2 favorite Mammoth Cave hotels below:

  • Grand Victorian Inn – a great historic accommodation located in Park City that comes with spacious rooms and free parking.
  • Fairfield Inn & Suites – this modern hotel in Bowling Green offers an indoor pool, a fitness center, and outdoor fire pits.

There you have it, everyone! Enjoy going underground at Mammoth Cave National Park, and don’t forget that I’m still around if you have any questions!

Happy exploring,


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