Where to Stay in St. Moritz – 6 Best Areas (With Hotels!)

Joyful skier in a bright pink jacket and goggles, arms raised in triumph, stands on a snow-covered slope with a stunning panoramic view of the Swiss Alps behind her

Planning a trip to St. Moritz? Awesome! I’ve prepared this comprehensive guide on where to stay in St. Moritz, the marble of the Engadin Valley, where I share the 6 best areas and top-rated hotels!

I compared ALL of the top places to stay and came up with the ultimate list so you can easily book your stay in the world’s oldest ski resort! Plus, I sorted them by price to make things super easy.

Dorf is the best area to stay if you’re coming for the first time! It’s super convenient for ski access, and it’s where all the luxury and action are! But stay tuned to see if any of the 5 other areas I included better match your travel preferences!

Remember to book your hotel in St. Moritz in advance! The already high prices can get higher, so it’s important to act fast.

Quick Picks for Your Stay

These are the best hotels in St. Moritz that are up for grabs:

This map will help you visualize the best areas to stay in St. Moritz:

1. St. Mortiz Dorf – where to stay in St. Moritz for the first time

Panoramic view of St. Moritz Dorf in Switzerland with luxury hotels clustered around the frozen Lake St. Moritz, set against a backdrop of snow-covered peaks and autumnal larch trees under a clear blue sky

Welcome to the Center of St. Moritz, where the ultimate luxury is in the air! Dorf (meaning Village in German, referring to the Main Village) is the Upper part of St. Moritz, and it’s the perfect place for sightseeing. It has a cosmopolitan vibe, beautiful architecture, and surreal sights of the St. Moritz Lake and the Alps!

The area is pretty walkable; it’s near the train station where the Glacier Express trains arrive, and you won’t even need a car if you plan to stay within the town’s borders.

The St. Moritz-Corviglia funicular takes you to the main ski resort, Corviglia, with an intermediate stop in Chantarella (many hotels offer a free transfer to Chantarella). From Corviglia, you can take an aerial tramway to the top of Piz Nair, one of the tallest mountain peaks (3,056 meters or 10,026 feet) around!

The mountains around Dorf are ideal for outdoor adventures in the summer (hiking, mountain biking) and winter (skiing, snowboarding)! And if you’re in town for skiing, get the Engadin lift pass to access all 7 ski resorts in the area!

NOTE: Dorf is not an option for budget travelers. The prices here are sky-high, and I mean it! The majority of St. Moritz 5-star Swiss Deluxe hotels, which are Switzerland’s most exclusive hotels, are here!

FUN FACT: Until the 19th century, tourism was only a summer thing. Legend has it that, in 1864, a local hotelier (owner of the Kulm Hotel) placed a bet on his British guests that they would enjoy their winter stay in his hotel just as much as the summer one. If not, he would not charge them a dime. Indeed, the guests returned in the winter, had a blast, and, from there, the word started spreading out! That’s how St. Moritz became the birthplace of winter tourism!

Luxury hotel
Collage of Badrutt's Palace Hotel set against a winter wonderland, highlighting the historic architecture of the hotel's exterior, a luxurious bedroom with elegant decor and mountain views, and an infinity pool with panoramic vistas of the snow-capped Alps

Feel like royalty in this 5-star hotel with 10 on-site restaurants, stunning mountain views from the indoor pool, and even better room and bathroom décor! The service is world-class, and there’s no better place to spoil yourself than in their Helen Badrutt’s Suite with a lake view!

Other accommodation options in Dorf

Large wooden deck with lounge chairs overlooking a stunning mountain lake

This 4-star hotel is 200 m (656 feet) from the nearest ski lift, has free parking, and rooms with lake views

Hotel room with wooden bed frame, colorful art, and mountain view.

A ski-to-door hotel with local pine and larch wood furnishings, suitable for couples and families

Spacious chalet-style living room with rustic decor and ample seating

3-room apartment with alpine-modern-style furnishings and a fully equipped kitchen

Things to do in Dorf

  • See the highlights of Dorf on a private tour
  • Take a cable car to Corviglia and go skiing
  • Purchase the Swiss Travel Pass for unlimited travel
  • Soak in the mesmerizing views of Lake St. Moritz
  • Have an after-ski fondue at the Restaurant Engiadina (map)
  • Find Heidi’s Hut on the Heidi Trail
  • Visit the Segantini and Engadiner museums for local art

2. St. Mortiz Bad – where to stay in St. Moritz for hot springs 

Twilight hues cast over St. Moritz, showcasing an outdoor ice rink, traditional architecture, and the snow-capped Swiss Alps in the background

Bad is the lower part of St. Moritz just West of St. Moritz Lake, and it’s slightly less crowded than Dorf. It takes less than 20 minutes to get to Bad from Dorf on foot, so you can easily walk between areas and enjoy fabulous views of the lake and the Alps!

Bad means “spa,” as this area is known for natural hot springs discovered more than 3,500 years ago. Mineral waters are still in use today, and MTZ Heilbad is one of the best wellness centers to get a rejuvenating treatment!

There’s an Engadin Bus line that connects the 2 parts of St. Moritz, and the ride takes around 15 minutes. A bus connection from here is also available to nearby ski areas.

Apart from hot springs, Bad also has a cable car to Corviglia and beautiful mountain hiking routes. I’ve also found multiple sources saying that the food in this part of the village is to die for! Their national dessert is the Engadin walnut tart, which you can try in most local restaurants!

Have you seen those beautiful social media reels where people have breakfast with a stunning view of the Swiss Alps off of their balconies? Well, you’ll find many hotels here where you can make your Insta-perfect videos!

Luxury hotel
Collage of the Grand Hotel des Bains Kempinski in a winter setting; includes a cozy hotel room with elegant furnishings and a view, a grand lobby festively decorated for Christmas with a towering tree and a classic sleigh, and an aerial view of the majestic hotel facade surrounded by a snowy landscape

The iconic Kempinski ski-to-door, 5-star resort awaits in Bad! Set in a historic building around a mineral spring, its rooms overlook the mesmerizing Swiss Alps, and the award-winning restaurants serve gourmet cuisine for all taste buds. A sauna and 2 pools are at your disposal all day long!

Other accommodation options in Bad

Snow-covered hotel facade with large windows, nestled in a winter landscape

A 4-star hotel a short walk from the cable car, with ski pass purchase service, a spa, and a wellness center

Modern hotel room with a bright red accent bed and a cozy living area

This cozy 3-star hotel has lovely modern rooms and a gym and is 700 m from the Bad-Signal ski lift

Dining space with a large wooden table, magenta chairs, and minimalist kitchen

One of the top-rated Airbnbs in Bad, 100m2, homey vibe within walking distance from everything

Things to do in Bad

  • Try one of the local wellness centers for hot spring therapy
  • Take a cable car to Corviglia and enjoy hiking/skiing
  • Stroll by Lake St. Moritz and enjoy the magical views
  • Eat the Engadin walnut cake

3. Celerina/Schlarigna – where to stay for adrenaline sports

Vibrant ski scene in Celerina-Schlarigna with a striking yellow church tower, surrounded by quaint houses against the backdrop of a bustling ski slope in St. Moritz

Celerina (or Schlarigna in Romansh, a local language) is around 3 km East of St. Moritz, and it’s the favorite place to stay for Italians! They even call it “Piccolo Milano” or “Small Milan!”

The area is gradually becoming a tourist hot spot, with many spas, restaurants, and shops. You’ll find typical Engadine houses with their sgraffito murals, funnel-shaped windows, and massive walls. It’s the spot to be whether you’re into skiing, sledding, curling, cross-country skiing, winter hiking, or any other winter sport!

The village is right next to Cresta, the place known for Cresta Run, a natural ice skeleton toboggan track! They even offer beginner sessions; check out their website for more details!

Another place to give your adrenaline a ride is on an Olympic bobsleigh run (called St. Moritz – Celerina Olympic Bob Run)! It’s the only natural ice bobsleigh run in the world, and its handmade channel is the world’s largest ice sculpture, being 1,722 meters (5,649 feet) long! You can book a guest ride on the official website.

The Bob Run staged events for 2 Winter Olympic Games that took place in St. Moritz in 1928 and 1948!

Luxury hotel
Collage of Hotelino Petit Chalet, featuring the snow-covered chalet-style exterior, a cozy living room with rustic decor and a fireplace, and a serene bedroom with wood accents and a plush bed, encapsulating a luxurious alpine retreat

Ideal Swiss-style place to stay in St. Moritz for luxury, privacy, and ski-slope access! The staff here is lovely, you can even get discounted ski passes or attend a ski school with them! The suites come with a balcony and modern furnishings.

Other accommodation options in Celerina

Rustic bedroom with natural wood walls and white linens

Centrally located 4-star hotel with 3 on-site traditional restaurants, a steam bath and a sauna, and lovely staff

Hotel lounge with dark furniture and contemporary lighting.

A modern Swiss Lodge with free parking and reduced prices for ski pass purchases

Alpine-style nook with plaid-covered bed and wooden interiors

Beautiful interior from hand-carved wood panels with clear views of the mountains; 2 single beds

Things to do in Celerina/Schlarigna

  • Enjoy the views or go skiing in Corvatsch
  • Get your adrenaline pumping at the Bob Run
  • Book a practice tobogganing session at Cresta Run
  • Have brunch at Bo’s Co restaurant (map)
  • Visit San Gian (map), a 14th-century church and the symbol of the village

4. Silvaplana (+ Surlej) – where to stay for cross-country trails

Cyclist in red attire riding along a mountain trail with panoramic views of a serene alpine lake and rugged peaks in the St. Moritz region

Silvaplana and Surlej form a village in the Engadin Valley just 5 km (3 miles) East of St. Moritz. Here, you’ll find the largest ski area featuring 350 km of pistes, ideal for skiing, snowboarding, and cross-country skiing.

The Engadin Valley has 300 sunny days per year, above-average snowfalls, and a ski area that rises from 2,000 m (6,560 feet) to 3,057 m (10,000 feet) above sea level. Talk about the perfect winter sports destination!

The Corvatsch skiing area in Silvaplana has 120 km (74 miles) of pistes and the nation’s longest illuminated nighttime descent (slope number 10; get tickets here). Hotels are located right on the slopes for easy access to snow adventures!

You’ll find over 150 km of cross-country trails in Silvaplana, so sports aficionados are in for a treat! In fact, 12,000 cross-country fans flock to the area in March for the yearly Ski Marathon!

As a special treat, this is also the perfect place for snowkiting! This sport was invented on Silvaplana Lake, and around midday, you may spot people here waiting for the wind to kick off their snowkiting adventure! In summer, this area groups passionate kitesurfers!

Silvaplana also has more affordable accommodation, making it suitable for families and everyone who wants an alternative to St. Moritz luxury. There’s even a large campsite where you can stay with your camper!

Overall, the area has a good public transport connection (buses 1, 2, 4) with St. Moritz, so you don’t have to rent a car unless you plan to move around a lot!

Luxury hotel
A winter evening at Nira Alpina with the hotel's tiered facade illuminated against the mountains, a comfortable bedroom with panoramic views from a private balcony, and guests relaxing in an outdoor hot tub, enjoying the snowy landscape

This lovely 4-star hotel awaits with luxury rooms, balconies with Swiss Alps views, a modern rooftop bar, and ski-to-door, with the Surlej-Murtel ski lift just next door! After a day at the slopes, relax in the spa and wellness center, or start your day with a workout in the gym!

Other accommodation options in Silvaplana & Surlej

Albana Hotel facade in winter, traditional architecture with mountain backdrop

A 4-star hotel with cozy and spacious rooms, 2 on-site restaurants, and free parking

Bright hotel room with wood accents, cozy bedding, and a touch of blue.

A budget-friendly ski-to-door hotel near Cristins ski lift, with free parking and family rooms

Spacious living room with modern and rustic elements, white sofa, and cowhide chair

Your home away from home with surreal mountain views from the patio, 300 m from Lake Silvaplana

Things to do in Silvaplana & Surlej

  • Try a new winter sport in Silvaplana’s ski area
  • Take a cable car to Corvatsch and enjoy the views
  • Go for a night-time illuminated skiing adventure on Corvatsch’s Slope 10
  • Head to the Silvaplana Lake around midday to spot snow kiters or kitesurfers
  • Have the best pizza in Surlej in Residenza Pizzeria Margun (map)

5. Pontresina – for a variety of outdoor adventures

Red passenger train winding through the snow-blanketed valley of St. Moritz, with small clusters of buildings amidst vast fields and mountain ranges in the background

Pontresina is another picturesque village 7 km (4.3 miles) East of St. Moritz. It’s filled with traditional houses dating from the 17th and 18th centuries, Belle Epoque-style hotels, and beautiful pine forests of the Upper Engadine.

The area is also nice for winter sports enthusiasts as it has plenty of cross-country skiing tracks, curling opportunities, snowshoeing, and ice-climbing on the glaciers.

Pontresina awaits with 580 km (360 miles) of hiking trails and 400 km (248 miles) of bike lanes! You’ll also find the largest Alpine ibex (wild goat) colony here!

Most importantly, the Diavolleza ski resort is located here! It’s a tourist hotspot in the winter and summer, offering beautiful panoramic views and rising to 2,958 m (9,704 feet) above sea level. It also hides the country’s longest glacier descent.

Apart from skiing, in Pontresina, you can go on romantic horse-drawn rides (see timetables here), explore biking trails, or hop on the Bernina Express (connects Chur in the North to Italy’s Tirano, passing through Bernina Pass where St. Moritz and Pontresina are) to explore the area on a scenic train ride.

Luxury hotel
Winter charm at the Grand Hotel Kronenhof, with a bird's-eye view of its grand white façade and green rooftop against the snowy hills, a sophisticated hotel room with a blue and grey palette, and a luxurious indoor pool with floor-to-ceiling windows offering a stunning mountain vista

Stay in a 19th-century castle in a neo-Baroque style with views of Bernina glaciers, a world-class spa, and elegant décor from the lobby to the rooms. This Swiss Deluxe hotel has an ample spa of 2,000m2, featuring a wellness bath, 2 pools, and various saunas. They offer ski passes for 45 CHF per day (US$50).

Other accommodation options in Pontresina

Indoor hotel pool with wooden ceiling and large windows for natural light

A top-rated family-run hotel with a rustic-style restaurant, it offers free public transport for guests who book 2+ nights in winter

Simplistic hotel room with a large bed, green rug, and natural wood furnishings

A typical Swiss hotel with a garden, free bikes, and a ski pass sales point; features a sauna and an on-site restaurant

Cozy living room with balcony view, rustic furniture, and alpine decor.

This fabulous apartment with alpine cozy vibes is ideal for winter sports enthusiasts, including cross-country skiers

Things to do in Pontresina

  • Hop on a scenic ride through the Swiss Alps in Glacier Express
  • Explore local biking trails
  • Go for a walk along the Pontresina Lake
  • Spend a day or two at the Diavolezza ski resort
  • Take the Bernina Express to nearby Italy

6. Samedan – where to stay on a budget + for families

Winter view of Samedan near St. Moritz with a mix of modern and traditional buildings by a partly frozen river and snow-laden roads

Samedan is a great place to stay in the center of the Upper Engadine region. The village is located 7 km (4.3 miles) Northeast of St. Moritz, and it’s connected to other parts of Switzerland through various public transport options, from buses to the nationwide Rhaetian Railway and Bernina Express.

This small town is the area’s administrative center, it has a super cute old quarter, and it’s more affordable than most other places on the list.

Samedan has its own ski school, an ice skating rink, and beginner-friendly lifts, so it’s ideal for families with children who are on their first winter vacation! Although all of the other areas above have family-friendly amenities and hotels, there’s no doubt about that!

You can take a cable car to the Muottas Muragl summit (2,454 m or 8,051 feet) to enjoy tobogganing or sledding with the entire family. And if you’re missing out on any of the equipment, you can always rent one in local stores or online!

Some attractions include the 13th-century church tower, La Tuor, and Planta House Museum for living culture.

As a special treat, you can ride a horse-drawn sleigh from Samedan to St. Moritz for the ultimate Swiss Alps winter experience! You can get information about tours and departures in the local tourist information office (map).

Luxury hotel
A serene collage of Hotel Bernina 1865 nestled in a snowy landscape, showcasing the hotel's classic pink façade, a cozy wooden-beamed room with mountain artwork, and a balcony breakfast with a picturesque view of the alpine village and peaks

This historic hotel is only 200 m from the train station. It offers various room setups, from Comfort Singles to 3-BR Apartments, as well as a shuttle to Celerina ski lifts. Expect first-class service throughout the hotel, too!

Other accommodation options in Samedan

Spacious room with wooden furniture and white bedding, offering a contemporary Alpine feel

A modern hotel just 500 meters from the ski lift, with a-la-carte menu for lunch, free parking, and family-friendly rooms

Exterior of Palazzo Mysanus in St. Moritz, a historic building with a café out front

400-year-old Engadine-style hotel in the Old Town with various room types (traditional vs. modern) and a wellness center

Traditional Engadine-style bedroom with natural wood paneling and red curtains

A budget-friendly room in a traditional Swiss home with shared common spaces, including a bathroom

Things to do in Samedan

  • Go ice skating at the outdoor rink (map)
  • Take a horse-drawn sleigh ride to St. Moritz
  • Learn how to ski in local ski schools
  • Get a rejuvenating treatment in the Mineralbad & Spa Samedan 
  • Take a cable car to the Muottas Muragl summit
👑 Luxury price:€500
💵 Mid-range:€250
🛏️ Budget:€150
📍 Best area:Dorf
🛎️ Best luxury hotel:Badrutt’s Palace Hotel
💵 Best mid-range hotel:Hotel Schweizerhof
👛 Best budget hotel:Hauser Hotel

FAQs about where to stay in St. Moritz

St. Moritz Bad district with luxury hotels and buildings nestled against a backdrop of snowy mountains and a frozen lake with people walking

✅ Is it worth staying in St. Moritz?

Yes, St. Moritz is the birthplace of winter tourism, a 2-time host of the Winter Olympics, and is home to some of Switzerland’s most luxurious hotels! Its scenic ski resorts and beautiful nature make it a dream ski destination for winter sports lovers.

🚶 Is St. Moritz walkable?

St. Moritz is walkable, you can easily walk from the upper (Dorf) to the lower (Bad) parts of the village. Restaurants, hotels, shops, and cable car stations are all within walking distance to each other.

🤔 Which is better St. Moritz or Zermatt?

It depends. St. Moritz is better for luxury, families, and modern amenities, while Zermatt wins for dramatic scenery, glacier skiing, and steep mountains (check out Matterhorn).

⛄ When should I go to St. Moritz?

The best overall time for walking and enjoying nature without skiing is from April to June, while the peak season for skiing is from December to March. 

📅 How many days do you need in St. Moritz?

It really depends on what you want to do. You could easily spend a week or more if you want to go skiing and explore all the ski resorts. On the other hand, 1 day is enough if you’re just coming to feel the vibe, as St. Moritz is quite a small town.

🎿 Where to stay in St Moritz for skiing?

I recommend Dorf and Bad for skiing in Corviglia, while Pontresina is for a more beginner-friendly experience in the Diavolleza ski area. There are many ski-in-ski-out hotels in St. Moritz, so anything from Kulm for luxury to Chesa for budget will do. 

🚃 How do you move around in St. Moritz?

On foot! St. Moritz is a small town, and everything is within walking distance. You can also take public transport to get from the upper part of the village to the lower or use shuttles to get to cable cars for the slopes.


Vibrant blue funicular train ascending the snowy mountainside near St. Moritz with views of the valley and alpine buildings below.

That’s about everything I had planned to share about where to stay in St. Moritz. Whether you’re a professional skier, snowboarder, or have never set foot in the skies, St. Moritz can be your ultimate luxury winter vacation destination!

If you’re still indecisive about hotels, I’ll gladly share 2 of my favorite ones:

  • Kulm Hotel St. Moritz – one of the most lavish hotels in St. Moritz with breathtaking views of the mountains from the indoor pool area
  • Hotel Laudinella – I love the vibe of this hotel, it’s simple, modern, and has a perfect location

I saw that some hotels in St. Moritz even get booked out 6 months in advance, so I recommend you book your stay as soon as you find the accommodation you like!

If there’s anything you’d like to ask me about staying in St. Moritz or Switzerland, drop me a comment below!

Safe travels,


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