6 Best Areas to Stay in Belgrade (By a Local!)

Aerial view of a bustling cityscape featuring the prominent Saint Sava Temple, illuminated buildings, and streets with light trails at night.

Getting ready to visit Belgrade, Serbia? How great, welcome to my home country and our vibrant capital! I’m a Serbian local and have spent months in Belgrade for work, studies, and leisure. So I know exactly where to stay in Belgrade for the best experience.

In this ultimate guide on the best areas to stay in Belgrade, I pinpoint the 6 top places to stay for a memorable trip! I also cherry-picked top-rated hotels in each area and divided them by budget so you can easily book your favorite!

Old Town is the best area to stay in Belgrade for first-timers, since it’s the heart of the city where the most attractions are.

Before we start, I highly recommend you book your hotel in Belgrade as soon as possible to take advantage of the best deals!

Quick Picks for Your Stay

Book the best hotels in Belgrade’s Old Town and get the adventure started now:

luxury hotel
Rooftop terrace at sunset with empty wooden tables and chairs, set with wine glasses and cutlery, overlooking an urban skyline.
mid-range hotel
A modern living room featuring a beige sofa with colorful pillows, an armchair, a glass coffee table, a floor mirror, and wall-mounted lights. Cream-colored curtains adorn the windows.

Hotel Majestic

Best value for money

budget hotel
A neatly made bed with white pillows and a patterned throw blanket, beside a wooden headboard and beneath two framed artworks on the wall.

Vila Terazije

Best affordable accommodation in the center

I made this map to help you visualize the best areas to stay in Belgrade: 

A colorful map highlighting the best areas to stay in Belgrade with numbered locations and labels for easy navigation
  1. Old Town: for first timers
  2. Terazije: for an urban stay
  3. Vračar: for families
  4. Savski Venac: a trendy place
  5. Novi Beograd: like a local
  6. Zemun: for couples & nature

1. Old Town (Stari Grad) – where to stay in Belgrade, Serbia, for the first time

A vibrant pedestrian street in Belgrade, Knez Mihailova, bustling with people and lined with historic buildings and green trees

Old Town is the very core of Belgrade. We call it Stari Grad in Serbian (literally meaning Old City) because this is one of the oldest parts of our capital. Together with Savski Venac and Vracar (read more about them below), Old Town is part of the greater City Center.

Whenever I have guests coming over, I take them to see attractions in this part of the city. The Kalemegdan Fortress and its Victor Monument (map) are the symbol of Belgrade and given their uphill location at the confluence of two rivers (Danube and Sava), they make the most beautiful place for catching the sunset in town!

The most popular pedestrian street, Knez Mihailova (map), connects Kalemegdan with Terazije on one side and Republic Square on another, both being popular tourist hotspots.

This lovely street is lined with quirky cafés, shops, bookstores, institutions, and street musicians, and it’s alive 24/7!

A spacious square in Belgrade with the National Museum and the historic statue of Prince Mihailo on horseback

Old Town is also the very center of Belgrade nightlife! Make sure you visit a kafana (traditional Serbian restaurant serving local dishes and playing live Serbian music) in Skadarlija to experience what is, for me, the absolute best way to party. The best kafanas here are Tri Šešira (map) and Dva Jelena (map)! I’ve been to both and had a blast every time!

In short, whether you’re into sightseeing, culture, shopping, nightlife, or history, you’ll find it all in Stari Grad! The area abounds with accommodation, but I just wanted to tell you to be careful and not book too close to Skadarska Street (Skadarlija), especially if you’re visiting in the summer. It can get too noisy at night! I learned this the hard way…

PRO TIP: Get a Belgrade Card for free entrance to the city’s museums, discounts, and freebies at restaurants!

Luxury hotel
Collage of 3 pics of luxury hotel: an indoor spa with lounge chairs, a modern hotel room with a bed and sitting area, and an outdoor dining area with wooden tables and chairs overlooking a cityscape.

This 5-star hotel is adjacent to Knez Mihailo Street, situated in the very Center of the Old Town. It has a lovely indoor pool, a spa and wellness center, 2 on-site restaurants, and a gym. I love the modern and minimalist room décor, too, and would definitely recommend staying here if you want to splurge!

Other accommodation options in Stari Grad

A well-lit living room with a beige sofa, two armchairs, a mirrored coffee table, and a tall mirror. Decorative pillows and wall-mounted lights add accents. Window with curtains in the background.

This 4-star hotel has a central location and super clean rooms with wooden furnishings, plus a hearty breakfast

A cozy attic bedroom with a skylight, a double bed covered in a star-patterned duvet, wooden dresser, a small lamp, and a table with two chairs in the corner. Towels are neatly placed on the bed.

A lovely hostel with a great location featuring dorms and private rooms, ideal for single travelers and couples

A modern loft with large skylights, a living area featuring a sofa and stools by a breakfast bar, a bed in the background, a small desk, and a wooden floor.

Cozy and modern penthouse ideal for couples looking to stay near the hottest nightlife spots

Things to do in Stari Grad

2. Terazije – an urban place to stay in Belgrade, Serbia

Facade of Hotel Moskva in Belgrade, an example of Art Nouveau architecture with its ornate green and white exterior and distinctive green roof

As I already mentioned, Terazije is part of the City Center that begins just as you walk to the end of Knez Mihailo Street toward Terazije Square (map). It offers a mix of very urban vibes, but it’s also a great place for business travelers and those seeking luxury.

Terazije’s central attraction is the stunning Hotel Moskva (map), an old hotel with beautiful architecture that is more like an institution. They have a lovely restaurant on the ground floor with live piano music and delicious food. Sometimes, when I want to spoil myself, I’ll get some desserts and coffee there before or after visiting the Old Town.

You can really feel the big city vibe as you walk down Terazije Street, which is one of the commercial hubs of Belgrade. The vicinity of business and government buildings also means you’ll see more people in suits. In fact, if you’re attending a conference in Belgrade, chances are, it’ll be nearby!

Terazije Square is filled with authentic shops, so if you’re into shopping outside of Knez Mihailova Street, you can have a blast here! Plus, you’ll be just steps away from the beautiful Tasmajdan Park and the St. Mark Orthodox Church (map), both of which are some of the favorite places in Belgrade for locals.

Luxury hotel
Collage of 3 pics of luxury hotel: an ornate dining area, an indoor spa with a hot tub, and a cozy bedroom featuring a double bed, breakfast tray, and large window.

This stunning hotel is probably my favorite place in all of Belgrade! Traditional room décor paired with top-class service, a spa and wellness center, and a fabulous daily breakfast make this hotel every traveler’s dream! After all, you’ll be staying in a hotel that’s also an iconic landmark!

Other accommodation options in Terazije

Exterior view of a café restaurant with a covered outdoor seating area on a city street, adorned with greenery and decorative ironwork at the entrance.

Here’s yet another iconic hotel and building, but at a more reasonable price, just a few steps from Hotel Moskva

A neatly made bed with a gold runner, white pillows, and a bouquet of red lilies on top. A wooden chair and a window with curtains are in the background.

A top-rated budget stay in the heart of the Old Town, perfect for couples and small families

A modern living room with a beige sectional sofa, abstract wall art, a round coffee table, a white desk, and a chair against a light gray wall. The room has wood flooring and a wall-mounted air conditioner.

This brand-new, modern apartment has surreal sunset views and a homey vibe, with a minimum stay of 5 nights

Things to do in Terazije

  • Join a culinary tour of Belgrade
  • Check out the Royal Palace of the Obrenovic dynasty (map)
  • Take a selfie at the iconic Terazije Fountain (map)
  • Have a fun time at the Museum of Illusions
  • Go beer tasting at Samo Pivo (map)
  • Visit the Zeleni Venac market (map) for fresh, local produce & people-watching
  • Walk to the nearby Nikola Pasic Square (map) and see Serbian government buildings

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3. Vracar – where to stay in Belgrade for families

The Saint Sava Church in Belgrade illuminated at night, featuring grand architecture with water fountains in the foreground reflecting the structure

Vračar (pronounced as Varchar, can also be written Vracar) is one of my favorite Belgrade neighborhoods! It’s nestled in the City Center, so it’s close to all the hustle and bustle of the capital, and yet it’s so peaceful and quiet!

The district is some 2.5 km (1.5 miles) away from the Old Town, and an easy stroll to Vracar takes around 40 minutes. I love walking the picturesque route from Kalemegdan to Saint Sava Temple (map), one of the largest Christian Orthodox temples in the world – located in the heart of Vracar!

Now is the perfect time for a short history lesson (sorry, but it’s really interesting!). Saint Sava was a 12th-century member of a Serbian royal family, and he brought Christian Orthodoxy to Serbia. Today, he’s regarded as one of the holiest and most respected saints in the country. The Ottomans, who ruled over Serbia for almost 500 years, burned St. Sava’s remains at a hill in Vracar in 1594 as a punishment to Serbs for rebelling against them. On that very spot now lies the glorious St. Sava Temple with impressive frescoes and a surreal crypt!

PRO TIP: Saint Sava Temple has an observatory at the top where you can enjoy fabulous panoramic views of the whole city! Don’t miss it! Just talk to the temple staff, and they’ll arrange a guide to take you there for a fee (around $10).

The cityscape of Belgrade during sunset, capturing the warm glow of the setting sun against the urban backdrop and busy streets

Other than important historical moments, Vracar also has many lovely parks where the kids can play, and it’s also known as the gastronomy hub of Belgrade. You’ll find local bakeries serving delicious cheese pastry called burek, which we love to eat for breakfast! I recommend pairing burek with some yogurt (they sell it in all bakeries) – there’s nothing I love to eat more to start the day!

Apart from St. Sava Temple, a must-visit attraction in Vracar is the Nikola Tesla Museum. There are plans for this museum to be moved to a bigger building elsewhere, but for now, you can enjoy learning about the life and work of one of the world’s most important scientists in its old location in Vracar!

Luxury hotel
Collage of 3 pics of luxury hotel: a modern design, a separate living area with large windows, and an outdoor terrace featuring comfortable seating and city views.

A 4-star hotel in the heart of the district with spacious family suites, complimentary (and delicious, according to reviews) breakfast, 2 on-site restaurants, and a spa and wellness center!

Other accommodation options in Vračar

A cozy hotel room with a double bed, wooden accent wall, blue decor, and two bedside tables with lamps. A hallway leads to the entrance door, which has a no-smoking sign.

Beautiful rooms with wooden walls, on-site parking, and an excellent breakfast included in the price

A living room with colorful wall art, a green sofa with multicolored cushions, a glass coffee table, a TV on a stand, and a striped armchair.

One of Belgrade’s signature hostels with quadruple rooms ideal for families, adjacent to shops and restaurants

Modern open living space with a blue couch, glass coffee table, TV, two armchairs, and a dining area with round table and four chairs. Kitchen area in the background has light cabinetry and stainless steel appliances.

An upscale apartment for 4 guests with a mix of modern and vintage elements, easily accessible on foot

Things to do in Vračar

  • Visit the crypt and observatory of the Saint Sava Temple
  • Go on a full-day sightseeing of Belgrade’s top attractions
  • Experiment with Nikola Tesla’s inventions by yourself in his museum
  • Try moussaka (eggplant & meat dish) or prebranac (bean stew) in local eateries

4. Savski Venac – the trendiest place to stay in Belgrade

Belgrade’s modern cityscape with a mix of old and new architecture, including residential and commercial buildings under a cloudy sky.

Savski Venac is a large municipality in Belgrade, with plenty of popular districts like Savamala, Belgrade Waterfront, Autokomanda, Dedinje (the richest district of Belgrade with celebrity villas), and others.

The area starts South of Terazije, and the parts I recommend staying in include Savamala and Belgrade Waterfront (map), which are closer to the City Center (a 20-minute walk from it).

Savamala is where I usually stay in Belgrade. This is where the Central Bus Station (map) is, the main point of arrival for buses from across Serbia. Savski Venac also has an excellent bus connection with all other parts of the city, so it’s ideal to stay here without a car.

In Serbia, we mostly use buses to get from one city to another (other than cars, of course), so staying close to the Central Bus Station is a good idea if you plan to explore other cities in the country. Since I always catch a bus to get to Belgrade, it makes sense why Savamala is my first choice for accommodation.

Recently, the Belgrade Waterfront area here has seen a multi-million dollar renovation project with new luxury residential blocks, shopping malls, and restaurants rising at every corner.

You’ll now also find a beautiful promenade by the river with lovely sights of the opposite bank of the Sava River, with plenty of cafés from which you can soak in the views. Honestly, it’s hard to pick just one place here, as I’ve been to a bunch of them, and they’re all stunning! You must try coffee at Cafeteria BW (map) and sushi at Buddha Bar (map)!

TRANSPORT TIP: Taxis in Serbia are known for scamming tourists, especially if you catch one near the Central Bus Station. The only way to make sure you won’t get scammed is to order a taxi ride via phone call. I usually call Pink Taxi (+381 11 6355000 is their number), they’re reliable and let you pay with a credit card. Most of the taxi apps have really poor ratings, so I don’t recommend them.

Luxury hotel
Collage of 3 pics of luxury hotel: an indoor pool with a water feature, an elegantly set dining table by a window with a city view, and a bedroom with a double bed and beige accents.

This 4-star hotel has an upscale indoor swimming pool, a lovely spa, and a delicious complimentary breakfast. They recently renovated the reception desk and continuously work on upgrading their services, which makes them one of the most reputable Belgrade hotels! The hotel is also pet-friendly.

Other accommodation options in Savski Venac

A modern indoor lounge area featuring round tables with beige chairs, two orange armchairs, a large wall-mounted TV, decorative columns, and warm ambient lighting.

This centrally-located hotel has free breakfast, modern rooms, and a fabulous breakfast

A neatly made hotel room with a large bed, two blue cushions, rolled towels, and a pair of sunglasses placed on the bed. A painting hangs on the white wall above the bed.

One of my favorite budget places to stay in Belgrade, with free parking and clean rooms

A modern living room with a gray sofa, yellow armchair, wall-mounted TV, and decorative shelving. A potted plant sits in the corner, and a small kitchen area is visible in the background.

Your home away from home in Belgrade Waterfront with the cutest décor and a perfect rating score on Airbnb

Things to do in Savski Venac

5. Novi Beograd – where to stay in Belgrade like a local

Aerial view of a cityscape with a river running through the middle, high-rise buildings on one side, greenery, houses, and a tall structure with a clock on the other side under a clear sky.

Novi Beograd (New Belgrade in English) is a large area located across the Sava River from Old Town, and it was planned with a typical socialist architecture in mind that was popular during the times of Yugoslavia. Novi Beograd mostly consists of residential buildings, large open spaces and boulevards, business centers, and some important landmarks.

Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, Macedonia, Bosnia, and Montenegro were part of a single country, Yugoslavia, until 1991. Today, you can see neighborhoods like Novi Beograd in cities across these countries.

If you want to experience authentic local life while still being close to tourist attractions, Novi Beograd is a perfect spot. Given the distance from Old Town (a 10-20-minute ride) and the wide boulevards that run through it, it makes sense to stay here with a car. There are also plenty of public transportation options that connect Novi Beograd to Stari Grad.

Points of interest here include the iconic UŠĆE Shopping Center (map) and the floating bars and restaurants along the Sava River known as splavovi. Also, the Museum of Contemporary Art is located here!

I always recommend Novi Beograd to everyone who wants to explore brutalist architecture since this is where you’ll find most of them! In fact, I pinpoint the best photo spots in my article on things to do in Belgrade, and most of them are in Novi Beograd! Check out activity number 14 in this article to see their locations!

CULTURAL TIP: Serbs are super hospitable toward foreigners. A simple Hvala (Thank you) or Dobar dan (Good day) goes a long way! I even know of stories where foreigners got drinks for free just because they could say a few words in Serbian!

Luxury hotel
Collage of 3 pics of luxury hotel: An indoor pool with lounge chairs, a living room with sofas, a coffee table, and a dining area, and a bedroom with a double bed and large window.

One of Belgrade’s most popular hotels, Hyatt is a perfect place to stay for business travelers and vacationers who want to spoil themselves. The 5-star hotel has a luxurious spa, an inviting restaurant, an indoor pool, and fabulous rooms with super nice views.

Other accommodation options in Novi Beograd

A tidy hotel room with a bed, nightstand, wall art, desk, TV, and orange chairs. The bed has white and patterned linens. A window with beige and dark curtain panels lets in natural light.

Excellent value for money near the river, with a rooftop terrace overlooking the water

Two modern houseboats with wooden exteriors are moored on a calm river, surrounded by lush green trees under a clear sky.

An authentic stay right on the Sava River in this floating hostel with the cutest rooms

A small, modern living room with a white sofa, two red chairs, a white coffee table, a computer on a shelf, and two paintings on the wall. The floor is covered with a patterned red rug.

A luxury penthouse with panoramic views of the city, ideal for longer stays, suitable for couples and families

Things to do in Novi Beograd

  • Take a vintage car tour through Yugoslavian history
  • Hang out in floating restaurants like Keops (map) and Gabbiano (map)
  • Stroll in the Park Usce (map) and then cross Branko Bridge to the City Center
  • Explore the architecture of the Genex Tower (map) and the Palace of Serbia (map)
  • Go shopping in the Usce Shopping Center

6. Zemun – the most charming place to stay in Belgrade

Scenic view from Zemun, Belgrade, overlooking red-roofed houses with the Church of St. Nicholas and the confluence of the River Danube in the background

Zemun is the area furthest from Old Town, it’s basically considered a town of its own. It’s very close to Novi Beograd and 10 km (6.2 miles) away from Old Town. You can drive or use public transport to get here. A bus ride takes around 35 minutes, while the drive takes around 20.

Zemun is known as a bohemian and romantic spot with cobblestone streets and unique architecture. The architecture here was actually influenced by the Austro-Hungarian Empire, which ruled over Northern Serbia for hundreds of years.

I wholeheartedly recommend Zemun to couples since it’s so romantic, but also filled with tons of opportunities for spending time in nature. Zemunski Kej (map) is a long promenade along the Danube River and is a signature spot of Zemun!

Another popular landmark here is the Gardoš Tower (map), also known as the Millennium Tower. It was built by Austro-Hungarians in 1896 to celebrate the 1,000-year anniversary of the settlement of Hungarians in the area. Today, you can climb the tower and appreciate the lovely panoramic views of the Belgrade Fortress.

PRO TIP: In Zemun, you’ll find the most unique ice cream shop in Serbia. Poslasticarnica sa Stavom (map) serves ice cream with flavors like white wine, brandy, cheese, plum, lavender, and even ajvar (a Balkan condiment made of sweet bell peppers). Best of all is that they are all handmade and contain zero chemicals or additives! A must-try for ice cream lovers!

Luxury hotel
Collage of 3 pics of luxury hotel: an indoor pool area, a bedroom with a neatly made bed, and a cozy attic lounge with colorful seating and skylights.

One of the most luxurious stays in Belgrade where you can enjoy a spa in your own room! There’s also a wellness center, free parking, an on-site bar, and many other upscale amenities. Past guests say that attention to detail in this place is exceptional!

Other accommodation options in Zemun

A neatly made bed in a modern, well-lit hotel room with white linens, blue wall art, and towels folded on the bed. The room has a window with sheer curtains.

This 4-star hotel has bright rooms, a cozy seating area, and tasty breakfast, making it a great spot for families

A rooftop terrace with a river view includes a wicker sofa and chair, a table set with wine, glasses, and a plant. The terrace is covered by a metal and glass canopy.

Stay near the iconic landmark and enjoy spectacular views of the river and Belgrade

A small bedroom features a double bed with white linens, a pink curtain, a wall-mounted TV, and framed pictures on the wall. The adjacent kitchen is partially visible through an open doorway.

My type of stay with compact rooms, colorful décor, and a cozy terrace where you can have breakfast

Things to do in Zemun

👑 Luxury price:€150
💵 Mid-range:€80
🛏️ Budget:€40
📍 Best area:Old Town
🛎️ Best luxury hotel:Square Nine Hotel
💵 Best mid-range hotel:Hotel Majestic
👛 Best budget hotel:Vila Terazije

FAQs about where to stay in Belgrade

Scenic view of Belgrade's skyline at sunset with the silhouette of St. Michael's Cathedral standing above the city, and the Sava River bustling with boat traffic

📅 How many days in Belgrade is enough?

2-3 days is ideal for exploring Belgrade’s top sights and getting a taste of the local culture. I recommend up to 5 days if you want to include day trips, go museum hopping, and get to know Belgrade in more detail.

✅ Is Belgrade safe?

Yes! Belgrade is safe for tourists. The little crime that exists in the city isn’t targeted at tourists, and the city is known for being welcoming to visitors of all nationalities.

🇷🇸 What is the best part of Belgrade to stay in?

Old Town (Stari Grad in Serbian) is the best place to stay in Belgrade, especially if it’s your first time and you’re planning a short visit. It’s the heart of the city and where most of the attractions and the best nightlife are.

💯 How is Belgrade for tourists?

Amazing! Belgrade (and Serbs, in general) are known for being super hospitable to tourists. People show genuine interest in foreigners, and they usually speak English. The Serbian capital is also super walkable and has street signs in English.

🚶‍♀️ Is Belgrade a walkable city?

Yes! Belgrade has plenty of walkable surfaces, large sidewalks, and giant parks, and it is moderately hilly in some neighborhoods. The best attractions, restaurants, and hotels are all within walking distance from each other.

💶 Is Belgrade expensive for tourists?

Not really. Although the prices in Belgrade keep rising, they’re still lower on average compared to Western Europe and the U.S. For comparison’s sake, consumer prices in Belgrade are 23.8% lower than in Rome.

🌸 Which month is best to visit Belgrade?

April to June, September, and October are the best months to visit Belgrade. Although May can be rainy, it’s still the most pleasant time because it’s not too hot yet. The weather is mostly dry and warm in the spring and fall months. 

Making the most out of your stay in Belgrade

The writer of the post with her partner poses at twilight with a vibrant sunset over the Belgrade skyline and river, with the city's lights beginning to twinkle

That’s about it, my dear traveler! I hope I helped you decide where to stay in Belgrade and how to spend your time in the city! I loved being your virtual guide, and I hope you’ll have a pleasant time!

In case you’re still indecisive about the best hotel for you, these are my favorites:

  • Hotel Moskva – a hotel with a story that’s also elegant and centrally located
  • Hotel Balkan – I’ve been dreaming of staying in this charming hotel since childhood as there is one really famous song about it (YouTube link) that everyone in Serbia knows

Regardless of where you stay, remember to book your stay in Belgrade in advance! The best deals sell out really fast in Serbia’s bustling capital!

Finally, feel free to drop me a comment if you have any questions or want more recommendations for your upcoming stay in Belgrade or Serbia!

Enjoy Belgrade,


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