Where to Stay in Ljubljana → 6 Best Areas for Tourists


Nature, a stunning castle, and a rich history!

Ljubljana, the capital city of Slovenia, is often overlooked by tourists who don’t know about its charming streets and culture!

But I’m here to do it justice! Well, that, and also I’ll help you find the top hotels! In this Ljubljana neighborhood guide, I’ll tell you all about the best hotels in the Old Town which is the best area in the city, and where you’ll find the main attractions. Plus other 5 unique areas that are great for different interests like clubbing, relaxing, family activities, or discovering the city’s art scene!

The hotels in Ljubljana are so stunning. It’s been a while since I’ve seen so many good ones in a town! That’s why I recommend booking them in advance. No one would want to miss a chance to stay in a gorgeous hotel in the City Centre.

Okay, are you ready to find out all there is to know about where to stay in Ljubljana, Slovenia?

Let’s go!

Quick Picks for Your Stay

If you want to book your hotel where to stay in Ljubljana, ASAP, have a look at this shortlist of the best places in the Old Town:

Here’s a map that will help you visualize all the areas where to stay in Ljubljana that I will be talking about in the post:

  1. Old Town: for first-timers
  2. City Center: for nightlife
  3. Krakovo : for a local experience
  4. Koseze: for families
  5. Metelkova : trendiest place
  6. Poljane : for budget

1. Old Town – where to stay in Ljubljana for the first time


With a central location and a charming atmosphere, the Ljubljana Old Town is undoubtedly one of the best places to stay in the capital city!

The most fantastic neighborhood in the city is home to numerous restaurants, Baroque buildings, and many other stunning sites.

This dreamy area near the Ljubljanica River will offer you an unforgettable holiday! Here you can learn about the city’s past and visit its most important attractions such as the Ljubljana Castle and the Cathedral. These are just some of the highlights, I’ve got a whole list of things to do in Ljubljana if you don’t want to miss anything!

If this is your first visit to the capital city, I highly recommend finding accommodation in the Old Town! You’ll be within walking distance from the restaurants and attractions! What’s better than that?

I have to warn you though, the hotels in Old Town sell out super fast, as everyone wants to stay in this cultural center! But trust me, as long as you book yours a few months in advance, you’ll be fine!

Luxury hotel
1 1%20Lesar%20Hotel%20Angel

Elegant design and a fabulous location, just at the foot of the Ljubljana Castle Hill! Relax on the terrace and enjoy the sun before hitting the town! The accommodation has family rooms and an on-site bar.

Other accommodation options in Old Town

1 2%20Adora%20affordable%20Hotel

This Old Town boutique hotel has spacious rooms, a tour desk, free wifi and it also offers free parking spaces  

1 3%20Stella%20Sky

Chill by the swimming pool in this hotel that has rooms with modern décor, private bathrooms, and a garden

1 4%20Spacious%20Apartment

An apartment with modern amenities, that has air-conditioned rooms, and free wifi

Things to do in Old Town

  • Visit the Ljubljana Cathedral, a historic building  
  • Admire the statues on Dragon Bridge
  • Go for a walk in Prešeren Square
  • Buy some local food from the Central Market
  • Take the funicular to Ljubljana Castle
  • Admire the architecture of the Town Hall

2. City Center – best place to stay in Ljubljana for nightlife


Situated right across the Old Town, on the other bank of Ljubljanica River, this modernized area is perfect for those of you who want to grab a drink after exploring the town.

Ljubljana’s City Center has a vibrant atmosphere, and you’ll find the biggest concentrations of bars, shops, and restaurants around Preseren Square.

But that’s not the only thing that makes the City Centre a great area where to stay in Ljubljana. Many museums, including the National Museum of Slovenia and art galleries here, will keep you busy during the day. You know what to do during the night:

Drink, listen to music, and party!

I love spending a night in the town and getting to know locals while I’m traveling! It’s like you’re discovering this whole other aspect of that place that you can’t read about anywhere!

The City Center is also great as it offers a wider range of accommodations than the Old Town, but still, book them early, as we’re still in the central area.

Luxury hotel
2 1%20Zlata%20Ladjica%20with%20the%20pool%C2%A0

Partied a bit too much?
Don’t worry! A few hours spent in the spa center at this hotel in the City Centre will make you feel like a brand new person! The accommodation has spacious rooms with a private bathroom and a balcony plus most attractions are only a short walk away!

Other accommodation options in City Center

2 2%20Hotel%20Heritage%20with%20Free%20cancellation

Order some room service and relax in your beautiful room at one of the best hotels in the City Centre that has a bar

2 3%20Apartments%20Maria

This budget accommodation has family rooms with free coffee makers and a terrace where you can chill

2 4%20Bright%20Apartment%20with%20jacuzzi%20in%20room

Overlooking the Ljubljanica River, this City Center place has 2 rooms, and indoor fireplace plus free wifi

Things to do in City Center

3. Krakovo – where to stay for a local experience


If you want to stay close to the Old Town or Ljubljana’s City Center, but you’re not really a big fan of crowds and that non-stop city noise, you might consider a closer alternative!

Krakovo is located only a short walk (10 minutes) south of the City Centre and the Old Town! It’s a great neighbrohood where to stay in Ljubljana for people who want to experience that local atmosphere that often, tourists miss out on!

Are you a big fan of these types of areas? I sure am!

Krakovo is one of the oldest suburbs in the city, and it was a fishing village a long time ago! People call it the Montmartre of Ljubljana, as it has the most charming architecture and cute cottages!

The area is situated near the River, so you can get some pretty iconic views from here! In terms of attractions, you’ve got some nice ones, like the Hradecky Bridge. This is one of the first hinged bridges in the world and the first and only preserved cast-iron bridge in Slovenia!

There are some restaurants and cafes in Krakovo but don’t forget that the City Centre is super close if you’re looking for something fancier.

Luxury hotel
3 1%20Vila%20Emona

This Ljubljana accommodation is located not too far from the City Centre, and it has all the facilities you need for a great stay! You’ll have access to a kitchen in case you want to cook for yourself and also to a garden.

Other accommodation options in Krakovo

3 2%20Fine%20Ljubljana

I love how spacious and bright this hotel is! It offers free parking spots, family rooms, and free wifi

3 3%20Galeria%20River

This budget accommodation overlooks the river and it has super spacious rooms with a flat-screen tv

3 4%20Duplex%20Apartment

Admire the city views on the balcony during your stay in Ljubljana, at this place that has a kitchen

Things to do in Krakovo

  • Visit the Emona House Archeological Park
  • Have dinner at Restaurant Pri Škofu
  • Go on a walk across the Hradecky Bridge
  • Catch a sunset near the river
  • Eat traditional Slovenian sweets at Dunajska Pekarna Loni

4. Koseze – the best place to stay in Ljubljana for families


This area is located north of the City Centre and the Old Town, a bit further away, almost 4 km (3 miles). But I think families will love it here!


Well, traveling with the kids in super crowded areas is difficult. All that noise and agitation can get so annoying! Secondly, you have the beautiful Tivoli Park, the largest park in Ljubljana, only a short walk away from Koseze!

Surrounded by nature, this neighborhood is one of the most tranquil ones in the city! It also hosts a wide range of Ljubljana hotels, so you can pick the best one that will suit all family members!

If your hotel doesn’t have an on-site restaurant, you don’t have to go to the City Center each time. Luckily Koseze has a few restaurants which you guys can try before heading south to the Old Town. Alko’s Open Kitchen and Maru are some of the best ones here!

Luxury hotel
4 1%20One66%20best%20hotel%20to%20stay%20for%20the%20First%20time

This hotel in Ljubljana looks so cool!
It features family rooms, a restaurant, and a fitness center. When you’re not out and about exploring the attraction in the City Centre you can chill in the lounge area or on the terrace.

Other accommodation options in Koseze

4 2%20M%20Hotel

Enjoy your stay in Ljubljana at this hotel that offers a buffet breakfast, family rooms, and free wifi

4 3%20ApartHotel%20Vila%20Minka

A super elegant 3-star accommodation that’s great for budget travelers and has a spa center

4 4%20Guest%20House%20pri%20Vodniku

No great airbnbs in this area but this guesthouse is super lovely. It has family rooms and a restaurant

Things to do in Koseze

  • Spend a fun day in Tivoli Park
  • Enjoy an Asian dinner at Maru
  • Visit the Ljubljana Zoo with the kids
  • Drink a cup of hot cocoa at cafe Lokus
  • Check out the Stadion Ilirija sports center

5. Metelkova – trendiest place where to stay in Ljubljana


Looking for a super artsy area to stay in Ljubljana?

I’ve found the perfect one! Metelkova is located 2 km (1 mile) away from the City Center, and it’s an area that attracts people from the art scene in Slovenia and other European countries.

This is the coolest neighborhood and it has a fascinating history, underground clubs, art galleries, and interesting museums! Metelkova Art Center, the main attraction here, used to be the headquarters of the Army of the Austro-Hungarian Empire and the Yugoslav National Army. How the times have changed!

Now you’ll find around 7 buildings, all covered in graffiti that look as if someone took them from a movie scene! It’s not just street art. You’ll also find exhibitions here and many other incredible things to see.

The train station is also super close to the area, only a 10 minute walk away. So if you want to take any day trips, you know where to go.

Luxury hotel
5 1%20Designer%20Loft%20for%20honeymoon%20stay

A great place where to stay in Ljubljana that can fit up to 5 guests!
The duplex is super bright, and it has modern amenities, plus so much space! You’ll be able to cook in the kitchen, and pets are also allowed here!

Other accommodation options in Metelkova

5 2%20Lina%20Rooms

Enjoy your stay in the city in this place that has spacious rooms, free wifi and that offers an airport shuttle

5 3%20Downtown%20Apartment

A Ljubljana accommodation that’s great for budget travelers with family rooms and a garden

5 4%20Magic%20Blue

Relax on the balcony of this place that has a kitchen and a private backyard during your stay in Ljubljana

Things to do in Metelkova

6. Poljane – the best place to stay Ljubljana on a budget


Do you want to be close to all the action but at the same time you don’t want to pay a fortune for accommodation?

Then I recommend finding accommodation in Poljane, a neighborhood that’s located next to the Old Town! The area is not so big so you might not find so many attractions here but who cares, because you’ll just have to walk for a few miles and voila, you’re in Ljubljana Castle!

Its central location also provides excellent views, plus right next to Poljane and the big hill where the castle is located, so you can explore around and climb for a bit as there are some great viewpoints from there.  

The people who stay in this neighborhood are so lucky! That’s because on one side you have the park, on the other the river and then on another side sits the Old Town and City Center!

Let’s check out the hotels in this area:

Luxury hotel
6 1%20Castle%20View

Located less than a mile away from the castle, this accommodation offers spacious apartments that have a kitchen and family rooms. Cozy up on the couch and watch some tv after a whole day spent in the City Centre.

Other accommodation options in Poljane

6 2%20Hi%C5%A1a%20Pod%20Gradom

A great place where to stay in Ljubljana that offers city views, a restaurant and family rooms

6 3%20Beer%20&%20Wine%20Cellar

If you like beer and wine, you’ll love this place that has a kitchen, a terrace and free wifi

6 4%20Cozy%20Apartment

I like how spacious this apartment is! Enjoy a long bath after an exciting day spent visiting the attractions

Things to do in Poljane

  • Enjoy the river views in Ambrožev trg Park
  • Have dinner at New Schanghai or Verace restaurants
  • Explore the hill where the castle is located
  • Head to the Old Town to visit the attractions
  • Go for a stroll in Park Poljane
👑 Luxury price:$200
💵 Mid Range:$120
🛏️ Budget:$80
🏠 Airbnb:$120
💰 Accommodation prices:Medium
📍 Best area:Old Town
👪 Best area for families:Koseze
🛎️ Best luxury hotel:Lesar Hotel Angel
💵 Best mid-range hotel:Adora Hotel
👛 Best budget hotel:Stella Sky

Frequently asked questions about hotels in Ljubljana

7 Where to stay near Ljubljana

📅 How many days do you need in Ljubljana?

If you stay in Ljubljana for 3 – 4 days you will have plenty of time to explore all the attractions, and maybe even to take some day trips to places like Lake Bled. 

🤔 Where should you stay in Slovenia?

Ljubljana, the capital city is one of the best places to stay in Slovenia! Here you can learn more about the country’s history, visit many iconic attractions and stay at the best hotels, like Lesar Hotel Angel

🚶Is Ljubljana walkable?

Yes, Ljubljana is walkable and if you stay in the City Centre area or nearby it, you won’t need to use public transport or taxis. 

🌃 Which are the best hotels in Ljubljana?

Lesar Hotel Angel and Zlata Ladjica, are 2 of the best hotels where to stay in Ljubljana. Both have a central location and great facilities.



What a stunning city! I hope this post helped you decide where to stay in Ljubljana, Slovenia and which hotel to pick.

That might be hard though since most of them are so incredibly beautiful! So here are my top 2 Ljubljana hotels, both located in the Old Town:

Trust me when I say that these hotels will sell out so fast. Booking in advance will save you a lot of money and save time that you’ll end up spending looking for another great place.

Have a great time in this beautiful European city! I’m you’ll enjoy every minute of your trip here, especially when you’re out there exploring the City Centre, drinking with the locals, or making some new friends in a Ljubljana hostel.

If you have any questions or suggestions for our readers, leave me a comment below and I’ll make sure to answer them as quickly as possible!

Safe travels,


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