Where to Stay in Budapest ✔️ TOP Hotels by Area & Price

Where to Stay in Budapest

Budapest, the capital city of Hungary is a vibrant city and the ideal destination for anyone interested in history, beautiful architecture, thermal baths, gastronomy, and nightlife as well. In case you’re planning a visit to this city, congrats! Wonderful choice!

Now the next question you might be thinking about is where to stay in Budapest, am I right? And this is where I come to the rescue!

Deciding on the perfect district for your trip might be a tedious and overwhelming task, especially for first-timers, as Budapest is quite a big town. There are so many areas to stay in Budapest and each of them has its own vibe and unique pros and cons!

In this ultimate Budapest accommodation guide, I will explain everything you need to know about how Budapest is organized and which are the best areas for all types of tourists and budgets.

NOTE: Budapest is quite an affordable city, which also means there are many visitors (more than 4.4 million per year, to be more exact) planning a vacation there. This also means that good accommodations sell out REALLY fast, so it’s always better to book as far in advance as you can, trust me!

That being said, let’s jump right into it!

If you’re in a hurry…

If you need to take a quick decision for your stay in Budapest I gathered here the best accommodation options in District V, the very center of the city, also known as the Inner City or Downtown Budapest:

Should you stay in Buda or Pest?

Deciding if you want to stay in Buda or Pest is the first thing to do before finding your perfect accommodation. But is it better to stay on the Buda or Pest side? Even though the two halves are well-connected, they have a different vibe:

  • Buda is calmer, charming and fit for laid-back travelers; it’s on the West of the Danube river and is the more residential/local side of the city
  • Pest is vibrant, always awake and basically the opposite of boring; it’s on the East of the Danube river and where most of the tourist attractions are located.

I personally think Pest is best for most tourists as it where you will most likely spend the majority of your time while visiting all the sights of Budapest.

Here is a Buda vs Pest map so you can easily understand how Budapest is divided in Buda and Pest, and visualize all Budapest zones:

Where to Stay in Budapest best neighborhoods

Now let’s dive deeper into the subject! Budapest has no less than 23 districts. Here are my personalized neighborhood recommendations for all types of travelers:

  1. District V: Budapest Downtown – for first-time visitors
  2. District I: Budavár (Castle District) – best area for luxury
  3. District II: Rózsadomb – for families
  4. District VI: Terézváros – for budget travelers
  5. District VII: Erzsébetváros – for nightlife
  6. District VIII: Józsefváros (The Palace District) – the coolest neighborhood
  7. District IX: Ferencváros (Jewish Quarter) – for foodies
  8. District XIII: Angyalföld – for green areas

I hope everything’s a bit more clear to you by now. Now let’s find out which are the best hotels in each of these 8 districts of Budapest:

1. District V / Belváros – Lipótváros – best area for the first-time

District V where to stay in Budapest for first-time visitors

I’ll say it right from the start: District V, also known as Belváros – Lipótváros, is THE best area where to stay in Budapest for first-timers or for people who only have one or two nights in the city!

District V is on the Pest side and it’s basically the heart and soul of the city; actually, this is exactly what “Belváros” means in Hungarian – downtown. So if you were wondering what is the best place to stay in order to be close to all the main tourist attractions, cafes, bars and restaurants in Budapest, this is it!

Some of the main attractions you’ll find here include the Parliament building, St. Stephen’s Basilica and, of course, the famous Chain Bridge.

There is one downside of staying here, though. Because this district is so popular, it can be quite expensive, so it might not be the best choice for budget travelers who don’t want to stay in hostels (there’s plenty of those all over Budapest).

But it’s pure heaven for luxury travelers, as there are so many 5-star hotels here… and if you book them far in advance you could even find some good deals!

Luxury (US$160 and up)

best hotel in budapest
  • Aria Hotel Budapest by Library Hotel Collection – In case you’re looking for a gorgeous thermal hotel in Budapest, look no further! This is a well-known upscale hotel in the city and it awaits with 5-star service and impeccable reviews! Really, it doesn’t get better than this if you only want the best of the best!
  • InterContinental Hotel Budapest – Here’s another option if you want five-star hotels in Budapest. There are so many of them that it will be super hard to choose! The Intercontinental has a flawless location, amazing rooms with river views and excellent service! You’ll also be close to many restaurants and bars!
  • Four Seasons Hotel Gresham Palace Budapest – This is another great Budapest spa hotel in case you’re interested in some world-class relaxation. This hotel is the ideal choice if you want to feel like you’re a queen (or king) in its own castle! Everything scream “luxury”, from the beds to the restaurant and the building overall.
  • Budapest Marriott Hotel – If you want to stay in a Danube hotel in Budapest, this one’s a great choice as you’ll be super close to the river! Actually, ALL of their rooms have Danube views, can you believe it? This is the way the hotel was constructed and I think it’s a unique advantage!

Middle-priced (US$80 – US$160)

  • Amber Terrace Studios – This 3-star hotel awaits with all the facilities you might need for a great stay in Budapest, with a super central location! It’s close to Great Market Hall and the bank of the River Danube as well.
  • TG Design Suites Aparthotel Budapest – If you want to stay in an aparthotel in Budapest for some great prices, this one’s for you! This property has some very beautiful rooms and even an on-site restaurant and bar – what more can you wish for?!

Budget (up to US$80)

  • Amber Studios – These simple but very cute studios are the ideal choice for anyone traveling on a budget to Budapest. You’ll have an excellent location, right in the middle of nice restaurants, grocery stores, bars and cafés!
  • Maverick Hostel & Ensuites – Here’s another great choice, probably the best hotel in Budapest for budget travelers and backpackers! They have some very good prices and the rooms are very cute and clean.

2. District I / Budavár (Castle District) – best area for luxury

Castle District where to stay in Budapest for luxury

In case you’re interested in sightseeing and the best tourist places in the city, then District I, called Budavár is the perfect choice for you! It’s actually one of the most iconic (and exclusive) areas in Budapest!

District I is centrally located on the Buda side, West of Danube River. Some of the attractions and sites of this area include the Budapest Castle, Széchenyi Chain Bridge (which connects this neighborhood to District V), Rudas Thermal Baths etc. not to mention the beautiful historical buildings you’ll see everywhere you look around.

District I is also a great place for travelers who want to indulge, as you’ll find some amazing luxury hotels here, as well as chic shops, bars and world-class restaurants. I’d definitely recommend it to travelers who are not afraid to spend some money to get a great service, or even families traveling with children.

Luxury (US$160 and up)

  • Hilton Budapest – This awesome 5-star hotel has a stunning design that I absolutely adore! It’s located right in the heart of the Castle District and will offer you the best city views. Here you can work out in the fitness center, relax in the sauna or enjoy a massage.
  • Monastery Boutique Hotel – Here’s another 4-star choice if you are looking for a high-class hotel in the Castle District. This boutique hotel super close to Fisherman’s Bastion and some of the facilities includes free Wi-Fi, a delicious buffet breakfast, and more!
  • PEST-BUDA Design Hotel by Zsidai Hotels at Buda Castle – If you love hotels with a unique, contemporary design, this one’s your choice! The rooms are just perfect if you ask me – bright, clean and with super cool decor. This hotel, located in the Castle District, was originally opened in 1696, can you believe it?!

Middle-priced (US$90 – US$160)

best hotels in central budapest
  • Christine Apartment close to the Buda Castle – This awesome 4-star hotel comes with some great prices, considering the amazing service they’re offering! It’s located right above a grill restaurant, very close to Buda Castle. Plus, the rooms are super cozy!
  • Hotel Castle Garden – This beautiful boutique-style hotel features cozy and stylish air-conditioned rooms right in the middle of the Castle District. Enjoy the uniquely styled bistro restaurant with a bar and the big garden that surrounds the property.

Budget (up to US$90)

  • Ékszerdoboz A Budai Vár Alatt – What is better than finding an entire apartment for an affordable price? Well, here it is! This incredible accommodation is comfortable and has a great value for the price, so good!
  • Hotel Orion Várkert – Here’s another small and super charming hotel, right in the heart of the Castle District. One of the greatest advantages of staying here is the fact that you can use their on-site sauna and fitness center for free!

3. District II / Rózsadomb – best part of Budapest to stay for families

District II where to stay in Budapest for families

If you go a bit North from the Castle District (which I described above), you’ll arrive in the second neighborhood of Budapest – Rózsadomb.

This area is perfect for travelers looking to avoid tourist traps and enjoy the city from a local’s perspective!

Now if you ask me, I think Rózsadomb is a bit underrated. But it’s so charming! Some of the things you can do here include a romantic walk on the beautiful streets, some relaxation at one of the three baths in the area: Lukács Thermal Bath, Veli Bej or Kiraly Bath or you can indulge in some local food at Fény Street Market Hall.

No worries, even if District II is not the “epicenter” of tourist spots in Budapest, you’ll be close to the center of the city, so you won’t miss out on anything! But it’s a great choice for families or those of you who want a calmer district, far away from the hustle and bustle of Budapest city center.

Here are your best accommodation options in District II:

Luxury (US$160 and up)

  • The Hotel Unforgettable – Hotel Tiliana by Homoky Hotels – The name is pretty much correct – this 4-star hotel in Budapest is really unforgettable! The rooms are very cozy and modern, and I totally recommend this hotel to families, as they have a big playground for the little ones, as well as an outdoor swimming pool!
  • Hotel Regnum Residence – Here’s another perfect option that awaits with luxurious service and facilities. They have free Wi-Fi, beautiful rooms, large windows, and even an on-site restaurant that serves great food!

Middle-priced (US$90 – US$160)

best luxury hotels in budapest for families
  • Ria’s Apartment – I know you were expecting a hotel, but this is actually an amazing apartment in District II that offers hotel-style facilities! The rooms are cozy and they even have access to a sauna. Plus, they have free private parking!
  • Grand Jules – Boat Hotel – Have you ever stayed in a boat hotel? Well, if not, this is your chance! This cool accommodation is located on the Danube riverbank and offers amazing views of the Parliament Building.

Budget (up to US$90)

  • BI&BI – This bed and breakfast in Budapest is a very good choice for any budget traveler out there! They have different types of rooms that you can choose from and they’re fit for bigger groups as well. Plus, it’s very close to public transport, both metro and tram stations!
  • Klebelsberg Kastély Budapest – This budget hotel offers some amazing facilities and amenities for unmissable prices! Some of the biggest pluses include free Wi-Fi, a 24-hour front desk, buffet breakfast and more!

4. District VI / Terézváros – where to stay in Budapest on a budget

District VI where to stay in Budapest on a budget

District VI, also called Terézváros, is located on the Pest side of Budapest and it’s an excellent choice for budget travelers. In fact the entire city is home to a huge collection of hostels and many of them are located inside super elegant historic buildings!

Some of the highlights of this area include the Szechenyi Baths, one of the oldest and most famous thermal baths in Budapest. But here you’ll find tons of upscale and boutique shops, as well as the Hungarian State Opera.

Actually, this avenue is a UNESCO World Heritage site, did you know that? Another great thing about this neighborhood is that you’ll be within walking distance to the city center! What more could you ask for?

Luxury (US$150 and up)

  • Hotel Moments Budapest – If you’re searching for high-end hotels in Budapest, this one’s a great option! It’s a very beautiful property with tasteful decor that provides 4-star service for all its guests. The best thing is that it’s actually located on the iconic Andrassy Avenue – what more can you wish for?!
  • Barceló Budapest – In case you want elegant hotels in Budapest, then you should book a room at Barceló and you won’t regret it! This hotel awaits with an on-site restaurant, a bar, a nice garden, amazing rooms, concierge service and more!

Middle-priced (US$90 – US$150)

best budget hotels in budapest
  • Medosz Hotel – This awesome 3-star hotel has a very convenient location and even better prices. It’s close to the Opera House and Saint Stephen’s Basilica as well, plus the rooms are very clean and nicely decorated.
  • T62 Hotel – If you’re looking for super cool decor, I might have an excellent recommendation! This hotel has free Wi-Fi, views of the city, and air-conditioned rooms. All in all, it’s very tasteful and vibrant, I really like it!

Budget (up to US$90)

  • Madana Aparman – Do you want to stay in a super cute and VERY affordable hotel located a few steps from St. Stephen’s Basilica? Search no more, as this one’s your perfect choice! Free parking, great location and a super cozy atmosphere – all these are waiting for you at this hostel!
  • Sakuranbo – Guest House – In case you prefer a guest house instead, no worries, I got you! This awesome property is simple but very cozy and it basically has everything you might need for a perfect stay in Budapest.

5. District VII / Jewish Quarter – best area for Budapest nightlife

Jewish Quarter where to stay in Budapest for nightlife

Erzsébetváros is also known as the historic Jewish Quarter of Budapest and it’s the best place for tourists interested in vibrant nightlife and dancing ‘til the sun comes up!

And here’s a fun fact: this is the smallest neighborhood in the city! Some of the highlights of this area include the New York Palace and the biggest synagogue in Europe and the second biggest one in the world – Dohány Street Synagogue.

You’ll also find TONS of good bars and local restaurants here serving international cuisine, as well as pubs and, of course, the famous ruin bars. It’s a great place to stay in Budapest if you want to be close to cheap beer and cool nightclubs for all tastes!

Luxury (US$130 and up)

  • New York Palace, The Dedica Anthology, Autograph Collection – The New York Hotel in Budapest is actually an iconic accommodation in the city! It’s simply superb and it provides impeccable 5-star service. It’s located right in the heart of the city close to the best restaurants and ruin bars!
  • Corinthia Budapest – If you want to stay in a Budapest spa hotel, here’s an excellent choice for you! This 5-star hotel awaits with a royal spa, 3 restaurants, a cozy on-site cafe and superb rooms. There’s simply nothing more to ask!

Middle-priced (US$80 – US$130)

hostel budapest
  • Tempo Life Apartment – This lovely apartment is close to the center and the main attractions! Beautiful interior, great location and reasonable price… what more do you need? The host is also super friendly!
  • City-Hotel Budapest – This 4-star hotel in the center of Budapest comes with some very good prices, considering the world-class service they offer! It’s very close to the Opera House as well!

Budget (up to US$80)

  • Maverick City Lodge – This awesome hostel has some very good prices and stunning reviews from its guests! The rooms are simple and very clean and they have free Wi-Fi everywhere, bike rentals and a spacious common room with a kitchen as well!
  • Connection Guesthouse – If you want to feel right at home during your stay in Budapest, then you should reserve this property! This guest house is the definition of cozy and it has free Wi-Fi, clean rooms and more!

6. District VIII – the coolest neighborhood in Budapest

coolest area in Budapest

If you’re looking for one of the coolest and artistic districts in Budapest, this one’s for you!

The highlights of this neighborhood include the National Museum, Natural History Museum, and Szabó Ervin Library. You’ll also find plenty of local restaurant and cafe options, as well as many art galleries and hipster bars.

Okay, but what’s up with the name of this neighborhood? Well, it’s called the “Palace District” because there are a number of palaces here such as Almássy Palace, Gráf Festetics Palace, Gráf Károlyi Alajos Palace, Degenfeld-Schonburg Palace and the list can go on.

I recommend staying as close to the center of the neighborhood as possible, as that’s the best area for tourists.

Luxury (US$130 and up)

  • Bo18 Hotel Superior – This upscale hotel is simply gorgeous and the best option if you want to get full relaxation after visiting the city. In fact, this luxurious accommodation offers Finnish and infrared sauna, hot tub and fitness facilities!
  • Hotel Palazzo Zichy Budapest – Free use of the sauna and fitness center? Yes, please! This beautiful 4-star hotel has everything you might want for a great stay in Budapest, from amazing rooms to free Wi-Fi and a rooftop terrace!

Middle-priced (US$80 – US$130)

boutique hotel budapest
  • Central Hotel 21 – This hotel offers great rooms and apartments in Budapest is an excellent choice for people who want the best value-money ratio! The property offers a 3-star service for some great prices and it’s also located right in the heart of the district. Win-win!
  • The Three Corners Hotel Anna Superior – I really think the design of this hotel is very nice! I’m also recommending it to anyone looking for newer hotels – it actually opened in 2017! They also have many great facilities such as an on-site bar and an airport shuttle.

Budget (up to US$80)

  • Vajda 15 Hostel Budapest – Staying in District VIII on a budget is definitely possible and this awesome hostel is the perfect example! They have different types of rooms that you can choose from, from private to dormitory. Plus, it’s a great place to meet other travelers and backpackers!
  • Maple Tree Apartments – This 3-star accommodations comes with some very good prices. The budget apartments have a patio, a balcony or a terrace.. a great choice and you can read more about the property on their Booking page!

7. District IX – where to stay in Budapest for foodies

national theatre budapest

Ferencváros, the ninth district of Budapest, is a very diverse and versatile area in the city, perfect for all types of travelers out there!

This quiet neighborhood is located in the South of Budapest, while still being super central and close to the main attractions. There is diversity regarding everything here, from the range of activities you can do to the food options (make sure to check out the Central Market Hall, by the way), to the hotel options, of course.

You can find anything you want here, from traditional food stalls serving lángos to the well-known Costes restaurant that has a Michelin star. Some other highlights of this neighborhood include the National Theatre, Müpa Budapest and Dandár Thermal Bath.

Luxury (US$130 and up)

  • The Three Corners Lifestyle Hotel – This awesome 4-star hotel is located very close to the Great Market Hall, right in the heart of this district. Some of the best things about it are the beautiful terrace and the sauna as well, both of them perfect for some relaxation. Plus, the rooms are simply superb!
  • TK Homes – These beautiful homes are the perfect mix between luxury and comfort! They actually have different types of apartments, depending on how big your group is – the biggest option being 4 people. They also have free Wi-Fi, a fully equipped kitchen and more!

Middle-priced (US$70 – US$130)

hostel budapest
  • Corvin Hotel Corvin Wing – Here’s another excellent 4-star hotel that you can choose for your stay. Some of the rooms have a balcony with nice views, and they even have triple rooms or suites that you can choose from! The location is great for riverside walks, so nice!
  • MEININGER Budapest Great Market Hall – If you’ve always wanted to stay in a hotel that has floor-to-ceiling windows, this one’s for you! The staff is helpful, the rooms are super cute and the location is pretty great as well!

Budget (up to US$70)

  • Water Tower Budapest 1097 – Here are another one of Budapest’s best budget accommodations out there. Spacious rooms, friendly staff and access to a lovely garden – these are just some of the top advantages of staying here!
  • Flow Hostel – This bright and colorful hostel is another excellent choice for your stay. This accommodation has a shared terrace and a lounge as well, ideal to relax after a day of exploration! You can read more about the property on their Booking page!

8. District XIII / Angyalföld – if you love green areas

budapest by night

Although it’s located on the Pest side of the city, District XIII has a very calm and residential atmosphere, typical to Buda. It’s a great place for laid-back travelers looking for green spaces and charming streets while being away from the chaos of the city center.

You’ll find tons of great restaurants, local bars, cozy cafes, antique shops and charming bookshops in Angyalföld. I also recommend checking out Margaret Island (Margit Sziget in Hungarian), a gorgeous island-park perfect for some relaxation.

NOTE: If you decide to make District XIII your base, please know that you won’t be within walking distance to the city center, so you’ll have to rely on public transport, the tram and bus being one of your best bets.

Luxury (US$140 and up)

  • Ensana Thermal Margaret Island – Here’s another choice for those of you looking for a beautiful Budapest spa hotel! If you want an excellent, upscale stay in Budapest without paying a ton of money, look no further! By the way, they have both an indoor and an outdoor pool!
  • Arpad Bridge Apartments – If you are searching for a high-quality hotel very close to the Danube river, this one’s for you! It’s located right in the heart of the district and the rooms are simply gorgeous. Satisfaction guaranteed!

Middle-priced (US$80 – US$140)

best hotels to stay in budapest
  • Ensana Grand – Yep, this hotel is right on Margaret Island! It’s actually a landmark of the district, as it was built in 1873; one of its best facilities is the beautiful spa that can be used by the guests. Perfect for a good value stay in Budapest!
  • Szőnyi Garden Hotel Pest – This 3-star accommodation is one of the top hotels in Budapest offering an amazing quality for the money you’ll spend when you stay here. Get ready for a great experience, a hot tub, free Wi-Fi, and much more!

Budget (up to US$80)

  • Corner Hotel Budapest – This modern hotel is an excellent choice for budget travelers wondering where to stay in this district. The rooms come with a patio and garden views!
  • Evergreen Budapest Guest House – Here’s a guesthouse type of accommodation where you can enjoy some days of coziness and relaxation! They serve daily breakfast, the rooms are spacious and the rooms have a cute, traditional decor.
👑 Luxury price:US$150
💵 Mid Range:US$110
🛏️ Budget:US$80
📍 Best neighborhood:District V – Budapest Downtown
🛎️ Best luxury hotel:Aria Hotel Budapest
💵 Mid-range hotel:TG Design Suites
👛 Best budget hotel:Maverick Hostel & Ensuites

Best apartments in Budapest

budapest cafe

I know there are travelers out there that prefer a homey feeling when they travel to a new city. I feel you, as I’m exactly the same! Luckily for us, there’s Airbnb available, and Budapest honestly has TONS of fabulous options that you can choose from.

Staying in an apartment is a great option for bigger groups of people and for families as well, as you’ll have plenty of space and, oftentimes, even better prices than hotels.

That being said, here are my Airbnb recommendations in Budapest, all of them located in the downtown area, meaning in District V:

Luxury (US$120 and up)

  • Beautiful apartment in perfect location – Honestly, the title says it all. This high-quality, romantic apartment is simply gorgeous and it has an excellent location as well, very close to all the main attractions in the city including Matthias Church, Central Market Hall and more.
  • Modern apartment with panoramic views – This bright and sparkling clean property is another excellent choice for a comfortable stay in Budapest. This is perfect for travelers seeking to experience the best of what Budapest has to offer. Centrally located and a walking distance to top tourist spots.

Middle-priced (US$80 – US$120)

budapest hotel
  • Top Location Brand NEW STUDIO 2 – Here’s a very modern and beautiful property that comes with some very good prices. The apartment was recently renovated, so you can rest assured that you’ll stay in a new, clean and cozy space.
  • Design home next to the Basilica (self-check-in) – This cute and romantic apartment has a great location as well and it’s ideal for a couple or a group of up to 4 people. It’s also very well connected to the rest of the city, being close to bus stations, subway and many bars, restaurants and cafes.

Budget (up to US$80)

  • Metropolitan Apartment – City Break – Of course I found some amazing budget apartments for your stay! This one is super clean and it has a homey atmosphere, perfect for a good night’s sleep! Read more about the property on their Booking page.
  • OktoHome Suite – Here’s another simple but very good choice that has some unbeatable fees, considering the fact that it’s right in the heart of the city! By the way, make sure to book it in advance to benefit for some even better prices if you can!

BONUS: Best hotels near Budapest Airport

budapest crowded metro

In case you have a late-night flight or you leave super early in the morning, staying as close as possible to the airport might be the smartest choice for you. Budapest Airport (BUD) is located around 20 km from the city center, which means around half an hour to it by car.

Here are my hotel recommendations near Budapest airport (one per each type of budget):

  • Airport Hotel – This is my recommendation for travelers that want to be spoiled during their stay close to the airport. This is a great place where you can benefit from 4-star service, and even a minibus that can take you to the airport!
  • Airport Almáskert Panzió – This middle-priced accommodation will be perfect for people looking for great value. It’s actually a very simple and super cozy bed and breakfast that awaits with all the facilities you may need for a quality stay!
  • Airport Aparman – Aaand here’s one for all budget travelers out there that want to be super close to the airport. This apartment is clean, cozy and it has some very good prices. What more would you ask for?

Frequently Asked Questions about Hotels in Budapest

📍Which is the best area to stay in Budapest?

The best area to stay in Budapest especially for first-time visitors is District V, at the luxurious Aria Hotel Budapest or the TG Design Suites for great value!

⚖️ Is it better to stay in Buda or Pest?

This depends on what you’re looking for: Buda is calmer, charming and fit for laid-back travelers; Pest, is awake and lively, good for vibrant nightlife!

💃🏻Where to stay in Budapest for nightlife?

The best area to stay in Budapest especially for nightlife is District VII (the Jewish Quarter), where you can stay at Tempo Life Apartment or City-Hotel Budapest, both with great value for the price!

🎅 Where to stay in Budapest for the Christmas market?

The best area to stay super close to enjoying the Christmas Market is District V, where you’ll be within walking distance from all the market stalls.

💑 What are the best hotels in Budapest for couples?

Hilton Budapest and PEST-BUDA by Zsidai Hotels are two great options for couples looking for a romantic escape in Budapest. Both are located in the Castle District so be ready to live your fairy tale happy ending!


budapest building

Phew, you have reached the end of my ultimate guide on Budapest accommodation, congrats!

I’m 100% sure that, after reading this article, you already know a lot about the 8 best neighborhoods and hotels where to stay in Budapest and you probably already booked the perfect place for you from the choices above.

But if you haven’t, here are my 2 favorite hotels with great reviews and value, to give you some extra help:

In case you need more travel inspiration for Budapest, I recommend you read this article about the Best Things to Do in Budapest, Hungary.

Are you traveling to Budapest soon? Do you have any other questions? Let me know in the comments below, I’m happy to help!

Happy travels,


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