Where to Stay in Tbilisi – 6 TOP Areas from Experience

A panoramic view of Tbilisi with the Peace Bridge and Rike Park visible, showcasing the city's blend of historical architecture and modern landmarks under a golden sunset.

Gamarjoba traveler (that was “hi” in Georgian!), and welcome to Tbilisi! This charming city with more than 2500 years of urban history and 8000 years of winemaking history is the new tourist hotspot for adventurers headed to the Caucasus region!

I visited Tbilisi for a week, read all the travel guides about it, and compared ALL the hotels across the city, so I’m more than ready to help you plan your trip!

Stay in Old Tbilisi if you’re visiting for the first time, as this is where most of the attractions and the heart of the city are. But I also got you covered with 5 more areas that I sorted by interest and included the top-rated accommodation in each! To make things even easier, I’ve ordered them by price.

Just remember to book your stay in advance, as Tbilisi is super crowded with tourists and you don’t want to miss out on the perfect spot!

Quick Picks for Your Stay

Here’s a shortlist of all the best hotels located in Tbilisi Old Town:

luxury hotel
An elegant indoor swimming pool in a luxury hotel with blue mood lighting
mid-range hotel
An eclectic hotel room with a bold mural featuring graphic eyes and colorful abstract shape

ibis Styles

Best value for money

budget hotel
A charming vintage-style hallway adorned with brick accents, framed art, and antique furniture

Doors Meidan Design Hotel

Best affordable accommodation in the center

This map will help you visualize all the areas where to stay in Tbilisi, Georgia, that I will be talking about in this post:

A colorful map highlighting the best areas to stay in Tbilisi with numbered locations and labels for easy navigation
  1. Old Town: for first-timers
  2. Mtatsminda & Rustaveli Avenue: for the urban experience
  3. Avlabari: for budget
  4. Vera: for families
  5. Chugureti and Marjanishvili: for trendy vibes
  6. Vake: for luxury

1. Old Town – where to stay in Tbilisi for the first time

The writer of the post and her partner posing for a selfie with the Narikala Fortress in the background, reflecting a personal moment set against Tbilisi's rich historical backdrop

There’s no better way to explore Tbilisi than to base yourself in the heart of the city! With small, colorful houses placed one right next to the other and narrow cobbled streets, this area of Tbilisi is so dreamy! In fact, I call it the best area to stay for first-timers!

This neighborhood is full of old churches, museums, and other landmarks, and even though some require renovation, they just add to the area’s charm. The residential architecture found in the Old Town is also worth taking in, as many of the buildings date back to the 18th century. Since the city is extremely old, you can find structures from back in the 5th century, too!

The Old Town consists of Liberty Square (also known as Freedom Square), the Abanotubani area with the traditional Sulphur baths, as well as Sololaki with trendy cafes and colorful homes. 

Over the years, this area of Tbilisi has just gotten better and better. Now, the streets are filled with art shops, wine houses, and many other interesting places that will keep you away from your hotel! 

A quaint street in Tbilisi during golden hour, highlighting traditional Georgian architecture with wooden balconies and a cobbled street, radiating warmth and local culture

You must try local dishes like khinkali (Georgian dumplings with spices and meat) and khachapuri (Georgian cheese bread), and pair those with red wine. There are tons of restaurants here, but I especially recommend the Restaurant Hide (map).

Nearby is the beautiful National Botanical Garden (map), with stunning views and nature. We came to Tbilisi for a friend’s wedding, and they actually took their wedding photos here! So you can imagine how beautiful it is.

All the other attractions, like the beautiful Narikala Fortress (map) or the Mother of Georgia Statue adjacent to it, are pretty much walkable from anywhere you stay here (you can take a cable car to the statue). 

Finally, you can cross the beautiful bow-shaped Bridge of Peace (map) to get to Avlabari, another vibrant area known for affordable accommodation and delicious restaurants, or walk past Freedom Square to reach Rustaveli Avenue and the city’s newer districts. 

Luxury hotel
A collage of three hotel photos to stay in Tbilisi: an opulent living room with a cream sofa and ornate patterns on the wall, a classic bedroom with a majestic bed frame, and an indoor pool lined with wave-shaped loungers under a blue luminescent ceiling.

I love the beautiful and chic design of this Georgian luxury hotel! One of the best places to stay in Tbilisi, which has private rooms and a bar. You can go for a swim in the morning and then eat a delicious breakfast on the terrace. I would hit the sauna after that long trip to the city!

Other accommodation options in Old Town

A bright and colorful hotel room with artistic walls and a cozy bed

A perfect stay in Tbilisi Old Town that has great views of the city, unique rooms, a bar, and a beautiful terrace

A vintage-inspired office space with a classic wooden desk, green banker's lamp, and plush red chair

A dreamy boutique hotel in the Old Town area with unique Georgian family rooms, free Wi-Fi, and private bathrooms

A minimalist Scandinavian-style living area with a sleek navy blue sofa

This beautiful apartment has a great location, private rooms, a nice kitchen, and free parking

Things to do in Old Town

  • Go on a walking tour around the Old Town, drink wine, and ride a cable car
  • Take a traditional sulfur Georgian bath at the Royal Baths
  • Take a picture of the unique Mother of Georgia statue
  • Enjoy the beautiful atmosphere in Liberty Square (Freedom Square)
  • Check out the architecture of the Anchiskhati Basilica
  • Visit the Georgian National Youth Palace (map)

2. Mtatsminda & Rustaveli Avenue – an area with great views

A close-up of the brick-built bell tower of the Mamadaviti Church in Tbilisi, showcasing Georgian ecclesiastical architecture against a backdrop of lush greenery

The biggest district in Tbilisi, located West of the Old town, was named after the mountain Mtatsminda, the city’s symbol and its highest point. It’s a lovely area to stay in, especially because it’s so close to the Old Town. Rustaveli Avenue is located just a minute’s walk away, and this is the main street in town that connects Liberty Square with the rest of the city. 

Rustaveli Avenue is full of nice shops, so if you’re looking for where to stay in Tbilisi to treat yourself to some new clothes or souvenirs, then definitely check out this area! It’s also where major museums like the Georgian National Museum and the National Gallery are located.

I loved walking in Dedaena Park, just 2 blocks from Rustaveli Ave by the Kura River (Garetubani district). They have a bunch of flea markets here, with the Dry Bridge Market (map) being the most popular one! I’d say this is the perfect place to buy some unique souvenirs!

The writer of the post in a yellow dress strolling past Tbilisi's leaning clock tower and colorful buildings, capturing a whimsical and vibrant street scene

Mtatsminda is known for its panoramic views and the lovely Mtatsminda Park (map) filled with fun adrenaline-boosting rides! If we have any hiker lovers among us, I recommend checking out the Tbilisi TV Tower trail, but only if you are an experienced hiker. The views as you climb up are the best! 

If you’re looking for an easier route, I think you’ll love the Mtatsminda Pantheon hike. It’s one of my favorite spots here, as it’s very bohemian, and it’s where the most prominent writers, authors, and artists in Georgia are buried!

Here, you’ll get to experience the authentic local atmosphere as there are some old Georgian residential spots in this neighborhood. You’ll find the best hotels here. However, the prices might be a bit high as the Old Town is located within walking distance. 

Luxury hotel
A collage of three hotel photos to stay in Tbilisi: the iconic glass skyscraper of Biltmore Hotel Tbilisi, a bedroom with modern furnishings and expansive city views, and a bright sitting area with floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking the old town.

One of the best luxurious hotels in Tbilisi with views of the city that will leave you breathless! Order room service and enjoy your breakfast while looking outside the big windows! I love it; it’s like a scene in a movie! There’s also a swimming pool and a bar if you’re in the mood for some day drinking!

Other accommodation options in Mtatsminda & Rustaveli Avenue

A cozy modern bedroom featuring a plush bed with a blue ornate pattern comforter

A brand new, renovated hotel with a convenient location and modern amenities

A well-lit, spacious attic-style lounge area with a kitchenette and dining space

One of the best hotels in Tbilisi, great for budget guests, close to all attractions, and it has cozy rooms

A stylish living room with a caramel-colored leather sofa, hardwood floors, and unique decor

This apartment has a stunning view of the city and a thoughtfully-decorated vintage interior

Things to do in Mtatsminda & Rustaveli Avenue

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3. Avlabari – best place to stay in Tbilisi for budget travelers

The Holy Trinity Cathedral of Tbilisi, also known as Sameba, towering over the cityscape with its golden dome and traditional Georgian architectural elements

Located just across the Kura River from the Old Town, there’s only a 20-minute walk to Tbilisi’s City Center from Avlabari. This is one of the best places to stay in Tbilisi for all budget travelers as you can find cheap hotels but at the same time, you’re really close to all the big attractions. 

As you cross the Bridge of Peace, which connects Old Tbilisi and Avlabari, you’ll enter Rike Park, one of the most beautiful green spaces in Tbilisi after Mtatsminda Park, if you ask me! I loved walking along its gardens and taking pictures of the colorful flowers. If you want to hop on that air balloon ride, know that it’s here! This is also a great spot for panoramic views of the Narikala Fortress!

Although many landmarks are within walking distance, you also have a metro station in this area, so don’t worry if your feet give up on you! 

One of the top attractions in the city, the Sameba Cathedral, or the Holy Trinity Cathedral (map), is located here! I’ll forever remember our visit to the cathedral: as we were walking inside, a priest approached my husband and our friend and asked them to help install a giant cross on the wall. After they finished the job, together with the priest and the construction workers, we engaged in a deep discussion about values in life, religion, and spirituality. It was a very special experience. We now like to joke about how we went to Tbilisi to help build a cathedral! 

The writer of the post ascending the stone steps towards the grand entrance of the Sameba Cathedral under a bright blue sky, capturing a moment of exploration and admiration

The Sameba Cathedral is one of the largest Orthodox cathedrals in the world – it’s 101 meters (331 feet) high!

Now, Avlabari is a lively neighborhood with many cafes, restaurants, shops, and clubs. Grab some food in one of the many restaurants in the area or buy souvenirs at the countless shops before spending an evening bar-hopping!

The area is also home to most of Tbilisi’s gay community. It can get a little loud at night, and some people love that about this neighborhood. However, I don’t recommend Avlabari for couples who are looking for a quiet and romantic evening.

You still have to see all the Georgian architecture in Avlabari, including a fortress and the Metekhi Virgin Mary Assumption Church, which has such a cool location (map)!

Luxury hotel
A collage of three hotel photos to stay in Tbilisi: the unique facade of Sandali Metekhi Boutique Hotel with wrought iron balconies, a cozy room with a view of the cityscape, and a vibrant lounge with eclectic furniture and greenery.

This fabulous boutique hotel is just 250 m from the metro station and a walking distance to Old Tbilisi. It has a terrace with fabulous city views, modern rooms with fancy lighting, a delicious complimentary breakfast, and super polite staff.

Other accommodation options in Avlabari

An elegant waiting area with a gray tufted sectional sofa, floor lamp and indoor plants

A 3-star hotel with clean and cozy rooms, free parking, and a central location next to the metro

A simple yet elegant bedroom with a large bed, tufted headboard, and crisp linens

An excellent value for money with duplexes that are perfect for families

A classic two-story brick house with a balcony, featuring outdoor seating and an umbrella

A great place to stay in Avlabari, this old house has a backyard, a lovely kitchen, and private rooms

Things to do in Avlabari

4. Vera – where to stay in Tbilisi for families

A mother carrying her child on her shoulders, with Tbilisi’s famous cliff-hanging houses in the background, reflecting a moment of family enjoyment in a historic setting

Vera is located on the West side of the city, just between Vake and Mtatsminda. It’s a 30-minute walk from the Old Town and is a great base for families and everyone looking for a chilled and quiet neighborhood.

Still, Vera is an up-and-coming area that is becoming super trendy as we speak. Chavchavadze Avenue (map), one of the city’s main avenues, stretches along Vera and Vake, and it’s a beautiful tree-lined boulevard to walk, shop, and people-watch.

This residential neighborhood is known for its beautiful green location and parks at every corner. I particularly recommend it for families as there are plenty of picnic spots or playgrounds that will keep the kids occupied while you enjoy the atmosphere in Tbilisi, Georgia. 

I’m sure the families will also love spending a fun afternoon at the Tbilisi Zoo in the adjacent Saburtalo neighborhood! I know I loved it so much when I was traveling with my parents as a kid! 

When you want to visit Old Tbilisi, just head down Rustaveli Avenue, and you’ll reach Freedom Square (from which the Old Town begins) in less than 30 minutes. It’s a great walk where you’ll pass numerous shops, eateries, and cafés for everyone to relax and explore local cuisine.

Luxury hotel
A collage of three hotel photos to stay in Tbilisi: a spacious courtyard with modern wooden benches at the Stamba Hotel, a detailed view of a room with a patterned backdrop, and an inviting dining area with transparent roofing and plush seating.

If you love some good old traditional Georgian aesthetics, then I highly recommend this place! It’s definitely one of the best hotels in Tbilisi, just a look at the uniquely designed private rooms and they will steal your heart! You can have dinner with a view on the terrace that has huge windows and if you’re in the mood, you can hit the gym!

Other accommodation options in Vera

An opulent indoor dining area within a classical atrium, decorated with a plethora of dining tables

One of the best places to stay in Tbilisi, Georgia that offers cozy rooms with private bathrooms and breakfast

A modern hotel room featuring a large bed with blue accents, hardwood floors, and balcony

One of the best hotels in the city for families that offers breakfast, a nice sun terrace, and spacious rooms

A bright dining room with a wooden table set for six, complemented by a green sofa

Check out this minimalistic budget apartment that has a kitchen, a backyard, and an indoor fireplace

Things to do in Vera

5. Chugureti and Marjanishvili – where to stay for hip vibes

A view of Rike Park and the Presidential Palace in Tbilisi, showcasing modern architecture with the futuristic Rike Concert Hall and the flag of Georgia flying atop the government building

Located East of the Old Town across the river, these areas are very friendly and full of trendy restaurants, bars, and cafes. Marjanishvili is closer to the Old Town, while Chugureti spreads further North and East.

I love it when I find raw places that haven’t been touched up to look good for the tourists! Marjanishvili and Chugureti are full of cool and hip street art, not to mention the old soviet mosaics and monuments! I love it, it’s so original! Speaking of originality, in this neighborhood, you’ll find the coolest hostel you’ve ever seen – this area is known for its unusual accommodations.

The center of all the action in the area is around the Fabrika (map), this cool, redesigned industrial center that’s now a hotspot for chic bars, street art, and nightlife. 

Dive into the local cuisine and wine bars and find some really cheap restaurants here. The best one is Barbarestan (map). It’s among the top eateries that you have to try here, and it’s inspired by one of the most popular feminists in Georgia, Barbare Eristavi-Jorjadze. 

You can use the Marjanishvili, Tsereteli, and Station Square metro lines to see other parts of Tbilisi. 

A charming view of a cottage-style house with a lush garden in full bloom, presenting an idyllic and picturesque setting abundant with greenery and flowers

HIDDEN GEM: Just a short taxi drive away is the Gardenia Shevardnadze (map), the most romantic botanical garden with old homes and authentic 19th-century décor. It’s one of the most beautiful spots in the entire town, and I definitely recommend it if you want to take some Insta-perfect pictures! We visited with friends and never wanted to leave. Everything was just so cute!

Luxury hotel
A collage of three hotel photos to stay in Tbilisi: a snug bedroom with white linens and dark wood at Unfound Door Hotel, a modern apartment with a green kitchenette and velvet sofa, and a simplistic black chair set against a white brick wall interior.

This 5-star experience combines authentic Georgian charm and architecture with modern luxury. It’s nestled in an old building, has an on-site bar and restaurant, and even lets you rent a bike or a car. Their spacious King Suites are excellent for couples!

Other accommodation options in Marjanishvili

A rooftop terrace setup with a black metal table and chairs, overlooking urban architecture

Stay in Tbilisi in one of the best hotels that is great for couples and offers guests room service 

A modern bedroom with an industrial aesthetic featuring a large window with yellow curtains

A top-rated budget hostel in Tbilisi that has a courtyard with many restaurants and bars and private rooms

A homey living space filled with books, warm lighting, and a collection of cultural memorabilia

Guests will love this great budget place with a bohemian design that has a kitchen and a patio

Things to do in Marjanishvili

6. Vake – best place to stay in Tbilisi for luxury 

A scenic view of the Vake Park in Tbilisi, with well-manicured hedges and walkways leading to the World War II Memorial of the Eternal Flame.

Located in the Western part of Tbilisi, this area is perfect for travelers who aren’t afraid to go all out when they’re on holiday! It’s 7.6 km (4.7 miles) West of the Old Town and bordered by Vera on the East.

Important politicians and rich people in Georgia used to live in this neighborhood, and as a result, the luxurious hotels here are a bit more pricey, but they are so worth it!

Vake is one of the best areas of Tbilisi and is home to a combination of old vintage houses and new buildings. Of course, you’ll find tons of luxurious restaurants and bars. If you’re in the mood for some shopping, you can head to Rustaveli Avenue and walk towards the City Center or get a bus if you’re not really in the mood to walk.

To the East of the district, closer to Vera, is a top-rated Wine Factory N1 (map), a trendy spot with restaurants, a wine cellar, and TONS of people in the evening. 

Another interesting attraction I recommend for history lovers is the Tbilisi Museum of Ethnography (map). It’s set outdoors and has stunning examples of traditional Georgian architecture and artifacts!

This posh area in Tbilisi, Georgia, is covered by the huge Vake Park. The views of the city are great here and there’s a bit of history surrounding the place as there’s a WWII memorial (map) and a grand fountain that looks so majestic!

This area is trendy and great to live in, but if you’re only spending a couple of days in Tbilisi without a car, I don’t recommend it because it lacks a proper metro connection to the rest of the city. This is the only reason I’ve listed it last on the list. On the other hand, if you’re visiting with a car or are planning a longer stay, then you should definitely consider this district, too.

Luxury hotel
A collage of three hotel photos to stay in Tbilisi: the sleek interior of Pullman Tbilisi Axis Towers with a marble bar and unique lighting fixtures, a minimalist bedroom with framed artwork and city views, and a stylish living space with a mustard-yellow sofa set and round tables.

This hotel screams luxury and elegance! It’s set in a high-rise building, so it offers posh rooms with the most scenic city and mountain views. The variety of rooms cater to solo travelers, business travelers, couples, and families. There’s also an on-site fitness center, a bar, and room service for your comfort. 

Other accommodation options in Vake

A stylish hotel lobby with a tree motif backlit panel and chic furniture

Guests will love this great hotel in Vake that has rooms with a cute balcony and seating area for couples

A basic yet welcoming hotel room with twin beds, clean linens, and a practical design

A lovely 3-star hotel with clean rooms, airport shuttle services, and a cute terrace overlooking the city

A spacious and eclectic living room with an artistic blue sofa, abstract wall art, and a unique fireplace

Enjoy luxury with comfort like no other in Vake in this magazine-like apartment 

Things to do in Vake

  • Take a stroll in the friendly Vake Park
  • Have fun visiting the Wine Factory N1 in Vake
  • Try authentic Georgian dishes at Restaurant Tabla (map)
  • Visit the Open Air Museum of Ethnography
  • Hop on a ride to the jaw-dropping Chronicle of Georgia (map)
  • Visit the Vake Turtle Lake
👑 Luxury price:$160
💵 Mid-range hotel:$70
🛏️ Budget:$30
📍 Best area:Old Town
🛎️ Best luxury hotel:Ambassadori Tbilisi
🧳 Best mid-range hotel:Ibis Styles
👛 Best budget hotel:Fabrika Hostel & Suites

BONUS: Enjoy the Tbilisi nightlife in these top 4 bars

A quaint alleyway in Tbilisi lined with greenery and outdoor café seating, capturing the charming atmosphere of local dining culture.

Over the years, the capital of Georgia has undergone some big changes, and the bohemian atmosphere in the city and the magic of the Tbilisi Old Town have drawn many different types of tourists! 

This town is definitely close to becoming a party hub center in the area, so let’s see which are the most amazing bars and nightclubs that you should visit. Since the Old Town is the most popular and frequented by tourists, all the cool bars are located here.

1. Bassiani
For all of you who like to party until the sun rises, I recommend going to Bassiani (map) in the Old Town. It’s located in an old swimming pool at Boris Paichadze Dinamo Arena and I’ve heard numerous times that it’s called the “the Berghain of the Caucasus” (Berghain is the famous techno club in Berlin). That means you know it will be fun and super exclusive!

They bring a lot of famous DJs and it can be tricky to get inside, and you have to register online and get verified in order to get in. 

2. Sakhelosno Bar
Located in Tbilisi Old Town, close to Freedom Square, Sakhelosno Bar (map) is perfect if you love going out on a weekday as usually, during the week, most bars are closed late at night! Designed with cool graffiti, this friendly bar doesn’t have Wi-Fi, so get ready to mingle all night and listen to some live music!

3. Black Dog Bar
Are you traveling with your furry friend? Well, now you both can party the night away at this cool, pet-friendly bar. Black Dog Bar (map) is located in Tbilisi’s best area, the Old Town. You can enjoy some nice craft beer and pub food and mingle with the friendly staff here!

4. Chacha Bar
Do you love unique cocktails? Then head to the Chacha Time Bar (map), it’s open every day until 2 am! They also serve the best shashlik (meat BBQ) and burgers, so you won’t stay hungry here either!

FAQs about where to stay in Tbilisi

Colorful Georgian souvenirs displayed on a market stall, including traditional figurines and cultural crafts, showcasing the vibrancy of local artisan work.

🏙️ Which is the best area to stay in Tbilisi?

If you’re wondering where to stay in Tbilisi to get the best experience, I highly recommend the Tbilisi Old Town area. It has all the big landmarks in the city, and everything is within walking distance. Plus, you’ll find both budget and luxury stays here.

💰 Is Tbilisi cheap or expensive?

Budget travelers or backpackers usually overlook Tbilisi, but the truth is that Georgia’s capital city has some of the cheapest accommodations, a nice hostel, and restaurants.

💭 How many days should I spend in Tbilisi?

To get the whole experience of the beautiful capital city of Georgia, I recommend staying in Tbilisi for 3 to 4 days.

❓What hotels in Tbilisi City have nice views?

If you’re looking for a place to stay in Tbilisi to enjoy the city’s beautiful view, then I recommend staying at the Ibis Styles Hotel in Old Town or the Hotel Passport in Avlabari.

🏨 What are the best hotels in Tbilisi Old Town?

Some of Tbilisi’s best hotels located in the Old Town are Ambassadori Tbilisi Hotel and Doors Meidan Design Hotel.

✅ What are safe areas to stay in Tbilisi?

Tbilisi is a very safe city overall, and there are no particular areas that are unsafe. Staying in Old Tbilisi, Mtatsminda, Avlabari, Vera, or Vake is equally safe, especially for tourists!

🚶🏻‍♀️ Is Tbilisi a walkable city?

Up to a point. The Old Town is mostly easily walkable, but there are sections with steep streets where you may break a sweat. Apart from the occasional hills, the city is one of the most walkable ones in the country, and most attractions are close together.

🪩 Where to stay in Tbilisi for nightlife?

Stay anywhere in Old Tbilisi and you’ll be steps from bars, late-night dining, and clubs. Tbilisi is a city that sleeps late and lives at night, so you won’t have to worry about finding a place to chill in the evening. However, the area just South of Freedom Square is the hotspot for bars!

👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Where to stay in Tbilisi with family?

Most of Tbilisi is family-friendly, just choose the area based on your interest or budget. Old Tbilisi is best for active sightseeing, Avlabari for budget, and Vake for luxury.


A selfie of a the writer of the post and her partner with the panorama of Tbilisi in the background, highlighting a personal travel experience against a cityscape.

Well, that’s it from me! I hope this article helped you decide where to stay in Tbilisi, which hotel or hostel is the best for you, and what activity you want to do first!

I know I’ve given you tons of hotel options, but here are my top two favorites, both located in Tbilisi Old Town. Just make sure you book them in advance as this city is getting more attention from travelers every day!

Explore the beautiful Old town of Tbilisi, eat the amazing traditional food, and go out to enjoy the vibrant nightlife!

Do leave a comment if you have any questions or suggestions for our traveling community!

Safe travels, 


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