4 BEST Areas Where to Stay in Milos ✔️ (Hotels + a Map!)

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If you are reading this travel guide you are probably already looking forward to traveling to Milos Greece. I can tell you that you can start to get excited as I assure you that you will have a great time on this beautiful Greek island!

Thanks to easy ferry access from Athens and other Greek islands, the volcanic island of Milos, Greece, started to become a popular place to travel. Here you will find so many picturesque villages, nice beaches as well as a great number of local restaurants.

When you are doing research about where to stay in Milos, Greece, you might get confused about how to choose which area is better to stay in as the villages are quite spread out in Milos. However, you don’t need to worry about it as I will be giving the 4 best areas to stay on Milos island in this travel guide. 

I picked the best hotels for you in each area from luxury to budget. I just want to remind you of the importance of making a booking in advance as these places to stay on Milos Island can be filled up so fast during the summer. Many of the hotels have a free cancelation, so don’t worry if you change your mind. I also highly recommend you to rent a car in advance too, to get around.

Let’s start to explore the volcanic island Milos Greece!

If you are in a hurry

Here are the best places to stay on the island of Milos, Greece with hotels from luxury to budget. They all have great reviews and great locations!

luxury hotel
0 1 Santa Maria Village
mid-range hotel
0 3 The White Suites affordable
budget hotel
0 4 Palaios Rooms Cheap

Palaios Rooms

Best affordable accommodation in the center

0 2 Marilias Traditional House airbnb

Marilia’s Traditional House

An Airbnb with amazing reviews

Here is a map about where to stay in Milos Greece with all the best 4 areas of the island I will be talking about in this travel guide and giving hotels in each, so you can easily visualize them:

1. Adamas – where to stay in Milos for the first time

1. Adamas where to stay in Milos for the first time

Milos Adamas is located on the northern side of the island and the place you will see first if you take the ferry from Athens. It is the largest town in Milos and the majority of the hotels, restaurants, and cafes are located here. That’s why my pick for where to stay in Milos for the first time is definitely Milos.

Start your day in Adamas walking by the seaside, have a nice Greek coffee, and then head to the beach. Here, you will also have the chance to do many boat trips. Kleftiko Milos is one of the most famous ones you should definitely add to your list! You will find everything in one place in Adamas so I am sure you’ll have a great time here!

Thanks to having the main port, Adamas has great access to other Greek Islands so if you are planning to continue your trip in Greece, check out our posts on Santorini and Mykonos!

Milos Adamas is the most popular place to stay in Milos. Here you will find accommodations for all budgets and I’ve already picked the best ones for you. Make sure to make a booking in advance to not miss your favorite place. 

Luxury hotel
1 1 Santa Maria Village Best neighborhoods

This luxury stay in Adamas is one of the best hotels in Adamas Milos featuring a unique swimming pool, a nice bar, spacious rooms with sea views, and private parking. You can easily reach the best traditional restaurants and bars with a short walk. At night you can enjoy a beautiful island view from your room’s terrace with Greek wine.

Other accommodation options in Adamas

1 2 The White Suites For couples

Centrally located in Adamas Milos, this hotel offers a very nice bar and rooms with a view

1 3 Vythos Without a car

Family-run hotel which features fully equipped rooms with a great location near restaurants and the Adamas port

1 4 Valerias Apartment honeymoon

This family-run Airbnb has a traditional Cycladic style design and offers a unique stay in Adamas

Things to do in Adamas

  • Have a boat trip to Kleftiko Milos
  • Check out the beautiful shops in Adamas
  • Have great seafood in one of the nice taverns by the sea at night
  • Join a volcano hike tour 
  • Head to stunning Sarakiniko Beach
  • Get a suntan at a sandy beach Lagada
  • Visit the ancient theatre of Milos

2. Plaka – best for history lovers

2. Plaka where to stay in Milos for a historical vibe

Plaka Milos is located 5 km (3 miles) north of Adamas and is the most historic village in Milos. Apart from nice beaches, if you are also interested in archaeological sites you will love Plaka. 

In Plaka, you will find an archaeological museum, a historical castle, and cobblestone streets that will lead you to see the most beautiful views of the island around every corner and I know you will enjoy every sunset in Plaka!

Here you will be able to find many cute tavernas, cafes, and bars with a Greek island vibe. Accommodation options are limited in Plaka Milos but don’t worry I found the best ones from luxury to budget. Just make sure to book them in advance as these ones are selling too fast. 

Let’s check out the best places to stay in Plaka Milos:

Luxury hotel
2 1 Plaka Suites for big groups

Plaka Suites Hotel has amazing Cycladic architecture and offers spacious rooms with a big terrace where you can enjoy sunset and sea views. The village center and the beaches are a 15-minute walk. At night you can easily reach nice Greek restaurants and bars on foot and family-friendly rooms are available too. Something for everyone!

Other accommodation options in Plaka

2 2 Vivere A Plakes Cool places

This boutique hotel offers a swimming pool with a jacuzzi, spacious rooms, and a fabulous breakfast

2 3 Palaios Rooms Where to stay for cheap

Palaios Rooms is one of the best budget hotels in Milos featuring a great location and clean rooms

2 4 Marilias Traditional House

This Airbnb has an amazing interior design with great amenities. Also, it is within walking distance to beaches in Milos

Things to do in Plaka

  • Hike to Kastro (castle) and enjoy the spectacular view
  • Visit the Archaeological Museum of Milos
  • Check out souvenir shops for nice arts and crafts like famous replica ‘Venus de Milo’ statues
  • Have a wonderful dining experience in taverns in Plaka at night
  • Visit impressive Sand Gallery
  • Go to Tripiti village to see interesting volcanic rock on the beach

3. Pollonia – where to stay in Milos for relaxation

3. Pollonia

Located on the northwestern part of the island and 20 minutes drive from Adamas, Pollonia Milos is a nice, laid-back fishing village in Milos where you can relax on quiet beaches. Here you will find secluded pristine beaches, traditional restaurants, and authentic cafes.

Just picture yourself swimming in the calm crystal water then having the best local seafood followed by a beautiful sunset drink by the sea. This is what you expect from a Greek island right?

In Pollonia Milos you will find nice accommodation options with easy access to the best beaches. Let me talk about the best places to stay in Pollonia Milos for you to have an unforgettable holiday:

Luxury hotel
3 1 Breeze Boutique Hotel Unique places

Breeze Boutique Hotel offers epic sea views, Cycladic style beautiful rooms, an infinity swimming pool, and a bar. You can enjoy a nice cocktail on the hotel’s beautiful terrace while watching the beautiful view of Milos Island. Breeze Boutique Hotel also offers boat tours to get around Milos island. I highly recommend staying in this beautiful hotel in Pollonia!

Other accommodation options in Pollonia

3 2 Garifalakis Comfort Rooms

This Cycladic style hotel in Milos Pollonia offers fully equipped nice rooms with a balcony

3 3 Michalis Studios Free cancellation

Michalis Studios is the best budget place to stay in Pollonia Milos with its rooms that have amazing sea views

3 4 Yiotas Place With free parking

Centrally located in Pollonia, this Airbnb offers fully furnished rooms and easy access to the beach and restaurants

Things to do in Pollonia

  • Chill and swim at Pollonia Beach
  • Visit Agia Paraskevi Church
  • Taste amazing wines at Kostantakis Winery & Residence
  • Jump on a fishing boat to have local experience

4. Pachena Coast – best place for local experiences

4. Pachena Coast

Pachena Coast is located on the northwestern end of the island and 15 minutes drive from Adamas. Here you will find 2 pristine beaches which are Glaronisia and Pachena Beach. Pachena is a fishing village that preserves its natural texture. If you want to stay in a less touristy village my answer to where to stay in Milos is Pachena Coast.

In this fishing village, you will be able to find traditional restaurants, cafes, and some small shops. In terms of accommodation, you won’t be able to find big hotels but you will be able to find more like boutique hotels and historic Greek houses that have been transformed into pensions. 

I have always liked to stay in these kinds of places with a local vibe so if you are like me here are the best places to stay in this beautiful village:

Luxury hotel
4 1 Cave Suites Milos Family friendly

Cave Suites Milos is one of the best Milos Hotels on the island. The beautiful hotel features an amazing pool with a panoramic sea view, nicely decorated spacious rooms, and a great breakfast. The beach and the village center are within walking distance.

Other accommodation options in Pachena Coast

4 2 Argo Milos Pet friendly

This hotel offers a great swimming pool, a private beach area, and a great bar

4 3 Agnanti Rooms With the pool

The centrally located hotel offers traditional rooms with a Greek vibe and easy access to the beach

4 4 Ikia Moraiti Where to stay with the family

This Airbnb offers fully furnished rooms with a sea view and within walking distance to the beach

Things to do in Pachena Coast

  • Spend time at Pachena Beach
  • Swim in crystal clear water at Glaronisia Beach
  • Visit Papafragas Cave
  • Have mouthwatering foods and drinks at Avra Gastro Bar
👑 Luxury price:€300
💵 Mid-range hotel:€200
🛏️ Budget:€100
🏠 Airbnb:€160
💰 Accommodation prices:High
📍 Best Area:Adamas
🛎️ Best luxury hotel:Santa Maria Village
👛 Best budget hotel:Palaios Rooms

Frequently asked questions about Milos

5 Frequently asked questions about Milos

🤔 Where can I stay in Milos without a car?

Adamas is a good place to stay without a car in Milos Greece. You can easily access the main attractions on foot. The best hotels in Adamas are Santa Maria Village and The White Suites.

🍸 Is Milos a party island?

Milos is not a party island but you can still find lively restaurants and bars at night. 

⛴️ How long is the ferry from Milos to Athens?

The ferry from Milos to Athens takes 3 and a half hours and it operates every day. 

✨ What is the most luxurious hotel in Milos?

Santa Maria Village located in Adamas is one the most luxurious hotels to stay on the island of Milos.

💰 Where to stay in Milos Greece on a budget?

To stay in Milos Greece is not very expensive. You can find affordable hotels in each area. Some ofthe best budget hotels for where to stay in Milos are Michalis Studios in Pollonia and Palaios Rooms in Plaka.

⏱️ How long do you need in Milos Greece?

Allowing 3 days will be enough to discover beaches and nice villages in Milos Greece.


6 Conclusion Kids friendly

It is the end of our island trip to Milos. In this travel guide on where to stay in Milos Greece, I talked about the best places to stay on the island of Milos with hotels from luxury to budget as well as Airbnbs in each village and gave you some information about the vibe of the villages so you could pick the perfect one for you!

In order not to miss your favorite place do not forget to make your booking in advance!

To sum up, here are the best 2 places to stay on the island of Milos with a great location as well as good reviews. I definitely recommend you to stay in one of these if you can’t decide between the awesome options in this list!

If you have any other suggestions or questions about Milos Greece please leave a comment below. I’ll be happy to leave a reply to them!

Enjoy your stay in Milos Greece, 


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