Where to Stay in Santorini ✔️ 10 Top Areas & Hotels (2024)

Iconic view of Santorini's blue-domed churches and whitewashed buildings against the shimmering Aegean Sea, embodying the quintessential Greek island charm

Kalimera traveler, and welcome to my blog post where I share my best advice on where to stay in Santorini, Greece’s most beautiful volcanic island! As a lifetime lover of all things Greek, I decided to explore one of the most visited Cyclades islands and share with you the best villages and hotels in each place!

Fira is the best place to stay for first-timers since it’s the cosmopolitan capital of the island and it looks as if it came out of a fairy tale. 

But I also have 9 more villages and areas to recommend that I nearly sorted according to interest, and included the hotels by budget! Yes, I did compare all the top-rated accommodations and only included the places where I’d stay myself! 

It’s super important to book your stay in Santorini months (and even a year) in advance, especially if you plan to be centrally located! So many travelers, including some of my friends, have had to pay hundreds of dollars extra money because they didn’t book in advance, but you can learn from their mistakes!

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Quick Picks for Your Stay

These are the best hotels in Fira to book now:

luxury hotel
Elegant bedroom interior with a deep blue accent wall and white linens
mid-range hotel
Modern and cozy common area with yellow armchairs and a sleek bar counter

Bedspot Hostel

Best affordable accommodation in the center

budget hotel
Sea view from a balcony featuring a small table and chairs

Watch my video, it will give you a visual explanation of all the areas:

Here’s a quick map to help you visualize all the Santorini areas I’ll discuss in this post:

Useful facts to know when planning a trip to Santorini

Couple relaxing on a balcony with an infinity pool overlooking the deep blue waters of Santorini's caldera
  • Caldera villages in the North of the island are the most popular region of Santorini, where the whitewashed houses and typical Cycladic architecture can be seen. Caldera cliff villages encompass Fira, Oia, Firostefani, and Imerovigli. These are also the most expensive places to stay, while cheaper areas are further South and East of Caldera.
  • If you visit during the season (June to September), the island will get crowded. In that case, I recommend exploring the backstreets and visiting alternative sunset-watching spots I’ll share below.
  • Comfortable shoes are a MUST (good physical condition is a big plus, too), since Santorini is quite hilly, especially around Caldera towns.
  • Santorini has a public bus system (KTEL Santorini) with daily departures from the central bus station in Fira to other villages. However, car rental is the best option to get around the island. You can also rent a bike, an ATV, and other vehicles.

1. Fira – where to stay in Santorini first time

Panoramic shot of Santorini's clifftop village with multi-level white structures against a clear sky and volcanic landscape

Fira is a vibrant, cosmopolitan capital of Santorini where you’ll find it all – the best views (think the Three Bells of Fira (map)), delicious restaurants, scenic hotels, parties, shops, you name it.

If you are traveling without a car, visiting for the first time, or want to be based in the center of all the action on the island, choose Fira!

Did you know that the island of Santorini formed due to a giant volcanic eruption some 3,600 years ago? This was one of the largest volcanic eruptions ever recorded in human history!

The Museum of Prehistoric Thira and Archaeological Museum of Thera in Fira take you on a journey to Bronze-Age Cycladic culture and tell the fascinating story of the island, so plan a stop here to learn more about history!

Also, past visitors say that the Old Harbor area (map) is delightful to walk in, and you can get a cable car to get down (Fira is located on a steep cliff, Caldera), or if you’re light-weighted, you can even get a donkey ride!

Sweeping view of Fira, the bustling capital of Santorini, showcasing the white buildings with blue domes perched on cliffs above the glistening Aegean Sea

Two volcanic islands (map), Palaia Kammeni and Nea Kameni, can be seen in the sea just off the coast of Fira, and you can even take tours to climb the craters and learn about the island’s impressive volcanic history!

PRO TIP: Fira is a wonderful place to catch a sunset, but it’s also crowded. Avoid the central viewpoints and find a spot at a rooftop bar or on a quiet backstreet! This way, you can enjoy the sunset without kicking elbows with strangers!

For nature lovers, I recommend a hike from Fira to Oia, the second most popular place to stay in Santorini! It’s a bit long (10 km or 6.2 miles), but it’s so worth it for scenic views!

Enjoy walking, take pictures of local cats, and remember to take regular breaks and drink plenty of water!

NOTE: The official Greek name for Santorini is Thira or Thera (Θήρα)—don’t be surprised to see this written all over the island, but also don’t confuse it with Fira, the capital! In daily speech, Greeks will usually refer to Santorini as Santorini!

Luxury hotel
A collage of three hotel photos to stay in Santorini: an aerial view of The Majestic Hotel with its expansive swimming pools and architecture, a sleek modern bedroom with touches of nautical blue, and a bright, minimalist living area with artful decor

One of the best hotels on the island totally lives up to its name! It’s majestic in all ways—the interior, service, volcano views right from your bed, 2 swimming pools, a spa center, and so much more! Their rooms with volcano views are quick to sell out, so I recommend booking a spot here as early as possible!

Other accommodation options in Fira

Serene balcony setting featuring a table set for two with a picturesque view

Pick these stunning cave houses with comfortable beds for the most authentic stay in Santorini

Chic and minimalist design in a communal area with vibrant yellow chairs

Stay in the island’s best-known hostel; it’s easily accessible, clean, and super safe

Cozy and warm bedroom ambiancewith arched ceilings and elegant wooden bed frame

Another cave villa for you, with a private hot tub and charming rooftop views

Things to do in Fira

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2. Oia – where to stay in Santorini for luxury

Charming pathway in Santorini lined with vibrant pink and red flowers, white-washed houses with blue doors and windows, leading towards the sea

Oia is just as popular for its dramatic cliffs and typical Santorini views as Fira and the rest of Caldera. It’s located on the Northern tip of the island, some 15 km (9.3 miles) from Fira.

If you want to really splurge on your stay and have a room overlooking the blue-domed churches (map), the signature spot of Santorini, book your stay in Oia!

Oia was most likely built in the 15th century, and its rich history can be seen in the remnants of the old Venetian castle known as Oia Castle (map).

The castle was built to protect the island from pirate attacks and is one of the island’s top attractions. It is extremely busy during the season, so I definitely recommend planning a trip here in early or late summer to have the views and the streets for yourself!

Sunset in Oia is out of this world, and it’s a top sight probably in all of Greece! If you don’t stay in Oia, plan at least one trip here during the sunset!

PRO TIP: A catamaran sunset cruise (multiple ones are available across the area) offers stunning views of Oia and Caldera without the crowds! And if you still want to stay in Oia but avoid tourist groups, there is a great alternative sunset-watching spot just below the castle! Take the narrow streets downward instead of upward when entering the castle, and you’ll find it!

Also, visit Ammoudi Bay and Beach (map) for a laid-back, tranquil night out in seaside restaurants enjoying the views. Do note that if you walk (getting here is also possible by car), there are plenty of stairs, so comfy shoes and healthy knees are highly recommended!

FUN FACT: Oia was one of the filming locations for the famous Angelina Jolie movie Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life!

Below, I share the top places to stay in Oia, but we have a whole article where we share the 20 best hotels in this beautiful place, so you can check it out here!

Luxury hotel
A collage of three hotel photos to stay in Santorini: a rooftop view featuring a plunge pool and sea backdrop at Abyss Hotel, an ambient bedroom with curvilinear architecture and serene lighting, and an elegant stone bathroom with a luxurious basin

This is the place to book for that perfect Santorini holiday from your dreams when you wake up in your own cave house overlooking the iconic landscape of the island! The place is ideal for couples (no children allowed), so it’s definitely a win for honeymoon getaways.

Other accommodation options in Oia

Villa's courtyard with cobalt blue accents, traditional architecture, and a peaceful seating area

A stunning villa with an outdoor pool, a private kitchen, and a car rental service

Luxurious rooftop hot tub with a panoramic view of the Aegean Sea

Enjoy beautifully decorated rooms with Aegean Sea views, an outdoor pool, and free Wi-Fi

Bright and airy bedroom with crisp white bedding and minimalistic decor

What a cute place on a hill with an outdoor jacuzzi, ideal for couples

Things to do in Oia

  • Take beautiful pics of the Windmill of Oia (map)
  • Book a table on the top floor of Melitini Restaurant (map) and have dinner with a view
  • Go on a catamaran sunset cruise to escape the crowds on Oia Castle
  • Visit the lovely Church of Panagia Akathistos Hymn (map)
  • Spend a day at Ammoudi Beach
  • Explore local souvenir shops

3. Imerovigli – where to stay in Santorini for stunning sunsets

Aerial view of Santorini at dusk, showcasing the clustered white buildings and pools along the caldera edge with a cruise ship in the distant sea

Imerovigli has one of the best sunset-watching spots in Santorini, a perfect alternative to the crowded Santorini Oia Castle! It’s called Skaros Rock (map), it’s part of the ruins of an ancient castle, and it’s great for Caldera views!

This is your typical Santorini village with Cycladian architecture, whitewashed buildings, and sapphire domes! Oia is just 2.5 km (1.6 miles) away North of Fira and less than 1 km (0.6 miles) from Firostefani, another beautiful Caldera village.

Imerovigli actually means “viewpoint,” given that locals used to watch pirate ships from this village throughout history! Talk about fantastic views from Imerovigli!

The viewpoint from the Agios Georgios Chapel (map) is one of the most popular spots to watch the sunset, but the nearby restaurants are also a gem if you want to grab dinner at the same time!

I also like to recommend Imerovigli to everyone who wants to be in a central location on Caldera but without the hustle and bustle of Fira and Oia. Imerovigli is romantic and has a fair amount of restaurants and hotels, but it’s also secluded and perfect for long strolls.

Luxury hotel
A collage of three hotel photos to stay in Santorini: a scenic balcony view with an outdoor hot tub overlooking the Aegean Sea at Aqua Luxury Suites, a spacious bedroom with wide doors leading to a sunlit balcony, and a balcony with two chairs and a table with panoramic views

Luxury Cycladic suites with fabulous views, an outdoor pool, and a lovely family-friendly atmosphere. Past guests say that the staff is super friendly, and everyone loved the unobstructed view of the Caldera! The pool here can be your perfect spot for sunset views!

Other accommodation options in Imerovigli

Sleek and modern design of a bedroom, with clean lines and traditional architecture

An ideal place to stay to get a good night’s sleep, plus great amenities like a spa, a pool, and free parking

Lounge area, furnished with a comfortable built-in sofa and tasteful decor

A budget stay with breakfast, free Wi-Fi, airport transfers, and an outdoor swimming pool

Luxurious rooftop jacuzzi of offering expansive sea views

Ideal for romantic getaways for couples who want to relax in the pool and spa with a view

Things to do in Imerovigli

4. Firostefani – where to stay in Santorini for seclusion

Sunset view in Santorini with golden and purple skies, silhouetting the white architecture and a prominent church dome

Firostefani is a part of Caldera that starts just 250 meters (820 feet) North of the Three Bells of Fira, the main tourist attraction of Fira and the whole of Santorini!

Firostefani is one of the least spoiled villages in Caldera, and it’s perfect for seclusion and tranquility you’re unlikely to find in the surrounding villages, especially during the high season.

Also, the 10-km (6.2-mile) hike that connects Oia with Fira also passes through Firostefani (and Imerovigli), so you can hop on the trail anytime!

And since Firostefani is technically a continuation of Fira, you can stay within walking distance of the center of all the action on the island, but without all the hustle and bustle!

Luxury hotel
A collage of three hotel photos to stay in Santorini: the refined Sun Rocks Boutique Hotel with rooms with minimalistic decor, a serene terrace with a white parasol and lounge chairs, and a luxurious pool deck with sun loungers facing the tranquil blue sea

This 5-star boutique hotel offers luxury honeymoon suites with a hot tub or a private pool overlooking the Aegean! Past guests say the breakfast was superb and that the staff was super friendly, too. It’s the perfect luxury hotel for your romantic trip to Santorini!

Other accommodation options in Firostefani

Contemporary suite with earthy tones and artistic decor

A top-rated apartment complex offering yoga and fitness classes, lovely rooms, and free Wi-Fi

The exterior of a hotel with white-washed walls, blue accents, and a sun-soaked terrace with loungers

Clean, beautiful, and AC-equipped 1-star hotel with Aegean Sea view and comfortable rooms

Intimate bedroom adorned with a mustard-colored quilt and decorative wall plates

This private, romantic suite has a heated outdoor jacuzzi, and it’s located just by the Oia-Fira trail

Things to do in Firostefani

  • Enjoy the cliff and sea view from the Firostefani Central Square (map)
  • Go on a 3-hour panoramic Blue Shade Tour of Firostefani, Oia, and Imerovigli
  • Rent a scooter (map) and have fun with it around the island
  • Try moussaka and enjoy the sunset views in the iconic Onar Restaurant Bar (map)
  • Capture the beautiful interior of the Cathedral of St. John the Baptist (map)

5. Perissa & Perivolos – where to stay for beaches

Aerial view of a Santorini beach lined with colorful umbrellas and a blue-domed church

Welcome to Santorini’s Southeast Coast, where beach vacations and dream-like wedding ceremonies take place! Yes, the center of the action for water sports and relaxing on the beach is here. The Perissa and Perivolos villages are some 12 km (7.4 miles) away from Fira town.

This part of the Greek island is mostly about relaxing in the sun, eating out, sipping cocktails, and taking a break from active sightseeing, hiking, and sunset views. But since this part of the island looks East, you can actually wake up early and enjoy an amazing sunrise!

Just a short ride from Perissa is the Venetian castle of Emporio (map), an ideal spot and village for taking in the views and enjoying a tranquil Santorini village without that tourist hype. That’s raw Santorini right there!

You can also rent a boat (here’s a top-rated agency), and even if you’ve never driven one, the staff are so nice and will give you detailed explanations!

For the gourmets out there, I recommend trying fresh seafood and local Greek specialties like shrimp saganaki, oven feta cheese, or, of course, the iconic gyro (this is the best place for it)!

Luxury hotel
A collage of three hotel photos to stay in Santorini: the inviting Santorini 9 Muses Resort with a large central pool, a cozy bedroom with balcony access, and a sophisticated lounge area with a two-level design and stylish furnishings

One of the best Santorini Greece resorts and just a short walk from Perivolos Beach. It has 2 swimming pools, a luxurious spa and wellness center, a gym, free parking, and the loveliest staff! Sip drinks on the on-site bar and enjoy a private pool from the comfort of your room!

Other accommodation options in Perissa and Perivolos

Inviting bedroom featuring a wrought-iron bed and simple decor

A cozy 3-star hotel next to a bus stop, featuring 3 pools, free Wi-Fi, and airport transfers

Poolside view of a communal pool surrounded by white Cycladic structures

Just check out the stunning blue-and-white look of this 3-star hotel, ideal for your dream vacation in Greece

Sleek and modern living room with neutral tones and marble floors

A brand new Cycladic home with a balcony with sea views, just a 5-minute walk from Perissa Beach

Things to do in Perissa and Perivolos

6. Pyrgos – a traditional village to stay in Santorini

Traditional Santorinian charm emanates from the village of Pyrgos, with its classic architecture and winding paths offering an authentic Greek island experience.

Pyrgos is a small village 5 km (3.1 miles) South of Fira, and it’s a typical traditional village in a mountainous region with its maze-like narrow streets filled with authentic shops, delicious restaurants, and picturesque churches.

The top attraction in this beautiful town is the Pyrgos Kallistis Castle (map). It offers scenic views of Oia, Fira, and the Aegean Sea! Do rely on street signs to get to the castle instead of Gmaps, as the navigation doesn’t always function well here!

This place is a real hidden gem (as said by many past visitors), and you can only find independent travelers here – no big travel groups fighting for their sunset spots like in Fira or Oia!

Pyrgos used to be the capital city of Santorini and is, until today, one of the island’s best-preserved Santorini towns!

Pyrgos also has plenty of spots for wine tasting! Santo Wines (map) has walking and tasting tours during sunset (overlooking Caldera towns), definitely one of the best things to do in Santorini for couples! Everyone raves about their sweet wine called Vinsanto. Apparently, you can’t find it anywhere else, and it’s to die for!

A downside of staying here, however, is the lack of direct access to the sea. Kamari Beach is the nearest one, some 6 km (3.7 miles), which is still just a short ride away and shouldn’t be an issue if you’re visiting with a car. You can always catch a taxi or a bus to get around, too!

Luxury hotel
collage of three hotel photos to stay in Santorini: Alleys All-Suite Boutique's family-friendly spaces with modern design, a plush bedroom with soft lighting and earthy tones, and an inviting outdoor pool area with lounge chairs and umbrellas

A 5-star hotel and spa offering fabulous suites for up to 5 guests, a rooftop pool with fantastic views of the city and the island, a wellness center, and so much more! Everyone raves about the pool vibes, and I can totally see why when looking at the photos! Definitely one of the best luxury hotels in Santorini!

Other accommodation options in Pyrgos

Casual outdoor dining space with a rustic wooden table, rattan chairs, and a swing chair

Cozy, neat, and renovated apartments suitable for families and couples, as well as for prolonged stays

Cozy living space showcasing a comfortable sofa and wooden coffee table

A historic residence with friendly hosts, comfortable beds, a short walk from the bars and restaurants

Spacious and minimalist bedroom featuring a queen-sized bed with striped bedding

This amazing Cycladic home is perfect for bohemians and everyone who wants to enjoy a traditional Santorini vacation

Things to do in Pyrgos

7. Kamari – where to stay in Santorini with family

Scenic view of Kamari black pebble beach in Santorini, with beach chairs, umbrellas, and white buildings in the background

Kamari is a village just South of the Santorini Airport, 7.7 km (5 miles) Southeast of Fira. It’s your go-to place to stay in Santorini for beaches and affordable accommodation, which mostly suits those traveling with kids!

Chill at the Kamari Beach (map) with volcanic pebbles, one of the area’s most popular beaches. You can rent an umbrella and sunbeds here, and since the beach is really close to the airport, you can watch the planes land above your head!

PRO TIP: Get chairs and an umbrella for free by eating or having cocktails in seaside restaurants on the beach! Also, get some beach/water shoes as the pebbles here get too hot in the heat and make it almost impossible to walk.

Locals and tourists from all around Santorini flock to the Open Air Cinema in Kamari (map) to relax after a day in the sun. This is a cash-only venue and works as a first-come-first-served, so you don’t need to pre-book tickets online. It’s a nice place to spend an evening with your partner or with family. The movies are usually in English and have Greek subtitles!

For the history enthusiasts among you, visit the Ancient Thera archaeological site (map) and hike to the top to see dramatic Aegean Sea views and enjoy the remnants of the ancient city of Thera!

Luxury hotel
A collage of three hotel photos to stay in Santorini: Casa Vitae Suites featuring a minimalist bedroom with a four-poster bed, a balcony with two wicker chairs, and a pool area

Splurge on your stay in Kamari in these 5-star suites with a beautiful outdoor swimming pool, rooms with hot tubs or private pools, and cool luxury amenities like breakfast in bed! All reviews praise the staff, so there’s no doubt they’ll make your stay here extra pleasant!

Other accommodation options in Kamari

Charming exterior of a Villa draped in vibrant bougainvillea, with traditional white Cycladic architecture

This lovely villa has everything you need for an idyllic stay – brand new sea view apartments and a central location right by the beach and restaurants

Tranquil pool area with a thatched umbrella and ample sunbeds

A top-rated budget hotel with an outdoor pool, beachfront location, and an airport shuttle

Bright and modern bedroom with a distinctive neon light feature

Ideal location just by the beach, new apartment, and traditional design are only some perks of staying here

Things to do in Kamari

  • Spend a day at the Kamari Beach
  • Eat the best souvlaki in town at Elias Grill (map)
  • Catch a movie at the Open Air Cinema Kamari
  • Hike to the nearby Ancient Thera
  • Catch the sunrise at the iconic Sunrise Viewpoint (map)

8. Akrotiri – where to stay in Santorini for ancient history

Akrotiri beckons history enthusiasts with its ancient ruins and close proximity to the Red Beach, combining natural beauty with a touch of Santorini's past

Akrotiri is an ancient village located 10 km (6.2 miles) South of Fira, and it has some of the most spectacular views of the Caldera cliff villages.

The Archaeological Site of Akrotiri (map) is one of the oldest known Bronze Age settlements on the island! It’s got free Wi-Fi and all the tourist facilities you’ll need, so you can literally explore the whole day!

Akrotiri is also known as the Pompeii of Greece! The site used to be home to an ancient Minoan civilization, which was buried by a volcanic eruption more than 3500 years ago!

I also recommend a visit to the Venetian Castle (map), unofficially run by cats! Get your phone ready if you love to take pics of random cats on your trips like me!

In Akrotiri, you’ll find beaches of all colors, as I like to call them. The Black Beach (map) is a black sand beach (has black volcanic pebbles), the Red Beach (map) has the most dramatic views, surrounded by red cliffs and volcanic rocks, and the White Beach (map) is nestled among white cliffs!

Note that the road leading to some of the beaches (notably Black Beach) is a dirt road – take good care of your car when driving! You can take a cruise or a catamaran trip as an alternative to seeing these beaches from the water; people who visited say the views are even more stunning this way!

UNIQUE SIGHT: See cacti growing out of a 1992 Honda (map) just an 8-minute walk from the Akrotiri Santorini Venetian Castle!

Luxury hotel
A collage of three hotel photos to stay in Santorini: a minimalist bedroom with a striking blue bed frame and wood accents, a view of the serene blue waters from the cliffside, and a rooftop pool with white architecture surrounding the sparkling water.

One of my favorite 5-star luxury hotels in Santorini is Phos (meaning “light” in Greek)! This hotel has super bright rooms, a private heated infinity pool with spectacular views, a superb breakfast, and a peaceful location!

Other accommodation options in Akrotiri

Spacious living area with comfortable striped couches and a dining space

Another top-rated accommodation with an outdoor swimming pool, free parking, and a quiet location

Elegant bedroom showcasing a classic white bed frame with grey and white bedding

A traditional 2-star hotel with many on-site services like car rental, tours, and more

Charming white Cycladic exterior of a studio, with stone steps leading to the entrance

This cozy Cycladic studio with views of the Venetian Castle is perfect for couples

Things to do in Akrotiri

9. Megalochori – where to stay in Santorini for ferry trips + wine tasting

Megalochori, a quaint village in Santorini known for its historical mansions, wine culture, and easy access to the port for exploring the Aegean

Megalochori is located 6.6 km (4 miles) South of Fira and just West of Pyrgos. The Santorini Port (Ormos Athinios in Greek) is located here (map), which makes this area a super popular drop-off destination for ferries from other parts of Greece.

Santorini Port receives more than 2 million passengers every year!

The port in Megalochori, however, doesn’t serve as a cruise dock – the main dock for cruise ships is the Old Port of Thira in Fira (map).

The center of Santorini’s wine production, Megalochori, is where the vineyards and wine tastings are an integral part of the tourist life! I recommend Venetsanos Winery (map) for wine tastings, but you’ll find many other great places here!

PRO TIP: If you love scenic picture spots, head to the Heart of Santorini (map). You’ll find the most beautiful panoramic views of the Aegean Sea and the island, even a cute rock formation that actually resembles a heart! Perfect for taking beautiful pictures!

Luxury hotel
A collage of three hotel photos to stay in Santorini: an inviting bedroom with a plush white bed and pink accent lighting, a person relaxing in a hammock by an infinity pool overlooking the sea, and a cozy lounge area with a white sofa and a lit fireplace.

Classy accommodation with surreal sunset views from the outdoor pool. They offer 2- and 3-bedroom villas, perfect for large groups of up to 10 people. You’ll be 10 minutes from the City Center, perfectly tucked away in your own Santorini oasis.

Other accommodation options in Megalochori

Private and serene pool courtyard with a crystalline pool

Situated within walking distance from the beach, Ducato Wine Village also offers villas with private pools, sightseeing tours, and a nice garden

Minimalistic and tranquil bedroom setting offering a bed with grey-striped linens

Artemis Suites has an outdoor pool and many other great amenities; a great place to stay in Santorini with family

Chic and contemporary lounge area, featuring a stylish grey sectional

A fully equipped Cycladic home suitable for short and long stays

Things to do in Megalochori

  • Catch a ferry to other Greek islands
  • Buy bread, pastry, and just about any food in the iconic The Family Bakery (map)
  • Go wine tasting in one of the local wineries
  • Take breathtaking photos at the Heart of Santorini rock

10. Karterados – where to stay in Santorini for a laid-back vibe

The peaceful village of Karterados captures the laid-back vibe of Santorini, offering a tranquil retreat from the island's more touristic spots.

Karterados is a friendly, traditional village just 20 minutes on foot from Fira! It’s super walkable, with sidewalks most of the way. You can drive here or use the bus to Fira, which passes here at least 2 times every hour.

You’ll find casual restaurants, mid-range and budget accommodation (but also a few luxury suites), and a rich heritage that dates back to the 17th century. This actually used to be a popular village for captains, as they built their homes here!

Katerina’s Traditional restaurant (map) is a must-try, especially the fava dip and moussaka!

Other than restaurants and a few shops, you won’t find many attractions here, which makes the village ideal for relaxation. You’re still just a short ride from Fira and the center of all the action on the island!

Luxury hotel
A collage of three hotel photos to stay in Santorini: a chic corner couch with elegant striped cushions, a well-lit bedroom with a view of the Aegean sea, and a spacious poolside area with sun loungers and umbrellas under a clear blue sky

Enjoy these luxury suites with an outdoor pool with beautiful lighting at night, a daily buffet or continental breakfast, and an on-site bar! They have spacious rooms that can fit large groups or families of up to 10 members!

Other accommodation options in Karterados

Refreshing communal pool encircled by white loungers

This 3-star hotel has reasonable prices, an outdoor pool, comfy beds, and a nice gym

Kitchen and dining area, with wooden ceiling beams and natural stone accents

Plenty of room both indoors and outdoors, daily cleaning, and nice views make Wisteria a great budget place to stay in Santorini

Cozy and inviting twin bedroom with soft grey linens

A family-run studio offering access to swimming pool and daily breakfast (for an extra fee)

Things to do in Karterados

  • Walk the streets of the traditional village
  • Eat out in Karterados restaurants and engage with the locals
  • Take a walk to Fira or catch a bus there
👑 Luxury price:€450
💵 Mid-range:€300
🛏️ Budget:€180
📍 Best area:Fira
🛎️ Best luxury hotel:The Majestic Hotel
💵 Best mid-range hotel:Amphitheater Cave Houses
👛 Best budget hotel:Bedspot Hostel

FAQs about where to stay in Santorini

Woman in a blue dress walking down steps in Santorini with white buildings and blue domes in the background overlooking the sea

💙 Which part of Santorini is it best to stay in?

The Caldera towns in the North, notably Fira and Oia, are the best places to stay in Santorini for first-timers and anyone looking for a traditional Cycladic Santorini experience!

❓ Is it better to stay in Oia or Fira?

Both are fantastic! Fira is the island’s capital and has all the touristy and city amenities (including a bus transport hub), while Oia is an excellent choice for luxury. Both offer stunning views, whitewashed houses, and blue-domed churches.

🇬🇷 Where to stay for the first time in Santorini?

Stay in Fira or Oia for the first time. These are the most beautiful but also the most expensive Santorini villages. If you’re on a budget and can’t afford it (these 2 can be quite expensive), choose Imerovigli or Firostefani nearby!

✖️ Where to avoid staying in Santorini?

I can’t really point out any place you should avoid in Santorini. The island is safe, and where you should stay depends on your preferences and budget. I say rather don’t stay in Fira and Oia in the high season if you want to avoid the crowds. 

🏖️ Which is the best beach in Santorini?

The Red Beach is the most scenic and beautiful beach in Santorini. The red cliffs surrounding the beach give it a surreal look as if it were a location on Mars on another planet. Perisa and Perivolos have the best beaches for swimming!

🚶‍♀️ Is it safe to walk in Santorini at night?

Absolutely! Santorini is a safe island, and its streets are well-lit at night. Of course, be cautious and don’t walk alone in secluded areas or on poorly lit roads, as in any other city or place where you normally travel.

🚘 Where to stay in Santorini without a car?

Fira is the best area where to stay in Santorini without a car! The island’s capital has a good bus network so you can easily get around the island without a car!

Final thoughts on the best places to stay in Santorini

Golden hour illuminates the whitewashed houses and windmills of Oia, Santorini

That was all I had prepared for you in this blog post on where to stay in Santorini! Thank you for reading!

Hopefully, by now you have an idea about the perfect area and hotel for you! But if you’re still undecided (I’d probably be as well, given so many wonderful options), here are my 2 favorite places to stay on the island:

Please don’t forget to book your hotel in Santorini far in advance! I’m not kidding when I say that Fira and Oia get too crowded in the summer (June to September), and it’s almost impossible to find accommodation here last minute! 

If you have any questions or need more help planning your trip to Santorini, you can leave me a comment below! I’ll be glad to help!

Kalo taksidi (that was “have a good trip” in Greek!), 


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