Where to Stay in Fuerteventura → 6 Best Areas with Hotels

Sandy beach with crystal-clear waters in Fuerteventura, lined with colorful flowers and a cliffside white village

Ready to chase sunsets on some of the most beautiful beaches in Europe? Then hop on this guide on where to stay in Fuerteventura!

Read this post and learn all about the best towns on this Canary Island and the most amazing hotels! Don’t worry, I included options for all budgets!

I also carefully compared all the accommodation options on the island so you can rest assured that you’ll only get the most amazing places. 

In short, Corralejo is the best place to stay in Fuerteventura! This town has some iconic beaches and great hotels.

But scroll below, and check out the other places too, if Corralejo is not really what you were looking for!

Fuerteventura is a famous holiday destination, so I highly recommend booking your hotels here in advance! 

Quick Picks for Your Stay

If you want to book quickly, check out this short list with the best hotels on the island of Fuerteventura:

luxury hotel
A neatly arranged bedroom with a white double bed, turquoise bed runner, and a balcony access.
mid-range hotel
Poolside view at a resort with white buildings and blue pool
budget hotel
A tidy studio apartment with an unmade bed, white walls, and an integrated kitchen area.

Corralejo Lodge

Best affordable accommodation in the center

Here’s a map that will help you visualize all the best places to stay and beaches that I will be talking about in this post:

A colorful map highlighting the best areas to stay in Fuerteventura with numbered locations and labels for easy navigation
  1. CORRALEJO: for first-timers
  2. CALETA DE FUSTE: for families
  3. MORRO JABLE: for a local atmosphere
  4. COSTA CALMA: for sports
  5. PUERTO DEL ROSARIO: for budget
  6. EL COTILLO: for couples

1. Corralejo – where to stay in Fuerteventura for first-timers

Overlooking view of Corralejo in Fuerteventura featuring white buildings against a backdrop of an azure sea and a volcanic island.

Located in the north part of the coast, this resort town is an oasis of sugary sand dunes and blue crystal water! 

Honestly, the road from the airport to Corralejo has some of the best views! Just picture a long highway (the trip takes around 30 min by car) with sand on both sides and the bluest sea, what a dream.

With its laid-back atmosphere and lively harbor, Corralejo is your traditional Spanish vacation spot. It makes a fantastic location for first-time visitors as the town offers lots of fun water sports, plus easy access to the North side of the island and also to the stunning Lobos island. 

Corralejo is home to some of the best beaches on the island like Playa de los Verilitos, Playa Vista Lobos and Grandes Playas Corralejo, the most famous beach in the area that is giving off Maldive vibes!

Fuerteventura is big on water sports, so you can definitely count on catching some fabulous waves here in Corralejo! You can also try kiting, parasailing, jet skiing and stand-up paddleboarding! 

You’ve got lots of cool attractions here, including Parque Natural de Corralejo (map), which boasts expansive stretches of sand dunes and some gorgeous beaches! 

Then there are the things right in the central area of the town like the Acua Water Park, the perfect place to visit if you’re coming with the family.

You should also check out the harbor, the perfect spot to grab a bite and something to drink! There are lots of restaurants and bars there! Tapas Oscar (map) is a great spot to start the night! 

But if you want to continue the night, know that Corralejo is the best area for nightlife on the islands! There are lots of clubs here, like Sunset Lounge (map), where you can listen to live music and dance the night away!

Luxury hotel
A collage of luxury hotel to stay in Corralejo: a panoramic view of a curvy pool with lounge chairs, a comfortable hotel room with a balcony, and a traditional building with a tiled roof amidst greenery

How incredible is this centrally-located hotel that has some incredible rooms with a hot tub on the balcony! You’ll also find a spa center where you can relax in the Turkish steam bath or with a long massage! The adult-only hotel also has an on-site restaurant and a tennis court.

Other accommodation options in Corralejo

Poolside view at a resort with white buildings and blue pool

Enjoy your relaxing holiday while staying at this hotel which offers a pool and free parking

Hotel room interior with blue decor and balcony

Soak up in the sun near the outdoor swimming pool and cool off in the garden of this hotel that offers self-catering

Terrace with beds, colorful cushions, and cultural wall art

A quiet and stylish apartment in Corralejo that has lovely views of the sea, a pool, and a beautiful backyard

Things to do in Corralejo

  • Spend a fun day at the Acua Water Park
  • Enjoy a family day out at the Corralejo Viejo beach 
  • Explore the nightlife of Corralejo in the harbor 
  • Go surfing at Playa del Medio
  • Catch a sunset on Grandes Playas Corralejo
  • Visit the Corralejo Natural Park

2. Caleta de Fuste – best place for families

Crowded family-friendly beach in Fuerteventura, with rows of blue parasols and a backdrop of resort buildings and palm trees

Located on the East coast, around a 45 min drive away from Corralejo, this resort town is the ultimate place for families!

Its tranquil atmosphere and calm beaches bring families from all around to enjoy a fun holiday with their little ones!

The main sandy beach here, Playa del Castillo is protected inside a cove, and luckily, the winds aren’t so strong here, making the beach perfect for swimming with your kids. 

Playa del Castillo also has some sunbeds, umbrellas, toilets and, of course, great restaurants and bars on its seafront promenade where you can go and grab a bite with your family when the sun is too strong! Restaurante La Frasquita (map) is an excellent spot to eat some fresh seafood!

Although Caleta de Fuste doesn’t have as many charming beaches as the other towns on the island, you’ll find plenty of cool attractions that will make your holiday unforgettable! Puerto Castillo Aquarium will probably be your kid’s favorite spot! They offer lots of fun shows and activities!

Then there’s also the Castillo de San Buenaventura (map), a historic site where you can learn more about the town’s past! All these are set in the port area, where you can enjoy some scenic sunsets at one of the cafes. 

Parents, don’t worry, you’re covered too! Golfing is big around Caleta de Fuste, and there’s a fun place called Fuerteventura Golf Club where you can play all day while admiring the stunning mountain views! 

Luxury hotel
A collage of luxury hotel to stay in Caleta de Fuste:  a pool by the beach lined with palm trees, a white hotel building with a Spanish architectural style, and a clean and bright hotel room with modern decor

Set right by Caleta de Fuste Beach, this is one of the best luxury hotels and has a gorgeous infinity pool that overlooks the sea, a pool for children and a spa center where you can relax after a day out! This is one of the best all-inclusive hotels in the area and it also comes with a mini-golf course, 2 restaurants and an indoor play area. 

Other accommodation options in Caleta de Fuste

Bright hotel room with large bed and green armchair.

One of the best family-friendly hotels that has a playground and a tennis court

Residential pool area with two large pools and red-roofed houses.

This holiday park is a great budget option for tourists that has bungalows, a children’s play area, and a pool

Private outdoor patio with wooden table and wicker chairs.

Relax in the hammocks of this accommodation that has a pool, a kitchen and a balcony

Things to do in Caleta de Fuste

  • Have some family fun on the Playa del Castillo
  • Take a day trip to Las Playitas 
  • Learn new things about the island’s history at the Castillo de San Buenaventura
  • Visit the Costa de Antigua area 
  • Take the kids to Puerto Castillo Aquarium 
  • Go on a shopping trip at Centro Comercial El Castillo (map)
  • Play some golf at Fuerteventura Golf Club, one of the best golf courses

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3. Morro Jable – nicest part of Fuerteventura

Spacious sandy beach in Fuerteventura with turquoise waters, visitors enjoying the sun, and a palm-lined promenade with white resort buildings on a sunny day

Located right on the southern end of the coast, around a 75-minute drive from the airport, lies Morro Jable, tucked away between the cliffs!

This lovely fishing village has managed to keep its authentic local atmosphere even though it’s a popular holiday spot on the island, especially among German tourists. 

Unlike its sister towns, Morro Jable has a small but super cute Old Town with narrow, winding streets and statues. From there you can climb up a path that leads to a gorgeous viewpoint (map) from where you can admire the beautiful beach and the whole town.

As you make your way down to the harbor you’ll find many restaurants and bars that, as you might’ve guessed, have the best seafood dishes possible. Definitely head to La Farola del Mar restaurant (map), where they serve locally caught fish! 

This town has some of the best resorts for young couples, and this part of the island also has a cool local market, which takes place every Monday and Thursday at the same spot (map) and every Friday at Mercadillo Morro Jable (map).

Many people come to Morro Jable because from here you can easily access the Jandia Natural Park (map) and the Cofete wilderness area. Both are around a 1h drive away from Morro Jable and you can reach them by using public transport or by renting a car

NOTE: Although there is a public transport system, for some reason, it’s hard to find bus schedules, so if you want to explore more remote parts of the island, I’d recommend renting a car. 

Once you get to Playa de Confete or Jandia Park, you’ll remain in awe of the never-ending sand dunes and unique scrubland! 

Luxury hotel
A collage of luxury hotel to stay in Morro Jable:  a spacious modern lounge with plush seating, a stylish bedroom with ocean view, and a relaxing poolside with towering palm trees

I love the modern, all-white look of this luxury hotel set right on a beautiful beach that has 2 bars and 2 restaurants. You can take a day off to relax in the spa center of this 5 star, high class place, and end your day with a night swim in one of the 2 swimming pools! It doesn’t get much better than that but did I mention the views are amazing?!

Other accommodation options in Morro Jable 

White patio furniture on a balcony with a seaside town view

A self-catering apartment with family rooms, a central location and amazing sea views

Modern hotel lounge with eclectic furniture and artwork

Enjoy your stay in Fuerteventura and relax in the outdoor pool of this hotel with a garden 

Minimalist bedroom with neutral tones and a striped blanket.

Perfect for a family or friend group, this place comes with a kitchen, free parking and a washer

Things to do in Morro Jable

  • Go sunbathing and swimming on Playa del Matorral (map)
  • Explore Tarajalejo & Lajita Beach on a day trip 
  • Take a night walk on the Playa De Jandia beach in Morro Jable
  • Check out Morro Jable’s Old Town
  • Spend a fun day playing on the Jandia Golf Course
  • Check out the wilder West Coast
  • Take a trip to visit the amazing beach at Playa de Confete and the Jandia Peninsula

4. Costa Calma – liveliest place in Fuerteventura

Aerial view of a serene Fuerteventura coastline with clear blue waters, sandy coves, and a mix of natural landscapes and resort architecture

Just like the name suggests, this is a pretty calm town, located on the South coast of the island, just a 1h drive away from the airport!

Not only does Costa Calma have some lovely beaches but it is also a paradise for surfing or any water sport! While here, you can try snorkeling, jet skiing, or kayaking! 

Start your mornings with a long sunbathing sesh either on Playa de Costa Calma or Playa Esmeralda! Both are stunning. But if you head to Esmeralda, you can continue your exploration and even reach Sotavento Beach, which is not technically in Costa Calma, it’s like a 10 min drive away from the town, but it’s so gorgeous and pretty secluded!

Whatever you do, save Wednesdays and Sundays for the town market happening in Plaza Hapag (map). I love attending these cute gatherings while I’m on holiday! You get to taste the most delicious fruits and vegetables and go shopping for little souvenirs that will remind you of your vacation. 

Costa Calma doesn’t really have a town center. However, you’ll find a road along the coast surrounded by nature dotted with beach resorts, small shopping centers, bars and restaurants. 

Luxury hotel
A collage of luxury hotel to stay in Costa Calma:  a bohemian-style bedroom with ocean views, a trendy indoor dining area with hanging plants, and a tranquil infinity pool with lounge chairs overlooking the sea

I’m sure your muscles will be soaring after all these activities, so relax with a yoga session at one of the best boutique hotels that’s set on a lovely beach! The long outdoor pool has the best views and after dinner at one of the 2 restaurants on-site, you can chill by the fire in the lounge area while drinking a glass of wine! 

Other accommodation options in Costa Calma

Resort pool area with palm trees and ocean view.

Set right on one of the best sandy beaches on the island, this hotel has rooms with balconies and 2 pools

Stylish bedroom with dark accent wall and modern decor.

One of the best cheap hotels that is surrounded by tropical gardens and offers free parking

Balcony view with breakfast overlooking the sea.

With the greatest view of the sandy beach, this place has a romantic balcony, a pool, and self-catering services

Things to do in Costa Calma

  • Enjoy your mornings on Costa Calma Beach
  • Try windsurfing on Playa de la Barca
  • Take the kids to the quiet Pájara Beach in Costa Calma
  • Go surfing on Sotavento Beach
  • Spend a day at Sotavento Lagoon (map)
  • Take a day trip to La Pared
  • Buy some souvenirs from the market (map)
  • Visit the Oasis Wildlife Fuerteventura near Costa Calma

5. Puerto del Rosario – where to stay for budget

Coastal town of Puerto del Rosario in Fuerteventura, showcasing a harbor with boats, white houses, and distant mountains

Where are all my digital nomads and budget travelers? If you’re thinking of exploring this Canary Island while still working, then there’s no better place than the capital, Puerto del Rosario, to set base!

This is the island’s capital and it’s located on the East coast, around a 30 min drive away from Corralejo and near the airport (around a 10 min drive away).

I’ve got to warn you though, this is not a very touristy place, but it sure offers everyone an insight into the local life and you can really get a taste of the real side of Fuerteventura! 

This place is great for digital nomads as it has a few coworking spaces, lots of great hotels, great Wi-Fi connection and more of an urban feel to it! Don’t worry though, you’ll still find 2 beaches where you can enjoy your breaks and evenings! 

Puerto del Rosario is the cultural center of Fuerteventura. Unlike the other towns here, you’ll find a couple of museums that you can visit, like Casa Museo Miguel de Unamuno and the Parque Escultórico open-air museum (map). 

From here, you can take day trips to see the rest of the island either by renting a car or just using public transport. 

But definitely take some time to explore this town too! There is a port area from where you can go on boat trips, and there are lots of restaurants there if you want to indulge in some yummy traditional food!

Luxury hotel
A collage of luxury hotel to stay in Puerto del Rosario:  a classical church in a serene plaza, a twin bedroom with a coastal vibe, and a cozy living room with contemporary furnishings

This great place in Puerto Rosario offers incredible sea views! Offering a great location in the city, not too far from the beach and attractions, the accommodation comes with free parking, a small kitchenette and a washer. 

Other accommodation options in

Living room with cozy beige couches and indoor plants.

Here’s a great apartment that has a lot of space, a kitchen and a flat-screen TV

Bedroom with diamond-patterned headboard and striped wallpaper.

This affordable place offers rooms with a balcony and a shared lounge 

Bright living space with a gray sofa and cityscape view.

Enjoy your coffee on the balcony of this place that boasts sea views and a balcony

Things to do in Puerto del Rosario

  • Visit Casa Museo Miguel de Unamuno Museum
  • Enjoy the sun on Playa de los Pozos or Playa Chica
  • Grab a bite at Restaurante La Jaira (map)
  • Check out the Centro Comercial Las Rotondas (map)

6. El Cotillo – best place in Fuerteventura for young couples

Panoramic view of El Cotillo in Fuerteventura, with rugged coastline, turquoise waters, and a quaint town with colorful buildings

El Cotillo looks like the ultimate Mediterranean dream holiday destination!

Just picture lots of whitewashed houses set right on the shores, the blue water crashing on the black rocks at the base of the buildings, and the sun shining!

Phew, now that’s something I could get used to! Located on the north side of the island, this town is Fuerteventura’s best spot for romantic walks on the beach and tranquil sunsets near the cliffs!

As you can imagine, it attracts lots of young couples, honeymooners, and tourists looking for a quiet, romantic destination. This remote town used to be a fishing village, and although it became popular among travelers, not everyone hurries to come here.

Just look at the pictures! I feel like this spot should definitely appear in one of those romantic movies! 

There are lots of amazing restaurants where you can enjoy some delicious food. Restaurante La Vaca Azul (map) is a great place that serves seafood dishes and yummy desserts! Take your significant other and enjoy a romantic dinner and some sangria!

For an unforgettable experience, go to the Los Lagos beach (right near El Cotillo), which has the most amazing lava lagoons and turquoise waters!

Luxury hotel
A collage of luxury hotel to stay in El Cotillo:  a breezy living room with a beach view, an inviting dining area with natural light, and a contemporary bedroom with neutral tones and artisanal decor

You really can’t beat the view here! This stylish apartment in El Cotillo has so much space and all the facilities you need, should you want to spend more than a week! Their roof terrace is incredible and it boasts some amazing views of the long sandy beaches.

Other accommodation options in El Cotillo

Sleek bedroom with large bed, blue accents, and wooden bench

One of the best hotels in Fuerteventura that comes with a swimming pool and a spa center

Rustic living room with a cozy sofa and vintage wood furniture.

Catch the perfect sunset on the terrace of this hotel which has authentic local decor, a hot tub, and cozy rooms

"Simple balcony with wooden table and view of white buildings.

A private place perfect for those who can’t say no to an amazing view from the rooftop terrace

Things to do in El Cotillo

  • Grab a bite at Restaurante La Vaca Azul
  • Watch the sunset with your loved one at El Cotillo Beach
  • Visit the Torre del Tostón fortress (map)
  • Chill on Playa La Concha
  • Spend a fun day near the lagoons at Playa Los Charcos III
  • Go sunbathing and swimming in the turquoise waters at Los Lagos beach
👑 Luxury price:€230
💵 Mid-range hotel:€120
🛏️ Budget:€70
📍 Best area:Corralejo
🛎️ Best luxury hotel:Barceló Corralejo Bay
🧳 Mid-range hotel:Corralejo Sun Cerezo Pool
👛 Best budget hotel:Corralejo Lodge

FAQs about where to stay in Fuerteventura

Vibrant kite festival on a Fuerteventura dune, with a blue sky backdrop, featuring an array of colorful kites and spectators enjoying the display

🏝️ What is the best area to stay in Fuerteventura?

Corralejo is one of the best places to stay in Fuerteventura as it has some of the most beautiful beaches, nighttime activities, and cool resorts like Barceló Corralejo Bay.

🤔 What is better, Corralejo or Caleta de Fuste?

Corralejo is great for first-time visitors and it offers lots of activities, including water sports. Caleta de Fuste is a more peaceful resort town, perfectly suited for families.

🌞 Which is the hottest part of Fuerteventura?

Morro Jable is the hottest part of the island where it is often 2 or 3 degrees warmer than in the north.

👪 Which hotels in Fuerteventura are good for families?

Sheraton Fuerteventura Golf & Spa Resort and Eurostars Las Salinas, both located in Caleta de Fuste, are some of the best and most popular hotels to stay on the island for families as they all have kid-friendly facilities like pools and playground and spacious rooms.

💰 How much does it cost to stay in a hotel in Fuerteventura?

The average accommodation prices in Fuerteventura for couples range from $87 (€80) in a hostel to $175 (€160) in a 3-star hotel and about $250 (€230) for a luxury room.

💑 What is the best resort in Fuerteventura for older couples?

The best resort in Fuerteventura for older couples is the Barceló Corralejo Bay, offering luxurious amenities and a serene atmosphere for a relaxing getaway.

💂 Where do Brits stay in Fuerteventura?

A lot of British people stay in Caleta de Fuste, when they visit Fuerteventura, a town on the East coast that’s pretty tranquil and great for families!

🚗 Where to stay in Fuerteventura without a car?

Corralejo, Caleta de Fuste, Puerto del Rosario, and Costa Calma are some of the best areas to stay in Fuerteventura without a car! The town is popular among tourists and you’ll find some taxi and public transport options. 

🌬️ Is Fuerteventura good in winter?

Yes, you can visit the island in winter (December, January and February) as the Fuerteventura weather is warm and sunny and you can go hiking or try windsurfing!

🏙️ What is the busiest part of Fuerteventura?

Corralejo is considered the busiest part of Fuerteventura, known for its lively atmosphere, nightlife, and beautiful beaches


Aerial shot of a tranquil fishing village in Fuerteventura, nestled in a cove with boats moored in calm lagoon waters, flanked by a rugged landscape and the open sea.

How incredible is this island? Its lively atmosphere and beautiful beaches will make your holiday here unforgettable!

I hope this post helped you decide where to stay in Fuerteventura! I know it’s not easy to decide on a town, let alone on a hotel, so if you need a bit of help, here are my top 2 favorite places:

Remember though that the Canary Islands, like Tenerife and Lanzarote, especially Fuerteventura, are major holiday destinations, so I recommend booking your hotels here, way in advance! 

Feel free to leave me a comment if you have any more questions about my Fuerteventura resort guide or just general ones about the areas. I’m happy to help.

Hope you’ll catch some amazing waves there and iconic sunsets! 

Safe travels, 


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