4 Areas Where to Stay in Cairo + Hotels Near the Pyramids!

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A jewel for historians and those passionate about the great mysteries and teachings of Ancient Egypt, Cairo is a place that you’ll fall in love with the minute you arrive!

Downtown is the best area where to stay in Cairo. It has many attractions and great accommodations. But I’ve also added 3 more neighborhoods, perfect for party people, families, and tourists who love a good view; Zamalek, New Cairo, and Garden City.

And if you want to see Cairo’s biggest attraction all day and night, don’t miss my bonus section with the best hotels near the pyramids!

As most of you know, Cairo gets so many tourists, especially during the high season (December – February). Both luxury hotels and budget ones sell out so fast, so I highly recommend booking your months in advance to secure your spot!

So let’s start this virtual trip and find the best deals!

If you are in a hurry

I’ve made a shortlist of the best hotels in the city for anyone who wants to book right away. All of them are located in Downtown:

luxury hotel
mid-range hotel
0 3 Almadiafa vacation rentals


Best value for money

budget hotel
0 4 Tahrir Plaza Cheap Suites

Tahrir Plaza Suites

Best affordable accommodation in the center

0 2 Stylish Oasis Airbnb

Stylish Oasis

An Airbnb with amazing reviews

Watch my video, it will give you a visual explanation of all the areas:

Here’s a map that will help you visualize all the areas where to stay in Cairo, that I’ll talk about in this post:

Map of best places to stay in Cairo
for nightlife
New Cairo
for families
Garden City
for the best views

1. Downtown – best place to stay in Cairo for the first time

A pink building in downtown Cairo, the best area where to Stay in Cairo

Traveling to the dreamy Cairo for the first time? You’re in for some unforgettable times then dear friend, because this location will blow your mind! We’ve all heard the stories about Ancient Egypt and the Pyramids, and now you’ll get to see them in person!

Let’s start with the best area to stay in the capital city: Downtown Cairo! Here you’ll find the major tourist attractions like the Egyptian Museum and the Tahrir Square.

This area is super unique as French architects designed the city center over 100 years ago. You’ll probably tell by the large boulevards and European atmosphere that reigns over the streets.

Downtown Cairo is also the city’s commercial city centre, which means you’ll find everything you need from shops to restaurants and bars, all at a relatively fair price. Central Cairo can get super busy and chaotic at times, but if you love that kind of atmosphere, I’m sure you won’t mind.

For those who aren’t big fans of busy streets, scroll below because I’ve got more areas that you’ll love!

Until then, let’s check out the hotels in Downtown Cairo. There are many and for all budgets, but make sure you book in advance as the city gets packed with tourists, especially during high season!

Luxury hotel
1 1 Steigenberger Hotel

Luxurious rooms featuring incredible views of Downtown Cairo? I’m so in! This hotel is centrally located, and it has a fitness center and a restaurant on-site. But that’s not it! When you’re not out exploring the tourist attractions, you can relax in the outdoor swimming pool and enjoy the spa facilities.

Other accommodation options in Downtown Cairo

1 2 Almadiafa Family friendly stay in Cairo

Stylish and clean rooms with air conditioning and private bathrooms just a short walk from art galleries

1 3 Tahrir Plaza Suites

Beautifully decorated rooms that come with a small balcony. This boutique hotel also offers breakfast!

1 4 Stylish Oasis with Free cancellation

Featuring super unique furniture and design, this place has a kitchen, a balcony, and free wifi

Things to do in Downtown Cairo

  • Learn new things at The Egyptian Museum
  • Admire the Masjid Omar Makram Mosque
  • Check out the stunning Baron Empain Palace
  • Explore the Tahrir Square
  • Go on a tour of the pyramids
  • Catch a scenic sunset near River Nile
  • Shop for souvenirs at Khan el Khalili bazaar
  • Indulge in the Italian cuisine at CaiRoma restaurant

2. Zamalek – where to stay in Cairo for nightlife

2 most incredible area Zamalek for nightlife

This may be the most incredible area in Cairo! It’s a small island in the middle of the Nile River connected to Downtown Cairo and other areas by bridges.

Home to most of the city’s embassy, Zamalek is pretty safe, making it a great place for solo travelers and anyone else visiting Cairo! The neighborhood is packed with lively bars, upscale restaurants, and shisha joints.

So if you’re planning on having some fun at night during your trip, you know where to go!

Zamalek’s location makes the area the second-best place where to stay in Cairo after Downtown. Especially if you’re a big fan of panoramic views. Here you can admire the most beautiful sunsets and city vistas.

The fun in Zamalek doesn’t end here, though! As you’ll see, there are so many art galleries and museums on this tiny island! Plus the iconic Cairo Tower, which is a must-see during your stay in Cairo.  

If you’re looking for more historical places to visit, check out Tel Aviv, which is just as magical as Cairo! But for now, let’s check out Zamalek’s hotels:

Luxury hotel
2 1 Lemon Spaces with the pool 

Looking for a nice and cozy place to stay in Cairo? Then you’ll love this apartment which has lots of space and all the facilities you need, including a kitchen and a shared outdoor pool. After a fun night in the town, a pool sesh will be what you need!

Other accommodation options in Zamalek

2 2 New President

This modern, well-equipped hotel comes with a fitness center, a nice bar, and a restaurant for a great price

2 3 Brassbell at Nespresso

Super spacious apartments conveniently located near the attractions that have free wifi and air conditioning

2 4 Sky Line

Chill on the cozy balcony of this trendy place that offers 2 comfortable rooms, a kitchen, and free parking

Things to do in Zamalek

  • Grab a drink at Window of the Nile rooftop terrace
  • Explore the west bank of the Nile River
  • Check out the famous Cairo Tower
  • Visit the Safar Khan Gallery
  • Learn new things at the Islamic Ceramics Museum
  • Admire the architecture of Cairo Opera House

3. New Cairo – the best place to stay for families

3 the best place to stay for families New Cairo

Also known as the 5th Settlement, this Eastern suburb of the Egyptian Capital is a bit further away from all the central attractions, but it’s not as busy and chaotic as the Downtown area.

This is one of the safest places to stay in Cairo, close to the Cairo International Airport, making the neighborhood perfect for families or people who aren’t big fans of crowds and noise!

But don’t think that means there are no things to do here! There are tons of family-friendly places that you and the kids will love, like Adventure Park and Jewel Aqua Park. Or, for something more off the beaten track, you can go hiking in Maadi Petrified Forest.

Another famous sight here is Cairo Festival City, a huge shopping mall filled with stores, cinemas, shisha cafes, and restaurants. Plus a theme park to go with the little ones called KidZania Cairo!

Yes, New Cairo sounds like the perfect place for families, and although you won’t be within walking distance from the main attractions, you can always use a cab, a bus, or even rent a car if you want to explore the entire city!

Let’s check out some of the best and safest hotels in New Cairo:

Luxury hotel
3 1 Triumph hotel with jacuzzi in room

Enjoy a delicious breakfast buffet and then try all the fun activities at the best hotel for families, where you can play tennis with the little ones or swim. You can also relax in the spa center and then grab family dinner at one of the 4 restaurants!

Other accommodation options in New Cairo

3 2 Maran Residence

Super elegant and spacious rooms that come with a small balcony and kitchenette. The hotel even has a swimming pool

3 3 Sakan 275

This affordable guest house comes with family rooms, free parking, and an outdoor dining area. What more do you need?

3 4 Cozy Studio in the heart of New Cairo

Catch a scenic sunset from the terrace of this great place with many facilities including a kitchen and free parking

Things to do in New Cairo

  • Spend a fun day at the Adventure Park 
  • Admire the beautiful Dancing Fountain
  • Go hiking in the Maadi Petrified Forest
  • Try all the trampolines at the Gravity Code
  • Swim and go on all the slides at Jewel Aquapark
  • Visit the Picasso East Art Gallery
  • Shop until your drop at Cairo Festival City or at City Stars Mall

4. Garden City – best place to stay in for sightseeing

4 Garden City Best hotels with the view 

This is a small neighborhood located on the right bank of the River Nile, within walking distance to Downtown Cairo. Garden City hosts some of the nicest hotels and buildings in the entire city so you’re in for a treat!

It used to be the home of Egypt’s elite, and you can still see some tracks of that period. The broad palm trees-lined streets resemble the big boulevards in the city center, although here it has more of a residential feel since many people live in Garden City.

If you’re a big fan of nice views and want to admire the Nile River for as long as you’re in the city, I recommend staying in this area.

Garden City doesn’t have so many attractions, but its location (close to both Downtown and Zamalek) and the fact that it offers some of the best hotels in Cairo make it a super desirable place.

You’ll find a few museums, though, and plenty of restaurants where you can indulge in the Middle Eastern cuisine that we all love!

Luxury hotel
4 1 Kempinski Nile Hotel, Cairo

This hotel offers so many amazing amenities! Enjoy your holiday by relaxing in the rooftop pool and admiring the best views of the River Nile and of this huge city! The rooms at Kempinski Nile Hotel are super modern and come with butler service. When you’ve had enough of visiting, lock yourself up in the spa and just relax!

Other accommodation options in Garden City

4 2 Cozy Apartment with the view 

A stylish apartment with cozy and spacious rooms, a bathtub, and a balcony that boasts city views

4 3 Oxford Hotel near Riverfront Promenade

Enjoy your stay in Cairo in this affordable hotel that comes with comfortable rooms and a restaurant

4 4 Cozy Apartment

Feel at home in this apartment that offers lots of space, a kitchen, and free street parking

Four Seasons Hotel Cairo – There are so many incredible hotels in Garden City that I couldn’t end the list just with 4! Here is one more option that’s a bit more expensive but worth it!
Enjoy the best services during your holiday at this five-star hotel that offers panoramic views of the River Nile! The rooms have a great design and come with a balcony and marble bathrooms but make sure you also go for a dip in the outdoor pool and relax at the spa all day!

Things to do in Garden City

5 hotels in Cairo near the Great Pyramids
  • Visit the Ethnographic Museum
  • Go on a private tour of the Great Pyramids
  • Visit the Cairo Zoological Gardens  
  • Admire all the Embassy buildings in the area
  • Head to Old Cairo and Coptic Cairo to see more attractions
  • Grab dinner while admiring the city views at Izakaya rooftop restaurant
👑 Luxury price:$150
💵 Mid Range:$80
🛏️ Budget:$50
🏠 Airbnb:$80
💰 Accommodation prices:Low
📍 Best area:Downtown
👪 Best area for families:New Cairo
🛎️ Best luxury hotel:Steigenberger Hotel
💵 Best mid-range hotel:Almadiafa
👛 Best budget hotel:Tahrir Plaza Suites

BONUS: The best hotels in Cairo near the Great Pyramids

As you probably know, the Great Pyramids of Giza are the first thing that tourists want to see during their trip to Cairo in Egypt! The areas that I mentioned above aren’t as close to the pyramids so you’ll have to have more time to get there.

However, if visiting the pyramids is the main thing on your Egypt list, I recommend staying at a nearby hotel. Let’s check out the list below, it has the best hotels near the famous pyramids!

5 1 hotels walkable to the pyramids

Luxury: Marriott Mena House – Enjoy your breakfast while admiring the pyramids skyline from afar! Surrounded by green gardens and decorated with handcrafted furniture, this luxury hotel sits just a 15 min walk away from the pyramids. You’ll have access to spa services and a swimming pool, among the many luxurious facilities!

Mid-range: Elite Pyramids Boutique Hotel – Comfortable rooms and a fabulous terrace that overlooks the pyramids. This accommodation is set right next to the entrance to the pyramids and boasts a restaurant, and a bar and offers activities like horse riding.

Budget: Comfort Pyramids Inn – A cozy hotel with spacious rooms that are set a 15 min walk from the pyramids. You can also admire them from the terrace while eating breakfast and then rent some bikes for free to explore!

Frequently asked questions about hotels in Cairo

6 Best hotels in Cairo near Nile River

🤔 What part of Cairo should I stay in?

If your main focus is visiting the pyramids, then you can stay at a hotel nearby like Marriott Mena House, but if you want to explore the whole city, then I recommend staying in Downtown at Tahrir Plaza Suites boutique hotel. 

🇪🇬 What is the best area to stay in Egypt?

If you want to be centrally located and have easy access to the big attractions, I recommend staying in Downtown Cairo. There are many attractions to visit there and great hotels like Steigenberger Hotel.

🔮 Where is the best place to stay in Egypt to see the pyramids?

Marriott Mena House and Elite Pyramids Boutique Hotel are some of the best hotels near the pyramids. Both are super close to the entry and offer great amenities like spa services, gardens & restaurants.

📅 How many days do you need in Cairo?

Cairo is pretty big and the second-largest city in Africa in terms of population. If this is the first visit, I recommend spending at least 4 days here. 


7 best cairo hotels near airport

I bet you’re already dreaming of seeing those stunning pyramids! Who isn’t? We’re finishing our trip here so let’s recap what we’ve gone through in the post.

This super-detailed guide gave you the best areas where to stay in Cairo, plus a list of hotels in each neighborhood. But in case you were looking for something near the biggest attraction of all, I gave you a bonus section with the top hotels nearby the Great Pyramids that you shouldn’t miss out on!

I like to keep my readers well-informed so I have given you lots of hotel options, but here are my top 2 favorite ones both located in Central Cairo:

  • Steigenberger Hotel – The best hotel with comfortable rooms, a swimming pool, and offers spa services
  • Almadiafa – The perfect mid-range option near the Egyptian Museum that comes with a sun terrace and family guest rooms

As I mentioned, Cairo is a super popular city, it gets so many tourists! So if you don’t want to miss all the fantastic deals and hotels on this list, I recommend booking in advance.

This is where I leave you, for now, dear traveler! Enjoy the magic of the Middle East. I’m sure it will mesmerize you as it has with all its tourists.

If you have any other questions, leave me a comment below, and I’ll answer as quickly as possible.

Have a wonderful trip,


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